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future cases of a limilar nature suits shall be brought againft the parties transgressing.

Extracted from the minutes,


At a meeting of the Directors, held Otober 2, 1806, the following resolution was

adopted, to wit:

Resolved, that the gazettes or public newspapers belonging to this institution be annually valued by the labelling committee for the time being, and the faid valuation placed in the hands of the Librarian, and in case the same or any part thereof be required by any counsel or attorney as evidence in the courts of justice, the person applying for the same shall Gign one of the notes usually taken for books borrowed of the Library, which note shall be filled up in the sum at which the whole set of such papers, of which any volume or volumes are required, shall have been last valued, and also that the same shall be returned within one week from the time of borrowing the same, and fifty cents per diem for each volume paid for its use on its being returned.

Extracted from the minutes,





I. THE Librarian shall attend at the Library, every day (Sundays

excepted) from two o'clock, P. M. until sun-set. He shall ter in the catalogue, kept at the library, such books may be purchased or added to the library; label and number the same, as well as all others from which the label or number may be torn off or defaced. He shall also replace the books on the shelves, as they are brought in, as soon as he conveniently can, first having examined whether they are free from damage. II. He shall lend to any member,

One Folio for five,
One Quarto for three,
One Oétavo, or

Two Duodecimos, for two and no greater number, unless on hire, or fo connected as to be otherwise useless. Such persons, however, who reside at the distance of feten miles or upwards, are permitted to have books one week longer than the above-mentioned times. For all books so lent, he shall take a note, payable to the Company, for double the value, as nigh as he can estimate, of the book or set of books to which they belong, conditioned to return the same, undefaced, within the time above mentioned ; at the expiration of which (unless application has been made by another member for the same books, and the Librarian requested to take a memorandum thereof,) the borrower may, on producing the book to the Librarian, renew his note for the like time.



III. Every person, not being a member, who shall hire a book, &c. shall first give a note for double the value thereof, in the same manner, and be subject to the fame regulations, as a member; and shall also de.. posite, as fecurity, in the hands of the Librarian, double the value of such book or books; but if the book or books should belong to a set, then such person shall deposite treble the value of the volume or volumes which he shall so take out.

IV. Every member, or other person, who shall take out a book or books on hire, shall pay, for the use of the library, the following rates, weekly: For Duodecimos and Octavos two fixteenths of a dollar, Quartos three fixteenths of a dollar, and Folios four fixteenths of a dollar, and no smaller sum, although the book may be returned within the week.

V. Every member, or other person, who shall neglect to return tho book or books, within the time specified in the second rule, shall, for such neglect, pay to the Librarian, for the use of the library, (besides the hire, where the book is not taken out by virtue of a share,) two fixteenths of a dollar per week: and if not returned, undefaced, within one month from the expiration of the time limited in the note, the fines and hire accruing thereupon shall be doubled; and if not fo returned within three months from the same period, the note or deposite money shall be forfeited to the company.

VI. Books returned are to be delivered into the hands of the Librarian, to be examined whether damaged or not.

VII. No person from whom any hire or forfeiture is due, or who hath damaged any book, shall be permitted to have another book till satisfaction be made.

VIII. If a member, and one who is not a member, should apply for the same book at the same time, the member shall have the preference.

IX. A member may take out on hire, without a deposite, as many books in value for which his share in the library shall, by the Librarian, be deemed a fufficient security, on the same terms, in other respects, as persons who are not members.

X. The Librarian shall furnish the Directors, at each monthly meeting, with an account of the fines and forfeitures which have accrued during the preceding month.

XI. The Librarian is to conform to the instructions of the Directors with regard to such books as, from their scarcity and value, are to be let out only on certain conditions, or not at all.

XII. No person, whether a member or not, is to lend the book or books he borrows to any person out of his dwelling-house.

XIII. No book shall be lent on the share of a deceased member, unless the note be signed by all the executors or administrators of such deceased member, or by some one of them, appointed and authorized by written orders of the others.






