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Debentures may be

shall be made payable to the company, firm, bank, corporation, person or persons from whom such money or any part thereof shall be borrowed, or to the successors, endorsees or assigns of any such company, firm, bank, corporation, person or persons so lending the same as aforesaid, or to bearer in twenty or any less number of years from the date of issuing such debentures, and interest thereon to be paid yearly, at a rate not exceeding five per centum per annum, which debentures and interest shall be chargeable upon all moneys raised under the provisions of the Society's Act of Incorporation, and shall form a first charge and lien upon the Library revenues and property of the said Society.

2. It shall be lawful for the Society, from time to time, as may be deemed expedient chased & canduring the continuance of the term for which colled. such debentures or any of them are issued, and before the same become due and payable, to purchase and cancel them or any of them.

3. Any company, firm, bank, corporation, Lender not person or persons lending money on

money on the required security of the said debentures, shall not be cation required to see to the application of the money so lent or any part thereof.

4. From and after the passing of this Act, every person desirous of being admitted to study law shall, after passing the examinations Fee payable required for such admission, and at the time dent. of signing his articles, pay to the Secretary, for the time being of the said Society, a sum votrexceeding twentyrfire dallave, for the pur-Am 1921-0.3) pose of adding to and improving the Library such sum as may be from time to time fixed by the

by-laws of the Society


see to appli.

of money



of the said Society, and the term during which he is required to study law shall begin on the day of such payment.

In consideration of such payment, every such person shall be entitled, subject to the rules and regulations of the Society, to the use of the Library during the continuance of his articles.

Examiners &c

5. The Society shall from time to time appoint fit and proper examiners, to examine persons applying to be admitted attorneys of the Supreme Court of this Island, and to define by general and special by-laws, the branches in which such persons are to be examined, and the mode of conducting the examination, and to regulate and prescribe the fee to be paid by such persons to the examiners, and all other matters connected with such examination, examiners, admissions and applicants for admission, and such by-laws from time to time to rescind, alter and change as occasion may require.

6. Every person desirous of admission as an on admission attorney of the Supreme Court, shall imas attorney. mediately, before signing the roll of said Court,

pay an admission fee to the Secretary of the Society for the time being, to be settled by the by-laws of the Society, and put exceeding twenty-five dollars, and upon such payment such person shall become a member of the Society, and shall have the privileges and benefits thereof while he conforms to the

provisions of the Act of Incorporation, and to the by-laws and regulations of the Society.

7. No attorney or barrister of the Supreme Attorney, &c;, Court now admitted, or hereafter to be adto comply with provi- mitted, shall practice or be allowed to practice

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in the Supreme Court or Court of Chancery of this Island, unless he complies with the provisions of the said recited Act, Incorporating the Law Society of Prince Edward Island, and all by-laws made or to be made from time to time pursuant to that Act.

8. Nothing in this Act shall affect the power of the Society under the fourteenth section of the said Act of Incorporation, to expel members in manner thereby provided.


An Act to amend -An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts incorporating the town of Summerside.”

(Assented to, 7th May, 1887.) E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Preamble. BE

Council and Assembly, as follows: 1. That the Town Council of the town of, Summerside shall have power to borrow a sum empowered not exceeding the sum of four thousand dollars, for the purpose of paying off the indebtedness of the town, incurred by the purchase of a steam fire-engine; and they are hereby authorized and empowered to issue debentures to secure the payment thereof, in manner prescribed by the seventy-second section of the Act forty-nine Victoria, chapter eleven. Provided always that nothing herein contained shall be construed to Proviso. permit the said Council to exceed the borrowing limit in said statute prescribed, further than the said sum of four thousand dollars, for the pur

Town Council

pose aforesaid.


2. The seventy-fourth section of said recited Act, is hereby amended by striking out the words “the time the same are approved of by the Lieutenant Governor in Council,” in the third and fourth lines of said section from the top (as published by the Queen's Printer in the bound volume of the Acts of the General Assembly of this Island, for the year Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and eighty-six), and inserting in lieu thereof, and substituting therefor the words “ the passing and enacting thereof, or from the time when such by-laws shall declare the same to come into force respectively."


3. The seventy-fifth section of the said recited Act is hereby amended by striking out the words “and approved of as aforesaid,” in the eighth line of said section from the top, as published as aforesaid.


4. Section one hundred and eighteen of said recited Act is hereby repealed.


An Act prohibiting interment in the Catholic burial ground, in the fifth ward of Charlottetown.

[Assented to, 7th May, 1887.) HEREAS, it is essential to the salubrity

of the city, and health of the inhabitants, that the interment of human dead bodies in the burial ground hereinafter mentioned, should be prohibited.




Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council and Assembly, as follows:

1. From and after the passing of this Act, Unlawful to it shall not be lawful to inter any dead body in buy, &c. the Catholic burying ground, situated on the north side of the Saint Peter's Road, in the fifth ward of the City of Charlottetown.

2. Each and every transgression of the pro- Fine. hibitions of the preceeding section, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, to be recovered with costs before a court of competent jurisdiction, from the party or parties transgressing, or who may be engaged in the interment of any dead body contrary to the said section.

3. Every action for the recovery of fines, Action. under this Act, shall be brought in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, and proof of the breach of any of the provisions of this Act, shall be made by the oath of one or more credible witness or witnesses.

4. All fines recovered under this Act, shall Fines belong belong to the corporation of the City of Charlottetown, and be paid to them.

to city,

CAP. XIII. An Act to enable the Diocesan Church Society to avail itself of the interest of the 66

“Clergy Endowment Fund."

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(Assented to, 7th May, 1887.]

HEREAS, it is deemed expedient that Preamble.

certain moneys known as the “Clergy Endowment Fund,” should be more effectually vested in the Diocesan Church Society.

W .

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