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947 4 Letter sent by a bishop from the Tower. London, 1642.

5 Dr. Jor. Taylor's discovrse of baptisme, its institution and efficacy upon

all beleevers. London, 1653. 6 Taylor's discovrses of baptisme, and of prayer. London, 1653. 7 Sermon at the funeral of George, duke of Albemarle, &c. on the

30th of April, 1670. By Seth, lord bishop of Sarum, London,

1670. 8 Lloyd's sermon at the funeral of John, lord bishop of Chester, De

cember 12, 1672. London, 1672. 9 Conversion of Philip Corwine, a Franciscan friar, to the protestant re

ligion, in 1589. Written by John Garvey, formerly primate of Ire.

land. Dublin 1681. 10 Knell's sermon before the society of Grayes-inn, April 16, 1648.

London, 1681. 11 Confession of faith of James Salgado, a Spaniard, formerly a priest in

the church of Rome. London, 1681. 12 Pelling's sermon on the anniversary of that most execrable murder

of king Charles. London, 1682. 13 Knight's sermon at the assizes holden at Northampton, March 30,

1682. 14 Ball's sermon on the true Christian's duty both to God and the king,

November 6, 1670. London, 1682. 15 Creyghton's sermon before the king, at Windsor, September 10, 1682.

London, 1682. 15 Baxter's sermon at the funeral of Henry Ashhurst, Esq. in which is

shewn, that faithful souls shall be with Christ. London, 1681. 17 Answer to two questions, by a protestant. London, 1682. This vol

une the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 943 1 Forın of priyer for God's blessing upon the king, and for the arerting

of 'is juosments. London, 1678, 2 Sermon demonstrating that the highest insolences proceed from men

of the lowest and most base extractions. 3 Gregory's sermon upon the fifth of November, 1679, being the anni

versary of the bellish powder-treason London, 1679. 4 Form of prayer to be used on the 22d of December, being the fast.

day appointed by the king. London, 1680. 5 Jenner's sermon on the murder of king Charles the first, January 30,

1680. London, 1680. 6 Hickes's sermon before the university of Oxford, July 1!, 1580.

London, 1680. 7 Dove's sermon before the house of commons, November 5, 1680.

London, 1680. 8 Fowler's sermon, on the seventh of August, 1681. London, 1681. 9 Sullingfeet's sermon, on Tuesday, in Easter week, 1631. London. 10 Wall's sermon before the natives of Worcester, June, 28, 1681. Lon

don, 1681, 11 Grantham's marriage sermon; or a wife and no wife. London, 1681. 12 Salus populi, &c. or the case of king and people. London, 1681.

This volume the gift of Zacharia! Poulson, jun. 949 1 Exposition of the doctrine of the church of England, in the several ar



ticles proposed by Monsieur de Meavx, late bishop of Condom, in

his exposition of the doctrine of the catholic church. Lond. 1686. 2 Vindication of the bishop of Condom's exposition of the doctrine of the

catholic church. London, 1686. 3 Pastoral letter from the bishop of Meaux to the new catholics of his

diocess. Translated from the French, London, 1686. 4 Answer to the bishop of Condom's exposition of the catholic faith,

&c. wherein the doctrine of the church of Rome is detected. Lon

don, 1686. 5 Defence of the exposition of the doctrine of the church of England,

against the exceptions of Monsieur de Meaux. London, 1686. This

volume the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. i Relation of the proceedings against St. Mary Magdalen college, in the

year 1687. London, 1688. 2 Declaration of the reasons given by the prince of Orange for invad.

ing England; with remarks thereon. London, 1688. 3 Thoughts about the gentlemen's undertaking at York, in November

1688. 4 Inquiry into the lawfulness of taking the new oath of allegiance. Lon

don, 1689. 5 Pastoral letter written by the bishop of Sarum, concerning the oath

of allegiance to king William and queen Mary. London, 1689. 6 Discourse concerning the unreasonableness of a new separation on ac

count of the oaths. London, 1689. ✓ Doctrine of non-resistance no way concerned in the controversies be

tween the Williamites and the Jacobites. London, 1689. 8 Refections upon Mr. Baxter's book, entitled, “ The English non

conformity." London, 1689. 9 Plain case, as it now stands, in reference to subjection to the present

government. London, 1690. 10 Defence of the rights and privileges of the university of Oxford. Ox

ford, 1690. 11 Case of the university of Oxford. Oxford, 1690. 12 Letter concerning the disabling clauses lately offered to the house of

commons, for regulating corporations. London, 1690. 13 Dr. Sherlock's case, in preaching after deprivation incurred by the ex

press words of a statute, fairly stated and examined. London, 1690. 14 Observations concerning elections for parliament. This volume the gift

of Zuchariah Poulson, jun. 1 Questions resolved concerning episcopal and presbyterian government

in Scotland. London, 1690, 2 Case of the afflicted clergy in Scotland truly represented. London,

1690. 3 Great bastard, protector of the little one. Donc out of the French.

