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4 The imperial epistle from Kien Long, emperor of China, to George

the third, in the year 1794. Translated into English verse from the

original Chinese poetry ; with notes. London. 5 Peter Pindar's additional works. London, 1795.

6 The mæviad ; by the author of " The baviad.” London, 1795. 762 1 The monopolist; or the installation of Sir John Barleycorn. A poeti

cal tale, addressed to servant maids. Bath, 1795. 2 Anna Seward's Llangollen vale; with other poems. London, 1796. 3 Lenore, a tale ; from the German of Gottfreid Augustus Bürger, by

Henry James Pye. London, 1796. 4 Robert Merry's poem, entitled, “ The pains of memory." London,

1796. 787 1 Pindar's one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six ; a satire. Lon.

don, 1797. 2 Pindar's ode to the livery of London ; an ode to Sir Joseph Banks,

and a Jeremi-ad to George Rose, Esq. London, 1797. 3 Colman's night-gown and slippers; or tales in verse. Lond. 1797. 5 The chase, and William and Helen; two ballads, from the German of

Gottfried Augustus Bürger. Edinburgh, 1796. 800 1 Gisborne's vales of Wever, a loco-descriptive poem. London, 1797.

2 Henry James Pye's naucratia ; or naval dominion; a poem. Loo.

don, 1798. 3 The grove ; a satire. With notes, including anecdotes of the king,

&c. By the author of the pursuits of literature. 2d edit. Lod

don, 1798.

5 Alexander Thomson's paradise of taste, a poem. London, 1796. 804 1 The group; or an elegant representation illustrated. A satirical

poem. By a native of Philadelphia. Gift of Michael Keppele. 6 Nisbit's poem, entitied, “ 'The source of virtue." Saint Christopher'sy

1790. Gift of the author. 836 1 Mrs. West's elegy on the death of Edmund Burke. London, 1797. 859 1 M. G. Lewis's poem, entitled, “ The love of gain." Lond. 1799.

2 Joseph Cottle’s Malvern hills ; a poem. London, 1798.
3 Coleridge's fears in solitude, written in 1798, during the alarm of an

invasion. To which are added, l'rance, an ode ; and frost at mid

night. London, 1798. 4 The gardens, a poem. Translated from the French of the Abbé De

Lille. London, 1798. 5 Maurice's Grove-bill, a descriptive poem ; with plates. To which is

added, an ode to Mithra. London, 1799.

6 Bowles's St. Michael's mount, a poem. Salisbury, 1798. 890 2 Gifford's epistle to Peter Pindar. 3d edit. with additions. London,


3 Bardomachia poema macoronico Latinum. Londini, 1800. 899 1 Mrs. Cowley's siege of Acre ; an epic poem, in six books. London,

1801. 2 Persian lyrics, or scattered poems, from the Diwan i-hahz; with

paraphrases in verse and prose, &c. London, 1800. 922 1 Bowles' sorrows of Switzerland; a poem. London, 1801.

922 3 Bread ; or, the poor. A poem. With notes. By Mr. Pratt. Lon

don, 1801. 977 3 Mrs. Opie's elegy to the memory of the late duke of Bedford. Log

don, 1802. 4. Peter Pindar's island of innocence; a poetical epistie. Lond. 1802. 5 The genius of France ; or, the consular vision. A poem, with notes.


6 Jacobinism ; a poem. London, 1801. 983 i Rev. Henry Moore's poems, lyrical and miscellaneous. Lond. 1803.

2 Peter Pindar's horrors of bribery ; a penitential epistle. Lond. 1802. 1011 I D’Israeli's narrative poems. London, 1803. 1097 R. P. Knight's landscape, a didactic poem in three books, addressed to

Uvedale Price, Esq. London, 1794. 1278 Extracts in manuscript. 1308 A collection of sermons. 4344 A collection of sermons. 2597 1 Walter Scott's lay of the last minstrel; a poem. With notes. Lon

don, 1805. 2 Spencer's year of sorrow. Written in the spring of 1803. Lon

don, 1804. 4 Robert Bloomfield's good tidings; or news from the farm. A poem.

London, 1804.


