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to eight every morning the band plays at the Elisenbrunen, usual gathering place for drinkers of mineral waters. The military band plays at noon at the theatre square. The cathedrale, the hôtel de ville are monuments of the time of Charlemagne, and number amongst the most remarkable edifices on the borders of the Rhine."

DIRECTIONS FOR PLAIN KNITTING: with additions and corrections for the working Classes and Schools. By RACHEL JANE CATTLOW. Third Thousand. Darton and Clarke, Adams and Co., London. Hyde and Crewe, Newcastle under Lyme, 1847.

EVERY lady, who has the graceful and time-honoured taste of Penelope should favour this little but valuable publication. We of course are not professed in the ancient mystery and most useful handicraft of knitting; but the least learned on the subject may perceive the intrinsic merits of this pleasing production. Its sale has, too, already reached a third thousand -a strong proof of its ability; it fully deserves to number thousands and thousands to come, for one feature of it is that it adapts itself to the working classes, and in these industrious days, no cottager ought to be without it. How many ladies now vie with each other in ornamental work, and, armed with their needles, perform wonders in the production of fanciful decoration. They too may not deem a little knitting unworthy their attention, though of plain and homely character, for its utility is great indeed. To them this book will be of service also.

We touch not on its feminine contents, further than extracting the following quaint address with which the skilful lucubration commences;


""Tis seventy years, or thereabouts,
Since I was taught to knit ;

And on a cricket I was placed

By our good dame to sit.

My needles were of wire that bent,
Not like your steel so polished;
And to my frock a sheath was pinned,
Which now is quite abolished.

A bit of worsted served my turn,
Which twirled and twisted sadly;

Strutt's good brown cotton, in those days,
Would have been hailed most gladly.

Now your old dame gives this advice
To the rising generation,

That, whilst children are young, they learn to knit,
Whatever may be their station.

I think, if you will give good heed

To the following explanations,

You'll find that your stockings, and socks, and gloves
Will answer your expectations."





Allfrey, Mrs. Frederick Wm. of a dau. 19th June. Anson, Mrs. wife of the Rev. T. Anchitel Anson, of a dau. 2nd July.

Arkwright, Mrs. Edward, of a dau. at Cliffe House, Warwick, 11th July.

Ashmore, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Paul Ashmore, of a son, at Nottingham House, Eltham, 5th July. Atkinson, Mrs, wife of Robt. James Atkinson, Esq. Assistant Surgeon of Bengal Light Cavalry, of a dau. at Cawnpore, 2nd May.

Austen, Mrs. Fred. Lewis, of a dau. at Hyde Parksquare, 19th June.

Aylward, Mrs. A. F. of a dau. at Chesham Vicarage, 6th July.

Barlow, Mrs. wife of the late George Barne Barlow, Esq. of a son, at Great George-street, Westminster, 19th June.

Beaumont, Mrs. John, of a dau. at West Hill, Putney, 9th July.

Bedale, Mrs. John, of a dau. at Clapham New Park, 19th July.

Bell, Mrs. Jacob, of a dau. at Hull, 20th June. Bergman, Mrs. John George, of a dau. at Formosa, Cookham, Berks, 16th July.

Best, Mrs. H. P. of a son, at the Castle House, Donnington, Newbury, 27th June. Birchall, Mrs. wife of Wm, H. Birchall, Esq. of a son and heir at Burley Grange, Leeds, 18th July. Black, Mrs. wife of Patrick Black, Esq. M.D. of a son, in Bedford Square, 22nd June. Blakesley, Mrs. of a son, at Ware Vicarage, Herts, 8th July.

Bogie, Mrs. of Rosemount, co. Ayr, of a son, 1st July. Bonner, Mrs. Charles F. of a son, at Spalding, 4th July.

Bowyer, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Wentworth Bowyer, of a dau. at Edinburgh, 16th July. Braithwaite, Mrs. Isaac, of Mechlenburgh Square, of a son, 18th July.

Bridgman, Mrs. Frances O. H. of a dau. at Munich, 29th June.

