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604 28 Atkyns's reply, in which the innocency of Lord Russell is further de

fended. London, 1689. 29 Hawles' reply to the answer to the defence of the late Lord Russell.

London, 1689. 30 Two answers to the several replies vindicating the innocency of the

late Lord Russell. 31 Case of Sir Thomas Pilkington, lord mayor of London. 1689. This

volume the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 605 1 Atkyns' inquiry into the power of dispensing with penal statutes. Lon

don, 1689. 2 Atkyns on the power, jurisdiction and privilege of parliament; and

the antiquity of the house of commons asserted; occasioned by an information in the king's bench, by the attorney-general, against the speaker of the house of commons. Also, a discourse concerning the

ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the realm of England, London, 1689. 3 Hawles' remarks upon the tryals of Edward Fitzharris, Stephen Col

ledge, Count Conigsmark, Lord Russell, Colonel Sidney, Henry Cor

nish, and Charles Bateman. London, 1689. 4 Speech of the king to the two houses of parliament; the votes of the

house of commons, from October 23, to January 27, 1689; and an act declaring the rights of the subject, and settling the succession of

the crown. London, 1689. 5 Papers on the subject of the election of members of parliament, &c.

London, 1690. 6 Tryal and condemnation of Sir Richard Grahme, and John Ashton, for

high treason against their majesties king William and queen Mary,

in January, 1690. London, 1691. 7 Speech of Sir Charles Sidley ;-Five numbers of the weekly observa

tor ;- Admiral Russell's letter, containing a relation of the late happy victory and success against the French fleet ;-Rules about the baroscope ;-Account of the murder of the Earl of Essex ;--Two numbers of the Athenian Mercury ;-Relation of the attempt to assassinate the Rev. Mr. Samuel Johnson ;-Speech of the Lord chief Baron Atkyns to Sir William Ashurst, lord-mayor elect of the city of London, October 13, 1693 ; Miraculous cure of David Wright, a shepherd ;-Representation of the commons to the king against the army agents ;-Names of the juries who condemned several late patriots ;-Form of the proceeding to the funeral of queen Mary, 1694 ; Observations on the bank of England ;-Argument for establishing another bank ;--and several other miscellaneous papers, and acis

of parliament. 8 Tryal and condemnation of Ambrose Rookwood, for a conspiracy to

assassinate king William, in order to a French invasion of this king

dom, on the 21st of April, 1696. London. 9 Tryals and condemnations of Charles Cranburne and Robert Lowick,

for high treason, on the 22d of April, 1696. London. 10 Several miscellaneous papers. 1696. 11 Tryal and condemnation of Captain Thomas Vaughan, for high trea

son, in adhering to the French king, on the 6th of November, 1696; also, an account of the tryal of John Murphey, for high treason.

London, 1697. . This volume the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 606 | Petition to the king, delivered July 25, 1680.

2 Account of the men of war captured from the French by the English,

and of the number of vessels lost by the English, during the war,

fron May 7, 1689, to October 1, 1695. 606 3 Crosfeild's proceedings in the house of lords, with an account of the

state of the nation. London, 1695-6. 4 Distressed seamen's groans, represented to the king and parliament. 5 Instances of the oppressions suffered by the sailors of the English Da

vy. London, 1699, 6 Speech of Isaac Grew, an orphan of the grammar school in Christ's

hospital, to king William III. London, 1697. 7 Votes of the house of commons, granting the supplies for 1698. Abstract of the acts for granting to the king the sums necessary for

the year 1698. 9 Case of Philip Nisbett, merchant of London, November 5, 1698. 10 Proposal of the mercer's company for granting annuities, February

8, 1698. 11 Account of the rise and progress of the East-India company. March

25, 1699. 12 Case of Joseph Hussey, of Cambridge, who was tried for depraving

the book of common prayer, August 4, 1698. 13 Letter from Moscow to the Marquiss of Carmarthen, relating to the

czar of Muscovy's forwardness in his great navy, &c. since his return

home. London, 1699.
14 Account of the exact time of the births and marriages of the present

princes and princesses of Europe. 1698.
15 Discovery of the murder of Peter Wolsters, April 28, 1701.
16 Design to erect libraries in Scotland.

17 Votes, addresses and acts of the two houses of parliament, from 1689

to 1704. 18 Peace without union, in reply to Sir H- M-'s peace at home.

