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heard him fupplicating for mercy | he was ?" He replied, “ So large in the nameof Christ, the confusion as to fill immensity, and so small of several was beyond description, as to dwell in the humble and conand they quickly dispersed from trite heart.” the scene of distress. He confefsed to the minister that the man. CARDINAL Hosius, who, unner he had taken of leaving all to der Pope Pius IV. presided at that his own conscience, and neither infamous council of Trent, in conversing or praying further than which all the abominable errors his own particular request, had and superstitions of the papal awfully alarmed him, and it seem church were confirmed, when ed to be continually founded in his death approached, seems to have ears, my blood muft and will be dreaded a dependence on his own required at my own hands. Until righteousness, although he had bethe time of becoming insensible he fore pleaded for it. In his last will heared eagerly, but had no allevi are these words, “ I approach the ations of distress. Thus he died throne of thy grace, O father of and went to his long home, a mon mercies and of all confolation, to ument of the folly of rejecting the the end that I may obtain mercy, gospel of Christ. What multi and find grace in thy sight ! I am tudes live in carelessness and disbe- not worthy that thou shouldest belief and die in fear! They will not hold me with the eyes of thy mahear until it be too late. The jesty ; but, as it is moft worthy, pride of their hearts and their love that for the sake of his death and of sin makes them reject even the passion thou shouldest not only look gospel of grace, and they fall un- upon me but crown me also ; it is der the awful denunciation, “Be | therefore that I come unto thee, cause I have called, and ye refused; most dear Father, and that withI have stretched out my hand and out any merits but those inestima. no man regarded ; but ye have set ble ones of thy fon Jesus Christ, at nought all my counsels and would | my Lord and my Redeemer. I none of my reproof. I also will bring thee the merit of that death, laugh at your calamity and mock wherein alone I place all my hope when your fear cometh ; when | and my confidence : that is my your fear cometh as desolation and righteousness, my satisfaction, my your destruction as a whirlwind. | redemption, and my propiciation. Then shall they call upon me but | The death of the Lord is my I will not answer; they shall seek

merit." me early but they fhall not find

THE last hours of the unhappy Voltaire afford a lively comment

on the wretched condition in which ANECDOTES. infidelity leaves its deluded advo

cates, as to the state of their own A SCEPTIC once conversing | fouls. Though he had for a long Al with a plain, honest Chrif course of years, employed both tian and thinking to filence him genius and learning, in the impiby ban:er and knotty questions, ous effort of erecting a fortress on asked him, “ What his God was?” the foundation of Atheism, which He answered, “ A Spirit?” Then should be tenable against the artilhe enquired of him, “How-Jarge 'lery of a guilty conscience, and


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the fears of death and judgment ; ! A remarkable Conversion. the walls of the whole frabric moul. THE Lord has various means dered into nothing, at the blasting to bring about his own gracious of the breath of God's displeas. purposes, and sometimes condeure, and left the miserable builder scends to make use of incidents, a defenceless prey to anguish and apparently trifling, to accomplish despair.

his most important designs. The

truth of this remark may be exemBOER HAVE, the celebrated Phy- plified in the following fact : sician, through life, confecrated | A young gentleman of high the first hour after he rose in the connections and great respectabilmorning to meditation and prayer ; | ity, was induced by gay acquaintdeclaring that from thence he deri-ance to accompany them to a place ved vigor and aptitude for business; of amusement. Arrived at the together with equanimity under scene of dissipation, the festive provocation and a perfect conquelt company proceeded to their amuseover his irascible passions.

ment. In the midst of their en

joyment, as though a messenger ANAmerican philosopher, who had been sent immediately from profeffedly acknowledges the divine heaven, the clock Aruck one. That authenticity of the books of Mo- ftriking passage of Dr. Young's ses, yet to support a favorite hy instantly rush'd upon his mind : pothesis, ascribes all the miraclesThe bell strikes one we take no note which he has recorded to the mere of time agency of second causes, lately, But from its loss—to give it then a on a passage from New Haven to | tongue New-York-while spouting on his

| Is wise in man. As if an angel spoke,

| I feel the folemn found; if heard aright favorite theme, was mildly accof- |

con | It is the knell of my departed hours. ted by a lady ;-" Sir, if your Where are they? With the years bereasoning be just, how do you ac- yond the food. count for the bush that Mofes faw, It is the signal that demands dispatch. which burned with fire ?”—The irned with fire »"_The How much is to be done? My hopes

and fears philosopher, confident of his abili.

