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2646 10 and 2647 10 Bill for the government of the navy of the United

States. Philadelphia, 1799. 2692 2 Irwin's Buonaparte in Egypt; or an appendix to the inquiry into his

supposed expedition to the east. Dublin, 1798. 2707 2 Belsham's historic dissertations on the causes of the ministerial seces.

sion, A. D. 1717, and on the treaty of Hanover, concluded A. D. 1795; with some prefatory remarks in reply to the animadversions of the Rev. William Coxe, in his memoirs of Sir Robert Walpole. Lon.

don, 1798. 3 Memoir of the life and dying experience of the right honourable Jane,

countess of Burford, who departed this life, July 18, 1800. Bir.

mingham, 1800. 2787 1 Aime's narrative of his deportation to Cayenne, with observations on

the present state of that colony, and of the negroes; and an account of the situation of the deported persons at the time of his escape.

London, 1800. 2787 ? Anecdotes of the revolution of the 18th Fructidor; (September 4th,

1797 ;) and memoirs of the persons deported to Guiana. Written

by themselves. Translated from the French. London, 1799. 2799 1 and 2800 | Lee's funeral oration, in honour of the memory of general

George Washington, delivered before the president of the United
States, and the members of the two houses of congress, the twenty-

sixth of December, 1799. Philadelphia.
2 Morrell's sermon on the death of general George Washington, delir-

ered February 22, 1800, in the city of Baltimore, Baltimore. 3 Ogden's two discourses, occasioned by the death of general George

Washington, at Mount Vernon, December 14, 1799. 2d edit. Phi

ladelphia, 1800. 4. Samuel Bayard's funeral oration, occasioned by the death of general

George Washington, delivered January 1, 1800, at New Rochelle, in

the state of New York. New Brunswick, 1800.
5 Chaudron's funeral oration on brother George Washington, delivered

January 1, 1800, before the French lodge L'Amenité in Philadelphia.
Translated from the French, by Samuel F. Bradford. Philadel.

phia, 1800.
6 Samuel Starrhope Smith's oration on the death of general George

Washington, delivered at Trenton, January 14, 1800. Trenton, 1800. 7 Fisher Ames's oration on the sublime virtues of general George

Washington, pronounced in Boston, February 8, 1800.

phia, 1800. 8 John Vining's eulogium, delivered at Dover, February 22, 1800, in

commemoration of the death of general George Washington. Phi

ladelphia, 1800. 9 Dr. William Linn's funeral eulogy, occasioned by the death of gene.

ral Washington, delivered February 22, '800, before the New Tork

state society of the Cincinnati. New York, 1800. 10 Dr. Samuel Magaw's oration commemorative of the virtues and great

ness of General Washington, pronounced in Philadelphia, before the

grand lodge of Pennsylvania, February 2', 1800. 11 Frelinghuysen's oration on the death of general George Washington,

delivered in New Brunswick, February 22, 1800. New Brunswick, 2799 and 2800 12 William Griffith's oration delivered at Burlington, Febru

ary 22, 1800, in commemoration of general Ceorge Washin;, ton, who died at Mount Vernon, December 14, 1799, in the sixt; -eighth year of his age; with a prayer on the same occasion, by'tharius H.

Wharton. Trenton, 1800. 13 Larzelcre's discourse on the death of general George Washington,

delivered in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, i ebruary 2, 1800. Mount

Holly, 1800. 14 Croe's discourse, delivered at Woodbury in New Jersey, February 22,

1800, to the memory of general George Washington. Philadel

phia, 1800. 15 Bishop Carroll's discourse on General Washington, delivered in the

catholic church in Baltimore, l'ebruary 22, 1800. Baltimore. 16 Major William Jackson's eulogium on the character of General Wash

ington, pronounced at the request of the Pennsylvania society of the Cincinnati, before the president of the United States, and the members of both houses of congress, February 22, 1800. 2d edit. Phi

ladelphia, 1800. 2810 5 Copies of original letters from the French army in Egypt. Part the

third, consisting of letters to the French government, intercepted by the British fleet in the Mediterranean; from an English translation.

