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deems the moft illuftrious and moft crifice of the ftudy of general beings effential part of human knowledge. to that of particular objects, he He propofes, with a noble fimpli-feems, notwith@landing, by the frecity, his conjectures and thoughts quent ufe he makes of school terms, on different objects worthy the at- and fometimes alfo by the adopting tention of mankind; and he might of fcholaftic principles, and by the have faid, like the old gentleman divifions and fubdivifions then much in Terence, that nothing affecting in vogue, to have fhewn too much humanity was foreign to him. deference for the predominant taste Scence of nature, morality, poli- of his age. This great man, after tics, economics, all feemed to be breaking through fo many fhackles, within the ftretch of his luminous was ftill entangled by fome chains and profound mind; and we know which he either could not, or dared not which moft to admire,-the not, break afunder. richness he diffuses over all the subjects he treats, or the dignity with which he fpeaks of them. His writings cannot be better compared than to thofe of Hippocrates on medicine; and they would be neither les admired nor lefs read, if the culture of the mind was as dear to mankind as the prefervation of their health. But there are none but the chiefs of fects of all kinds, whofe works can have a certain fplendor. Bacon was not of 4. Advice was received of the the number; and the form of his capture of Grave, &c, by the French. philofophy was against it. It was 5. The French crolled the Waal too good to fill any one with aflo-in gitat numbers, over the ice, and nishment. The fcholaftic philofo- poffeffed themselves of all the neighphy, which had gained the afcen- bouring country. They took two dant in his time, could not be over-regiments of Dutch troops prifoners. thrown but by bold and new opi- 8. A fmart action between the nions; and there is no probability British and French troops, near the that a philofopher who only inti-Waal, in which the latter were demates to men, "this is the littlefeated.


of REMARKABLE EVENTS during the Year 1795.


2. THE powder-mills of Meff. Pigue and Andrews, at Dartford, were blown up, and eleven men killed thereby.


you have learned--this is what 13. Five feamen belonging to the remains for your inquiry," is calcu-Culloden executed at Portsmouth lated for making much noife among for mutiny.

18. The Exchange at Liverpool deftroyed by fire.

his contemporaries. We might even prefume to hazard fome degree of reproach against the lord chancellor Bacon, for having been, perhaps, too timid, if we were not fenfible with what referve, and as it were with what fuperftition, judgment ought to be pafied on fo fublime a 28. The stadtholder and his fagenius. Though he confeffes that mily arrived in London, with the the fcholaftic philofophers had ener-fpecie, plate, jewels, and principal vated the fciences by the minutia archives of the house of Orange. of their questions, and that found 30. The brave 78th regiment intelle&s ought to have made a fa-taken prifoners by the French in


The ftadtholder and his fuite arrived at Yarmouth.

20. News arrived that the French forces had taken poffeffion of Holland.

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the Isle of Zealand, and all the
fhipping in every fea-port in Hol-
land taken poffeffion of by them.

-The St. Iago Spanish registerthip prize caufe finally decided in favour of the captors.

5. The Turkish ambassador made his long-delayed public entry.


3. The convention fettled the

4. The habeas corpus fufpenfion-forin with which pacific negotiations with foreigu powers should be entered into.

act renewed.

11. A defperate action between the Blanche frigate, of 32 guns, and a French frigate of 8; the Frenchman was taken, but the brave coinmander of the Blanche, captain Faulknor, killed.

12. Lord Abingdon fentenced by the court of king's bench to three months imprisonment, and to pay a fine of 100l. for a libel against Mr. Sermon.

14. Advice received of the complete evacuation of the United Provinces by the British army, and of the capture of Guadaloupe by the French.

18. Major Semple found guilty, at the Old Bailey, of ftealing a fhirt, &c. and fentenced to be tranfported for seven years.

-Commiffioners from Holland waited on lord Grenville, on the fubject of the Dutch fhipping detained in our ports, and were refuted to be recognifed.

23. Mr. Pitt opened the budget, and propofed, among other taxes, that for wearing hair-powder.

25. Earl Fitzwilliain recalled; in
confequence of which, violent de-
bates took place in the Irish parlia


Mf. Wilberforce's motion re-
fpecting the flave trade rejected.

-Twenty French merchantmen taken and deftroyed by fir John Borlafe Warren's fquadron.

In this month the duke of York was appointed field marshal of the forces.



2. The arreft of Barrere and his accomplices decreed by the French convention.

4. Prophet Brothers taken into cuftody.

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folemnifed in the chapel-royal, St. | rick, with whom he had cohabitJames's, at eight o'clock in the ed previous to his marriage with evening. A general illumination an accomplished and amiable young on the occafion. lady.

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30. The incorporation of Bel-prehending the perfon who threw gium with France decreed by the the ftone at his majefty, while on convention. his way to the houfe of lords. NOVEMBER.


3. Their majefties returned to Windfor from Weymouth.

9. A gold mine discovered, near Wicklow, in Ireland.

4. The powder magazine at Maubeuge blew up by accident.

6. A dreadful infurrection broke out at Paris, which lafted several days; but the conventional troops at length overpowered the infurgents: great numbers were killed on both fides. Many of the confpirators have fince been executed

7. The Cenfeur of 74 guns, and the greater part of the homeward-nary gazette. bound Mediterranean fleet, captur-held their fecond meeting at Co12. The correfponding fociety ed by a French fquadron.


14. The tranfports, with emi.

13. A rich Dutch Eaft India-grant-troops on board for the continent, driven on the coaft of Caman, called the Zeelylee, prize to lais. the Sceptre man of war, loft on the rocks of Scilly, and many of her crew perifhed.

The French army under the command of general Jourdan obliged to fall back from Mentz, and, on its retreat to the Rhine, experienced feveral defeats.

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26. A numerous meeting of the London correfponding fociety took place at Copenhagen houfe, for the purpose of adopting a remonftrance to his majefty, &c.

28. The new legiflature of France organifed.

29. The British parliament met for the difpatch of bufinefs.

-The king grofsly infulted, and his perfon endangered, on his way to and from the boufe of lords.

The treaty of commerce with America regularly exchanged.

31. Advice received of the capture of Simon's Bay, by vice-admiral Elphinstone, &c. and of the detention of five fhips found in the harbour.

3. The executive directory of France was inftalled at the Little

Luxemburgh, in Paris.

6. A dreadful hurricane took place at two o'clock in the morning, in which vast numbers of buildings were deftroyed, and many lives loft.

9. Alderman Curtis fworn in lord-mayor of London.

- A proclamation iffued, offering a reward of 1000l. for the ap


11. Colonel Crawfurd's account of the defeat of the French before Mentz published in an extraordi

17. The West India convoy, under the command of rear-admiral Chriftian, driven back to port in a fevere gale of wind, and five of the tranfports with troops on board loft.

20. Advice received of the infurrection in St. Vincent's having been quelled; and of the capture of the Superbe French frigate, by the Vanguard, of 74 guns.

23. An account of the furrender of the Dutch colony of the Cape of Good Hope to his majesty's forces, publifhed in an extraordinary ga


25. The king of Poland made a formal furrender of his crown for a penfion.

28. An account received of the defeat of general Pichegru by the Auftrians.


5. M. Carletti, the Tufcan ambaffador, ordered to leave France by the executive directory.

7. Mr. Pitt opened his budget, when a debate took place on the


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