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055 12 Judge Hare's charge at the general quarter sessions of the peace for

the county of Surry, April 5, 1692. London. 13 Treatise of Christian communion. In three parts. 1693. 14 Hody's statement of the case of sees vacant by an unjust or unca

nonical deprivation. London, 1693. 15 Defence of the church of England. London, 1693. This volume the

gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 956 1 Treatise shewing that the East India trade is best secured in a com

pany, and a joint-stock. London, 1680. 2 Letters concerning some proceedings in the house of commons, dur

ing the last session. London, 1701. 3 Letter from Dr. Robert Wild on his Majesty's proclamation for liber

ty of conscience. London, 1672. 4 Letter concerning the votes of the bishops in the last session of parlia

ment. London, 1704. 5 Fable of the beasts and their king. London, 1703. 6 Antidote against Mr. Baxter's palliated cure of church divisions. 1670. 7 Assenters sayings. London, 1681. 8 Sovereign right and power of the people over tyrants, plainly proved.

London, 1689. 9 Letter to the observator. By William Smythies. London, 1684. 10 Case of the present concern. 11 Remarks upon two letters relating to the alterations in the liturgy.

London, 1690. 12 Mystery of iniquity working to divide the protestants. 1689. 13 Mackartney's account of the murder of the duke of Hamilton and Brad.

don. London, 1712. 14 Address of the presbyterians to the king, with his answer. 1687. 15 Priest-craft, its character and consequences. 16 Foxes and fire-brands; or a specimen of the danger and harmony of

popery and separation. 2d edit. London, 1681. 17 L'Estrange's answer to a libel concerning the death of Habin the in

former. London, 1683. 18 Letter concerning the king's disavowing his having been married to

the D. of M.'s mother. 19 Case put, concerning the succession of his royal highness the duke of

York. London, 1679. 20 Letter from a person of quality to his friend in the country. 1675. 21 Address to the parliament for an act to remedy the foul abuse of chil

dren at school. London, 1699. 22 Political aphorisms; or the true maxims of government displayed.

London, 1690. 23 L'Estrange's account of the tryal, condemnation and confession of

colonel James Turner, for breaking open the house of Francis Tryon, merchant, London, at the Old Bailey, January 15, 16, and 19,

1663. London. 24 Articles exhibited in parliament against William, archbishop of Can

terbury, 1640. 25 Vindication of the presbyteriall-government and ministry. London, 1650.

956 26 Vindication of the Rev. Mr. Alexander Osborn in reference to the al.

fairs of the north of Ireland, London, 1690. 27 Watson's pastor's love, expressed to a loving people in a farewell ser

mon, preached at St. Stephen's, Walbrook, August 17, 1662. Lon

don, 1662. This volume the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. i Declaration by the prince of Orange, shewing the reasons why he in

vades England. London, 1688. 2 Declaration of the confederate princes and states, against Lewis the

fourteenth, delivered at Versailles, July 15, 1689. Translated from

the French. London, 1689. 3 Johnson's argument, proving that the abrogation of king James, and

the promotion of the prince of Orange to the throne, was according

to the English constitution. London, 1692. 4 Case of the people of England with regard to the oath of allegiance. London, 1689.

judgment upon the question of defending our religion by arms; with reflections upon the affairs of England. Translated out

of the French. London, 1689. 6 Hunt's defence of the charter and municipal rights of the city of Lon

don, and other cities and towns in England. London. 7 Account of the most material passages in Ireland since 1688 ; with a

particular relation of the forces of Londonderry. London, 1689. & Dialogue between Harry and Roger, concerning the times. Oxford,

1688. 9 Considerations about the new test of the church of England's loyalty. 10 New test of the church of England's loyalty. London, 1687. 11 Inquiry into, and detection of the barbarous murther of the late earl of

Essex. London, 1689. 12 Essex's innocency and honour vindicated; or murther and perjury

justly charged on the murtherers of that noble lord Arthur, late earl

of Essex. London, 1690. 13 Expostulatory letter to Mr. Sclater of Putney. London, 1687. 14 Animadversions upon a late pamphlet, entitled, " Naked truth ; or the

true state of the primitive church." London, 1676. 15 Prynne's vindication of the questions concerning excommunication

and suspension. London, 1645. This volume the gift of Zachariah

Poulson, jun. 958 1 Letter of advice to the churches of the non-conformists in the Eng.

lish nation. London, 1700. 2 Admonition to a deist. London, 1685. 3 Account of the growth of knavery, under the pretended fears of arbi

trary government, and popery. London, 1678. 4 Letter of the bishop of Rochester. In the Savoy, 1689. 5 Vindication of the bill for preventing the translation of bishops. Lon

don, 1702. 6 Shower's sermon, recommending resignation to the divine good plea

sure, as our duty and happiness. 2d edit. London, 1703. 7 Shower's thanksgiving sermon, on the 16th of April, 1696. London,

1696. 8 Vindication of Sir Robert Clayton, Sir George Treby, Slingsby Beth

ell, and Henry Cornish. London, 1681.