Bristow, Mrs. of a dau. at Brotmore Park, Wilts, 16th July.

Brown, Mrs. John, of a son, at Marlborough, Wilts,| 18th June.

Bryant, Mrs. Walter, of a dau. at Bathurst-street, 13th July.

Brymer, Mrs. John, of a son, at Burgate House, Hants, 16th July.

Butler, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Weeden Butler, of a dau. at the Vicarage, Wickham-market, Suffolk, 13th July.

Butler, Mrs. Walter, of a dau. at Maida-hill, 20th


Campbell, Mrs. Walter F. of Islay, of a dau. at Edinburgh, 20th July.

Carey, Mrs. Adolphus F. of a son, at Burbage Hinckley, co. Leicester, 18th July.

Cavendish, the Hon. Mrs. Richard, of a dau. 3rd July.

Chapman, Mrs. George, of a son, at Arundel-street, 14th July.

Coape, Mrs. James, of a dau. at Mirables, Isle of Wight, 1st July.

Clarke, Mrs. H. B. of St. John's Wood Road, of a son, 30th June.

Collet, Mrs. wife of the Rev. W. Lloyd Collet, A.M. of a dau. 3rd July.

Compton, Lady Wm. of a dau. 1st July.
Corbett, Mrs. Edward, of a dau. at Longnor Hall,
Salop, 1st July.

Cotton, Mrs. wife of the Rev. George Cotton, of a son, at Rugby, 29th June.

Cox, Mrs. wife of the Rev. J. M. Cox, of a son, at East Stoke Rectory, 17th June.

Crokat, Mrs. Charles, of a dau. at Albion-street, Hyde Park, 21st June.

Crowdy, Mrs. G. F. of a son, at Farringdon, 2nd July.

Cumming Gordon, Mrs. Alex. P. of Altyne, of a son, 16th June.

Dacres, Mrs. wife of Captain Sydney C. Dacres, R. N. of a son, 17th July.

Dale, Mrs. wife of the Rev. H. Dale, of a dau. at Blackheath, 4th July.

Dallas, the Hon. Lady, of a son, 14th July. Dalrymple, Mrs. Elphinston, of a dau. at West Hall, co Aberdeen, 17th July.

Daniel, Mrs. wife of Dr. Wythe Daniel of Park House, Southall, of a dau. 3rd July.

Day, Mrs. John, of a dau. at Newick Lodge, 19th July.

Deane, Mrs. Francis Henry, of a dau. at Westborne Villas, 4th July.

Dent, Mrs. Thomas of Hyde Park-terrace, of a dau. 9th July.

Donaldson, Mrs. W. Leverton, of a son, 15th July.
Echalaz, Mrs. Fred. A. of a dau. 12th July.
Eck, Mrs. F. A. of a dau. at Valparaiso, 15th Apl.
Edmunds, Mrs wife of E. Edmunds, jun., Esq. of
Bradford, Wilts, of a dau. 13th July.
Farquhar, Lady Mary, of a dau. 13th July.
Faulconer, Mrs. Thomas, of a dau. at Westbourne-
terrace, 11th July.

Fletcher, Mrs. James, of a dau. at Chester Square, 29th June,

Forrest, Mrs. wife of James Archibald Forrest, Esq. 5th Fusileers, of a dau. 30th June. Fowler, Mrs. wife of Lieut. G. C. Fowler, R.N. of a son, at Woolwich, 21st July. Francis, Mrs. S. R. Green, of a son, at Cranham Place, Essex, 19th July.

Frederick, Mrs. Major General, of a son, at Shawford, near Winchester, 15th July. Freebaim, Mrs. J. C. of a son, at Boath near Naine, 14th June.

Freeman, Mrs. Williams, of a son, at Fawley Court, 20th June.

Gage, the Hon. Mrs. of a dau. at Whitehall Yard, 9th July.

