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ex ter'nal ly “Drink injures a man externally, inin ter'nal ly ternally, and eternally.” e ter'nal ly “A good surgeon must have an eagle's surgeon

eye, a lion's heart, a lady's hand.” pen'e trate Water penetrates wood; man perfoper'for ate rates the earth with tunnels. al lay' Some medicines allay pain and prosooth'ing duce a soothing sensation throughout sen sa'tion

the body, but fail to cure the ailment. ail'ment A sensation is a feeling.

“ The object of oratory alone is not per sua'sion truth, but persuasion.” — Macaulay.

or'a to ry



Stru'e re [struc'tus] (stroy)=to make, build, arrange.

Gra' di [gres'sus] = to go step by step.

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gla'cier ver'dure avla lanche high'land

un coil'

in'se cure! dis u nite' ma nure'

il lib'er al un bur'den gyp'sum

in fre'quent dis en gage phos'phạte im'ma ture!

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per sist'ent

Persistent repetitions of petty anrep'e ti'tion

noyances are teasing; gross neglineg'li gence gence in those intrusted with matters in trust' of importance is vexing; the jeers im portance and sarcasms of others are taunting ; jeer

repeated disappointments of expected

pleasures are tantalizing; and to be taunt'ing continually burdened with grievous ap pointment troubles is tormenting. tan'ta lize “ Without rest the fertile fields begriev'ous come sterile." Yriarte. ster'ile

Fertility is productiveness; sterility, barrenness.


“ The important thing in life is to have a great aim with the determination to attain it." - Goethe.

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ad vis'o ry


cra'ter pom'mel el lip'ti cal volley a droit con'fi den’tial has'sock corps

de mo'ni ac pis'ton

al lu'sion suf'fo caltion af'fir maltion ap pen'dix

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ver'ti go

ty'phus pleu'ri sy

chol'er a

erly siple las pa ral'y sis

neu ral'gi a lum ba'go

ty'phoid bron chi'tis lan'guor rheu'ma tism scrof'u la diph the'ri a

6 Truth travels in straight lines.”

lu'na cy scur'vy



De'i ty

“ Light is the symbol of truth, the cre a'tion first creation of the Deity.” Proverb.

“ The best way to recognize a truth rec'og nize

is never to forget it.” re prove' The teacher reproved, the boy for mis con'duct misconduct, and rebuked him for re buke'

being impudent. im'pu dent “Death is the penalty for deserpen'al ty

tion.” Steuben. de ser'tion “ Only man can play the critic; only crit'ic

men of talent can review.”Day. ex tin'guish Fire will not extinguish fire.



Se ca're [sec'tus] = to cut.
Pan'de re (pan'sus] (pas'sus, pac)= to spread, step.

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car'a way

pel'let cal'o mel

spi re'a

clem'a tis nostrum

mag ne'si a o le an'der tinc'ture mor'phine

sy rin'ga lav'en der pan'a cela

lau'da num vi bur'num wis ta'ri a “Love makes obedience easy.” — Watson.

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virtu ous

“ The virtuous are free from anxiety.” anx i'e ty

- Confucius. pros per'i ty “Prosperity getteth friends; adverad ver'si ty sity trieth them.” e con'o

my Economy joined to industry and soso bri'e ty

briety is a better outfit for business than dow'ry a dowry.”

Speech is peculiar to man alone. dis tinc'tion “Man, in distinction from other anipar tic'u lar mals, is particular in his habits. Deeds sur vive'

survive the doer.” Mann. po'e try “ Poetry is the breath of beauty.”

- Hunt. 6 Honor and shame from no condition rise ; Act well your part, there all the honor lies.” Pope.

pe cul'iar

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