London, 1703. 19 Letter from the protestants in the Sevennes, now under amfiction, to

the protestant refugees. London, 1709. 20 Representation from the parliament to the : ing. 1703. 21 Report of the state of the case upon the writ of error, lately depend

ing in the house of peers, wherein Matthew Ashby was plaintiff, and

William White and others defendants. London, 1704. 22 Act of security passed in the parliament of Scotland. 1704. 23 proceedings of the house of lords, concerning the Scottish conspiracy,

and the papers and letters laid before that house, by her majesty's

command, relating thereunto. London, 1704. 24 Representation and papers presented to the queen by the house of

lords, with her answer to the same, March 14, 1704. London. 25 Brief account of the tack, and two poems, and the speech of king

Charles II. on the subject of the tackers. 26 Considerations for amending the bill against bankrupts. 27 Letter from the Princess Sophia to the Archbishop of Canterbury,

with another from Hanover, written by Sir Rowland Gwynne, 1705.

28 Country parson's advice to the lord keeper. 1705.
29 Will of Benjamin Dod, citizen of London. 1706.
30 Description of the covenant of grace. London, 1699.


606 31 Speech made to the French king, at Versailles, the 23d of March,

1706-7, by the Cardinal de Noailles. 1707. 32 Narrative of a miraculous cure of a decrepid maid, on new-year's day,

1705-6, by faith, prayer, and anointing with oil. 33 Lord Haversham's 'speech in the house of peers, Nov. 19, 1707. 34 Russian merchants' complaints against Admiral Whetston's conduct.

December, 1707. 35 Last words of William Parry, who suffered death for endeavouring

to depose the queen. 36 Address of the house of lords, with the several papers referred to therein, presented to the queen, on the 1st of March, 1707, with her

London, 1707. 37 Address of the house of lords, with the reports therein contained, pre

sented to the queen, on the 22d of March, 1707. London, 1708. 38 Address of the two houses of parliament, presented to the queen on

thc 3d of March, 1708. 39. Reasons humbly offered to parliament for passing the bill for setting

the assize of bread. 40 Several papers addressed to the electors of members to parliament.

London, 1710. 41 Letter to the Earl of Oxford, on the advantages of the South-sea trade.

London, 1711. 42 Representations and addresses to the queen from the two houses of par

liament, and the queen's speeches to them, in the years 1711 and 1712. 43 Memorial of the Prince Eugene, delivered to secretary St. John, Fe

bruary 18, 1711-12. 44 Resolutions, memorials and vouchers of their high mightnesses, shew

ing that the States-general of the United Provinces are wrongfully
charged, by the parliament of Great Britain, with having failed, in

the course of the present war, to furnish their quota. 1712.
45 State of the Bewdley case. London, 1711.
46 Letter from the Hague to a gentleman in London, May 23, 1712.
47 Address of the two houses of parliament to the queen.

48 Letter from the States-general to the queen, about the Duke of Or-

mond's orders not to fight, &c. June 5, 1712. 49 Tryal of John Hamilton, for the murder of Charles Lord Mohun, and

James Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, December 12, 1712. 50 Tryal of Richard Towne, tallow-chandler, for felony, in defrauding

his creditors. London, 17 i 2. 51 Behaviour and confessions of the malefactors that were executed at

Tyburn, on the 23d of December, 1712.
52 Paper delivered by Richard Towne, delivered by him for publication

after his execution. London, 1712.
53 King William's ghost, and ten ballads and songs.

1713 and 1714.
54 Speech of the recorder of London to king George the first, upon his

royal entry, September 20, 1714. 55 Congratulatory oration to king George, spoken in Latin, by one of the

boys of Christ's hospital. London, 1714.
56 Form of proceeding to the coronation of king George, on the 20th of

October, 1714.
57 List of the members of the house of commons. 1713.

606 58 Seasonable warning by the general assembly of the church of Scot

land, concerning the danger of popery. August 19, 1713. 59 Sixty-six news, and other, papers, among which are numbers of the

spectator ;- The Englishman ;-Bill of mortality for 1713 ;-Fly. ing post ;- The English post ;-The post-man ;— The daily cou. rant ;--The tatler ;- The protestant post-boy, &c.-printed from July, 170$, to February 10, 1712. This volume the gift of Zachariah

Poulson, jun. 607 1 Report made by Robert Walpole, chairman of the committee of

secrecy, appointed by the house of commons, to examine several books and papers relating to the late negociations of peace and com

merce, &c. London, 1715. 2 The whole proceeding, to judgment, in Westminster-hall, upon the

articles of impeachment of high treason, exhibited against James Earl of Derwentwater, William Lord Widdrington, William Earl of Nithisdale, Robert Earl of Carnwath, Wiliam Viscount Kenmure, and

William Lord Nairn, on the 9th of February, 1715. London, 1716. 3 Speech of the Earl of Derwentwater, who was beheaded on Tower.

hill, for high treason, February 24, 1715-16. 4 Vindication of the king's evidence from the misrepresentations set

forth in Mr. Gascoigne's paper, delivered to the sheriff at the place

of execution, May 25, 1716. London. 5 Several speeches against the bill for repealing the triennial act, as they

werc spoken in the house of commons, April 24, 1716 ; with the reasons given by the lords who protested against the said bill. Lon

don, 1716. 6 Letters which passed between Count Gyllenborg, the Barons Gortz,

Sparre, and others ; relating to the design of raising a rebellion in his majesty's dominions, to be supported by a force from Sweden.

