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Cochrane! who from the Languedocian coast,

Where long thine arms dismay and havoc spread

Return’d, hast now thy gallant squadrou led
To where Charente in ocean waves is lost,
As onward press’d thy van, the Gallic 'host

Shook through its triple line with deepest dread;

To quicksands and to rocks for refuge fled, And bless'd escape, though ruin was the cost ! If round thy youthful brow such laurels rise,

What triumphs on thy coming years shall wait! Thy Country, as she turns to thee her eyes,

A second Nelson hails with heart elate: " Heir of his spirit; O be thine," she cries, “ An equal glory and a longer date”! 1809. N 4

R. A. D,



Lucis habitamus opacis,
Riparumque toros, et prata recentia rivis
Incolimus. VIRGIL.

Night o'er the world had spread her sable reign,
And a still silence hushed the sleeping plain;
Lost to the woes and toils that urge the day,
On the soft couch in balmy rest I lay;
Each power inactive slumber'd in her cell,
But wakeful Fancy ply'd her magic spell,
That bids the thin aerial phantoms ily
In pictur'd dreams before the mental eye.

I saw methought a stately waving wood,
Along whose margin pour'd a silver food;
On the green bank Sophronia mourned alone,
And pitying rocks re-echo'd moan for moan.
At times the tears in copious torrents roll,
Her lost Florello rushing on her soul;
At times celestial hope her grief allay'd;
At times'afresh the potent feeling sway'd ;
At length in christian fortitude resigned,
She trusts the wisdom of the Almighty mind,
Who makes his favour'd feel the afflicted smart,
And wounds the spirit but to cure the heart!

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** O Thou, my King, my Father, and my God!
Prais'd be thy name, I own thy chastening rod :
When best for me the stroke to meet or shun,
Strike or withhold, and let thy will be done !"

She spoke, when lo! a cloud appear'd to move
In billowy wreathes along the towering grove;
Its thickening folds an angel form convey'd,
Around whose brows celestial glories play'd;
A starry crown on his fair temples beam'd,
His twinkling eyes like radiant Hesper gleam'd,
His locks th' undulating meteors stream'd;
His cheeks with morn's empurpled blushes glow,
His jewell'd robes in loose luxuriance flow:
Round all the vapour, glittering as he turn’d,
The rainbow's mingling hues alternate burn'd,
He came commission d from the throne above,
And scem'd the smiling messenger of Love !
Borne through the yielding void on airy gales,
Down to the flower-bespangled bank he sails:
The sad Sophronia rais'd her wondering eyes,
And hail'd the sacred vision of the skies ;
Florello stood confess’d in all his charms,
She springs and folds him in her raptur'd arms,
Close to her bosom strain’d the lovely boy,
And kiss'd him round and round with tears of joy.
Whence come, dear child, to visit scenes below,
And bless a parents eyes bedimm'd with woe!
How fared


since the spirit wing'd its way,
And left this world of anguish and dismayi
He then: " My honour'd parent dry thy tears,
Give God the praise, and hush ungrounded fears:
For now beyond where storms and pains molest,
Beneath His sheltering wings in peace I rest.
Were I foredoom'd to drag a length of days,
And wander still thro' life's perplexing maze,

The threaten’d ills were dire beyond compare,
Each secret labyrinth hid a mortal snare;
Vice for my youth her sharp-fang'd traps would spread,
And ambush'd furies lurk in ev'ry shade;

Pleasure weave her snaky wiles,
And urge me to my fate with tempting smiles:
God saw the storm loud bellowing round the field,
And o'er me spread Salvation's mighty shield,
From earth transferr’d me to my natal home,
Transferr'd to save me from the wrath to come,

“ For far beyond that wide encircling pole,
Within whose vault the starry myriads roll,
The empyreal regions bright with day divine,"
And the high towers of favour'd Salem shine :
There round the Eternal Throne we tune our lays,
And themes majestic swell from praise to praise;
There trees of life their verdant ranks unfold,
And health perennial streams on waves of gold;
There grief no more extorts the piteous wail,
Nor sin nor death with mortal shafts assail ;
Exempt from toil or pain we rest on beds,
Or warble praise thro' Eden's bowery glades;
Or borne by hosts of flying angels, rove
From clime to clime, thro' all the realms of Love!
Sometimes we wing those fiery tracts on high,
Where worlds and systems sail the boundless sky; ,
Trace planets winding their stupendous round,
Or dart with comets thro' the vast profound;
Or in bright bands revisit earth below,'

And hov'ring fiutter round the couch of woe;
With Heaven's soft balm allay the painful smart,
Lull care asleep, and cheer the drooping heart. in
And in fair vision opening on the eyes,
Make Paradise with all her glories rise.

Cease then my sorrowing parent, cease to weep,
Death to the Christian is a pleasing sleep,
For he who dy'd a rebel world to save,
And forc'd the shadowy portals of the grave,
Holds in his hand the keys of Death and Hell,
And gilds the horrors of the dreary vale.

“ And now once more we bid a short adieu,
For yon bright pomp awaiting meets my view,
Still hold the sacred dictates of the skies,
And ardent strive to gain th' immortal prize:
For soon revolve the few predestin'd years,
And soon you leave the cloudy cell of tears,
To heavenly thrones with choirs of angels soar,
And meet your long lost friends to part no more.”

As thus he spoke, th' ambient vapour came,
With films condensing round his lucid frame;
Smooth o'er the boughs that crown'd the sylvan scene
It sails, and rising, mounts the calm serene,
Where stretch'd in ranks along th’unmeasured void,
Ten thousand thousand angels seem'd to ride
O'er a long vaulted tract, that dazzling shone
Across Heaven's forehead, like a milky zone,
Lin'd with a beauteous range of clouds that roll’d,
Such clouds as deck the western skies with gold!
Here round Florello clos'd the legions fair,
And bore him high thro' pathless vasts of air,
While all their harps immortal praises sound,
And list’ning orbs the choral strains rebound.
Now Heaven's wide gates their starry folds display,
And downward burst the whelming flood of day,
Fierce on my sight the dreadful splendors beam,
Starting I woke, and morn dispelld my dream,


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