958 : Rosewell's sermon, on the fifth of November, 1706, the anniversary

of deliverance from the gun-powder plot. London. 10 Jones's farewell sermon. London, 1703. 11 Thomas Watts's sermon on universal Christian charity. Lond. 1697. 12 Woodcock's sermon, August 19, 1708, on the frustration of the de

signed invasion. London, 1708. 13 Review of the state of the British nation, Novediber 10, i710. 14 Athenian news, or Dunton's oracle. 15 Absalom and Achitophel. A poem. 16 Word to the wise concerning penal laws and tests in matters of reli

gion. London, 1703. 17 Reasons which induced the queen to create Robert Hartley, Esq. a

peer of Great Britain. London, 1711. 18 Night walker, for March, 1697. London. 19 Prynne's treatise on the soveraigne power of parliaments and king:

domes. London, 1643. 20 Vindication of the parliament and their proceedings. London, 1642. 21 Advice from the scandal club, for Nov. 1704, and Jan. 1705. Lond. 22 Review of the affairs of France and of all Europe. London, 1705. 23 Remarks respecting the case of the Rev. Mr. Greenshields. Lon

don, 1710. 24 Copies of two papers written by the late king Charles II, 25 Copy of a paper written by the late duchess of York. 26 Letter to a newly elected member of parliament concerning occasional

conformity, &c. London, 1705. 27 Earl of Anglesey's state of the government and kingdom. London,

1694. This volume the gift of Zacharian Poulson, jun. 959 Memoirs of the present state of Europe, for the year 1692. London.

This volume the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 1047 i William Hodge's travels in India during the years, 1780, 1781, 1789,

and 1783; with plates. London, 1793.-P. 2 Henry Skrine's three successive tours in the north of England and

great part of Scotland. London, 1795.-P. 3 William Robertson's index, drawn up about the year 1629, of many

records and charters granted by the different sovereigns of Scotland, between the years 1309 and 1413, most of which have been missing; with an introduction respecting the ancient records of Scotland, &c.

Edinburgh, 1798.-P. 1078 I Thomas Taylor's philosophical and mathematical commentaries of

Proclus, surnamed Plato's successor, on the first book of Euclid's elements, and his life, by Marinus. Translated from the Greek.

London, 1788.-P. 2 Pope's essay on man, French and English. Nouvelle edition, ornée

des figures en taille dousce. Lausanne et a Geneve, 1745.-P. :1097 i Charles Alfonse Du Fresnoy's art of painting. Translated into Eng

lish verse, by William Mason, M. A. with annotations, by Sir Joshua

Reynolds. York, 1783.-L. 2 R. P. Knight's landscape, a didactic poem, in three books ; addressed

to Uvedale Price, Esq. London. 1794.-P. 1196 1 John Whitehurst's inquiry into the original state and formation of

the earth, deduced from facts and the law of nature ; to which is ad

ded, an appendix ; with plates. London, 1778.-P. 1106 2 Caroli Allioni, Phil. et Med. doct. Tauriensis e societate physico-bo

tanica Florentina rariorum. Pedemonti Stirpium, 1755-P. 1114 | William Mason's poems of Mr. Gray; to which are prefixed, mc

moirs of his life and writings. 2d edit. London, 1775.-P. 2 R. Potter's inquiry into some passages in Dr. Johnson's lives of the

poets; particularly his observations on lyric poetry, and the odes of

Gray. London, 1783.-P. 1116 | Edmund Burton's satyrs of Perseus. London, 1752.-P.

2 James Elphinstone's specimen of the translation of the epigrams of

M. Val. Martial. London, 1788.-P.

3 History of the flagellants, or the advantages of discipline. Lond.-P. 1124 | Heroic postscript to the public, occasioned by the favourable reception

of a late heroic epistle to Sir William Chambers, Knt. &c. by the au

thor of that epistle. 7th edit. London, 1774.-P. 2 Charles Edward Stanhope's remarks on Mr. Brydone's account of a re

markable thunder-storm in Scotland. London, 1787. 3 Inscription on the monument of the Right Honourable George Baillie

of Jerriswood, Esq. and Lady Grisett Baillie, at Malerstan.-P. 4 The dean and the squire, a political eclogue, humbly dedicated to

Soame Jenyns, Esq. 3d edit. London, 1782.-P. 5 Malcolm Macgregor's epistle to Doctor Shebbeare; to which is add

ed, an ode to Sir Fletcher Norton, in the imitation of Horace, ode

VII. book IV. London, 1777.-P. 6 The Inferno of Dante-translated. London, 1782.-P. 7 Philip Fulles' visitation sermon, at Hartford, June 12, 1700.-P. 8 Diaboliad, a poem, dedicated to the worst man in bis majesty's domi

nions. London, 1677.-P.