Gallini, Mrs. wife of A. Gallini, Esq. of a son at
Donnington Castle Cottage, 10th July.
Gamble, Mrs. wife of Dr. Gamble, of a son, 2nd

Giles, Mrs. James, of a son, at Haling Park, Croy-
don, 17th July.

Gladstone, Mrs. William, of a dau, at Fitzroy-park,
Highgate. 17th July.

Godby, Mrs. wife of the Rev. C. H. Godby, 2nd

Griffin, Mrs. Alfred, of a son, 2nd July.

Gunnell, Mrs. Burgess, of a son, at Hanwell, 8th

Hamilton, the Lady Claude, of a dau., 3rd July.
Hamilton, Mrs. wife of the Rev. W. K. Hamilton,
M.A. of a son, 7th July.

Harden, Mrs. wife of the Rev. J. W. Harden, of a
dau. 23d June.

Harford, Mrs. C. R. jun., of a son. 18th June. Haygarth, Mrs. J. S. of a son, at Redmaston Rectory, near Cirencester, 9th July.

Hewitt, Mrs. B. B. of a son at Weymouth-street, 22nd July.

Holden, Mrs. Edward A. of Aston Hall, co. Derby,
of a son, 27th June.

Holden, the Hon. Mrs. Drury, of a son, 1st July.
Holland, Mrs. Henry Lancelot, of a dau. 5th July.
Hopper, Mrs. wife of the Rev. E. H. Hopper, of a
dau. at Old Windsor, 26th June.
Horne, Mrs. H, of Montague Sq., of a son, 7th July.
Hughes, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Henry Ilughes, of
a son, at Gordon Street, 21st July.

Irvine, Mrs. wife of Lt. Col. Irvine, C. B. of a son,
at Kensington, 2nd July.

Jenner, Mrs. Edward F. of a son, at Lowndes St.
25th June.

Johnson, Mrs. Henry, of a dau. at Woodford,
Essex, 19th July.

Jones, Mrs. D. of Pontglase and Penlar, co. Car-
marthen, of a dau. at Baden, 16th July.
Kennaway, Mrs. wife of the Rev. C. E. Kennaway,
of a son, 3rd July.

Kennedy, Mrs. Langford, of a son, 1st July.
King, Mrs. Charles, of a son, at New Cottage
Farm, near Potter's-bar, 17th July.
Kerby, Mrs. George Goldsmith, of a son, at Ken-
sington, 22d June.

Kuper, Mrs. the wife of Capt. Kuper. C.B. R. N. of
a son, 27th June.

Langmore, Mrs. wife of J. C. Langmore, M.B. of
a dau. 8th July.

Lee, Mrs. G. Maclean, of a dau. at Esher, 7th July.
Lee, Mrs. Valentine, of a son, 2nd June.
Lewis, Mrs. Edward, of a son, 15th July.
Lewis, Mrs. Henry, of a son and heir, at
gwynlas, co. Giamorgan, 21st July.

Palmer, Mrs. J. Carrington, of a son, 7th July,
Peacock, Mrs. Anthony, of a son, at Ranceby Hall,
co. Lincoln, 13th July.

Pearse, Mrs. John, of a Dunstable, 21st June.
Pennant, the Lady Louisa Douglas, of a dau. 13th

Petley, Mrs. Charles R. C. of a dau. at Riverhead,
Seven Oaks, 15th July.

Peto, Mrs. S. Morton, of a dau. 26th June.
Phipps, Mrs. wife of Lt. Col. the Hon. C. B. Phipps,
of a son, 14th July.

Place, Mrs. wife of Lionel R. Place, Esq. R.N. of
a son, 10th July.

Playfair, Mrs. Lyon, of a dau, at Barnes, 8th July. Plunkett, Mrs. James, of a son, at Tavistock Square, 6th July.

Ricardo, Mrs. Percy, of a dau. at Westborne Cres
cent, 24th June.

Robertson, Mrs. wife of Capt. J. E. Robertson,
6th Royal Regt., of a son. 24th June.
Robertson, Mrs. E. L. of a son, at Norfolk Cres-
cent, 24th June.