7th edit. London, 1800. 6 Ripaud's report of the commission of arts to the first consul Bona

parte, on the antiquities of Upper Egypt, and the present state of all The temples, palaces, obelisks, &c. from the cataracts of the Nile to

Cairo. Translated from the r’rench. London, 1800. 2904 6 Review of public affairs since the commencement of the present cen

tury. London, i802. 2948 3 Narrative of the proceedings of the squadron under the command of

Sir J. Saumarez, in the year 1801. London, 1801. 2949 1 Journal of a party of pleasure to Paris, in the month of August, 1802 ;

with plates. London, 1802. 3198 Gladwin's India tracts, viz.

1 A narrative of the transactions in Bengal, during the soobahdaries

of Azeem, Usshan, Jaffer Khan, Shuja Khan, Sirafraz Khan, and

Als virdy Khan. Calcutta, 1788.-P. 2 Memoirs of Khojeh Abdulkurreem, a Cashmerian of distinction, in

cluding the history of Hindostan, from A. D. 1739 to 1749. Trans

lated from the Persian. Calcutta, 1788.-P. 3199 1 The life and adventures of Joseph Balsamo, commonly called Count

Cagliostro, and his trial before the inquisition. London, 1791.-P. 2 An authentic detail of particulars relative to the late dutchess of

Kingston, London, 1788.-P. 3 Edward Topham's life of the late John Elwes, Esq. member in three

successive parliaments for Berkshire. 9th edit. London, 1791.-P. 3206 Sancti Albani et aliorum vitæ. MS.-P. 3357 | Giovanni Montenari Vicentino del teatro olimpico di Andrea Palla

dio in Vincenza. Padova, 1733.-P. 2 Degli antichi teatri, e anfiteatri. Lettere due critiche. Vianza,

1735.-P. 3 Dei Cimbri Veronesi, e Vicentini, libri due di Marco Pezzo P. Vero

Terza edizione. Veronæ, 1763,-P.


3665 6 Letter concerning Carte's general history of England. London, 1748. 3668 2 Treachery no crime, or the system of courts; exemplified in the life

character, and late desertion of General Dumourier. Lond. 1793.


594 1 Matthew Prior's history of his own times. Dublin, 1740. 717 1 and 790 2 Memoirs of the life of John Roberl-; written by his son

Daniel Roberts. 5th edit. Philadelphia, 1766. 783 I Memoirs of the life of Voltaire. Written by himself. Translated

from the French. 3d edit. London, 1785. 791 7 Observations on the situation, &c. of the Indians of this continent.

Philadelphia, 1784. 797 1 The particulars of an Indian treaty at Conestogoe. Dublin, 1723.

4 A relation of the rise of the differences in public affairs in North Caro

lina. 1770. 798. 2 Doolittle's narrative of mischief done by the Indian and French ene.

my, on the frontiers of Massacl:usetts-bay, from 1743–4, to 1748.

Boston, 1750. 6 An account of the progress, &c. of the plague in the city of London, in

the ycar 1665. Germantown, 1763.

7 An historical account of the tower of London. 805 3 Histoire de la Floride, ou relatione de la conquete de ce pays par Fer.

dinand de Soto. Seconde partie. 1707. 870 2 The North Briton extraordinary; containing a comprehensive review

of the English and Scottish history, concerning the union. 3d edit.

Philadelphia, 1769. Gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 899 i Caii Sallustii Crispi quæ extant. Londini, 1713.-L.

2 Lucius Annæus Florus. Cui subjungitur Lucii Ampelii liber memo

rialis. Londini, 1715. 1062 | The history of the first fourteen years of the reign of James I. Lon

don, 1692. Gifi of Joseph Parker Norris. 1170 1 An impartial state of the province of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia,

1759. Gif: of Josiah Hewes, 1170 5 and 1171 | Narrative of the proceedings of the black people, during

the late awful calamity in Philadelphia, in the year 1793. By Absalom Jones and Richard Allen

One copy the gift of the authors. 1171 4. Narrative of the loss of the Winterton, on her passage to India, the

twentieth of August, 1792, on a reef of rocks off the island of Mada

gascar. London, 1793. 7 Report of the court of directors of the Sierra Leone company. Lon

don, 1792. 1203 | Biographical curiosities, or various pictures of human nature. Lon

don, 1797. 1261 2 Corancez's anecdotes of the last twelve years of the life of J. J. Rous

Translated from the French. London, 1798. 1467 i William Franklin's lives of Camarupa and Camalata, an ancient Indian

tale, elucidating the customs and manners of the Orientals. Lon

don, 1793.-P. 2 Imitations of the characters of Theophrastus. London, 1774.-P.


