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1203 3 Mary Robinson's Sappho and Phaon; in a series of legitimate sonnets ;

with thoughts on poetical subjects, and anecdotes of the Grecian poete

ess. London, 1796., 1267 2 Webb's literary amusements, in prose and verse. London, 1797. 1282 1 Huck's poems. Cambridge, 1798.

2 Blank verse by Charles Lloyd, and Charles Lamb. London, 1798. 1296 2 Crawford's poem, entitled, “The dying prostitute." Philadelphia,

1797. Gift of the author, 1385 i Mary Robinson's lyrical tales, London, 1800. 1395 1 Bloomfield's rural tales, ballads and songs ; with cuts. 2d edit. Lon

don, 1802. 2 Bloomfield's farmer's boy ; a rural poem; with cuts. 6th edit. Lon

don, 1802. 1420 2 Peter Pindar's tears and smiles. A miscellaneous collection of poems.

London, 1801. 1465 1 Thomas Taylor's mystical initiations; or hymns of Orpheus, transla

ted from the original Greek; with a preliminary dissertation on the
life and theology of Orpheus. London, 1787.-P.
Sonnets and odes, translated from the Italian of Petrarch, and some

account of his life ; with the original text. London, 1782.-P.
3 Six Olympic odes of Pindar, translated into English verse, with notes ;
being those omitted by Mr. West. London, 1775,

-P. 1466 . The temple of Cyntheros, or the oracles of fortune and wisdom for the

four seasons of life. Translated from the Greek. London, 1778.-P. 2 Kisses, being an English translation in verse, of the basia of Johannes

Secundus Nicolaiüs of the Hague, accompanied with the original

Latin text. London, 1775.-P. 1657 1 E. Bentley's genuine poetical compositions on various subjects.

Norwich, 1791-P. 2 William Gifford's baviad and mæviad. London, 1797.-P. 3 Elegies of Tyrtæus ; translated into English verse, with notes and

the original text. London, 1761.-P. 1699 | Edvardum Ive epecteti enchiridion, Latinis versibus adumbratum.

Editio secunda. Oxoniæ, 1723.-P. 2 A. V. Bourne's poematia Latine, partim reddita, partim scripta. Lone

dini, 1735.-P. 1702 i Poem on the last day. By Edward Young, L. L. D. 4th edit. Lon.

don, 1745.-P. 2 The life of John Philips.-P. 3 Mr. Philips' splendid shilling, a poem in imitation of Milton, to which

is added, Blenheim (a poem.) Londoa, 1728.-P. 4 Cyder, a poem in two books. 3d edit. London, 1727.-P. 5 The dispensary, a poem, in six cantos. 9th edit. Lond. 1726.-P. 6 A complete key to the dispensary. London, 1726.-P.

ĩ Translations from various Greek author's poems. London, 1728.-P. 1773 | Rime de M. Pietro Bembo, degli erroré di tutti laltere impression purgato. Napoli, 1615.-P.

1773 2 Rime de M. Giovanni, della casa dell cavaliere Gio Battista. Basile,

1617.-P. 3 Observationi intorno alle rimo del bembe e del casa. G. B. Basites


Works of Fiction, Wit, and Humour,



227 4

three children. Translated from the French. London, 1634. 1388 4 Criticisms on the Rolliad, 2d edii. London, 1783. 1467 1 A specimen of the natural history of the various orders of monks, af

ter the manner of the Linnean system ; with plates. Translated

from the Latin. London, 1783. 1565 8 An account of Susanna Stout's flight to the celestial regions. Trans

lated from the German. Philadelphia, 1768. 1573 15 Anticipation; containing the substance of his majesty's speech to both

houses ; and the debates in parliament. 6th edit. Philad. 1779. 17 De Sartine's green box. Translated from the French. 5th edit,