Robinson, Mrs. W. S. of a dau. at Dyrham Rec-
tory, Gloucestershire, 11th July.
Russell, Mrs. wife of the Rev. A. B. Russell, of a
son, at the Vicarage, Wells, 11th July.
Salt, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Joseph Salt, of a son,
at Standon Rectory, 29th June.

Saxton, Mrs. Edward, of a dau. at Highbury Park,
18th June.

Sheriff, Mrs. Francis, of a dau. at Calverley Park, 20th July.

Smith, Mrs. H. J. of a dau. at Worthing, 19th July. Smith, Mrs. D. Scott, of Devonshire-street, of a dau. 19th July.

Smith, Mrs. Major, of a son, at Plympton Lodge,
13th July.

Smith, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Samuel Smith, of a
son, at Camberwell, 16th July.
Somerville, Mrs. James Curtis, of a dau. at Wells,
17th July.

Spriggs, Mrs. H. of a son, at Hornsey, 10th July.
Stephenson, Mrs. George Robert, of a dau. at Black-
heath Park, 15th July.

Sumner, Mrs. Robert, of a dau. at Colbourne Rec-
tory, Isle of Wight, 25th June.

Swifte, Mrs. Edmund Leathol, of a dau. at the
Tower, 14th July.

Synnot, Mrs. Robert, of a dau. at Cadogan Terrace,
16th July.

Pant-Tait, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Dr. Tait, of a dau. at
Rugby, 20th June.

Little, Mrs. Thomas Selby, of a son, at Worcester, Tomkins, Mrs. Samuel, jun. of a son, at Albert-road, 17th July.

Lovett, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Robert Lovett, of a
dau. 19th July.

Macleane, Mrs. wife of the Rev. A. J. Macleane,
of a dau. at Brighton, 20th July.
Mansfield, Mrs. J. of a dau. at St. Mark's Parson-
age, Swindon, 3rd July.

Martin, Mrs. wife of the Rev. Chancellor Martin, of
twins, a son and a dau. the latter survived only a
short time, at the Close, Exeter, 5th July.
Marryatt, Mrs. Horace, of a son, at Hampton Court
Palace, 18th July.

Milward, Mrs. George, of a son, Jat the Manor House,
Lechlade, 3d July.

Mitchell, Mrs. John, of Forcett Hall, co. York, of a
son and heir, 12th July.

Montrose, the Duchess of, of a son and heir, 22nd

Murdoch, Mrs. wife of Clinton Murdoch, Esq. of
dau. 6th July.


[blocks in formation]

Regent's Park, 20th July.

Torkington, Mrs. L. I. of a son, at Tunbridge
Wells, 20th July.

Tweedy, Mrs. John Newman, of a son, at Portu au
Prince, Hayti, 17th May.

Ullathorne, Mrs. G. Hutton, of a son, at Notting-
hill, 5th July.

Vigne, Mrs wife of the Rev. Henry Vigne, of a dau.
at Sunbury Vicarage, 12th July.
Wake, Mrs. W. of a dau, at Southampton, 4th July.
Watson, Mrs. Henry, of a son, at Wellingborough,
9th July.

Watson, Mrs. T. S. of a son, at Kew Green, 4th

Watt, Mrs. wife of Captain Watt, Bengal Cavalry,
of a dau. at Lea, Kent, 23rd June.

Watts, Mrs. Richard, of a dau. at-Langford Vicar-
age, Lechlade, 22nd July.

Willink, Mrs. W. W. of a son, at Barntley, near
Liverpool, 10th July.

Wood, Mrs. W. Charles, of a son, at Fiddington
House, near Devizes, 23d June.

Wroughton, Mrs. Philip, of a son, at Ibstone House,
19th July.

Wyllie, Mrs. John, of a son, at Fulham, 10th

Yonge, Mrs. wife of Captain Gustavus Yonge, 2nd
Queen's Royals, of a son, 14th July.
Young, Mrs, James H. of a dau. at Lee, Kent,
20th July.


