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Power to

sue, &c.


Power to meet and

pany of Philadelphia, be, and shall be, for ever hereafter, persons able and capable in law, to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in all or any of the courts, or other places, and before any judges, justices and other persons whatsoever, in all manner of actions, suits, complaints, pleas, causes and matters whatsoever, and of what nature or kind foever. And that it shall and may be lawful to, and for the faid Library Company of Philadelphia, and their fucceffors, for ever hereafter, to have one common seal for their To have ufe, in their affairs; and the fame at their will and pleasure to cal. change and alter. And for the well governing and ordering the affairs of the said company, we do, for us, our heirs, and suceffors, further grant, That it shall and may be lawful for the said conpany, and their successors, to affemble and meet together on the make laws. first Monday in May, in every year, and at such other times as there shall be occasion, at their library, or some other convenient place, due and public notice being given at least twenty days before the times of such meetings; not only of the day, hour and place, of such meeting, but of the cause thereof, and of the matters to be transacted at such meeting. And that they, the said company, or one fourth part of them at least, being so Quorum. met, in person, or by proxy duly constituted in writing, fhail have full power and authority from time to time, to make, conftitute, and establish such laws, statutes, orders and constitutions, as shall appear to them, or the major part of them, to be good and useful, honest and necessary, according to the best of their udgment and discretion, for the government, regulation, and direction of the Library Company, and every member thereof; and for the appointing and regulating the election or nomination of Directors, 'Treasurer, Librarian, Secretary, and such, and so many other officers as they shall think fit; and for limiting and appointing their trust and authority; and for the admitting new members; and to do all things concerning the government, estate, goods, lands, revenues, as also all the business and affairs of the said company. All which laws, statutes, orders, and conftitutions, fo to be made as aforesaid, shall be binding on binding. every member, and be from time to time inviolably observed, according to the tenor and effect of them, provided that they be not repugnant or contrary to the laws of England, or this government. Provided always, That for the increase and preservation of the said library, every member of the said company shall and do pay into the hands of the said company's Treasurer, for

Laws So made, to be

the time being, the sum of ten shillings, on the first Monday in May, in every year for ever; and those who neglect so to do, shall pay such greater sum or sums in lieu thereof, at such times,

within twelve months then next following, as by the laws of Forfeit on the said company shall be appointed : And that in default of default.

these payments, every delinquent shall forfeit his share in the books and estate of the said company, and be no longer a member, In testimony whereof, we have caused the Great Seal of our faid province to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS GEORGE Thomas, Esq. lieutenant-governor, and commander in chief of the faid province and counties, at Philadelphia, the twenty-fifth day of March, in the fifteenth year of the reign of our sovereign lord king GEORGE the second, and in the year of our LORD one thousand seven hundred and forty-two, by virtue of certain powers and authorities to him for this purpose ( inter alia) granted by the said proprietaries..



L A W S.

A Law directing the manner of admitting new members,
IS ENACTED by the Library Company of Philadelphia,



in the books and effects of the said company, shall be thereby entitled to a vote in any of their affairs, or be deemed a member, without first being approved of by the Directors for the time be- None to ing; nor shall any person, other than the heirs, executors, or without be afligns of a member of the said company, be entitled to a share in ing first ap. the books, estate and effects of the said company, without paying into the hands of the said company's Treasurer, so much money as in the judgment of the said Directors a share shall then be worth.


And it is further enacted, That upon approbation of the Directors, and payment of the said money, the party paying it, shall receive of the Treasurer a certificate under his hand, and the seal of the company, containing the name of the person and the sum Treasurer

to give a paid, the time when, and the account or use for which he paid it: certificate. of all which a record shall be made in the records of the said com

Record to pany. Which certificate shall entitle the person therein mentioned, be Redes to a share in the company's books, estate and effects, and to be deemed a member.

