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which means there has been no knowledge therein, of the Spiritual Affinity that is contraå. ed betwixt the Party Baptized, and the Parents thereof, and the Godfathers and Godmothers; therefore the Synod does command, That all that are Baptized, shall have one or two God. fathers and Godmothers, to present them in the Church, and to touch them on the Head before Baptism, and to receive them from the Holy Font: The Men must be fourteen Years of Age at least, and the Women twelve; neither shall any be admitted under those Ages. The Synod doth likewise declare, That there is such a close Spiritual Affinity betwixt the Godfathers and Godmothers, and their God-children, and the Parents of the Children, that they can never Marry with one another, without a Dispensation from the Pope, or from one empowered by him, and which is seldom granted , and never but when there is a very urgent cause for it ; and that such Marriages celebrated without a Dispensation, are void, and of no effect. The, Synod furthermore declares, That this Spiritual Affinity reacheth no further than to the one or two Godfathers, and one Godmother, but not to those that shall stand for them, tho' they touch the Heads of the Children, neither shall the Priest admit above two.


Eeing that by our Lord Jesus Christ, and

his Death, we are passed from the Old Law, to the New Law of Grace, it is therefore reasonable, that we should in all things be ingrafted into the fame : and whereas in this Bishoprick Christians do take several of the Names of the Saints of the Old Testament, as also several of the Names of the Country, insomuch that there are but very few called by any of the Names of the Land of Grace; wherefore the Synod doth command the Priests to do all they can to have the Names of the Law of Grace given in Bapz tism, but chiefly those of the Holy Apostles, and of the Saints that are most celebrated in the Church, not intending hereby to take them from any Devotion that several among them may have for some of the Saints of the Old Testament, whose Names have been hitherto very common in the Diocess, such as Abraham, Jacob, Zacharias, and others; nevetheless from henceforward they shall not presume to take the Name of Hijo, which has been very common among them, neither shall the Priests ever give it to any, it being the most sweet * Name of JESUS, to

* Name of Jesus.] The to be offended with such a Name; Portugueres had the least reason Emanuel being by much the of any Christians that I know of, most common Name in Portugal.

which that Respect and + Reverence is due, that none ought to take it upon them; for that in the naming thereof, all Knees both in Heaven and Earth, and under the Earth, ought to bow themselves, and every Tongue ought to confess, that it is from that Divine Name that we desire all the good things that we enjoy on Earth; command. ing all that are called by that Name, to change it for another when they come to be Confirmed ;, and as for the common Names of the Countrey, they may still retain them, if they are such as have been used only among Christians, but not among the Heathens, for as to those Names which the Heathens have || in common with Christians, the Synod will not have them to be given in Baptism, charging the Vicars and Priests that Baptize, to take care thereof.

of Reverence] Francisco Roz, and the other Jesuits, ought to I In common.] The Popes, have had their Order excepted among whom we have had so here; for if the Synod's Reason many Alexanders and Julius's, why none ought to be called by have had licele regard to this chat Blessed Name holds good, Rule. it will reach their Order no less than particular Persons.


Decree XVII.

THe Synod being informed, That there are

1" some Christians so far unmindful of their Duties in this Matter, as to give other Names to their Children, than the * Christian Names they received in Baptism, and sometimes such as are not used among Christians ; it doth therefore strictly command, that no Christian lhall presume to give their Children, or to call them by any other Names, than those that were given them when they were Christened ; or when there shall happen to be any just cause for the changing of their Baptismal Names, it Ihall be done only at their Confirmation, and whosoever shall transgress herein, shall be severely punished by the Prelate ; and the Priests must not be want. ing frequently to admonish their People there


* Chriftian Pames. ] This left their Baptismal Names which js what several Popes have done, were Christian, and have taken who upon their Creacion, have chose that were rank Heachen.

Decree XVIII.

THe Synod being informed, That when ma

1 ny Children are brought together to be Baptized, there are great heats, which shall be firlt Christened ; and that after having lay'd Wagers, they give Money to the Curates for the


preference, all which are intolerable disorders, and such scandalons abominations as the Church ought not by any means to give way to, and which might be easily prevented, if People could but be perswaded to bring their Children to be

cause of so many coming together ; wherefore for the removing of these disorders in the Church, the Synod doth command that the Chile dren be baptized as they come, without any distinction of first or last, and that the Priests do accustom themselves, either to baptize the pooreft first, or all indifferently; and the Vicar or Priest that shall be found to have taken Money. or any Fee, before or after Baptism, tho'it should be voluntarily offer'd, and of never so small value, or only what is to be Eat, shall be condemned of Simony, and punished according to the Canons.

Decree XIX.

1 all possible expedition be Fonts provided for Baptism, which may be built with the Fabrick Money, or with the Alms Money of the Church, or by a Collection among the Parishioners ; it must be erected in a decent place, in a corner of the Church, and shall have a hole in the bottom, through which the Water may be conveyed away, that so it may not be thrown


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