Alcock, Joseph Locker, Esq., eldest son of Samuel Alcock, Esq., of Elder-house, Cobridge, Staffordshire, to Susannah, eldest daughter of the late William Burbridge, Esq., of Hatton-garden, London, 24th June.

Anderson, W. D., E-q., of Sherrington, Wilts, to Marianne, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Thos. Harrison, incumbent of Holy Trinity, Whitehaven, and rector of Corney, Cumberland, 8th July. Andrews, Stanley, Esq., of St. Paul's-p ace, Islington, Louisa, youngest daughter of the late J. D. Welch, Esq., of Holyfield, Essex, 16th June. Arkwright, the Rev. Henry, to Ellen Home Purves, daughter of the late Viscountess Canterbury, 1st July.

Bailey, Edward, eldest son of Edward Savage Bailey, Esq., of Berners-street, to Maria, second daughter of James Coles, Esq., of Old-park, Clapham common, 24th June.

Bond, Edward Augustus. Esq., to Caroline Frances, daughter of the late Rev. R. H. Barham, rector of St. Faith's, London, 16th July. Bowdoin, James Temple, Esq., late Captain of the 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards, only son of the late James Temple Bowdoin, Esq., and grandson of Sir John Temple, Bart., to Elizabeth, third daughter of Sir William Clay, Bart., M.P., of Fulwell-lodge, in the county of Middlesex, 26th


Bradley, the Rev. Edward, of Brighton, to Sarah,
the youngest daughter of Mr. John Torey, of
Gibson-square, Islington, 25th June.

Buckingham, Wm., Esq., of Exeter, to Elizabeth
Heath, third daughter of the late John Herman
Merivale, Esq., 24th June.

Burrowes, John, third son of the late Thomas Burrowes, Esq., of Limehouse, to Fanny, fourth daughter of Charles Rich. Nelson, Esq., of Twickenham-common, Middlesex. 14th July. Stand-Campbell, Captain Colin Yorke, R.N., eldest son of Rear-Admiral D. Campbell, of Barbreck, Argyleshire, to Elizabeth, second daughter of James Hyde, Esq., of Apley, Isle of Wight, 1st July.

Bass, James, Esq., of Champion hill, Camber-
well, to Ann, fourth daughter of Benjamin
ting, Esq., of the Minories, 1st July.
Barker, Bradshaw, Esq., youngest son of the
late John Barker, Esq., of Langshaw, Duin-
friesshire, North Britain, to Rebekah Maria,
eldest daughter of Colonel R. E. Burrows, K.H.,
Blackwell house, Somersetshire, 20th July.
Barker, John, Esq., of Langshaw, Dumfriesshire,
of the Madras Medical Service, to Isabella Hutch-
inson, daughter of the late Major Campbell, of
Walton-park, H.E.I.C.S, 22nd June.
Barker, Joseph, Esq., of Coleshill, Warwickshire,
to Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Edward
Woolls, Esq., of Winchester, 8th July.
Barnard, Henry, eldest son of the late William
Barnard, Esq., of Kennington, to Elizabeth
Jane, eldest daughter of the late Captain Henry
Hamby, 17th July.

Barnes, Robert, M.B., of Park-road, Notting-
bill, and Glocester-terrace, Hyde-park, to Eliza,
eldest daughter of John Fawkener, Esq., of
Norland-place, Notting-hill, 19th June.
Bathe. William P., Esq., of 12. South-street.
London, to Ann Maria, eldest daughter of the
Jate David Cameron, Esq., of Northaw-place,
Herts, 22nd June.

Beckwith. Wm. Andrews, Esq., of Wells, Somerset, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of the late James Baker, Esq., of Creek sea-place, Essex, 13th July.

Beason, Samuel, fourth son of Rev. J.Benson, rector of Norton, Somerset, to Philippa, youngest dau. of James Bourne, of Somerset street, Portmansquare, 29th June.

