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The salary of the Assistant Provincial
Secretary-Treasurer, one thousand dollar s.

Printing and Stationery, Secretary-Treasurer,
one hundred dollars.

The salary of the Assistant Commissioner of Public Lands, eight hundred dollars.

Salary of Draughtsman, six hundred dollars.

Salaries of Clerks, one thousand one hundred dollars.

Woodrangers forty dollars.

Expenses of surveys, on hundred and fifty dollars.

Collecting tours, one hnndred and fifty ollars.

Interest on purchase money of the Estates purchased under the provisions of forty-first Victoria, chapter nine, five hundred and ifteen dollars and twenty-two cents.

Printing and Stationery, one hundred and fifty dollars.

The salary of the Provincial Auditor and and Clerk of Clerk of the Executive Council, one thousand

two hundred dollars.

Printing and Stationery, two hundred dollars.

Salary of the Commissioner of Public Works, one thousand three hundred dollars.

The salary of the Secretary of Public Works, one thousand dollars.

Salary of Draughtsmen three hundred and
twenty dollars.

Travelling expenses of Commissioner of
Public Works, three hundred dollars.

Prov. Auditor


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Public Works


Printing and Stationery, seven hundred dollars.

Charlottetown, Southport, and East and West River Ferries, one thousand seven hun-. dred dollars.

Georgetown and Montague Ferry, two thousand four hundred dollars.

Summerside and Bedeque Ferry, one thousand four hundred dollars.

China Point Ferry, sixty dollars.

Cranberry Ferry, Hillsborough River, fortyfive dollars.

McCannel's or Hickey's Ferry, Hillsborough River, forty-five dollars.

Ellis River Ferry, Lot Fourteen, ninety dollars.

Walshtown Ferry, one hundred and twenty dollars.

Grand River Ferry, King's County, fifty dollars.

Elliot River Ferry, one hundred dollars.

Cardigan Ferry, one hundred and forty dollars.

For Rights of Way and New Roads, five New Roads, thousand dollars.

For construction of Law Courts, &c., at Repairs, etc., Georgetown, seven thousand five hundred public build . dollars.

Hospital for the Insane, for repairs, &c., five hundred dollars.

Provincial Building and Offices, for repairs, &c., one thousand one hundred dollars.

Ferry Docks.


Government House, for repairs, &c., five hundred dollars.

Poor House, one hundred and fifty dollars.
Stock Farm Buildings, two hundred dollars.

For Docks and Ferry Slips, three thousand dollars.

For Bridges, Queen's, King's and Prince Counties, twenty thousand dollars.

For rent of slip Pownal wharf, three hundred and twenty four dollars.

For Roads, Culverts and small Bridges, Queen's King's and Prince Counties, fifteen

thousand dollars. Supervisors'

The salaries and Commissions of Supervisors, three thousand dollars.

Macadamizing, one thousand dollars.

Bushing Ice, &c., four hundred and fifty dollars.

Roads, etc.,


Maeadamiz. ing.

Bushing ice.

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Packet ser vice.

Miscellaneous and unforeseen, one thousand five hundred dollars.

For Packet service between Grand River, Lot 56, and Charlottetown, one hundred dollars.

For Packet service between Wood Islands, Belle Creek, Pinette, and Flat River, and Charlottetown, two hundred dollars.

For Packet service between Murray Harbor and Charlottetown, one hundred and fifty dollars.

For Packet service between Rustico, New London, and Malpeque, and Charlottetown, six hundred dollars.


Fuel, ctc.


Coast and River Steam service, two thousand steam service six hundred dollars. Steamer “Elfin” and “Southport,” two Ferry steam

. thousand five hundred dollars.

The salary of Keeper of Provincial Building, Koper Prov. four hundred dollars.

The salary of Messenger to Public Offices, Messenger,& c three hundred and twenty-five dollars.

Fuel, light, &c., one thousand dollars.

For printing Folio and Sessional Laws, two Laws. hundred dollars.

Miscellaneous, one hundred dollars.

The salary of Registrar of Deeds, one thou- Registry sand dollars.

The salary of the Assistant Registrar of Deeds, six hundred and fifty dollars.

Salaries of Engrossing Clerks, two thousand five hundred dollars.

Books and Stationery, two hundred and fifty dollars.

Granted at the disposal of the Government, Indemnity a sum sufficient out of the amount voted for the members contingencies of the House of Assembly, to pay the Speaker of the House four hundred dollars, and to each Member, one hundred and sixty dollars for his attendance during the present session, together with his travelling expenses in coming to and returning from the House of Assembly, and also the sum of twelve dollars to each Member of the House of Assembly, for stationery and postage.

Granted at the disposal of the Goverment, a sum sufficient to pay the following amounts:

House of As sembly.

Liz zdred dollars to the ize Larscire Council, and one i stirs to each of the

Cocalfor his attendance - risto: session, together with his Teres. Uwed to Members of

Sic enii in coming to and re21 Lericire Council, the same

Sut i de guant voted for the ---- Veres iie Legislative Council,

I c swelve dollars to each DE 2 Cicci for stationery and


12a-wurks Act, 1887.

(138ented to, 7th May, 1887.]

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39ise auzeas of the City of

16 geen it necessary and the SR 211 sua cor be supplied with

Y ni viune ate: for domestic, fire, is?Z S szi tare by resolutions TANTE Lancer patie meeting of citizens Se esse matter, Resolved that

is ir ide si city be built and ILOR scoge agency and manageTIETO Nier she entire control of three OLAVIER si keeleted by the citizens for

Ani that all such water-works

si premises, and all machinery meer with and necessary for the un

de rested in and become the property XC;y of Charlottetown.

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