London, 1717. 7 Tryal of George Earl of Wintoun, upon articles of impeachment of

high treason, in Westminster-hall, on the 15th, 16th and 19th of

March, 1715-16. London, 1716. 8 Papers which were laid before the house of lords, relating to the riots

at Oxford. London, 1717. 9 Tryal of Robert Earl of

Oxford, and Earl Mortimer, upon the impeachnient of the house of conimons for high treason, &c. in Westmin

ster-hall, from June 24, to July 1, 1717. London, 1717. 10 Collections of passages referred to by Dr. Henry Sacheverell, in his

answer to the articles of his impeachment. London 1710. 11 Reports made by the committee of secrecy, appointed by the house of

commons, to examine into the state of the South-sea stock. Lon.

don, 1721. 12 Collection of the protests of the lords, during the last session of parli

ament. London 1792. 13 Replies of Thomas Reeve and Clement Wearg, in the house of lords,

May 13, 1723, in behalf of the bill to inflict pains and penalties on

the late Bishop of Rochester. London, 1723. 14 Speech of the Bishop of Salisbury, in the house of Lords, upon the

Third reading of the bill to inflict pains and penalties on Francis, late

Bishop of Rochester, May 15, 1723. London. 15 Speech of Gcorge Kelly, at the bar of the house of lords, on the 2d of May, 1723, in his defence against the bill, then depending, for inflict

ing pains and penalties upon him, London, 1723. 607 16 Collection of the protests in the house of lords, in the session of par.

liament in the years 1722 and 1723. London. This volume the gift

of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 608 ] Report of the committee of the house of lords, to whom the report

and original papers, delivered by the house of commons, were referred, on the subject of the conspiracy mentioned in his majesty's speech ; with appendixes, containing copies of original letters and papers, viz. foreign correspondence ;—papers relating to Captain Halstead and Christopher Layer ;-to an intended invasion ;-to John Plunket ;-10 the Bishop of Rochester ;-to George Kelly ;-to Dennis Kelly ;-to John Sample ;-to the Duke of Norfolk and

others ;-to Scotland ;-and to Ireland. London, 1722. 2 Wynne's defence of Francis, late Bishop of Rochester, at the bar of

the house of lords, on the 9th and 11th of May, 1723. London. 3 Speech of Francis, late Lord Bishop of Rochester, at the bar of the

house of lords, May 11, 1723, in his defence against the bill for in

flicting pains and penalties upon him. London, 1723. 4 Arraignment, tryal and conviction of Christopher Layer, for high

treason, in compassing and imagining the death of the king. Lon

don, 1722. 5 Tryal of Thomas, Earl of Macclesfield, in the house of peers, upon

an impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors, in May, 1725.

London. This volume the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 967 I MSS Letters, viz. Of the lords commissioners of Ireland in 1660;

of king James II. in 1688 and 1689 ;-of the Cardinals to king James, 1689 ;-of the Cardinal Otthobori to king James in 1689; and of Pope Alexander VIII. to king James, in 1689 and 1690. Gift

of Henry Coxe, Esq.
2 MSS letters of Samuel Richardson, William Hunter, William Pitt,

John Gray, Earl of Shelburne, James Boswell, David Hume, John
Armstrong, George Colman, Doctor Smollett and J. Gray. Gift of

Doctor B. Rush.
3 Letters and manuscripts relating to the American revolution. Col-

lected by Du Simitiere.


159 2 A brief history of the rise and progress of the charitable scheme, car

rying on by a society of gentlemen in London, for the relief and instruction of poor Germans, settled in the British colonies in North

America. Philadelphia, 1755. 310 2 A letter to Doctor Charles Goodall; occasioned by his letter to Doc.

tor Leigh ; with an answer to a paper, entitled, “A reply to Mr. Richard Boulton, written by Charles Leigh.” By Richard Boulton.

London, 1699. 318 7 Miscellaneous letters, giving an account of the works of the learned,

for December, 1695. London. 456 3 A narrative of two aërial voyages of Doctor Jefferies with Monsieur

Blanchard ; with meteorological observations and remarks. By
Doctor Jefferies. London, 1786.

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