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extent of preparing the student to teach their rudiments without in the least interfering with our professional course. Moreover, the young men who graduate at the Normal School are encouraged to complete their classical studies at the State University before entering permanently upon the duties of a teacher.

The following table exhibits the number of pupils in attendance since my last report: Normal Department.

Torm 17. Class B,....

102 C,....

94 71 D,....

52 78 E,....


24 Graduating Class,.. Graduates attending,

Term 16.



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Number at present (Term 18) in the Normal Deparment,.. 283 Number in Experimental Department,


Total of present term,.


The course of study pursued in the Normal School is as follows:

Class B—Arithmetic, (mental and written;) Geography, (local and descriptive;) Grammar, (elementary;) spelling, reading, penmanship and drawing.

Class C—Advanced arithmetic, grammar, (analytical,) phys. ical geography, elocution, vocal music.

Class D-Algebra, natural philosophy, botany, elocution, French and Latin.

Class E-Geometry, geology, French or German, Latin and Greek.

Class F-Trigonometry, Latin and Greek.
Senior Class-Intellectual philosophy, trigonometry, Latin.

The professional instruction embraces substantially the following topics:

Class B-Methods of teaching spelling, reading and penmanship.

Class C—Methods of teaching arithmetic, geography and grammar; object lessons and objective training; lectures on school-room duties.

Class D_Methods in teaching; lectures on primary education and on means of teaching the virtues.

Class E-Methods; practice in teaching in model school, under the supervision of the principal.

Class F-Methods in chemistry; lectures on the philosophy of education.

The studies of the B and C classes are designed to occupy two terms. The remaining classes occupy an average of a term and a half each, varying according to the ability and dil. igence of the student.


On entering the Normal School all students sign a declaration of intention to teach in the schools of this State, and to conform to the regulations of the institution.

On account of the fact that many pupils from the B class have engaged in teaching before they were properly prepared for such duties, this class will hereafter be required to sign a pledge to attend the school two terms before becoming teachers.

Candidates for admission are examined in reading, penmanship, spelling, elementary grammar, local geography, and arithinetic through compound numbers, and may enter any advanced class by passing an examination in all preceding studies in the course.

These examinations are held at 9 o'clock A. M., of the Monday previous to the opening of each term, and students desiring admission must be present on that day unless detained by sickness or actual services as teachers.


The terms of the Normal School commence, respectively, on the first Tuesday of April and the first Tuesday of October. The former continues sixteen and the latter twenty-four weeks.

Exercises of the school are suspended during the winter holidays.


Though the objects of this department have been sufficiently set forth in former reports, it may be well to state that it was established in order to furnish members of advanced classes in the Normal School an opportunity of teaching under a system of instruction and strict supervision of the principal of the department. It also affords facilities for the introduction of improved methods of instruction.

The foundation of the course of study is a thorough training in object lessons and primary natural science, including elementary botany, philosophy, physiology, and geography with map drawing. Thus we attempt to cultivate and widen the powers of observation, to interest the young pupil in a careful study and a strict analysis of the most common objects, and to educate the senses to act constantly, rapidly and correctly, before venturing upon the difficulties of subjective studies. The remainder of the course includes arithmetic, grammar, elementary history, reading, penmanship, spelling, drawing, composition, singing and moral lessons.

Applicants for admission must not be more than sixteen years of age. None will be received for less than an entire term—the year being divided as in the Normal department.

The tuition is two dollars for the summer term and three for

the winter term. Pupils in this department are not required to sign the declaration of intention to teach.

As the number of pupils is limited to fifty, application for admission should be made early to J. M. B. Sill, principal of this department.





State Board of Education in account with Benj. Follett, Treasurer

of State Normal School.

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Dec. 201 81| Henry Jacob,. Janit'r to Nov. 30

82 E. J. Mills, Stoves and pipe,
83 J. M. Gregory, Expenses, .....
841.J. R. Kellogg,. Serv, and exp's,
85 W. J. Baxter,.

86 Geo. Willard,.. Jan'y 25

1 David Hayes, Work and lumb'r,
2 3. B. McCracken,..

Print, and paper,
Febr'y 1 3 A. S. Welch,... Salary to Dec. 20,

4 J. M. B. Sill,
5 J. F. Carey,
6 D. P. Mayhew,
71A. Miller,
8 E. M. Foote,
9 John Goodison,....
10 Mrs. A. D. Aldrich,
11 Miss E. A. Hulburt,

1: Viss Susan G. Tyler,
Febry 41 13 B. Thompson, Ladders, ..

14 Chos. Vivian,.. Blacksmithing,..
15 Phillip G. Vorght, . . Wood, ..
16 M. Casey,..

Sawing wood,...
17 J. E. Sittman, 8 tuns coal,

18 Henry Jacob, Janitor to Feb. 1, Febr'y 9] 19 A. Couse,..

Met. & piano cov. Marc. 15 20 H. Oakley,. Carting,

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$45 00 53 85 54 55 28 30 26 10 55 80 7 35

6 00 375 00 250 00 250 00 250 00 250 00 250 00

50 00 162 50 112 50 112 50 11 25

3 13 193 50 25 13 45 88 50 00 12 50

21 Yost, Tisdale & Co., Cord, tas., & wood 2201. M. B. Sill,....... Blank book,.... 23 M. W. Littlefield,... Hardware,..

75 11 40

2 00 29 39


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