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Form of Debenture.

Water Commissioners,

Countersigned according to the Statutes of Prince Edward Island, 50th Victoria, Chapter VIN.





Dominion of Canada currency transferable under the authority of the Legislature of the Province of Prince Edward Island, Dominion of Canada.

The bearer hereof is entitled to receive from the City of Charlottetown the sum of

dollars, of lawful money of the Dominion of Canada in twenty-five years from the date hereof, and interest for the same from this date at the rate of per centum per annum, to be paid halfyearly, payable at the office of the City Council of Charlottetown on the presentation of the proper coupons for the same, as hereunto annexed, on the

day of in each year, at the said office. In testimony whereof we the Mayor

and City Clerk of the City of Char-
lottetown, aforesaid, and the Clerk of
the said City have bereunto sub-
scribed our names and affixed the
common seal of the said City bereto

A.D. 188
T. H. H., Mayor.
N. 0. P., City Clerk.

{ City Sea]

on this

day of


Form of Cou. pon,

Seal of



dollars payable at the office of the City Council of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, being six months interest on the above Debenture, due

A.D. 188
N. 0. P., City Clerk.

day of



An Act respecting an Avenue to Victoria Park.

[Assented to, 7th May, 1887.]

Lands vested

of Charlotte.

used as a road


E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Preamble.

Council and Assembly, as follows:1. The lands mentioned in the description hereinafter set forth and particularly delineated Inn City to on the Plan dated the thirtieth day of April, town. A.D., 1887, and made and signed by Henry J. Cundall, Land Surveyor, witnessed by Angus A. McLean, and to be recorded in the office of the Registrar of Deeds for the said Island, shall be and are hereby vested in the City of Charlottetown for ever to and for the use and benefit of all Her Majesty's subjects for the purpose hereinafter declared.

2. The said lands shall be used, appropriated, Lands to be and set apart by the said city at the expense of etc. the said city for the sole purpose of a road, highway, and promenade leading to and in connection with Victoria Park, for the use of the citizens, the inbabitants of this Province, and all Her Majesty's subjects.

3. A substantial embankment or breastwork Embank shall be constructed by the city along the seashore in places where the same may be required for the said road or highway and for the protection thereof. And the said city shall continually keep in repair and maintain said embankment or breastwork, as well as the said road or highway

4. A A substantial fence not less than three ,feet in height, with perpendicular palings, or



battens, not more than three inches apart, or such other fence as may be approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, shall be erected by the city immediately on the said city accepting or taking possession of the roadway or commencing operations under this Act inside the field along the full length of the northern edge thereof, and shall at all times thereafter be maintained and kept in repair by the city. Provided, however, that the said city inay plant a hedge along the line of said fence, and when said hedge shall have attained the height of three feet, the said fence may be removed and the said hedge shall at all times thereafter be properly cared for by the city.

5. The city shall have power to make rules, regulations, and by-laws for the management and maintenance of the said road or highway, and to impose fines and penalties, not exceeding twenty-five dollars, on persons infringing such rules and regulations, and such fines and penalties shall be recovered before the Stipendiary Magistrate of the city, and imprisonment may be imposed for non-payment thereof for such term not exceeding three months, as the City Council shall by by-law direct: Provided always that the said road or highway shall not be used for commercial or business purposes, and shall only be used as a promenade and roadway in connection with the Park.

By-laws, &c.

By-laws to be


No by-law made hereunder shall have Government. any force or effect until approved of by the

Lieutenant Governor in Council.

7. The lands and premises vested in the City of Charlottetown by this Act shall be, and

the same are hereby declared to be bounded and described as follows, that is to say : By a line Boundaries of commencing at a post built in the southern side of the Governor's Bridge, at four feet six inches westerly from the western side of the opening of the stone culvert in said bridge, and running thence in a straight course southwesterly two hundred feet to the board fence protecting the bank of Hillsborough River marked A in the plan; thence along the said board fence south. westerly to a point marked B on the plan one hundred feet northeasterly from the intersection therewith of the first cross fence partly of thorn-hedge; thence southwesterly to and along the face of an old breastwork near to the said cross fence; thence continuing southwesterly one hundred feet marked C on the plan to the bank aforesaid, and along the same to the division line between the said Government House Farm and Victoria Park; thence northwesterly along the said division line to the intersection therewith of the meridioral line of the year 1764 then established ; thence northeasterly eighty-seven feet to a point distant from the bank aforesaid and at right angles thereto fifty feet; thence northeasterly (parallel as near as possible with the southeastern boundary line of the avenue already described and distant therefrom fifty feet) to the thorn hedge before mentioned; thence southeasterly ten feet; thence northeasterly parallel as near as possible with the southeastern boundary line aforesaid and distant therefrom forty feet to the southern side of the road to Government House; thence along the same and the southern side of Governor's Bridge aforesaid to the place of commencement, agreeably to the plan mentioned in the first section of this Act.

vert should


8. The construction and making of the Trends to rea said road or highway shall be commenced condimented, within eighteen months after the passing of

this Act, and in case the construction thereof should not be commenced and prosecuted within said eighteen months, or in case said road or highway should be permitted to be used by the said city for any other purpose than herein mentioned, or should the city fail to comply with all the provisions of this Act, the lands heretofore described shall revert to and be vested as at present, for the use of the Government and Legislature of Prince

. Edward Island.



Repealed 1930 2:14 པ་ཡོད་ན

An Act to further amend “An Act to Incorporate a Law Society.”

(Assented to, 7th May, 1887.)


E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor,

Council and Assembly, as follows:


1. The Law Society of Prince Edward Law Society Island shall have power to borrow a sum not borrowe upon exceeding four thousand dollars, for the pur

pose of enlarging the Society's Library, and for all necessary expenses in connection therewith; and in security for the payment of such sum or of any part thereof, shall, and the said Society is hereby authorized to issue debentures under the hand of the President of the Society, countersigned by the Secretary, and sealed with the Society's seal, which debentures shall be in such form as to the President, officers and committee shall seem proper, and

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