1 The ship-wreck, a poem. By a sailor. London, 1764.
2 The pleasures of imagination, a poem. By Doctor Akenside. Lou-

don, 1763.
1 A search after happiness, a pastoral drama; with Armine and Elvira,

a legendary tale. By Hannah More. Philadelphia, 1774. - 1 150 10 The fair thinker; or reason asserted; in a dissection of bigotry and

devotion; a satire. London, 1740. 1280 Sir Eldred of the bower; and the bleeding rock, two legendary tales.

by Hannah More. 2d edit. London, 1778, 4 Homer's hymn to Ceres. Translated into English verse, by Richard

Hole. Exeter, 1781. 1323 5 Edwy, a dramatic poem. London, 1784. 1462 3 Ancient Scottish poems, viz. the Gaberlunzie-man and Christ's kirk

on the green ; with notes and observations, by John Callander. Edin

burgh, 1782. 1525 1 The birth, parentage and education of Praise-god Barebones; with an

election ballad. 2 The disappointment, or the force of credulity, a new American comic

opera. By Andrew Barton. New York, 1767. 1557 1 The patriot muse; or poems on some of the principal events of the

late war; with a poem on the peace. London, 1764. 2 Kawanio che Keeteru ; a true relation of a bloody battle fought be

tween George and Lewis, in the year 1755. 3 An exercise ; containing a dialogue, and an ode on peace. Philadel

phia, 1763.

4 Gallic perfidy, a poem. · By John Maylem, Boston, 1758.
5 Poems upon several occasions. Boston, 1779.
6 The kirkiad ; or golden age of the church of Scotland. Edinburgh,

7 The London clergy's petition against the quaker's affirmation,

answered. 1722. 8 Beveridge's familiar epistles, and other miscellaneous pieces. Latin

and English. Philadelphia, 1765. 9 A poem on the rising glory of America. Philadelphia, 1772. 10 The plan of a performance of solemn music, to be sung in the college

of Philadelphia. 1765. 11 Resignation ; in two parts, with a postscript to Mrs. B Phi

ladelphia, 1764. 1573 6 The battle of Bunker's-hill, a dramatic piece; with a military song.

Philadelphia, 1776. 7 The fall of British tyranny; or American liberty triumphant, a tragi

comedy. Philadelphia, 1776. 8 The group, a farce. Philadelphia, 1775. 9 The group, a new farce. Boston, 1775. 10 The present situation of American affairs, a poem. 11 American liberty, a poem. New York, 1775. 19 General Gage's soliloquy. MS. 1775. 13 A voyage to Boston, a poem. New York, 1775. 14 General Gage's confession to his ghostly father-friar Francis. 1775. 16 America invincible, an heroic poem. Danvers, near Boston, 1779. 17 A speech of General Washington on entering the town of Boston after

the British had abandoned it, (in verse.) 1595 1 La Verité, ode à Monsieur de Voltaire. Londres, 1765.

2 Le barbier de Seville, par M. de Beaumarchais. Paris, 1776. 1771 3 M'Fingal, a modern epic poem, in four cantos. Hartford, 1782. 1952 3 Animal magnetism. A ballad. With notes and observations, contain

ing anecdotes of animal magnetisers, ancient as well as modern. By

Valentine Absonus. London, 1791, 1978 2 Group, a farce. Philadelphia, 1775. 2128 4 Courtney's present state of the manners, arts and politics of France

and Italy; in a series of poetical epistles, from Paris, Rome and Naples, in 1792 and 1793; with notes: addressed to Robert Jephson.

2d edit. London, 1794. 2234 2 Hurdis's poem, entitled, “ Tears of affection," occasioned by the death

of a beloved sister. London, 1794. 3 Hurdis's bouquet; a collection of scattered poetical pieces. London,

1794. 4. Academical contributions of original and translated poetry. Cam.

bridge, 1795. 2265 i Dwight's Green-field hill; a poem, in seven parts. New York, 1794. 2266 4 Monarehy ; a parody on the eclogue of Pope. Philadelphia, 1795.

Gift of Samuel Harrison Smith. 4. Markoe's poem, entitled “The times." Philadelphia, 1788. Gift of

Josiah Hewes.

2274 4 The patriots of North America ; a sketch. New York, 1775. Gift

of Josiah Hewes. 2275 2 Monsieur de la Crocheterie, ou la nouvelle du sept Décembre mil sept

cent quatre vingt-dix, comédie en un acte et en prose, avec un divertissement, par M. Alexandre Morancy. Cape-Français, 1791. Gift

of the author. 2341 | Influence of local attachment with respect to home. A poem. Lon

don, 1796. 2 John Johnson's trifes in verse. London, 1796. 4 Epistle, in verse, to Dr. Randolph, occasioned by the publication of

the correspondence between the earl and countess of Jersey, and the doctor, upon the subject of some letters belonging to the princess of

Wales. London, 1796. 2395 | Francis's poem on the last day, entitled, “ The conflagration." Phi.

ladelphia, 1787. 8 Markoe's miscellaneous poems. Philadelphia, 1787. 9. Markoe's poem, entitled, “ The times.” Philadelphia, 1788. 10 Markoe's reconciliation ; or the triumph of nature. A comic opera,.