No member

A Law for preserving a just equality among the members, and to

prevent the inconveniences that may arise by any perfons holding
more than one fbare.
T IS ENACTED, for the preservation of a just equality among

the members of the Library Company, That no person being a member, and holding a share in the library &c. shall grant, sell, or convey to any other member, or accept of a grant, bargain, sale, or other conveyance or afsurance from any other

member, of any fhare or shares in the books, estate, and effects of Penalty. the said company; on penalty of forfeiting to the company such

share or shares, so purchased, fold, granted, or conveyed.


shall sell his share to another

mem. ber, &c.

No member to have more one vote, &c.

AND if any member, as executor or administrator of another, than or by any other means, come to have in his hands a plurality of

Mares, he shall not thereby be entitled to more than one vote at elections, or on any other occasion, nor have a right to take out more books at one time than any other member.

A Law for regulating elections of officers, and declaring their trust.

and duty.

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meet on the

in May.

OR the better preservation of order and government among

the Library Company of Philadelphia, and in the use, applica

tion and management of the monies, library and effects of the Members to said company, IT IS ENACTED, That the members of the first Monday said company shall, in person, or by proxy, annually attend at

the place of election in the city of Philadelphia, on the first Monday of the month of May, in every year; and that as many

as so meet, and appear to be duly qualified, shall proceed to the Treasurer choice of a person of the company, to be the company's Treasurer,

to and ten other persons of the company, to be Directors for the be chosen.

year next ensuing, and so from year to year. The place of election to be agreed on by the Directors of the current year, and

notified by their Secretary, twenty days at least before the "The choice election, by printed advertisements. The electors to choose by to be made written tickets, each containing the names of the ten persons

voted Directors, and the name of the person voted Treasurer ; and those who shall thereupon appear to have a majority of votes, shall be the company's Treasurer, and the Directors, respectively,

and ten Di. rectors

by written tickets.

shall collect


for the year enfuing. That the said Directors shall, and are Directors to

appoint a Se. hereby required and empowered, to nominate some fit person of cretary, who the company to be their Secretary for the year ensuing, who the fhall preside and collect the votes at the election aforesaid, and &c. fhall faithfully enter, in a book to be kept for that purpose, the names of the said electors, and the number of the names of the candidates, according to the tickets.



tary, &c.

THAT it shall and may be lawful to and for the electors Electors aforesaid, when fo met, to appoint persons to allist the Secretary assistants to in gathering the votes, and entering and numbering the names of the the electors and perfons voted for, and other service appertaining to the election, and to appoint and direct any method and rule in proceeding to and making the said election, so as they appoint or dire&t nothing to prejudice the right of any member, or infringe the charter or laws of the company.

THAT if any person elected Director, shall refuse to act, Director te or shall happen to die or depart this province, so as to be absent &c. the rest for the space of two months, in any of the first ten months of may nomi. the year for which he shall be elected Director; or if within the ther. same year, or term of his office, he shall be confined by sickness, or otherwise rendered incapable of executing the office of a Director, according to the true meaning hereof, the rest of the Directors, as often as occasion shall require, in any of the cases aforesaid, shall proceed in their duty and office without him; or, if they think fit, they shall nominate some other suitable person to supply his place of a Director, until the then next ensuing election.



THAT if any person fo elected Treasurer, shall absent himself Treasurer from his said office for the space of thirty days, or shall other- his duty, &c. wife be rendered incapable, or neglect his office or duty of placed, &c, Treasurer, in the judgment of the Directors for the time being, it Ihall and may be lawful for the Directors to displace him from any longer continuance in his said office: and the Directors causing their Secretary to make a minute for the purpose, containing their reasons for displacing him, he shall thereupon, and from thenceforth cease to be the Treasurer aforesaid ; and shall, upon notice thereof, adjust and settle with the Directors, and pay and deliver the company's money and effects in his hands, to such person as the Directors shall order and appoint: and in that cafe, and so often, and also if the Treasurer shall depar


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