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prbceedeth from the Father, and from Christ Jesus^ and is with both, One God, blessed for ever. Amen. . .

Therefore faith the Apostle, Grieve not the Holy Spirit Eph. 4. of God, whereby ye Are sealed unto the Day of Redemption. 30.^ And again in another Place, Quench not the Spirit. But 1 Thes.

\ one Text for all,to enforce^theseExhoj;tatipnsj''and to 5. 19.

, proye the Divinity of the rtoly Ghostsi.. is |Hai: faying .of

I Qur blessed Saviour's in tneGospels, '411 manner of Sin Matth. and BlasphemyJball be forgiven unto Met}} (namely upon I2i If. their Repentance) out Blajphgmy against the Holy Gh.$jt ( which hardens the Heart against the Means of Grace ) jball not be forgiven unto Men. . And^ofpever^eaketh. a Word against the Son of Man, it.'Jbtfi be'forgiven. himsr '.."V 'r but whosoever flteaketb against the Holy Ghost, it /ball not be forgiven him, neither in this Worlds neither in the World to come. Not that any Offence against one in the

, glorious Trinity is less Criminal than against another; for as the Godhead of the Father^ of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost is all one, fohethatfinneth agaiqstthe one, is alike guilty agaipst another: Butifany, mistaken by Christ's low Appearance in the World, d^diiegJecT:

, him at first, as the Son of Mary, and the Son of Man' .; 1 1

"only* or did not instantly adore him as the Messiah, he . :. .r sinned indeed, but finned not unto Death, if afterwards

. he acknowledged him to be the Son of God, and believed in him.

, '. ,.In this Respect St. P**J, who had been a Blasphemer and a Persecuter, obtained Mercy, 'because he, did it7 Tint* ignorantly in Unbelief: But these who blasphemed the 1. 13. Holy Ghost, and God himself, in reproaching Christ

; Jesus as an Impostor, aj|d imputing his divine Worfcsjo a diabolical Power, faying, Hi. had an unclean Spirit, Mark and casteth Out Devils by Be\z$byfothePrince of the Devils, 30. were unpardonable, because they sinned through Malice and Despite, perversly attributing to the Devil the

; S 'casting

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when7 he was' upon Barth: For. if he hxd mt done Among them. the Wutkt wbitb. none other Mm dad, them John bad not had Sin : but nop (faicti Christ ) they bave.botk^^. 24. seen and bated both me and my Father. ', 0 .;. Yl

Now f&!5*the.Thmgs which weJiave spoken, we 1 may observe, » $rr/2,\HoX^..this '.©octriae ,o£the;'glQrious'" Trinity" is. of excellent Use to inform us more, clearly » of the Ma finer of our Redemption,, and how our toed \ Jesus; Christ could make S^fisfactioo for our Sins tothe Father; for being three real a»$ distinct Relations'.»'nwmtyv'owe' fn&ysiea^ly conceive fiow one7foi these ( and^notus so sit 'as the.Word* to make kno\fcn s the Will[ofshis Father) might assume the Humane' Nature, and fatisfie in that Capacity, and in sueh Terms: as pleased the Father to accept, and for which his Incarnation was senctifiedby the Holy Ghost; so that we are equally concerned in, and infinitely obliged re* the Love of all the Three for our Salvation, every One.

shedding bis Blood for us; and the Holy Ghost
sanctifying us with his Graces, and sealing us unto the
Day of our final Redemption: Here then the great .?
0epths of infinite Wisdom, and Power, and Love, were;
all imployed for that Efsect, not apart, but together,*
that every One might partake alike of our Praises, as
we have shared infinitely and equally of their Love and

Glory likewise be to the Holy Ghost forC .\>orc.
Next, This Doctrine of the Unity in the Godhead,

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The P R A Y E R.


OLT, Holy, holy Lord God*Almighty, Father, Soft j, Hoh Ghosty most glorious, eternal and incom

prehensible Majesty, one.God, and our God, blessed for ever ., whom we'Worship, and whom me Praise, blessed be thy glorious N*me% which is exalted above all Blessing and

{ Thaut even thou art Lord 'alone, thou hxst made Heaven,. the Heaven of' Heavens} with all their Hostst the Earth, and'all Things that' are therein, the Seas, and all that is therein, and. thou preserves: them all, and the Host of Heaven worshippeth thee.: H

WSe praise thy glorious and incomprehensible Majesty for manifesting thy. self .unto us in the Works of Creation and Providence^ t>#t. especially for revealing' thy [elf to us 'in all thy glorious Attributes and Relations so fully and ft? clearly in the Scriptures. . , '• » .'»

«, W.e beseech thy Majesty, to' make "known thy Name. tt> those that Jit in Darkness,and. in the Shadow of Death * Make thy Way known upon Earths thy saving } Health kmong.all Nations. < . . c,,„ i;

\,/JLet the People praise" thee, 0 God, let all' the People praise thee.. , v,''

n ' A7""'"«' 1*i> riliA anil "finer for "Toy.' fof thou

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