in two acts. Philadelphia, 1790. 11 Markoe's patriot chief. A tragedy in five acts. Philadelphia, 1790. 2497 1 E. H. Smith's Edwin and Angelina; or the banditti. An opera in,

three acts. New York, 1797. 2 Dunlap's André. A tragedy, in five acts. With authentic documents

respecting Major Andre ; consisting of letters to Miss Seward, the

cow-chace, proceedings of the court martial, &c. New York, 1798. 2663 | Dutton's literary census; a satirical poem ; with notes. Containing

strictures on “ The pursuits of literature,” and its anonymous au

thor. London, 1798. 2 Shade of Alexander Pope on the banks of the Thames; a satirical

poem, with notes. By the author of the pursuits of literature. 2d

edit. London, 1799. 3 Arthur Murphy's bees; a poem. From the fourteenth book of Va

niere's prædium rusticum. London, 1799. 4 Cumberland's clouds of Aristophanes; acted at Athens, in the second

year of Olymp. 89. Aminias being Archeon. London. 2691 2 Cupid and Psyche, from the golden ass of Apuleius. 2749 2 The enchanted plants, fables in verse. London, 1800. 2799 and 2800 17 John Blair Linn's poem on the death of Washington. In

imitation of the manner of Ossian. Philadelphia, 1800. 18 Dr. Charles Caldwell's elegiac poem on the death of General Wash

ington. Philadelphia, 1800. 3044 2 Sotheby's poetical epistle to Sir George Beaumont, on the encourage

ment of the British school of painting. London, 1801. 3121 1 Rev. William Beloe's poems and translations. London, 1788.-P.

2 Rev Thomas Fitzgerald's poems on several occasions. Oxford,

1781.-P. 3490 1 John Armstrong's art of preserving health, a poem in four books.

London, 1745.-P.
2 William Hays's select epigrams of Martial. Translated and imi-

tated, with an appendix. London, 1755.-P.
3 Alfred the Great. An English opera. London, 1753.-P.

3490 4 The pipe of tobacco, poems in imitation of six different authors.

London, 1744.-P.


594 2 Prior's miscellaneous poems. Dublin, 1739. 715 3 778 1 and 793 1 The Christian, a poem; with notes, a preface in

defence of Christianity, and an address to the people of America. By Charles Crawford. To which are added, his miscellaneous

poems. Philadelphia, 1783. No. 715 and 778, gift of the author. 792 2 M.Fingal, an epic poem. Hartford, 1782.

3 The British prison-ship, a poem ; with a poem on the death of Cap

tain Biddle. Philadelphia, 1781.
793 2 D'Foc's true-born Englishman, a satire. Philadelphia, 1778.

3 A poetical epistle to General Washington Philadelphia, 1781.
4 Winchester's hymns; suited to the present times. 2d edit. Balti-

more, 1776.

5 A demonstration of the succession of the first English bishops. 1766. 803 5 Des poemes et vers, en François. 836 1. Advis familiers par un zelateur de la prosperité des païs-bas. Sur

le bruit d'une treve. 1608.

2 Le triomphe de la ligue. A Leyde, 1607. 856 1 Henry and Acasto, a moral tale. By Brian Hill. 3d edit. London

1786. 871 1 The dragon of Wantley, a burlesque opera. London.

2 Mlingal, a modern epic poem. Hartford, 1782. This volume the

sifl of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 873 Pocms on several occasions. English and Latin. By Joseph Addison

Glasgow, 1751. Gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 874 1 An essay on man. By Alexander Pope. With his universal prayer.

Philadelphia, 1778. 2 Effusions of female fancy. By a young lady, native of America.

New York, 1784. 4. The lamentations of a sow, on a late thanksgiving-day, at Danbury, in

Connecticut, 1778. This volume che gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 375 4 Poems by Hannah More, viz. “ Sensibility ;” and “ Reflections of

king Hezekiah.” Philadelphia, 1785. Gift of Messrs. Young, "

Stewart and M Culloch. 1007 5 A demonstration of the uninterrupted succession and consecration of

English bishops ; being an extract from Mr. Ward's second canto of

his England's reformation." 1033 3 and 1087 i Humphreys's poems. 2d edit. Philadelphia, 1789.

Gift of Matheru Carey. 1036 6 M'Fingal; a modem epic poem. Canto first; or the town meeting.

Philadelphia, 1775.

2 M.Fingal ; a inodern epic poem. In four cantos. Hartford, 1782. 1171 5 Charles Crawford's poetical paraphrase on our Saviour's sermons on

the Mount. Philadelphia, 1796. Gift of the author. 6 Charles Crawford's progress of liberty, a Pindaric ode. Philadelphia,

1796. Gift of the author.

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