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the influence of great cities. By Rev. Dr. Scott. San Francisco, 1854. Scott, 11054, D. An address delivered at the request of the Franklin temperance society. By Robert W. Scott. Frankfort, Ky., 1829. Sergeant, 9570, 0.3. An address before the alumni of Nassau Hall. By John Sergeant, LL. D. Princeton, 1833. 13214, O. 10. Eulogium on John Sergeant. By Hon. William Meredith. Philadelphia, 1853. Seward, 13160, O. 3. The destiny of America. Speech of William H. Seward, at the dedication of Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. Auburn, 1853. (For other speeches, see in the Index Seward's works.) 13160, 0, 15. The true basis of American Independence. A lecture by Wm. H. Seward. New York, 1853. Sheil, 11763, O. The speeches of the Right Hon. Richard Lalor Sheil. - Edited by Isaac MacNevin, Esq. Dublin, 1845. Sheridan, 11797, O. The modern orator. The most celebrated speeches of Chatham, Sheridan, Erskine and Burke. London, 1847. Simpson, 12313, 0.2. Lectures to the working classes. By J. Simpson. Edinburgh, 1844. Slade, 12606, O. 7. Speech of Mr. Slade, of Vermont, in the case of the Wiscasset collector. Washington, 1832. Sprague, 13033, O. 18. An address before the society of Phi Beta Kappa in Yale College. By William B. Sprague, D. D. New Haven, 1843. Sumner, 9651, D. Orations and speeches. By Charles Sumner. 2 vols. Boston, 1850. 12512, O. 22. The true grandeur of nations; an oration (against war). By Charles Sumner. Philadelphia, 1847. Toland, 12359, O. Oratio philippica ad excitandos contra Galliam Brittanos exhibita 1514, cum notis Johannes Tolandi. Londini, 1707. Turner, 12252, 0.3. Introductory discourse delivered at New Haven. By S. H. Turner. Hartford, 1820. Gift of the author. Van Voorhies, 13160, 0.2. Oration before the society of California Pioneers, at their celebration of the anniversary of the admission of California o: the Union. By Hon. William Wan Voorhies. San Francisco, 853. Verplanck, 13415, 0.1. An anniversary discourse before the New York Historical Society. By Gulian C. Verplanck. New York, 1818. Ward, 12825, 0.14. Address at the opening of the Stuyvesant Institute of the city of New York, by Samuel Ward, Jr. New York, 1837. Webster, 13083, O. 13. Speech of Daniel Webster on Mr. Clay's resolutions in the Senate of U. S., March 7, 1850. Washington, 1850. 12607,1,& 12697, O. 10. Speech of Daniel Webster at Niblo's saloon, March 5, 1837. New York, 1837. 12825, O. 15. Mr. Daniel Webster's address at the laying of the corner-stone of the addition to the Capitol, July 4, 1851. Washington, 1851. 12606, O. 4. Mr. Webster's speech on the President's protest, May 7, 1834. New York, 1834. 12825, 0.18. Speech of Mr. (Daniel) Webster at the celebration of o, New York New England Society, Dec. 23, 1850. Washington, 12825, O. 17. Speech of the Hon. Daniel Webster on the compromise bill in Senate, July, 17, 1850. Washington, 1850. 13160, O. 6. Speech of Hon. Daniel Webster to the young men of Albany, 1851. (See in the Index Webster's works.) Wetherall, 92.15, O. Sixteen orations on various subjects (religious). By J. Wetherall. Burlington, 1803.


