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close upon the Time of Christ's standing on the Earth, doth, without forcing any Thing in the Text, point unto us the Resurrection of the last Day, as if Job should have said, I know and am assured that the Lord Jehovah, my Redeemer, liveth, and that in the latter, or the Day of his Personal Coming in Glory, he stall stand upon the Earth: And though this maybe so long a Time first, as that my Skin, my Reins, my Body, by Worms may be eaten, destroyed, and all of it consumed to the Dust: Yet in that Day when he shall come again upon the Earth, my Body shall be raised a glorious Body, (which will be the Time of the Resurrection of the Just,) and so in my Flefi IJhaUsee God; whom I shall for my self, and not another forme; as every Child of God may fay -, I shall see him then for my self, I shall behold him and his Glory, in the Fruition and Enjoyment of him for my self, and not another who has no Interest in him. Well! this is sufficient then, to shew that when Christ comes, he will come again upon this Earth; or that his Throne and Kingdom, in the great Day of Judgment, will be erected upon the Earth j there where Christ and his People have suffered, and been put to Shame, there will Christ and the Saints fit in Glory. Zcph. iii. 19. I will get them a Praise and Fame in every Land, where they have been jiut to Shame. t

Fifthly, The manner how Christ will come? And that is personally. When he comes the second Time, he will come in his personal Glory, as God, Man, Mediator. ABs i. 10,11. Trljsn Christ had spoken these Things, (in Verse 9.) while they beheld him, he was taken vp$ and a Clovd received


him out os their Sight; and while they looked Jledfastly towards Heaven, (as being amazed to fee him go up at his Ascension, being surprized, and could not tell what to think would be the Effect of these Things.) Behold two Men stood by them in white Apparel, which also said, (unto them) Te Men os Galilee ! Why stand ye gazing up into Heaven ? This fame Jesus, which is taken up from you into Heaven, fiiall Jo come in like manner, as ye have seen him go up. I shall take Notice in these Words, of two Things. First, That when the Lord Jesus Christ had accomplished the great Work of our Redemption, by his Death and Sacrifices after his Resurrection, and forty Days Continuance upon the Earth; he ascended personally, as God Man, into Heaven, in the Sight of all the Disciples that were then present; for they beheld him as he was taken up into Heaven, until a Cloud received him out of their Sight.

Secondly, When he comes again, he will come in the fame manner as he went up, God Man, in his personal Glory. This is very full in these Words; This fame Jesus which is taken up from you into Heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye fee him go up. This fame Jesus, this very fame Person, and not another, shall so come in like manner. And how was that? Why personally he went up, and personally he will come down again from Heaven. The Truth of this was testified, by two Angels in the Appearances of Men, which the Lord sent from Heaven, at this Time, to encourage and strengthen the Faith, not only of his Disciples then presentj.but all his Children, in the Reality of his second personal Coming.

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Thirdly, As he will come personally, so he will come visibly, that is full also in that Expression, he JliaUso come in like manner: And how was that? Why visibly. He was seen by all that were with him, as he went up into Heaven: So he will be seen by all that shall be then living, and by all that {hall be then raised, when he shall come again from Heaven; and by all universally, at the last Judgment. Rev. i. 7. Behold he cometh with the Clouds, and every Eye'fiallseehim; and they also which pierced him; arid all Kindreds of the Earth, f)all wail because of him; even so, Amen. Here are two Sorts of Persons plainly distinguished in that Word also; besides those that {hall be living, and raised up out of their Graves when he comes, those also that pierced him, or crucified him, with all the Kindred of the Earth, who lived and died in Sin, will wail because of him, or because of his Judgments.

Fourthly, When Christ comes, he Will come with Power and great Glory. Mark xiii. 26. Then fiaU they see the Son os Man Coming in the Clouds with great Power and Glory. Christ will come with great Power and great Glory. His first Coming was in a State x)f Humiliation: His second Coming will be in a Stpte of Exaltation. His first Coming was in the Form of a Servant, as a Sufferer for Sin; {though they were our Sins that he suffered for.) His second Coming will be without Sin unto "Salvation. His first Coming was in poor, low, despicable Condition: His second Coming will be as a King, yea as the King of Kings; with the Scepter of Rule, and Ballance of Power in his, Jfand, and a Crown of Glory on his Head. The



Ijxd Jesus Christ will come with such Power when he comes again, as will rend the Skies, break open the Graves, raise up the Bodies of thousands, and thousands of thousands, to re-unite the Souls and Bodies of all the Saints into a State of Glory for ever. He will come with such Power as to slay Millions of his Enemies, to destroy Antichrist; with all his inveterate Enemies: Ctrist will come ■with such Power, as to lay hold upon Satan, that old Serpent the Devil, with all the Powers of the infernal Pit ^ and bind them fast in the Lake of Fire, during the Time of his Glory and Kingdom. Again, he will come with such Power, as to raise up the Bodies, and bring up the Souls of all the wicked and ungodly, to be re-united together, that they may appear before his Tribunal to be judged, at the End of the-thousand Years.

Fifthly, He will come not only with Power, but with great Glory. He will come in his own Glory, in the Glory of his Father, with the Glory of Heaven, having thousand of thousands, ten thousand times ten thousand of glorified Saints and Angels attending of him. The perstrfal Glory that Christ will appear in that Time, will ten thousand times exceed the Glory of the Sun, or any other created being whatsoever, thus will his Coming be with Power and great Glory, when he shall come to erect his Throne of Judgment, and set up the Glory of his visible Kingdom.

Sixthly, The manner of Christ's Coming will not only be glorious to the Saints, but dreadful and terrible to the wicked; and therefore his Coming is said to be in flaming Fire, to tale Vengeance 07i them that know not God, and that obey not the

Gosj)( I Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; who stall be Dmfiijhed with everlasting DesiruBion, from the Presence os the Lord, and from the Glcry os his Power \ 2 Thess. i. 8, 9. But oh! who shall be able to abide that Day, when Christ will come in Flames of Fire, pouring forth Vials of Wrath upon all that know not God; by which the Heathens may be understood: And all that obey not the Gospel, in believing on the Lord Jesus Christ 5 by which all Despisers of Grace, Rejecters of Christ, who have fat under the Sound of the Gospel, or lived in a Land of Light, may be lignified. These will be punished with everlasting Destruction. How will poor Sinners then cry out (when it is too late to do them any good,) yea, Kings of the Earth, and great Men, (that lhali be found out of Christ,) rich Men, the chief Captains, and mighty Men, and every Bond-man and Free-viajt, (whether he be rich'or poor, if ungodly!) Saying to the Mountains ■ard Rocks, fall on us, and hide us from the Face of him that sitteth on the Throne, and from the Wrath t>f the Lamb, (who will be as a Lion to them, as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah,) for the great Day of his Wrath is come; and who stall be able to stand. Rev. vi. 15, 16. The great Day of his. Wrath, which they had often heard of before, but dil not believe (or not regarded it) is n»w come, and who shall be able to stand? Oh, who indeed! none but those who are interested in Christ, and in his Salvation? How fain would they hide themselves in Rocks and Holes of Mountains? Yea, would rather have the Rocks and Mountains fall upon them, and dash them to Pieces, then to behold the Wrath of the Lamb? Well may it be

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