9 An heroic epistle to Sir William Chambers. 2d edit. Lond. 1773.-P. 1125 1 T. Morell's Prometheus of Æschylus, in Greek. Lond. 1773.-P.

2 Prometheus Vinctus.-P.
3 Variorum notæ in Æschyli Prometheum vinctum.-P.
4 Thomas Morell's Prometheus in chains. Translated from the Greek

of Æschylus. London, 1773.-P.
5 Choheleth, or the royal preacher, a poetical paraphrase of the book of

Ecclesiastes. London, 1778.-P. 6 Tablet of Cebes, or a picture of human life, a poem, copied from the

Greek of Cebes the Theban. Oxford, 1759.-P. 1157 i Odes on various subjects. 2d edit. London, 1747.-P.

2 A letter to his grace Archbishop of Canterbury. By Richard Lord

Bishop of Landaff. London, 1783.-P. 3 Lord Bishop of Landafr's sermon, on Friday, January 30, 1784

London, 1784,-P.
4 Spencer Madan's call of the gentiles, a poetical essay. Camb. 1782.-F.
5 Constitution Françoise donnée à Paris le 14 Septembre, 1791.-P.
6 Compte rendu au roi. Par Mr. Necker, directeur general des finan.

ces, aumois dé Janvier, 1781. Re-imprimé à Londres, 1781. Avec
des gravures.-P.
An account of the parish of Fairford, in the county of Gloucester ;

with a particular description of the stained glass, in the windows of

the church, and engravings of ancient monuments. Lond. 1791.-P. 1157 8 Ode to Landsdowne Hill, with notes mostly relative to the Granville

family ; to which are added, two letters of advice from George Lord Lansdowne, anno 1711, to William Henry, Earl of Bath. London,

1785,-P. 9 George Richards's aboriginal Britons, a prize poem, spoken at the

theatre at Oxford, July 8, 1791. 2d edit.-P. 10 Memoirs of William Lambarde, Esq. an eminent lawyer and anti

quary.-P. 1173 1 Thomas Leland's orations of Demosthenes, pronounced to excite the

Athenians against Philip king of Macedon. Translated into Eng

lish. London, 1756.--P. 2 Caractacus, a dramatic poem, written in the model of the ancient

Greek tragedy. By the author of Elfrida. London, 1759.-P. 1177 | Doctor Jeffries' narrative of the two ærial voyages of Doctor Jeffries

with Monsieur Blanchard ; with meteorological observations and reremarks. The first voyage on the 30th November, 1784, from London into Kent; the second, on the 7th January, 1785, from Eng

land into France. London, 1786.-P. 2 T. Warton's specimen of a history of Oxfordshire. 12th edit. cor*

rected and enlarged. London, 1783.-P. 3 An independent whig's letter to the Right Honourable Charles Jen

kinson. 4th edit. London, 1781.-P. 4 Owen Manning's will of king Alfred. Oxford, 1788.-P. 5 Lewesdon hill, a poem. Oxford, 1788.--. 6 Bibliotheca topographica Britannica, No. XL. containing the history

and antiquities of the town, college and castle of Fotheringay, in the county of Northampton ; with several particulars of the execution and

funeral of Mary queen of Scotts. London, 1787.-P. 1 Dialogue between a minister and his parishioner, concerning the ca'

tholic church. In three parts. London, 1687.-P. 2 A treatise in confutation of the Latin services in the church of Rome.

London, 1687.-P. 3 Church government; part 5th, a relation of the English reformation.

Oxford, 1687.-P. 4 Animadversions on the aforegoing discourse. Oxford, 1687.-P. 5 Philosophical essay of musick. London, 1677.-P. 6 Universal historical bibliotheque, or an account of most of the consi

derable books printed in January, 1686.-P. 7 Allen's killing no murder. London, 1659.-P. 8 Account of the massacre in Ireland in 1642. London, 1679.-P.

9 Universal bibliotheque, for February, 1686.-P. 1238 | Nathaniel Lee's Constantine the Great, a tragedy acted at the the

atre royal. London, 1684.-P. 2 The rampant alderman, a farce. London, 1685.-P. 3 Valentinian, a tragedy. London, 1685.-P. 4 Epistles to the king and duke. London, 1683.-P. 5 Massinello, or a satyr against the association and the Guild-hall riot.

London, 1683.-P.

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