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Interest as ordinary revenue.

Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council and Assembly, as follows:

1. That it shall and may be lawful for the Diocesan Church Society of Prince Edward Island, to treat the interest accruing upon the moneys held by the said Society, for a Clergy Endowment Fund, as part of its ordinary revenue, and to yearly expend the same for the legitimnate purposes of the Society, in conformity with the rules and regulations which govern its expenditure.




An Act to Incorporate the Trusties of the Orwell Presbyterian Church.

[Assented to, 7th May, 1887.) E it enacted by the Lieutenant Govern ir,

Council and Assembly, as follows:1. That John McLeod, Donald Ross, John McLeod, John A. McQueen, Alexander W. McLeod, H. D. McLeod, and John Norman McLeod, trustees, and all members and ratepayers of the Orwell Presbyterian Church, and their successors in office, who shall also be members and rat payers of the saic Church, are hereby created a body corporate by the name of " The Trustees of the Orwell Presbyterian Church,” and by that name shall have all the general powers and privileges incident to a corporation by the statutes of this Island relating to corporations so far as necessary for the purposes of this Act: and may purchase, hold, acqnire, possess, ard enjoy any real and personal estate within this Island.

Corporate name.



2. There shall be seven trustees appointed Trustees. to manage the affairs of said corporation, of whom five shall form a quorum. and said Trustees shall hold office during pleasure.

3. The annual meeting of the congregation Annual meetto elect trustees and transact other business appertaining to said congregation shall be held annually on the second Monday of December in each year, the first of such annual meetings to be held on the twelfth day of December, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven.

4. That if the congregation of the sail Trustees may Church decide that it would be for the interest and others of the congregation to dismiss the trustees, or any of them, or should any vacancy or vacancies occur in the trusteeship, the said congregation may call a meeting for the purpose of dismirsing and electing a new trustee or trustees, or to fill any vacancy or vacanies in the trusteeship; said meeting may be called by a notice read from the pulpit of the said Church immediately after divine service, on each of two Lord's days next preceding the day of said meeting, or by a notice inserted for at least two weeks in some one of the local newspapers published in Charlottetown, in said Island, and all dismissals and elections of trustees shall be determined by the vote of the majority of the male members and adherents of said Church present at such meeting, who shall have paid or contributed to the funds of the said Church annually the sum of three dollars currency, and who shall not be in arrears for any part thereof

' for the preceding financial year of the said Church of which payment or

arrears the secretary's book shall be prima facie evidence.


5. The production of the minute book conMinute book taining the minutes of the proceedings of any

meetings of the congregation of said Church, or of the trustees thereof, and purporting to be signed by the secretary of such meeting, shall be conclusive evidence of all the facts therein stated to bave been done at such meeting.

Expenses, &c.

6. The trustees shall pay out of the funds af the said corporation all reasonable costs, charges and expenses, incurred by them in and about the conduct and management of the business of the said corporation.

7. Whereas by Indenture bearing date the fourth day of May, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, made between Peter Nicholson and Mariar Nicholson, his wife, of the one part, and Robert S. Findley, John McLeod, and Donald Ross, of the other part, and recorded in the office of the Registrar of Deeds for said Island, on the seventh day of May, one thousand eight hundred and sixtyfour, in Liber eighty-two, folio 554, the said

Peter Nicholson, for the consideration therein in Trustees mentioned, did grant unto the said Robert S.

Findley, John McLeod and Donald Ross, and their successors, all the land and premises therein particularly described, to hold the same unto the said Robert S. Findley, John McLeod and Donald Ross, trustees of the Presbyterian Church at Orwell, and their successors; and whereas the said Church is hereby incorporated, and it is desirable that the said land should be vested in said corporation, therefore, from and

Lands vested

after the passing of this Act the said tract of land and premises particularly described in the said part recited indentures shall be and the same are hereby vested in fee simple in the trustees herein before named, and their successors, to hold the same unto the said trustees and their successors in office subject to the trusts and uses and for the interests and purposes of the said corporation and Church.


An Act to further amend the Act to Incorporate the Charlottetown Gas Light Company and the Acts in amendment thereof.

(Assented to, 7th May, 1887.)


E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Preamble.

Council and Assembly, as follows: 1. The Charlottetown Gas Light Company Company em. is hereby authorized and empowered after the furnish light, consent and approval being first obtained from a majority of the shareholders at an annual general meeting, or at a special general meeting of shareholders called for that purpose, to furnish light, heat or motive power to persons or corporations within the City of Charlottetown by means of magnetic, galvanic or electric currents, either in connection with or as a substitute for the gas now supplied by the said Company, and for that purpose to erect and place the necessary machinery,poles, wires, and other appliances, subject at all times to the approval of the city or town surveyor, or other officer having supervision of the st:eets of the City of Charlottetown.

[blocks in formation]

2. The Company may also supply gas for heating and motive power, or any other useful purpose.

3. The Company shall have power to borMay borrow. row at such rate of interest not exceeding six

per cent. per annum as the Directors may from time to time agree upon such sums of money as shall not exceed the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars; and they may issue bonds or debentures for the payment thereof out of the joint stock and real and personal estate of the said Company in such manner as to the Directors shall appear most expedient, provided, however, that no such bond or debenture be made or issued for a lese sum than one hundred dollars, and provided further that no such bond or debenture be issued until after the consent thereto of a majority of the Shareholders being first obtained at a general annual meeting or at a special general meeting of the Shareholders called and held for that purpose.

Act in force.

4. This Act shall come into force on the day of its sanction.


An Act to Incorporate the Cornwall Creamery Company.

[Assented to 7th of May, 1887.


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E it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor,

Council and Assembly as follows: 1. That Samuel Hyde, John W. Crosby, George L. Scott, James Kellow, Alexander H.

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