JULY, 1807.

A. Timothy Abbott, William Abbott, James Abercrombie, William Adcock, John Allen, Elizabeth Allen, (now Humphreys.) Francis Allinson's Estate, Samuel V. Anderson, Thomas P. Anthony's Estate, Thomas Armatt, George Armroyd, James Arrott, James Ash, William Ashbridge, Thomas Astley, George Aston.

Joel Barlow, Cornelius Barnes's Estate, Mary Barton, Sarah Bartow, Moses Bartram, Archibald Bartram, Ann Bartram, Isaac Bartram's Estate, Robert Bass's Estate, Richard Bayley, Jonathan Beere, Samuel Bettle, George Bickham, Robert S. Bickley, Clement Biddle, John Biddle, William S. Biddle, William M. Biddle, Thomas Biddle, Owen Biddle's Estate, William Bingham's Estate, Horace Binney, John Bishop, Robert Blackwell, Philip Boehm's Estate, Bohl Bohlen, Frederick Boller's Estate, Phineas Bond's Estate, Edward Bonsall,

B. Benjamin F. Bache's Estate, Job Bacon's Estate, John Baker, Hilary Baker, Hilary Baker's Estate, John Baldwin's Estate, William Ball, Charies N. Bancker, John Barclay,

Elizabeth Bordley,
Thomas Bradford,
Samuel F. Bradford,
Robert Bridges's Estate,
Robert Bridges,
James Bringhurst,
George Bringhurst,
Thomas L. Bristoll,
John Britton, junior.
Boyer Brooke,
Peter Browne,
Joseph D. Brown,
Benjamin Bryant,
Anthony M. Buckley,
Joseph Pudd's Estate,
George Bullock's Estate,
Andrew Bunner's Estate,
Edward Shippen Burd,
John Burtis,
David Bush's Estate,
Paul Busti,
Anthony Butler,
Andrew Byerly.

Hugh Colhoun, John Collet, Nicholas Collin, Zaccheus Collins, Jonathan Williams Condy, John Connell, John M. Connelly, James Cooper, Daniel William Cooper's Estate, Thomas P. Cope, Garrett Cottringer, Joseph Cowperthwaite, James S. Cox, John D. Coxe, Tench Coxe, John Craig's Estate, William Craig's Estate, John Elliott Cresson), Caleb Cresson, junior. James Cresson, Joshua Cresson's Estate, Joseph Crukshank, George M. Cumming, Thomas Cumpston, Joseph Curwen, John Cuthbert.

C. Thomas Cadwalader, James Calbraith's Estate, Robert A. Caldeleugh, David Caldwell, George Campbell, junior. Abraham Carlile, Caleb Carmalt, John Carrell, Susanna Carson, John Chaloner's Estate, Richard Chamberlain, William Chancellor, Charles Chauncey, Benjamin Chew, junior. Samuel Church, Ephraim Clark, Samuel Clarke's Estate, John Claxton, Curtis Clay, senior. John Clayton's Estate, Thomas Clifford, Rebecca Clifford, George Clymer, Samuel Coates, Hannah Coates, (now Clemens) Josiah L Coates, John Reynell Coates, Joseph S. Coates, William Coats's Estate, Abraham Cohen, Gustavus Colhoun,

D. William Davidson, Rumford Dawes, Samuel F. Dawes, William Dawson, Hugh Dehaven, Sharpe Delany's Estate, David Deshler's Estate, William P. Dewees, Thomas Dicas's Estate, John Dickinson, Eleanor Digby, Thomas Dobson, John Donnaldson, Benedict Dorsey's Estate, John Dorsey, Nathan Dorsey's Estate, Jacob Douglass, John Dowers, Jacob Downing, John Drinker, junior. Henry Drinker Edward Duffield's Estate, Matthew Duncan's Estale, Ann Dunkin, John Dunlap, James Dunlap, l'eter S. Duponceau.

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