Berriedale, Lord, son of the Earl of Caithness, to
Louisa Georgiana, youngest daughter of G. R.
Phillips, Esq., M.P., and the Hon. Mrs. Phil-
lips, 10th July.

Blake, the Rev. Henry Bunbury, eldest son of Sir
Henry Blake, Bart., of Langham, Suffolk, to
Frances Marian, only daughter of Henry James
Oakes, Esq., of Nowton-court, and High Sheriff
of the county of Suffolk, 1st July.
Bligh, Richard, Esq., eldest son of the late Richard
Bligh, Esq., barrister of the Inner Temple, and
grandson of the late Admiral Wm. Bligh, to
Maria Isabella, daughter of the late Captain
Fennell, Aide-de-Camp to Sir Thomas Brisbane,
Hart., then Governor of New South Wales, 16th


Blundell, Mr. Henry Caslon, of the Commissariat, third son of Thomas Leigh Blundell, M.D., of 39, Lombard-street, to Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Taylor, Esq., of Port Frances, 28th April.

Champ, Charles, Esq., of Camden-road-villas, Camden New-town, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late C. Woolfrey, Esq., of Lulworth, Dorsetshire, 23rd June.

Champion, Henry, youngest son of the late Chas. Champion, Esq., of Biyth, Notta, to Miss Rogers of Ranley-house, near Retford, Notts, 10th July, Champneys, the Rev. Dr., head-master of the Col. legiate School, Glasgow, to Sarah Leake, eldest daughter of the late Rev. T. H. Walpole, vicar of Winslow, Bucks, 15th July.

Chapman, Wm. Danie, Esq., youngest son of Wm. Chapman. Esq., of Newcastle-on-Tyne, to Janet, fifth surviving daughter of the Rev. H. T. Hare, of Ducking-hall, Norfolk, 8th July. Charles, Robert, eldest son of Robert Charles, E-q., of Endsleigh-terrace, Tavistock-square, to Henrietta Keddey, daughter of Joseph Fletcher, Esq., of Union-dock, Limehouse, 29th June. Colgrave, Francis Edward, son of Wm. Colgrave, Esq., of Bryanston-square, London, and Bracebridge and Mere-hall, Lincolnshire, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Robert Bruce Chichester, Esq., of Lower Seymour-street, Portman-square, and niece of Sir Bruce Chichester, Bart., of Arlington-court, Devon,

Collin, Count du, Baron de Barizien, Viscount de Cury, to the Countess Cofmai, daughter of his Royal Highness the Duke of Brunswick, 10th July.

Comins, Richard, Esq., of Tiverton, to Catherine Mack, youngest daughter of John Shuckburgh How, Esq., of the Lodge, near Tiverton, 24th June. Cooper, Wm., jun., Esq., of Upper Holloway, to Catherine, second daughter of James Simms, Esq., of Haslemere, Surrey, 14th June.

Co ter, Pownoll Pellow, Esq., R.N., to Harriett Emma, second daughter of the late John Haile, Esq., Paymaster and Purser, R.N., of Albanyroad, Camberwell, 20th July.

Davenport, Sam. Skurray, Esq., of Bahia, to Anna Cecilia, eldest daughter of Frederick Grigg, Esq., late of Rio de Janeiro, 30th June.

Deane, Joseph, late Captain Carabineers, son of the late W. Browne, Esq., and the Lady Charlotte, of Browne's-hill, Carlow, to Georgiana Charlotte, only child of the late Lieut. Col. Thursby, of the 53rd Regiment, 23rd June.

Dolan, Henry, Esq., of Isleworth, to Anne Con

stantia, daughter of John Rees, Esq., of Melbury- Batton, George Sydney, Esq.. Albert-villas, St. terrace, Harewood-square, 7th July.

Domville, the Rev. David Edward, M.A., of Semington, Wiltshire, to Mary Jane, daughter of Ewen Stabb, Esq., of the Retreat, South Lam beth, 13th July.

Drake, John, Esq., of Regent's-park, to Eliza,
youngest daughter of the late John Bellamy,
Esq., of Wobern-square, 1st July.