1 468 1 Memoirs of the life of Voltaire, written by himself. Translated from

the French. London, 1784.-P. 2 Anecdotes of Henry IV. of France, shewing the great encouragement

he gave to literature, with several of his letters. Translated from the French. London, 1787.-P.

Natural History in all its branches.


[blocks in formation]

'HE natural history of Norway ; with an account of the customas

and manners of the inhabitants; with physiological notes. Translated from the Danish original of Erich Pontoppidan. London, 1755.


310 6 Blair's alphabetical and classical dissertation on all the British plants.

London, 1723. 316 i Gockelius de serpentaria Virginiana. 318 5 Vermiculars destroyed ; with an historical account of worms, and ex

periments proved by the microscope. 5th edit. London, 1691. 387 3 Wilson's short view of electricity. London, 1780. 500 i Pownal's hydraulic and nautical observations on the currents in the

Atlantic ocean ; with a corresponding chart of that ocean ; with

notes, by Dr. Benjamin Franklin. London, 1787. 787 4 Edward King's remarks concerning stones said to have fallen from the

clouds, both in these days, and in ancient times. London, 1796.


230 6 The Virginian silk-worm; or the manner of feeding silk-worms.

London, 1655. 261 I Shrigley's relation of Virginia and Maryland ; with the commodities

therein. London, 1669. 494

i Pointer's rational account of the weather ; with three essays towards

accounting for wet years ; the aurora borealis; and the plague. 2x

edit. London, 1738. 900 3 Penrose's treatise on electricity. Oxford, 1752.

930' 1 The natural history of mount Vesuvius; with the explanation of the

various phenomena that attend the eruptions of this volcano. Trans

lated from the Italian. London, 1743. 3 Hale's considerations on the causes of earthquakes. 2d edit. Lon

don 1750. 1319 4 Hortus Uptonensis; or a catalogue of the stove and green-house plants

in Dr. Fothergill's garden ; wit plates. Gift of Dr. Thomas Parke. 1320 1 Milner's experiments and observations in electricity; with plates.

London, 1783. 4 Bergman's outlines of mineralogy. Translated from the Latin, by

William Withering. Birmingham, 1783. 1469 3 Marshall's arbustrum Americanum; or American grove; being an

alphabetical catalogue of forest trees and shrubs, natives of the Ames rican i nited States; with some hints of their uses in medicine, dyes,

and domestic economy. Fhiladelphia, 1785. 1524 1 Directions for the breeding and management of silk-worms; extracted

from the treatises of the Abbè Boissier de Sauvages and of Pullein.

Philadelphia, 1770 1578 2 Forster's introduction to mineralogy; or an accurate classification of

fossils and minerals. London, 1768. 3 Forster's fora Americæ septentrionalis; or catalogue of the plants of

North America. London, 1771.

4 Forster's catalogue of the animals of North America. London, 1771. 1589 2 Experiments and considerations on the generation of plants. Trans

lated from the Latin. London, 1747.

6 Ottolenghe's directions for breeding silk-worms. Philad. 1771. 1627 | An essay on the causes of the variety of complexion and figure in the

human species; with strictures on Lord Kaims's discourse on the

original diversity of mankind. Philadelphia, 1787. 2345 6 Donovan's instructions for collecting and preserving various subjects of

natural history ; with a treatise on the management of insects in their

several states. London, 1794. 2493 2 Benjamin Smith Barton's new views of the origin of the tribes and na

tions of America. Philadelphia, 1797. Gift of the author. 2618 13 Peale's scientific and descriptive catalogue of his museum. No. I.

Philadelphia, 1796. Gift of the author. 2626 5 Rouelle's complete treatise on the mineral waters of Virginia. Fhi

ladelphia, 1792. 3044 6 Fraser's gleanings in Ireland ; particularly respecting its agriculture,

mines, and fisheries. London, 1802. 3058 1 Bent's meteorological journal of the year 1802, kept in London. Lod

don, 1802.


783 2 Forrest's treatise on the monsoons in East India. London, 1783. 805 2 Avis pour le transport par mer des arbres, &c. 1752. 1086 { Dawes's memoirs of a boy, born at Willingham, near Cambridge,

October 31, : 741, who, before he was three years old, was three feet eight inches high, and had the marks of puberty. London.

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