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Pierson Mitchell
Isaac Eyre
George L. Maris .
William P. Bancroft . .
Benjamin Martin
Nathan Maule
Robert L. Pyle.
Samuel C. Kent
Richard T. Turner, jr.
Robert B. Dixon
Henry R. Fell.
Benjamin R. Lamb
George T. Haines
John M. Lippincott
Benjamin Heritage
Woodnutt Pettit
John Eves.
Joseph W. Eves
Deborah F. Stubbs
Susan W. Lippincott
Annie Cooper
Jane J. Haines
Rebecca B. Comly
Martha G. McIlvain
Mary Satterthwaite
Hannah C. Davis .
Emma D. Eyre .
Susan G. Justice
Lucy Smyth
Matilda Garrigues

Langhorne, Pa. Newtown, Pa. West Chester, Pa. Wilmington, Del. . Downingtown, Pa. Lenover, Pa. London Grove, Pa. West Grove, Pa. Betterton, Md. Easton, Md. Trenton, N. J. Mount Holly, N. J. Haddonfield, N. J. Moorestown, N. J. Mickleton, N. J. Salem, N. J. Millville, Pa. Millville, Pa. London Grove, Pa. Cinnaminson, N, J. 4117 Walnut st., Phila., Pa. Rancocas, N. T. 1529 Centennial ave., Phila., Pa. 58th & Elmwood ave., Phila., Pa. Willow Grove, Pa. Hatboro, Pa. Dolington, Pa. Yardley, Pa. Wilmington, Del. 123 N. 33d st., Phila., Pa.



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Sarah L. Walters

Christiana, Pa,
Susan Emma Maule . Collins, Pa.
Sarah Ann Conard West Grove, Pa.,
Mary H. Barnard . Doe Run, Pa.
Matilda J. Bartlett . .. Easton, Md.
Rachel B. Satterthwaite Denton, Md.
Jane D. Satterthwait Crosswicks, N. J.
Elizabeth Ann Rogers . Crosswicks, N. J.
Martha C. Decou

Moorestown, N. J.
Martha A. Rogers .

Medford N. J. Elizabeth J. Acton Salem, N. J. Amy Davis

Woodstown, N. J. Sarah T. Eves

Millville, Pa. Frances M. Eves .. Millville, Pa.

All of whom were united with by the Meeting, and appointed to the respective services.

The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Queries, with answers from subordinate meetings, were read and considered; summary answers were also read and adopted.

As the Meeting Houses in this city will be open for Divine worship to-morrow morning, the meeting adjourned until 3 o'clock to-morrow afternoon.

Fifth-day-Afternoon. The minutes of the Representative Committee, or Meeting for Sufferings, were read, and their labors approved.

By reports received from all our constituent branches, it appears that the following-named Friends have been appointed members of the Representative Committee, or Meeting for Sufferings, for the present year:



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John Saunders .
Joseph C. Turnpenny
Louisa J. Roberts .

Martha G. Mcllvain

Isaac C. Parry ·
John J. Moore
Harriet E. Kirk

Mary K. Richardson

George Justice .
Aaron Twining
Sarah Ann Wildman

Elmira W. Twining .

Clement Biddle
J. Hibberd Bartram
Lucy Smyth . .
Martha Dodgson

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Downingtown, Pa.
Christiana, Lancaster Co., Pa.
Embreeville, Chester Co., Pa.
Christiana, Lancaster Co., Pa.

Hockessin, New Castle Co., Del. Russellville, Chester Co., Pa. West Grove, Chester Co., Pa. Londongrove, Chester Co., Pa.


Benjamin Martin .
Jesse Webster.
Carolein Hayes

Mary W. Slocum

Spencer Chandler
Samuel H. Broomell
Sarah Ann Conard .

Hannah D. Pusey .

Robert B. Dixon
S. Howell Mifflin.
Ann J. Mifflin .

Hannah W. Willson

Charles N. Shreve
Benjamin Thorn
Phæbe W. Woolman

Mary P. South .

Emmor Roberts
Josiah Rogers
Annie S. Albertson .

Elizabeth L. Jessup .

Wm. Wade Griscom.
Mark R. Dare .
Sarah J. Acton.

Easton, Md. Camden, Del. Camden, Del. Easton, Md.

Columbus, Burl. Co., N. J.
Moorestown, Burl. Co. N. J.
Rancocas, N. J.
Trenton, N. J.

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Fellowship, N. J.
Lumberton, N. J.
Haddonfield, N. J.
Moorestown, Burl. Co., N. J..

Woodbury, N. J. Greenwich, N. J. Salem, N. J.

Elizabeth B. Atkinson . . . Mullica Hill, N. J.
Joseph W. Eves .

Millville, Columbia Co., Pa.
John Kester . .

3224 Woodland Av., Phila. Pa. Sarah T. Eves .

Millville, Columbia Co., Pa. Rachel S. Eves .

Swarthmore, Delaware Co. Pa.



The Committee appointed to examine and settle the Treasurer's account, produced the following report, which was read and approved. The Friends therein proposed are appointed to the respective services therein named, to wit: Thomas J. Husband, Treasurer ; Joseph C. Turnpenny, Alfred Moore, Correspondents; William B. Webb, Recorder.

Their recommendation that hereafter the quota of Yearly Meeting stock to be paid by Burlington Quarterly Meeting be 5 per cent., that of Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting be 6 per cent., and that of the other Quarterly Meetings to remain as heretofore, was united with.

The Committee appointed to examine and settle the Treasurer's account, report they nearly all met, and upon comparing his accounts with the vouchers, found it correct, showing a balance in his hands due the Yearly Meeting of three thousand seven hundred and eighty-five and 256 [$3,785.25] dollars.

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