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me, and to all people; that Answer. Two; the outwe may worship him, serve ward visible sign, and the inhim, and obey him, as we ward spiritual grace. ought to do. And I pray Question. What is the outunto God, that he will send ward visible sign or form in us all things that be needful Baptism? both for our souls and bo- Answer. Water; wherein dies; and that he will be the person is baptized In the merciful unto us, and forgive Name of the Father, and of us our sins; and that it will the Son, and of the Holy Ghost

. please him to save and defend Question. What is the inus in all dangers ghostly and ward and spiritual grace? bodily; and that he will Answer. A death unto sin, keep us from all sin and and a new birth unto rightwickedness,, and from our eousness : for being by naghostly enemy, and from ture born in sin, and the everlasting death. And this I children of wrath, we are trust he will do of his mercy hereby made the children of and goodness, through our grace. Lord Jesus Christ. And there- Question. What is required fore I say, Amen, So be it. of persons to be baptized ? Question.

Answer. Repentance, whereW many Sacraments by they forsake sin ; and

hath Christ ordained in Faith, whereby they stedfasthis Church?

ly believe the promises of Answer. Two only, as gene- God made to them in that rally necessary to salvation, Sacrament. that is to say, Baptism, and Question. Why then are the Supper of the Lord. Infants baptized, when by

Question. What meanest reason of their tender age thou by this word Sacra- they cannot perform them? ment?

Answer. Because they proAnswer: I mean an out- mise them both by their Sureward and visible sign of an ties; which promise, when inward and spiritual grace they come to age, themselves given unto us, ordained by are bound to perform. Christ himself, as a means Question. Why was the whereby we receive the same, Sacrament of the Lord's Supand a pledge to assure us per ordained ? thereof.

Answer. For the continual Question. How many parts remembrance of the sacrifice are there in a Sacrament? of the death of Christ, and


of the benefits which we re- Answer. The strengthenceive thereby;

ing and refreshing of our Question. What is the out. souls by the Body and Blood ward part or sign of the of Christ, as our bodies are Lord's Supper?

by the Bread and Wine. Answer. Bread and Wine, Question. What is required which the Lord hath com- of them who come to the manded to be received. Lord's Supper?

Question. What is the in- Answer. To examine themward part, or thing signified? selves, whether they repent

Answer. The Body and them truly of their former Blood of Christ, which are sins, stedfastly purposing to verily and indeed taken and lead a new life; have a lively received by the faithful in the faith in God's mercy through Lord's Supper.

Christ, with a thankful reQuestion. What are the be- membrance of his death ; nefits whereof we are partak- and be in charity with all ers thereby?

men. The Curate of every Parish shall diligently upon Sundays and Holy-days, after the second Lesson at Evening Prayer, openly in the Church instruct and examine so many Children of his Parish snt unto him, as he shall think convenient, in some part of this Catechism. And all Father's, Mothers, Masters, and Dames, shall cause their Children, Servants, and Apprentices, (which lurre not learned their Cutechism,) to come to the Church at the time uppointed, and obediently to hear, and be ordered by the Curate, until such time as they have

learned uli that is here appointed for them to learn. 9 So soon as Children are come to a competent age, and cun say, in their Mother Tongue, the

Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments; and also can answer to the other Questions of this short Catechism ; they shall be brought to the Bishop. And every one shall have a Godfather, or a Godmother, as a Witness of their Confirmation. And whensoever the Bishop shall give knowledge for Children to be brought unto him for their Confirmation, the Curate of every Parish shall either bring, or send in writing, with his hand subscribed thereunto, the names of all such persons within his Parish, as he shall think fit to be presented to the Bishop to be confirmed. And, if the Bishop approve of them, he shall confirm them in manner following.




Upon the day appointed, all that are to be then confirmed, being placed, and standing in order, before the Bishop; he (or some other Minister appointed by him) shall read this Preface following.

Tithe end that

Confirma; | hath thought good to order, to the more edifying of such Confirmed, but such as can as shall receive it, the Church, say the Creed, the Lord's

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Prayer, and the Ten Com- Answer. Who hath made mandments; and can also an heaven and earth. swer to such other Questions, Bishop. Blessed be the as in the short Catechism are Name of the Lord ; contained: which order is Answer. Henceforth, world very convenient to be observ- without end. ed; to the end, that children, Bishop. Lord, hear our being now come to the years prayers. of discretion, and having

Answer. And let our cry learned what their Godfa- come unto thee. thers and Godmothers pro

The Bishop. Let us pray.

thised for them.sen vBaptism ALMG God

, and were

their own mouth and consent, vouchsafed to regenerate these openly before the Church, thy servants by Water and ratify and confirm the same; the holy Ghost, and hast and also promise, that by the given unto them forgiveness grace of God they will ever- of all their sins; Strengthen more endeavour themselves them, we beseech thee, O faithfully to observe such Lord, with the Holy Ghost things, as they, by their the Comforter, and daily inown confession, have assent-crease in them thy manifold ed unto.

gifts of grace; the spirit of © Then skall the Bishop say,

wisdom and understanding; ye ,


the spirit of counsel and sence of God, and of ghostly strength; the spithis congregation, renew the rit of knowledge and true solemn promise and vow that godliness; and fill them, O was made in your name at Lord, with the spirit of thy your Baptism; ratifying and holy fear, now and for ever. confirming the same in your Amen. own persons, and acknow-Then all of them in order kneeling before the

Bishop, he shall lay his hand upon the head ledging yourselves bound to of every one severally, saying,

EFEND, O things, which your Godfa- thy thers and Godmothers then Scrvant] with thy heavenly undertook for you?

grace, that he may continue And every one shall audibly ansuer, thine for ever; and daily inI do.

crease in thy holy Spirit more The Bishop

and more, until he come unUR help is in the Name to thy everlasting kingdom.

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