London, 1779. 1588 13 The countryman's lamentation, on the neglect of a proper education

of children ; with an address to the inhabitants of New Jersey. Phi

ladelphia, 1762. 1978 1 Quâbi; or the virtues of nature. An Indian tale. Boston, 1790. 1983 4 Fragment of the chronicles of Nathan Ben Saddi. Constantinople,

5707. (Philadelphia, 176 +.) 2384 5 Anticipation; containing the substance of his majesty's speech to both

houses of parliament, on the opening of the approaching session,

November 23d, 1778. London, 1794. 2498 4 The blue shop; or observations on the life and adventures of Peter

Porcupine. Philadelphia, 1796. 3194 i Four books of the adventures of Telemachus, son of Ulysses, in Eng

lish verse, from the French of Mr. Fenelon. London, 1785.-P. 2 Fabulæ selectæ auctore Johanne Gray, Latine redditæ ; English and

Latin. London, 1777.-P. 3 George S. Clarke's Edippus, king of Thebes ; a tragedy from the

Greek of Sophocles ; translated into prose; with notes, critical and explanatory. Oxford, 1790.-P.


730 3 Modern characters for 1778, by Shakespeare. 2d edit. Lond. 1778. 789, 7 A scrmon on Michael Morin. 1718. 792 4 The Wilkiad, a tale. Edinburgh, 1763. 798 | The history of the seven wise masters of Rome; with cuts. 60th edit.

Dublin. 1757. 806 1 Le cousin de Mahomet. I. tom. Constantinople.

7 Account of two fires which happened in the city of Brotherly Love.

1764, 10 Substance of exercises in Scurrility-hall. In seven numbers, 1765. 3296 5 Brackenridge's modern chivalry ; containing the adventures of cap

tain John Farrago, and Teague O'Regan, his servant. 4th vol.

Philadelphia, 1797. 2 Lamb's tale of Rosamund Gray, and old blind Margaret. London,

1798. 1424 1 Tales of superstition and chivalry, with plates. London, 1802.

2 Tales of terror, with plates. London, 1802.

Fine Arts.



160 4 and 208 3 THE analysis of beauty; with plates. Written with

a view of fixing the fuctuating ideas of taste. By William Hogarth. London, 1753. 294 1 Discourses on painting, delivered to the students of the royal acade

my, on the distribution of the prizes, December 10, 1771. By the

president thereof. London, 1772.

2 Lettre sur la sculpture à Monsr. Smeth. 375 2 A discourse on painting, delivered to the students of the royal acade

my, on the distribution of the prizes, December 10, 1782. By the

president thereof. London, 1783. 922 4 Painting on and annealing in glass ; with the true receipts of the co

lours ; as practised about the year 1500, supposed to be then in its

perfection. London, 1801. 985 3 Designs to a series of ballads, written by William Hayley, and founda

ed on anecdotes relating to animals, drawn, engraved, and published,

by William Blake. Chichester, 1802. I G. Baglione vite de pittori, scultori et architetti. Romæ, 1642.-P. % Giam Pietro Bellori vita di Carlo Maratti Pittore, scritte fin all' an

no, 1789. Romæ, 1732-P.


1149 3 Taylor's linear perspective; or a method of representing justly all ob

jects; with plates. London, 1715. 1347 . 5 An introduction to vocal music. By Granville Sharp. %d edit. Lon

don. 1777. Gift of the author. 1578 I Ames's catalogue of English heads; or an account of about two thou

sand prints, describing what is peculiar to each. London, 1748. 2272 2 Catalogue of the pictures in the Shakespeare gallery, Pall-mall. Lon

don, 1789. 1 Richard Cowdry's description of the pictures, statues, bustos, basso

relievos, and other curiosities at the earl of Pembroke's house at

Viilton. London, 1751.-P. 2. A description of the gardens of lord viscount Cobham, at Stow in

Buckinghamshire. Northampton, 1747.-P. 3 A dialogue upon the above gardens. London, 1749.-P. 4 A catalogue upon the several pictures, statues, and bustos in the pic.

ture gallery, Bodleian library, and Ashmolean museum at Oxford.