Wharton, 12312, O. 7. Address delivered at the opening of the new hall of the Athenaeum, by Thomas I. Wharton, Esq. Philadelphia, 1847. Gift of the author. 9570, O. 9, & 10325, O. 5. Discourse before the alumni of the University of Pennsylvania. By T.I. Wharton. Philadelphia, 1836. Wickliffe, 13413, O. 7. Speech of Robert Wickliffe on the Southwestern Railroad Bank. Lexington, 1839. 13413, O. 8. Speech of Robert Wickliffe, Jr., on the veto power. Lexington, 1842. 13413, O. 9. (Address of Robert Wickliffe) to the freemen of the county of Fayette. Lexington, 1845. 13413, O. 10. Mr. (R.S.) Todd's reply to Mr. Wickliffe. Lexington, 1845. 13413, O. 11. Address on laying the corner-stone of the new medical hall of Transylvania University. By Robert Wickliffe, Jr. Lexington, 1839. Wise, 12606, O. 6. Speech of Mr. Wise, of Va., on the fortification bill, Jan. 23, 1836. Washington, 1836. Woodbury, 9570, O. 13. A discourse before the American Historical Society. By the Hon. Levi Woodbury. Washington, 1837. Wood, 12766, O. An address on the occasion of the centennial celebration of the founding of the Pennsylvania Hospital, delivered June 10, 1851. By George B. Wood, M. D. Philadelphia, 1851. Gift of the Managers of the Hospital. Wolsey, 13033, O. 15. Discourses and addresses at the ordination of Rev. Theodore Dwight Woolsey, LL.D., and his inauguration as President of Yale College. New Haven, 1846. Yeomans, 12825, O. 12. Address on the author's inauguration as President of La Fayette College. By John W. Yeomans. Easton, 1841. 2528, Q. 9. Rectoris Academiae Lipsiensis orationes de Romano Ecclesiá irreconciliabili. Leipsic, 1767. 92S2, D. Conciones et orationes ex historicis Latinis in usum scholarum. 0xonii, 1667. D.


Campbell, 8938, D. An essay on English poetry, with notices of the British poets. By Thomas Campbell. London, 1848. Everett, 8713, D. A system of English versification. By Erastus Everett. New York, 1848. Guest,9644, O. A history of English rhythms. By Edwin Guest, Esq., M. A. London, 1838. Lowell, 7871, D. Conversations on some of the old poets. By James Russell Lowell. Cambridge, 1845. Moir, 9994, D. Sketches of the poetical literature of the past half century. D. M. Moir. Edinburgh, 1851. Murray, 12880, O. Original views of passages in the life and writings of Horace; with which is combined an illustration of the suitability of the ancient epic and lyric styles to modern subjects. By John - Murray. 2d edition. Dublin, 1852. Newell, 8245, D. The zoology of the English poets, corrected by the writings of the modern naturalists. By Robert H. Newell. London, 1845. Walker,9955, D. A rhyming, spelling and pronouncing dictionary, with an index of allowable rhymes. By J. Walker. Philadelphia, 1852.