Driffield, Charles Edward, of Prescot, solicitor, to
Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Peter
Millett, Esq., of Prescot, 6th July.
Dunn, Richard Marsh, Esq., eldest son of Captain
James C. Dunn, Royal Navy, to Eliza Helen,
younger daughter of James Bower, Esq., of
Weymouth and Melcomb Regis, 20th July.
Dunne, Charles Augustus, turd son of the late
Simon Dunne, Esq., R N., commander of her
Majesty's cruiser, Castle Coote, to Maria, eldest
daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Dyson, of
London, 21st June.

Dutton, Wm. Quinton, Esq, of Twickenham, to
Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Wm. Dutton, Esq.,
of Bampton. Oxfordshire, 16th June.
Eastwick, Edward B., Esq., of Haleybury, to
Rosina Jane, only surviving daughter of the late
James Hunter Esq., of Hafton, 25th. June.
Elwardes, John, Esq., youngest son of Vincent
Edwardes, Esq, of Farmcote, Staffordshire, to
Jemima, daughter of the late Rev. John Marten
Batt, M.A., vicar of Est Garston, Berks, 26th

Emmott, Christopher Browning, Esq., M.D., of
Hounslow, to Caroline, youngest daughter of
Robert Tench, Esq., of Ludlow, 30th June.
Erwin, Alfred Stevens, Esq., of Bognor, to Emily
Maitland, second daugliter of Capt. Addison,
II.E.I.C.S., 29th June.

Fisher, the Rev. Robert Bailey, vicar of Basildon,
to Louisa, third daughter of the late Isaac Currie,
Esq., of Bush-hill, Middlesex, 21st July.
Frost, Thomas, Esq., Gravel-pits, Shere, Surrey, to
Julia Caroline, third daughter of Captain Pyner,
East Sandfield-house, Guildford, 8th June.
Gardiner, James Spalding, Esq., of Manor-house,
Great Wymondly, Herts, to Mary Ann, only
child of the late George and Mary Ann Haywood,
and granddaughter of the late Wm. Porthouse,
Esq., of Balham-hill, Surrey, 19th June.
Gell, Inigo, son of Francis Harding Gell, Esq..
coroner for the county of Sussex, to Anne, dau.
of Edward Prichard, Esq., banker, Ross, 6th July.
Gurney, Francis Hay, eldest son of Daniel Gurney,
Esq., of North Runcton, and the late Lady
Harriet Gurney, to Margaret Charlotte, eldest
daughter of Sir Wm. Browne Folkes, Bart., 8th

Halhead, Francis, of the Middle Temple, Esq.,)
son of the late John Halhead, Esq., of Yately.
house, Hants, to Mary Anne, daughter of the
Jate James Powell, Esq., of Clapton-house, Mid-
dlesex, 1st July.

Hammet, James Palmer Francis, eldest son of the late James Esdaile Hammet, Esq., to Jocosa Jane, second daughter of Swynfen Jervis, Esq., of Whitehall-place, and Darlaston-hall, Staffordshire, 1st July.

Hammond, Charles Eaton, Esq., banker, of Newmarket, to Emily Law Wilson, second daughter of the Rev Plumpton Wilson, vicar of Thorpe, Arnold, 1st July.

Hammond, the Rev. Egerton Douglas, second son of Wm. Osmond Hammond, Esq., of St. Alban'scourt, Kent, to Elizabeth Katherine, elder dau. of Robert Whitmore, Esq., of Portland-place, London, 6th July.

Hartley, the Rev. Wm. Samuel, B.A., vicar of Laughton, Yorkshire, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the Rev. Henry Boyce, M.A., of the Abbey-road, St. John's-wood, 1st July. Harwood, James, Esq., to Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late John Trayton Fuller, Esq., of Ashdown-house, in the county of Sussex, 13th July.

John's, Fulham, to Anne, second daugter of
Henry Wilkinson, Esq., Brompton-square, 17t

Healey, George, of Watford, to Elizabeth Whitting-
stall, only daughter of John Beaumont, Esq., of
St. Alban's, 24th June.

