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My musings all day long ;.

I determined to know nothing save Jesus Christ,

and him crucified. I Cor. ii. 9. Hec. m. 1 Some wise men of opinions boast, ,

And sleep on doctrines sound;
But, Lord, let not my soul be lost

On such enchanted ground !
2 Good doctrines can do me no good

While floating in the brain ;
Unless they yield my heart some food,

They bring no real gain.
3 O may my single aim be now

To live on him that-died;
And nought on earth desire to know

But Jesus crucified!
4 Disputings only gender strife,

And gall a tender mind;
But godliness in all its life

At Jesu's cross we find.
5 Lord, let thy wondrous cross employ

Till, in the realnis of purest joy,

I make it all my song!

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1. 181.

To the Trinity.
1 ETERNAL Father, Lord of all,

By heav'n and earth ador'd,
Regard a guilty creature's call,

Who much reveres thy: Word !

2 Thou askest for my worthless heart;

Be it thine earthly throne;
Aud there a Father's love impart,

And make thy mercy known.
3 Lord Jesus, Son of God most high,

Of all, the rightful heir ;
Ador'd by hosts above the sky,

And by the faithful here!
4 Thee Saviour of the world we own,

Incarnate Lord and God !
Refresh us now, and send us down

The blessings of thy blood.
5 Thou Holy Ghost, who dost reveal

The secret things of grace,
And knowest well the Father's will,

And his deep mind can trace, 6 Disclose the heav'nly mysteries,

And bring the gospel feast;
Give gracious hearts and open'd eyes,

That we may see and tastę.

182. For the Ordinance of the Lord's Supper. S. M. 1 ATONEMENT Jesus made,

For he our Surety stood;
The ransom price he fully paid,

And paid it with his blood. 2 His blood for mercy cries,

And bids the sinner come To feast upon the sacrifice,

And whispers, “ There is room."



I bless thee, dying Friend,

For making my curse thine; Such pity none but God could lend,

Such love is all divine.


The same. [Tune, Mediator. 1 THRO' Jesu's death we live,

Upon his cross we rest;
And faithful souls receive

What makes a sinner blest:
The Father's love, the Spirit's grace,

And Jesu's legacy of peace. 2 Eternal love and praise

To Jesus Christ are due;
And ransom'd souls may raise

The new song, ever new;
A song which from redemption came,
The song of Moses and the Lamb.


My soul is even as a weaned child.

· Psalm cxxxi 2.
1 DEAR Jesus, cast a look on me;
I come with simplest pray'r to thee,

And ask to be a child;
Weary of what belongs to man,
I long to be as I began,

Iofantly meek and mild.

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2 No wild ambition I would have,
No worldly grandeur I would crave,

But sit me down content;
Content with what I do receive,
And cheerful praises learn to give

For all things freely sent.
3 Well weaned from the world below,
Its pining care and empty show,

Its joy and hope forlorn;
My soul would step a stranger forth,
And, smit with Jesu's grace and worth,

Repose on him alone.
4 I would love him with all my heart,
And all my secret thoughts impart,

My grief, and joy, and fear;
And, while the pilgrim life shall last,
My soul would on the Lord be cast

In sweet believing pray'r,
5 His presence I would have each day,
And hear him talking by the way,

Of love, and truth, and grace;
And wher: he speaks, and gives a smile,
My soul shall listen all the while,

And ev'ry accent bless.


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The same.
Jesus, cast a look on me,
Give me sweet simplicity;
Make me poor, and keep me low,
Seeking only thee to know.

2 Weaned from my lordly self, - ***

Weaned from the miser's pelf,
Weaned from the scorner's ways, ;

Weaned from the lust of praise. 3 All that feeds my busy pride,

Cast it evermore aside;
Bid my will to thine submit,

Lay me humbly at thy feet. 4 Make me like a little child,

Of my strength and wisdom spoilid;
Seeing only in thy light,

Walking only in thy might.
5 Leaning on thy loving breast,

Where a weary soul may rest;
Feeling well the peace of God

Flowing from thy precious blood. 6 In this posture let me live,

And hosannas daily give;,
In this temper let me die,
And hosannas ever cry.

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Our sufficiency is of God.
1 0 LORD, with shame I do confess
My universal emptiness,

My poverty and pride;
I cannot keep thee in my sight,
Nor can I think one thought aright,

Unless thy Spirit guide.

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