1763_P. 5 An historical account of the antiquities in the cathedral church of St.

Mary, Lincoln. Lincoln, 1771.-P. 6 An account of the hospital for the maintenance and education of ex:

posed and deserted young children. London, 1749.-P. 3670 $ Peirce's tractate on church music. London, 1786.


1 The art of drawing and painting in water colours ; with plates. Lon

don, 1763. 2 The art of drawing in perspective. 3d edit. London, 1769. 4 A collection and explanation of the several marks and cyphers by

which the best engravers are distinguished ; with an index of their

names, places of abode, and times in which they lived. Lond. 1730. 8Q5 1 Le Brun sur l'expression des passions en peinture. A Amst. 1713. 1667 i Pierre Remy catalogue raisonné des tablçaux des differentes écoles.

Paris, 1769.-P. 2 and 6 Le tresor de l'abbay royale de St. Dennis en France, qui com

prend les corps Saints et autres reliques precieuses. Paris, 1768.-P. 3 Description des principaux ouvrages de peinture et sculture ac

tiellement existants dans les eglises, convents et lieux publics

de la ville d'Anvers. Anvers, 1768.-P. 4 Notizie della Santa casa di Maria Virgine venerata in Lorretto.

1768.-P. 5 Explication des peintures, sculptures et grayures de Messieurs do

l'academie royale. Paris, 1769.P. 7. Description de l'hotel de ville d'Amsterdam. Amsterdam, 1766P Miscellaniese


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845 and 394 HE Pennsylvania ledger ; or the weekly advertiser,

from October 10, 1777, to May 23, 1778, inclusive. :> By James Humphreys, jun. Philadelphia. 2 The royal Pennsylvania gazette, from March 3, to May 26, 1778. By

James Robertson. Philadelphia. 407 21 L'art d'ecrire par Alais. A Paris, 1698. 412 3 A collection of papers concerning the dispute between the French

consistory in the city of New York, and Louis Rou; pastor of the

French protestant reformed church. New York, 1725. 4 The proceedings of Rip Van Dam, Esq. for obtaining equal justice of

his excellency William Crosby, Esq. New York, 1733. 5 Extract from John P.Zenger's journal, containing a threatening letter. & The report of the committee of his majesty's council, appointed to

make inquiry, touching a letter found in the house of Mr. Alexan. der, in New York, February 1, 1733-4. With other papers relating

to the said letter New York, 1734. 7 Address to the mayor, aldermen, &c. of New York. By Francis

Harrison. 8 Vindication of James Alexander, one of his majesty's council. 9 The charters of the college of New York, in America: New York,

1754 and 1755. With a vindication of the trustees of the said college. 599 i Queen Elizabeth's last speech to her last parliament, 1601, after her

delivery from the popish plots, &c. London, 1679. 2 Majesty in misery. A poem written by king Charles the first. 1648.

London, 1681, 3 Epitaph upon Thomas, late Lord Fairfax. Written by his son. A Facts relating to the affairs of Scotland, under the administration of the

duke of Lauderdale. 9 Impeachment of the duke and dutchess of Lauderdale, with their

brother Lord Hatton, by the city of Edinburgh. 6 Case of Anthony, earl of Shaftsbury, respecting his confinement in

the Tower. London, 1679. 7 Christopher Kirkby's narrative of the manner of the discovery of the

popish plot. London, 1678. 8 Speech of the king, with that of the lord chancellor, to both houses of

parliament, on the 21st of October, 1678. London. 9 The trial of Edward Coleman, for conspiring the death of the king,

and the subversion of the government of Eugland, and the protestant

religion. London, 1678. 10 Tryals of William Ireland, Thomas Pickering, and John Grove, for

conspiring to murder the king. London, 1678..

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