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Baudius, 9213, D. Dominici Baudii Poemata. Lugduni Batavorum, 1616. Bayly, 12083, 0.2. Psychae. Or songs on butterflies, &c., by T. H. Bayly, Esq., attempted in Latin rhyme, with a few additional trifles. Malton, 1828. Gift of J. Jay Smith. Catullus, 6876, D. Les noces de Thétis et de Pélée, poème de Catulle, traduit en vers Français. Par M. P. L. Ginguenné. A Paris, 1812. Ennius, 9492, D. Quinti Ennii poetae inter Romanos vetustissimi relique quae extant omnes, a J. A. Giles. Londini, 1836. Gift of the Rev. John A. Merrick. Hesiod, 7538, D. QEuvres complètes d'Hesiode, traduit en verse Français. Par A. Fresse-Moutral. Paris, 1843. 92.70, D. Hesiodi Ascraei quae extant cum notis Cornelii Schrevellii Londini, 1659. D. Homer, 12166, O. Homer's Ilias verdeutscht durch Friedrich Leopold, Graf zu Stolberg. Erster Band. Flensburg und Leipzig, 1778. 9255, D. Clavis Homerica sive Lexicon Vocabulorum omnium quae in Homero continentur. Roterodam, 1655. D. Horace, 12223, O. The works of Quintus Horatius Flaccus, illustrated principally from the remains of ancient art. With a life by Rev. H. H. Milman. London, 1849. 9261, D. Quinti Horatii Flacci poemata. 12880, O. See Murray, supra, p. 1237. Juvenal, 12168, O. A new translation with notes of the third satire of Juvenal, to which are added miscellaneous poems. New York, 1806. Lycophron, 2612, Q. Cassandra, translated from the original Greek of Lycophron, and illustrated with notes by Wiscount Royston. Cambridge, 1806. Manilius, 2513, Q. Marci Manilii Astronomicon ex recensione et cum notis - Richardi Bentleii. London, 1739. - Mapes, 13281, O. Vol. 16. The Latin poems commonly attributed to Walter Mapes. London: printed for the Camden Society, 1841. Martial, 9286, D. M. Wal. Martialis Epigrammata cum notis T. Farnabii. Maydiston, 13281, O. Wol. 3. Ricardi Maydiston de concordiá inter Ric. II. et civitatem London. London: printed for the Camden Society, 1838. Mills, 13177, O. The poets and the poetry of the ancient Greeks; with an historical introduction and a brief view of Grecian philosophers, orators and historians. By Abraham Mills,A. M. Boston, 1854. Mirandulá, 9230, D. Flores poetarum in locos communes distributae ab Octaviano Mirandulå. Ovid, 12362, O. Les Tristes à Ovide, de la traduction de M. de Marolles. Paris, 1661. — 13510, O. P. Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphoseon. In , usum Delphini. Londini, 1778. Peter, 11742, O. Specimens of the poets and poetry of Greece and Rome. By various translators. Edited by Wm. Peter, A. M. Philadelphia, 1847. Propertius, 10861, D. Erotica. The elegies of Propertius, the Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter, and the kisses of Johannes Secundus. Literally translated, and accompanied by poetical versions from various sources. To which are added, the love epistles of Aristaenetus, translated by R. Brinsley Sheridan and Mr. Halhed. Edited by Walter K. Kelly. London, 1854. (Bohn's classical library.) Firgil, 9141, D. Scarronides; or Virgil Travestie. A mock poem on the first and fourth books of Virgil's AEneas. By Charles Cotton, Esq. Whitehaven, 1776. Wallius, 11183, D. Jacobi Wallii e sociétate Jesu poematum libri novem. Lugduni, 1688. N. 11050, D. 1. S. Bolivardo Presidi aeternam salutem precatur R. 1822. 11053, D. 7. Carmen pro Americani incolumitate imperii. 9266, D. Av6oxoyia & surápa, sive Graecorum Epigrammatum florilegium novum in usum Scholae Westmonasteriensis. Londini, 1684.



Ainslee, 11093, D. Scottish songs, ballads and poems. By Hew Ainslee.
New York, 1855.
Alexander, 11906, O. The poetical works of William Alexander, including
his Christiad, dramas, and minor poems. With a sketch of his life.
Philadelphia, 1847.
2634, Q. Sonnets and other minor poems, by Wm. Alexander,
MSS. Gift of the author, March, 1854.
Alford, 10505, D. The poetical works of Henry Alford. Boston, 1853.
Allin, 9658, D. Home ballads; a book for New Englanders. By Abby
Allin. Boston, 1851.
Allston, 9421, D. Lectures on art, and poems, by Washington Allston. New
York, 1851.
Andersen, 10601, D. A poet's day dreams. By Hans Christian Andersen.
London, 1853.
Arnold, 11282, D. Poems. By Mathew Arnold. 2d edition. London, 1854.
Aytoun, 12648, O. Lays of the Scottish cavaliers and other poems, by Wil-
liam Edmondstoune Aytoun. Edinburgh, 1849.
— 100.93 & 10004, D. The book of ballads. London, 1849, and New
York, 1852.
— 101.30, D. 2. Napoleon ballads. New York, 1852.
Bailey, 9413, D. The angel world and other poems. By P. J. Bailey.

Boston, 1850. –8066, D. Festus, a poem. By Philip James Bailey, Barrister at Law. Boston, 1845.