Start up alarm’d, and o'er life's nar. ty, quickly replied—“That, mad

row verge am, was a phenomenon consistent Look down on what ? a fathomless with the principles of philosophy. | abyss, Mofes was then on the side of a | A dread eternity.” mountain. Subterraneous fires of- Conviction seized the youth, and ten break out on the sides of moun- alarmed and terrified he instantly tains ; and such was the fire in the left the dissipated throng, and bush, which · Mofes faw." _The retired to his closet. The result lady superior to the sophistry of was a faving change, and he is the philosopher, sweetly replied | now a Christian indeed, in whom “ But fir, subterraneous fires con- is no guile. fume. The fire which Mofessaw Reader, art thou an admirer of consumed not the buth ; for Mo. the fashionable follies of the age ? fes said, I will now turn aside, and Remember they lead to the chămsee this great fight, why the bush bers of eternal death. Leave then is not burnt.”—The passengers --oh leave these deluding phanhouted the Lady's victory. toms of an hour, and employ the uncertain moments left thee, in particular nature has been received seeking for those realities--uofa- from Europe respecting the Socie. ding pleasures and eternal joys! ty. The following sketches con

tain all the information the Editors have to .communicate. The Directors notwithstanding the dis

couraging circumstances of the Religious Intelligence,

capture of the Duff and the partial

failure of the Mission to Otaheite, N Friday the 8th of August, stil continue to make every exer

Mr. David Bacon left Hart- tion in their power to promote the ford with a view of visiting the important design for which the SoIndian-cribes bordering on Lake ciety was instituted. A number of Erie, according to a resolve of the Missionaries failed last spring for Trustees of the Missionary Society the Illands in the South Sea, with of Connecticut, noticed in our a view of joining the brethren alMagazine for July. Previous to ready there or of establishing themhis departure he was examined by felves in other places. In March the Committee of Missions, who last two Misfionaries left England highly approving of him as quali for Canada in consequence of apfied for such a mission, unanimously plications from a number of inhabappointed him to that service and itants of Quebec and Montreal. by prayer, commended him to the The Directors have a young man divine blessing. It is expected he now learning the Arabic language, will obtain a guide and interpreter with an express view of going on at New-Stockbridge or somewhere a million to the interior part of Alin that neighborhood, and then rica. Late dispatches from Doct. proceed on to the south west part | Vanderkemp and his associates at of Lake Erie and visit the Indian the Cape of Good Hope, offer a tribes in that quarter. It is pre U prospect which is very Aattering. sumed that he will have the prayers And from recent communications of all good people for a blessing on from a Millionary who went to the his labors !

East Indies, it appears probable About the same time Mr. Rob. that before this time he has fixed ert Porter and Mr. Josiah B. An- upon a favorable spot for the comdrews, entered on a Mission to the mencement of his Missionary las New Settlements ; the former to bors. the western and northern parts of | Great exertions are making in Vermont, and the latter to the various parts of England and Scotsettlements on the rivers Delaware land, and also in Holland, to proand Susquehannah, in the state of mote evangelical truths and expePennsylvania and the adjacent set rimental piety. Many societies clements in the state of New York. and associations are formed with a

view of instructing the children of London Misionary Society.' the poor in religious knowledge

IN our first number we gave a | apd of disseminating a variety of general history of the proceedings religious tracts; and indeed the of the Missionary Society of Lon people of God in those countries don to the commencement of the were never more engaged to propresent year.

moie a knowledge and love of the No late intelligence of a very truth, than at present.

Extraat of a letter from one of the l By accounts received from va

Connecticut Misionaries, dated rious parts of the country it appears Springfield, Otsego County, State that a glorious work of God is of New York, July 23, 1800. still going on in many places. God

« THE last fix weeks, I have is still remembering mercy for a {pent in the counties of Otfego and guilty people, and giving frefh tesDelaware. In both these counties timonials to the truth of that scripthere are considerable awakenings, ture promise that “the gates of which appear to be increasing and Hell shall not prevail against his fpreading. They are regular and church." In vain do the enemies orderly, free from that noise and of a once suffering, crucified, tho' enthusiasm which sometimes attend now glorious and triumphant Sasuch revivals. Meetings in gene. viour boast in the success of their ral are still and folemn, and a pro. efforts to overthrow Christianity. found attention is given to the They have attempted to diffeminate fpeaker. Lectures on week days the poison of infidelity far and are often attended by 200 people, wide. They are still attempting to and on the fabbath by 500 or 600. do this. But the truth is great The townsin Otfego County where and will prevail. Let not the there is a revival at Otfego, Spring, friends of Zion despair. The late field and Worcester; those in Del- happy revivals in so many places aware County are Delhi, Stam- , afford encouragement to them to ford, Franklin and Walton. In pray importunately and they may these towns there appears to be a be assured that the prayer of faith glorious work of the divine fpirit, shall not fail to receive a gracious and the religious attention in these / anfwer. " Christ shall fee of the parts is as great for the time, if not travail of his foul and be fatisgreater, than it was in the Gene-' fied.” see the last feason.”

