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48. After the said Water Commissioners shall have called for and received a tender or tenders with specifications for the construction of the said water-works they shall consider the same and decide as to which tender or tenders Approval of with specifications (if there be several) they meeting of approve of, but before they enter into a con- necessary. tract they shall report such tender or tenders with specifications to a public meeting of the citizens to be called by the Mayor after ten days notice, to be published in at least two newspapers, and if the majority of persons present at such meeting who are qualified to vote for the said Water Commissioners under this Act shall approve of the contract being entered into, then the said Water Commissioners (but not otherwise) may enter into such contract and proceed to build the said waterworks and to have and to exercise the full powers bestowed on them under this Act, but at such meeting only persons entitled to vote for the election of a Mayor for the City of Charlotettown by virtue of a real, rental, or personal property qualification, shall have the right to vote, and no one can vote by virtue of poll tax qualification at such meeting.

49. The mayor, who shall be chairman of the meeting mentioned in section forty-eight, cision at meetshall have power to decide, summarily, in case fixé, etc. of dispute, of the qualification to vote at such meeting, of any person thereat who claims to vote, and his decision then and there shall be conclusive. The said meeting may be adjourned from time to time, until the business for which it was convened shall be concluded.


50. The certificate of the mayor, or of the

evidence decision meeting, etc.

Result of ad.

ion at meet. ing.

Certificate of chairman presiding over the meeting mentioned conclusive in section forty-eight, shall be conclusive evi

of dence of the decision of such meeting on the business to be submitted to such meeting, under and pursuant to said section fortyeight, and that such meeting was regularly called, held and conducted, and no court of law or equity shall question, or permit to be questioned, the decision of such meeting as certified by such certificate.

51. If the meeting mentioned in section verse resolu-forty-eight, carry a resolution that the scheme

or tenders for the said water-works, reported by the said Water Commissioners, are considered too expensive, or that they are not approved by the majority present at such meeting, qualified to vote as aforesaid, then the duties of the said Water Commissioners shall cease, and they shall, forthwith, close their accounts, and after payment of wages and all amounts due by or debts incurred by them, including their own salaries up to the closing of their business (but such salaries not to run in any event beyond six weeks after the passing of the resolution mentioned in this section) and they shall pay over all moneys and balances in their possession, and deliver up any debentures not sold, or property in their hands, to the City Council,

52. That the said Water Commissioners inquiries, etc. shall, within six months from their election,

make enquiries, receive offers and tenders, and submit the same to a public meeting, relative to said water-works.

Commission. ers to make

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said Water Commissioners, when in discharge Watchmen to of their duty, shall be ex officio, possessed of of officers of all the powers and authority of officers of the peace.


54. All work under the said Water Com- Work to belet missioners shall be performed by contract let cēpt, etc. by tender, except in case of emergency,

where delay would be injurious to the interests of the said city, or where from the nature of the work, it can be more expeditiously and economically executed by the officers or servants of the said corporation.

55. No Water Commissioner, or City Councillor, or Mayor, shall personally have or er, etc., shali hold any contract in connection with said trol, etc. works, or the building thereof, or supplying materials therefor, or be directly or indirectly interested in the same, or any of them.

56. No City Councillor or Mayor shall be City council. eligible for the office of Water Commissioner, to be commis: or Water Commissioner for the office of City commissione Councillor or Mayor, Recorder, or Stipendiary Magistrate. The Water Commissioners, for the time being, shall be ex officio members of Health. the Board of Health, of the said City of Charlottetown.

be members City Board of


Form of Debenture.

Water Commissioners,

Countersigned according to the Statutes of Prince Edward Island, 50th Victoria, Chapter VII.



Dominion of Canada currency transferable under the authority of the Legislature of the Province of Prince Edward Island, Dominion of Canada.

The bearer hereof is entitled to receive from the City of Charlottetown the sum of

dollars, of lawful money of the Dominion of Canada in twenty-five years from the date hereof, and interest for the same from this date at the rate of per centum per annum, to be paid halfyearly, payable at the office of the City Council of Charlottetown on the presentation of the proper coupons for the same, as hereunto annexed, on the

day of in each year, at the said office. In testimony whereof we the Mayor

and City Clerk of the City of Char-
lottetown, aforesaid, and the Clerk of
the said City have hereunto sub-
scribed our names and affixed the
common seal of the said City bereto
on this

A.D. 188
T. H. H., Mayor.

City Seal
N. 0. P., City Clerk.

day of


Form of Cou. pon,

Seal of



dollars payable at the office of the City Council of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, being six months interest on the above Debenture, due day of

A. D. 188
N. 0. P., City Clerk.


An Act respecting an Avenue to Victoria Park.

(Assented to, 7th May, 1887.]



E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Preamble.

Council Assembly, as follows:1. The lands mentioned in the description hereinafter set forth and particularly delineated Innocity or on the plan dated the thirtieth day of April, town. A.D., 1887, and made and signed by Henry J. Cundall, Land Surveyor, witnessed by Angus A. McLean, and to be recorded in the office of the Registrar of Deeds for the said Island, shall be and are hereby vested in the City of Charlottetown for ever to and for the use and benefit of all Her Majesty's subjects for the purpose hereinafter declared,


2. The said lands shall be used, appropriated, Lands to be and set apart by the said city at the expense of etc. the said city for the sole purpose of a road, high way, and promenade leading to and in connection with Victoria Park, for the use of the citizens, the inbabitants of this Province, and all Her Majesty's subjects.

3. A substantial embankment or breastwork Embank shall be constructed by the city along the seashore in places where the same may be required for the said road or highway and for the protection thereof. And the said city shall continually keep in repair and maintain said embankment or breastwork, as well as the said road or highway 4.

A substantial fence not less than three .feet in height, with perpendicular palings, or


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