Cologne, 1689. 4 Letter to a member of the house of commons, concerning the bishops

lately in the tower, and now under suspension. London, 1689. 5 Discourse concerning ecclesiastical commission, London, 1689. 6 Account of Mr. Parkinson's expulsion from the university of Oxford

London, 1689.


951 7 Reflections on the relation of the English reformation, lately printed

at Oxford. In two parts. Amsterdam, 1688. 8 Answer to vox cleri, &c. examining the reasons against making any

alterations, in order to a comprehension. London, 1690. 9 Censure of the answer to vox cleri. London, 1690. 10 Remarks upon two letters relating to the convocation, and alterations

in the liturgy. London, 1690. This volume the gift of Zachariah Poul.

Bon, jun. 952 1 Healing paper; or a catholic receipt for union. London, 1678.

2 Life of Mr. Stephen Marshall, sometime minister of the gospel at

Finchingfield, in Essex. London, 1680. 3 Inquiry into the measures of submission to the supream authority. 4 Inquiry into the carriage of some dissenting bishops. 5 Dialogue concerning the East India company. London, 1691. 6 Progress of needful reformation in England. London, 1691. 7 Letter from General Ludlow to Dr. Hollingsworth. Amst. 1692. 8 Legacy of John Wilmer to the lords and commons of England. Lon

don, 1692. 9 Case of the deprived bishops and clergy discussed. London, 1692. 10 Letter concerning the French invasion. London, 1692. 11 Life of William Fuller, the late pretended evidence, now a prisoner in

the king's bench. London, 1692. 12 Treatise shewing that the pourtraiture of king Charles the first, in his

solitudes and sufferings, was not written by himself, but by Dr. Gau

den, late bishop of Worcester. London, 1692. 13 Isaac Chauncy's neonomianism unmasked; or the ancient gospel

pleaded against the new law. London, 1693. 14 Continuation of the answer to the Scots presbyterian eloquence.

London, 1693. This volume the gift of Z. Poulson, jun. 953 I Lord chief justice Herbert's account examined, by a barrister at law.

London, 1689. 2 Account of all the secret intrigues of the Romish party in Ireland,

from 1660 to this present year 1689. London, 1690. 3 Mock mourners. A satyr, by way of elegy on king William By

the author of the true-born Englishman. 3d edit. London, 1702. 4. Saul and Samuel ; or the common interest of our king and country.

London, 1702. 5 Exorbitant grants of William the third examined and questioned.

2d edit. London, 1703. 6 Animadversions upon a seditious libel, intituled, “Exorbitant grants

of William III. &c." London, 1703. 7 Lette: to a minister of state, concerning the pretended prince of

Wales's being proclaimed king of England, &c. London, 1701. 8 Advice to the protestant non-jurors, shewing the danger of acknow.

ledging the pretended prince of Wales, for king of England. Lon

don, 1702. 9 Relation of the late dreadful tempest. London, 1704. This volume

the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 954 1 Mr. Emmerton's marriage with Mrs. Bridget Hyde considered;

wherein the rights and nature of marriage is discoursed. London,

1682. 954 2 Speech of Alderman Garroway, at a common-hall, January 17, 1642;

with a relation of the victory obtained by Sir Ralph Hopton, necre

Bodmin, in the county of Cornwall, January 19, 1642. Lond. 1643. 3 Geographicall and anthologicall description of all the empires and

kingdomes of the whole world. London, 1634. 4 Brinsley's looking-glasse for good women, held forth by way of coun

sell and advice. London, 1645. 5 Thomas Cobbet's treatise of the power of civil magistrates in matters

of religion. London, 1653. 6 Cobbet's answer to a scandalous pamphlet, called “ Ill news from New

England," written by John Clark of Rhode-Island. Lond. 1653. in Hubbard's narrative of the troubles with the Indians in New England,

from the first planting thereof to the present time. 1676. 8 Table shewing the towns and places which are inhabited by the Eng

lish in New England; with a map of that countrey, being the first

that ever was here cut, August 13, 1676. 9 Narrative of the troubles with the Indians in New England, from