Henderson, Edward, Esq., of the Bombay Military
Service, second son of John P. Henderson, Esc.
of Manchester-square, to Judith Hutton, eldest
daughter of the late Dr. Wm. Cookson, M.D.,
of Lincoln, 17th July.

Hinde, Wm. Esq., of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop,
to Mary Frances, second daughter of Thomas
Williams, Esq., of Warfield-lodge, Berks, and of
Adelaide, South Australia, 8th July,

Hockin, John, Esq., of Dominica, third son of the
Rev. Wm. Hockin, rector of Phillack, Cornwali,
to Mary, second daughter of Wm. Hickens, Esq.,
of Camberwell-grove, 24th June.
Hodgson, the Rev. O. A., minor canon of Win-
chester Cathedral, to Eleanor Lucy, second
daughter of Wm. Mitchell, Esq., of Petersfield,
1st July.

Hore, Lieutenant E. G., second son of the late
Captain Hore, R. N., of l'ole-Hore, in the cumy
of Wexford, Ireland, to Maria, second daughter
of Licut.-Col. Reid, Governor of the Windward
Islands, 17th June.

Huggins, Edward, Esq., of Bellina-villa, Kentish-
town, to Ellen, eldest daughter of John Meacock,
Esq., of Little Ealing, 2nd July.

Hughes, the Rev. John Young, B. A., to Justina
Mercy, only child of Richard Rhodes, Esq., of
Greenwich, 15th July.

Inglefield, S. H. S., Lieutenant Royal Artillery,
second son of Rear-Admiral Inglefield, C.B.,
Commander-in-Chief of the East India and China
Station, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of the
late Colonel Coore, of Scrutton-hall, in the same
county, 28th June.

Illingworth, the Rev. Edward, M, A., of Edgbaston, only son of A. Illingworth, Esq., surgeon, R.N., of Fowey, Cornwall, to Louisa, daughter of the late Dr. Percy, of Bedworth-hall, Warwickshire, and niece of Miss Piercy, of Priory-place, Edibaston, 17th June.

Jackson, Henry, Esq., of St. Helen's-place, London, to Emily, daughter of the late David Cameron, Esq., of Northaw-place, Herts, 15th July. Janson, Henry, Esq., of Clapton-terrace, Caroline, only daughter of the late Thos. Horue Janson, Esq., of Hurstperpoint.


Jones, Alban Thomas, Esq., of Bilboa, to Marie Margarita de Ynchaustegui, of Aibia, Biscay, 23rd June.

Key, John Binny, Esq., of the firm of Binny and Co., Madras, to Annabella Homeria, widow of the late John Harcourt, Esq. surgeon H.M.S. and eldest daughter of Major-General Sir George Pollock, G.C.B. 27th Feb.

Knipe, George Marshall, Esq., 89th regt., second son of G. M. Knipe, Esq., of Belturbet, county of Cavan, to Jessie Maria, daughter of the late Sir Simon Howard, of Carlisle, many years President of the Medical Board at Madras, 20th July.

Kynvett, Frederic, Esq., Captain, Madras Army, to Laura Frances, second daughter of the late Major d'Arley, 28th June.

Lambert, Benjamin, second son of Daniel Lam-
bert, Esq., of Banstead, to Margaret Anne, eld.
daughter of P. N. Tomlins, Esq., of Pain-
ter's-hall, London, and Dulwich, Surrey, 10th

Landon, the Rev. James T. B., M.A., Fellow of
Magdalen College, Oxford, to Sarah, second dau.
of the late Francis Watt, Esq., of Beverley,
Yorkshire, 13th July.

Langton, W. F., Esq., of Bryfield, county of Devon,
to Ellen Laura Elizabeth, third daughter of the
late Lieutenant Colonel Shakleworth, of Lea
Grange. 15th July.

Last, Charles Henry, Esq., of Hadleigh, Suffolk, to

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