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At the General Assembly of Her Majesty's donald, Lae:

Province of Prince Edward Island, begun , and holden at Charlottetown, on the Twentyninth day of March, Anno Domini, 1887, in the fiftieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, De-presie moddi fender of the Faith:


Being the first Session of the thirty-first Gen-John Aspag

eral Assembly convened in the said Province. er of House of



An Act to amend “ An Act further securing the Independence of the General Assembly."

[Assented to, 7th May, 1887.]


E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Preamble.

Council and Assembly, as follows:

elect may re

1. If any member of the House of Assem- How member bly wishes to resign his seat subsequently to a sign. General Election, and before the first meeting of the General Asseinbly, he may address and

cause to be delivered a declaration of his intention to resign his seat, made in writing under his band and seal, before two subscribing witnesses, to any two members elect of the House, and such two members upon receiving such declaration, shall forthwith notify the Lieutenant Governor thereof, under their hands and seals, who is empowered and required within seven days after the receipt of such notification, as aforesaid, to issue a Writ for the election of a new member to fill such vacancy.

Right to contest the pre

not affected.

2. The election to be held under such vions election Writ shall not in any manner affect the rights

of any person entitled to contest the previous election of the member so resigning, and the provisions of section nineteen of the said recited Act shall be held to apply to any such case.


An Act respecting Justices of the Peace.

(Assented to, 7th May, 1887.)

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E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor,

Council and Assembly, as follows:

Lt. Gov. in Council to ap


1. It shall be lawful for the Lieutenant appointe Juhe Governor, by and with the advice of the

Executive Council, at any time or times to appoint under the Great Seal of this Province such and so many Justices of the Peace in and for the several and respective counties of this Province as may be deemed expedient

and proper.


2. In any commission or commissions to be one or more issued, it shall be lawful to include the name cluded in of one or more person or persons, or to issue a separate commission to each person to be appointed.

be sworn.

3. Each person to be appointed shall, Appointee to before entering on the duties of his office, be duly sworn before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or any Assistant Judge of said Court, or before any of the County Court Judges of the County in which such person or official shall reside or is resident.

4. Whenever such person shall be sworn, the Judge or person so administering the Certificate by oath to such person shall deliver to such person sworn a certificate in writing under his hand, that such person did duly take the oath before him,

5. Any person so sworn shall, before enter Certificate to ing on the duties of his office, file such certifi-be fyled in cate in the office of the Provincial Secretary. tary's office.



6. The Provincial Secretary shall enter in Prov. Secy. to a book to be kept for that purpose, a memo- inter minute randum or minute of such certificate, stating the name and residence of such person, the date of his appointment, and where and before whom such person was sworn, and a copy of such minute or entry under the hand of the Provincial Seeretary or Assistant Provincial Secretary, shall be evidence of such person having been duly appointed and sworn in all Courts of Law and Equity.

Rights and 7. Each person on being so appointed and privileges of appointees. duly sworn shall be invested with all the

rights, powers, privileges, immunities and advantages heretofore had, held, exercised and enjoyed by any Justice of the Peace as heretofore appointed in this Province, and shall be entitled to the rights, privileges, immunities and advantages heretofore given, granted and extended to any Justice of the Peace, as well by Statute and Act of the General Assembly as otherwise.




8. Nothing in this Act shall affect or intersued o not af: fere with any Commission of the Peace herefected. In cept tofore issued, or with the rights, privileges,

immunities and advantages given, granted and bestowed under and hy virtue of such commission, or by any Act or Acts of the General Assembly or otherwise, and all such rights, privileges, immunities and advantages shall exist and continue in as full force and effect as if this Act had not been enacted, except as herein is provided.

Justices may be displaced.

9. The Lieutenant Governor in Council is authorized to displace and remove any person or persons from the office of Justice of the Peace, as well those appointed previous to the passing of this Act as those hereafter appointed; and in the event of any person or persons being removed or displaced, notice thereof shall be given in the Royal Gazette of this Province, and the Royal Gazette containing such notice shall in all Courts of Law and equity be evidence of such displacing or removal.

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