Pascataqua to Pemmaquid. 10 Memorial upon the liberties of the presse and pulpit. London, 1680. 11 Letter of advice to a friend, upon the modern argument of the law

fulness of simple fornication, half-adultery, and polygamy. London,

1696. 12 Speech of his Majestie to both houses of parliament, the 19th of March,

1603. London, 1604. 13 Declaration of his Majestie, touching his proceedings in the late as.

semblie and conuention of parliament. London, 1622. 14 Proclamation of his Majestie for dissolving of the present conuention

of parliament. London, 1621. 15 Case of our affaires in law, religion, and other circumstances briefly

examined. Oxford, 1643. 16 Conjugium languens; or the natural, civil, and religious mischiefs

arising from conjugal infidelity and impurity. London, 1700. 17 Historical relation of the late general assembly in Scotland, and other

particulars concerning the present state of the church in that king

dom. London, 1691. 18 Account of the affairs of Scotland, in relation to their civil and religious

rights. London, 1690. 19 State of the papist and protestant proprieties in the kingdom of Ire

land, from 1641 to 1662. London 1689. 20 Observations on the present extraordinary frost. London, 1684. 21 Considerations about subscription; with some reflections on the late

subscription made by the dissenters. London, 1690. 22 Petition of many divines, in the name of themselves and brethren

both of Old and New England, to the bishops and clergy of the pro

vince Canterbury, assembled in convocation, in 1690. 23 Memoirs of the life and actions of Roger the fidler, alias the obser

vator. London, 1683. 24 Answer to the letter of the bishop of Rochester, concerning the late

ecclesiastical commission. By an Englishman. London, 1689.

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954 25 Relation of the answers and replies of Thomas, carle of Strafford, to

the articles exhibited against him by the house of commons, April

13, 1641. London, 1647. 26 Account of the imprisonment and death of Mr. John Thompson, mi

nister of the gospel. 1675. 27 Reasons which have induced the dissenters in Bristol to continue their

open meetings, however prosecuted and disturbed. 1675. 28 Replication of Master Glyn, in the name of all the commons of Eag

land, to the generall answer of Thomas, earle of Strafford. April 13,

1641. London, 1641. 29 Relation of the general assembly, held at Edinburgh, from October

16, to November 13, 1690. London, 1691. 30 Vindication of Mr. Alexander Osborn in reference to the affairs of the

north of Ireland. London, 1690. S1 Abstract of certain depositions, concerning the traitorous intention of

the rebels in Ireland, with an extract of a letter from Rome, Janu

ary 4, 1641. London, 1642. 32 Proclamation concerning a cessation of arms in Ireland, dated Sep

tember 19, 1643. Dublin, 1643. 33 Williams's sermon on the protestant deliverance from the Irish rebel

lion, begun October 23, 1641. London, 1690. 34 The vndeceiver. London, 1643. 35 Government and order of the church of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1641. 36 Charge of the Scottish commissioners against Canterburie and the

lievetenant of Ireland. London, 1641. 37 England's third alarm to vyarre. London, 1643. 38 Vindication of the church of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1691. 39 Relation of the forme and government of the kirke of Scotland. 1640. 40 Vindication of the reasons of the house of commons against the rotes

of bishops in parliament. London, 1641. This volume the gift of

Zachariah Poulson, jun. 955 i Thoughts on the justice of the gentlemen's undertaking at York, No

vember, 1688. London, 1689. 2 Inquiry into the measures of submission to the supream authority. 3 Reflections upon the late great revolution in England. London, 1689. 4 Letters concerning the bishops lately in the tower, and now under

suspension. London, 1689. 5 Remarks upon the two letters relating to the alterations in the liturgi

London, 1690. 6 Christianity, a doctrine of the cross. London, 1691. 7 Apology for the new separation. London, 1691. 8 Anglicani novi schismatis redargutio seu tractatus ex historiis eccle.

siasticis quo ostenditur episcopas, injuste licit depositos, orthodosi successoris cominunionem nunquam refugisse. Editore Hvmfredo

Hody. Oxonii, 1691. 9 Case of the deprived bishops and clergy discussed. London, 1692. 10 Vindication against the false principles contained in the sermon of Dr.

Sherlock. London, 1692. 11 Answer to the vindication against the principles contained in Ds.

Sherlock's sermon. London, 1692.

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