Baillie, 7170, D. Fugitive verses. By Joanna Baillie. London, 1840.
Barnes, 9762, D. Plays, prose and poetry. By Charlotte M. Barnes. Phila-
delphia, 1848. Gift of the author.
Barton, 9442, D. Selections from the poems and letters of Bernard Barton.
Edited by his daughter. London, 1849.
–9396 & 9409, D. Memoirs, letters and poems of Bernard Barton.
Edited by his daughter. Philadelphia, 1850.
Bates, 8914, D. The AEolian. By David Bates. Philadelphia, 1849. -
Bayley, 10766, D. The new tale of a tub; an adventure in verse. By F. W.

N. Bayley, Esq. With illustrations, after designs by Lieut. J. S. Colton. New York, 1854. Bayly, 7652, D. Songs and ballads, grave and gay. By Thomas Haynes Bayly. With a memoir of the author. Philadelphia, 1844. Belfast, 10405, D. Poets and poetry of the 19th century. A course of lec. tures by the Earl of Belfast. London, 1852. Bethune, 11952, O. Lays of love and faith. With other fugitive poems. By George W. Bethune. Philadelphia, 1848. 12011, O. The British female poets. With biographical and critical notices. By George W. Bethune. Philadelphia, 1848. Bockett, 11038, 0.8. Fruits of early piety. By Richard Bockett, Jr. Lon. don, 1735. Boker,9936, D. The Podesta's daughter, and other miscellaneous poems. By George H. Boker. Philadelphia, 1852. 8683, D. The lesson of life, and other poems. By George H. Boker. Philadelphia, 1848. Bowles, 6292, D. Days departed, or Banwell Hill; a lay of the Severn Hill. By the Rev. Wm. Lisle Bowles. London, 1829. 6492, D. Scenes and shadows of days departed. By W. Lisle Bowles. London, 1837. Brainard, 7236, D. The poems of John G. C. Brainard. A new and authen. tic collection, with an original memoir of his life. Hartford, 1842. Bronte, 8826, D. Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. (The Misses Bronte) Philadelphia, 1848. Brooks, 10514, D. German lyrics. By Charles T. Brooks. Boston, 1853. Browne, 91.48, D. Poems on several occasions, by the late Rev. Thomas Browne. Philadelphia, 1801. Browning, 7822, D. A drama of exile, and other poems. By Elizabeth Barrett (Browning). 2 vols. New York, 1844. 9574, D. Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 2 vols. New York, 1850. ——9801, D. Prometheus Bound and other poems, including sonnets from the Portuguese, Casa Guidi Windows, &c. By Elizabeth Barrett Browning. New York, 1851. 9330, D. Poems by Robert Browning. 2 vols. Boston, 1850. Bryant, 11736, O. Poems. By William Cullen Bryant. With illustrations, by E. Leutze. Philadelphia, 1847. 7041, D. Selections from the American poets. By William Cullen Bryant. New York, 1840. 7356, D. The fountain and other poems. By William Cullen Bryant. New York, 1842. Bulwer, See Lytton. Burleigh, 9054, D. The maniac, and other poems. By Geo. S. Burleigh. Philadelphia, 1849. Burns, 9951, D. The life and works of Robert Burns. Edited by Robert Chambers. 4 vols. New York, 1852. 7404, D. The complete poetical works of Robert Burns; with expla: natory and glossarial notes; and a life of the author, by James Currie, M. D. Abridged. New York, 1842. —9840, O. Poems ascribed to Robert Burns, not contained in any edition of his works hitherto published. Glasgow, 1801. Gift of Jno. B. Large. 8070, D. See p. 1230. Burt, 6219, D. Horae Poeticae. By John Burt. Bridgeton, N.J., 1819. Butler, 8294, D. Samuel Butler and his Hudibras, and other works. By A. - Ramsay. London, 1846. - so * 8388, D. Poems. By Frances Anne Butler. Philadelphia,

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