The favorable reception which Missionaries meet with in the New

HYMNS. Settlements, and the attention which is paid to their preaching, Dying refle&ions of an Infidel. while it must inspire the friends of

W HAT shall I be where fhall i religion with gratitude to him with

go? whom is the residue of the fpirit, I'd give a thousand worlds to know. and who only can give the hearing

Shall I exist, or shall I not ? ear and understanding heart, Thould Ceasing to be I dread the thought

Does death, in fact, destroy the whole animate them to be liberal in their And with the body kill the foul ? contributions to the support of Mif- | Reason, I chose thee for my guide, fions : and more especially should I heard thy voice and none beside, it induce them fervently to pray Come now decide the doubtful strife for a divine blessing to accompany | Twixt endless sleep and endless life.

Some, who thy fole dominion own the labors of Missionaries. The

As nature's brightest eldest son; civil and political as well as the re

Say, thou hast taught the soul will live, ligious welfare of our brethen in And her account to God must give. the New Settlements require that Others deny that this will be, the gospel should be preached to | And both for proof appeal to thec.

wwata I feel, I know that I have fin, them, and that they should be fa. |

And conscience rages here within. vored with the administration of If there's a God (I fear 'tis true) Christian ordinances.

Does he the creature's conduct view ?

And if the soul immortal prove, | 3. But sovereign mercy from the skies, Can finners ever taste his love ?

Alarm'd my dreaming mind, Will they have nothing more to fear | No more delusion blinds mine eyes, Because he governs there and here? When wak'd by power divine. If he is good will he destroy,

4. Shook from inertness and false And kill with evils human joy ?

dreams, Are parents hurried to the tomb

I saw my dreary state Merely to give successors room ?

And viewing where the flattering If he regards our actions here

streamsWhy not avenge th' oppressed tear,

Might land me when too late ! And crush the cruel and unjust, With pride and malice in the dust?

1:5. I look'd to God, in earnest prayer; These thoughts an anxious doubt create,

“ Lord save me or I die That this is not our final state.

Cleanse me from fin? fave from defpair ! If there's a God, then who can tell,

While desp'rate here I lie. There may be heaven, there may be hell. 6. " Wholly deprav'd I here confess, The Bible doctrines may be right, My nothingness to thee, If fo I fink to endless night.

| Vouchsafe to hear my poor requeft, I hate that God, which they declare

And prove thy clemencyHis holiness is too severe. 6. I hate his law, which says I must

17. “ Exil'd from light where can I find Be holy like him, or be curft.

The God, who pardon gives, Once I could laagh at what I feel,

| I'm deaf and mainied, halt and blind And scorn the tho't of heaven and hell,

Let Lazarus hear-he lives." But reason shines as clear as day, 8. My grief and pain the Saviour faw, Although my outward man decay; And flew without delay, Yea it may fine and never stop, And on the eye-balls of my soul, And misery fill my future cup

He pour'd celestial day. Draw ncar my friends, if friends indeed 9. New beauties strike my peaceful You will aslift me now in need.

fight, With you I spent the jovial day,

While conscience smil'd within ; And cast the thought of death away. | For sorrow! joy; for darkness ! light! I spurn'd at God, at Christ and hell,

| And felt no inward pain. As names that priests and women tell.

10. That heart which mov'd not at the I gave the reins to fin and lust Which haftened my return to dust.

sound O can you screen my soul from harm

Of Jesus' dying love Against the power of any arm!

Now grateful flows : no longer bound, Ah! wretches stop-deceive no more

But leaps and mounts above. I've heard all you can say before

11. Thy facred word of mercy shines I scorn'd the Christian and his God,

Dear Saviour like the suo,
And trampled on his Saviour's blood.

I trace thy grace in every line
With him no part I now can claim, And love thee as I run.
For ftill I hate the very name.

12. Then let my soul dwellncar my God, Yet he must be more safe than 1, ·

And like the sun obey, And more prepar'd to live or die. While faith and love direct the road If I was right, still he is well ;

Which leads to endless day. . But if he's right I sink to hell.


13. 'Tis best, that every heir of grace

In Zion fix his home, The experiences of Miss P. M. written | Thy gentle spirit finds our place, by berself..

Thy heavenly bride says come. - TN airy dreams of gay delight 14. Sure'tis the King's most chofen place, 2.1 In fancy's lulling arms,

And there his faints will dwell My mis’ries were conceal'd from fight May we not hope to see his face By strong ideal charms.

And all his glories tell. 2. Held by the magic of that power, 15. Thy fiery walls o Zion shall

Which thousands doth enslave... A sanctuary prove, Pleasure appear’d in every flower To all, who hear thy heavenly call Tho'routed near a grave.

And trust thy guardian love.

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