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him or them as commissioners, may be attested
by a certificate to be endorsed on the 'com-
mission, and subscribed by the person taking
such oath in the form of Schedule D. A com-
'mission returned and attested as required by
this Act shall be receivable and used on the
trial, without further proof of signatures or
its execution, saving all just exceptions.


Dominion of Canada,
Province of Prince Edward Island,

In the Supreme Court.

Form of com. mission.

Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, defender of the Faith.

To A. B. (name and address of commissioner or commissioners).

This is to authorize and require you to examine E. F. and other witnesses at

in at a time and place there to be appointed by you, to be produced, sworn and examined on the part of the Plaintiff in an action now pending in our Supreme Court of Judicature of Prince Edward Island, whérein G. H. is Plaintiff, and I. J. an absent or absconding debtor, is defendant, upon the interrogatories hereunto annexed, numbered from one to

both inclusive, and if the Plaintiff or his Attorney or Agent put viva voce questions, that you reduce snch questions to writing, and take the answer of the witness or witnesses thereto.

We further command you that before proceeding with the examination you (and each of you) make oath before a Judge of a Court of Record, or a Justice of

the Peace, or a Notary Public, that you shall faithfully .execute this commission, and truly take and return the evidence, and that you cause the person taking such affidavit to subscribe the certificate endorsed on this commission that you have so made oath, and that before examining each witness you administer an oath to him in due form of law that he shall true answer make to all such questions as shall be asked of him, and therein shall speak the whole truth, the wbole truth and nothing but the truth, and which oath you or any one of you are hereby empowered to administer to such witness, respectively, and that you take such examinations and reduce them into writing, and that you do on or before the

day of

, next, ensuing, return the same, closed up, under your seal, together with this Writ, addressed to “ The Prothonotary of the Supreme Court, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, to be filed of Record in our said Court.

We further authorize and require you if any clerk be employed by you in taking or writing the deposition of witnesses he shall, before he acts, make oath before you that he shall truly and faithfully write down and engross the evidence of the witnesses as he shall be directed by you, as far as he shall be directed and employed by you, and which oath we hereby authorize you to administer.

We further authorize you to adjourn the taking of such evidence from time to time, as you shall think fit, and that you cause each witness to subscribe his depositions. when engrossed, and that you initial or otherwise certify all exhibits forming part of the evidence.

Witness, (name of Chief Justice) at Charlottetown, the

day of of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and

in the year



A. B. Plaintiff,

and Form of order C. D. Defendant.

for commis. sion.

Absent or absconding debtor.

Upon reading the affidavit of E. F. I do order that a commission to examine G. H., and other witnesses, residing out of the jurisdiction in this cause be isssued, directed to I. J. of

N. B. If further powers are granted to commissioners than these set out in Schedule A (here insert them)



E. P.,

Chief Justice. or Q. R. Assistant Judge.

N. B. The above may be modified by a rule when Court orders the commission.



Form of return to com. mission.

I, or we, A. B, of

to whom the annexed commission is addressed, do hereby certify that I

made oath as directed before C. D., of

Notary Public, (as the case may be) and proceeded to take evidence

and depositions of the witnesses, under oath, (if a clerk was employed add—that I employed E. F. of my clerk, to write down and engross the depositions, and that before acting he made oath before me as directed by the commission) that the depositions

and writing annexed to the commission and interrogatories hereunto annexed constitute the evidence taken under the commission.


Dated at

18 .

day of

A. B.,



Certifioate of
ers' having
taken oath.

Certificate of taking oath by commissioner (or commissioners) to be endorsed on the commission. I, A. B. of

Notary Public, (or Justice of the Peace, or Judge of a Supreme Court of Record, as the case may be), do hereby certify that C. D., the commissioner within named, (or C. D. and E. F. and G. H., the commissioners did each), did make oath before me in due form of law, that he or they would faithfully execute the within commission, and truly take and return the evidence. Dated at

in this


day of

[ocr errors]

A. B.,

Notary Public.



An Act to amend “ An Act respecting the Public Health.”

[Assented to 7th May, 1887.]


E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Preamb

Council and Assembly, as follows:

Repealed sec. tions.

1. The ninth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and twentieth sections of the Act of the Forty-ninth Victoria, Chapter four, intituled“ An Act respecting the Public Health” are hereby repealed.




An Act respecting Michaelmas Term of the Supreme Court.

[Assented to, 7th May, 1887.] E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor,

Council and Assembly, as follows:1. The third section of the twelfth Vic.

toria, Chapter nine is hereby amended, by Amendment striking out the words “last Tuesday in

October," in the fifteenth line thereof, and substituting in lieu thereof the words “first Tuesday in November.”


An Act for appropriating certain moneys therein

mentioned for the service of the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven.

[Assented to, 7th May, 1887.] MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOR:

E, Her Majesty's dutiful and loyal sub

jects, the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island, towards appropriating the several supplies raised for the exigencies of Her Majesty's Goverment, do humbly beseech that it may be anacted :



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