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LORD DE opinion is not incident to the discourse of the High Inventories of Goods at Leicester House, 4th Oct. LORD DE ISLE AND Court of Parliament. This has been printed.)



DUDLEY. Four leaves of Memoranda by Earl Robert about Many Inventories of furniture, plate, pictures, hanghimself and his wife in the civil wars. Begins “Before ings, &c. of the 16th and 17th centuries. “ I went into France I had for some years given to my “ wife an allowance of 1,9501. . . . . In May 1636

“ the King sent me Ambassador Extraordinary into
“ France."

Hen. II., apud Brugiam. Charter in Latin, addressed
A 12mo volume of the 18th century. The power of

to all his men, French and English, whereby he grants
the first minister compared with those of some centuries

to William de Sidne, Kt., and his heirs, the manor of past, wherein is particularly considered his opulence,

Sutton, to be holden by the service of one knight. The his expense in building, and height of credit, in which

witnesses are, T. the King's Chamberlain, the Earl the happiness of former reigns is opposed to our own.

of Clare, the Earl Alberi, Geoffry Fitz Peter, H. de 1739. (80 pp.) Begins “ The nos nequimus of Horace

Essex, Constable, Richard de Hum., Constable, Warin
“ I esteem altogether a poetic flight." .

Fitz Gerard, Chamberlain, William de Hum, Constable,
Part (14 leaves) of an autograph journal by Robert

and eight others. Great seal appended : on one side
Sidney, 2nd Earl of Leicester, of his embassy to Charles

the king on horse, with sword and spade-shaped shield; IV., King of Denmark, in 1632, to condole with him on

on the other side the king on horse, with spear. the death of Sophia, Queen Dowager of Denmark, grand John, son of the King of England, and Duke of mother of King Charles I. This fragment extends from Ireland, by a Latin Charter gives to William de Burgh 17th Sept. to 2nd November inclusive. (Arthur Collins. half a Cantred at Tilra'ct in which is Kelsela, to be in his Memoirs of the Sydneys, vol. i. p. 148, mentions holden by the service of two knights' fees. this journal in terms that imply that he had seen the 10 Richard I., Nov. 9, at Roché Andely. The King whole of it, and he says that it would be printed in that by Latin Charter grants to the Abbey of Robertsbridge Collection, but it is not there printed.)

(co. Sussex), a general confirmation of all that Alured 1671-1687. Account of the Customs and the several de St. Martin, the founder, gave in frankalmoign, and Imposts in England and Wales. A quarto volume. what divers other persons (named) gave. Witness, the

1694. Estimate of Repairs of Fort Tilbury and forts Archbishop of Canterbury. Given by the hands of on the Medway. Signed by C. Musgrave and three Master Robert, then acting for the Chancellor. The others. (Thin folio.)

great seal is pendent. The King sits crowned, sword in HOUSEHOLD Books, COMPUTI, AND OTHER ACCOUNTS, BILLS,

hand, the sun on one and the moon on the other side of

his head. On the other side of the seal the King is on

horse with sword, and a shield bearing three leopards.
Richard II. Two Computi for Fodylonde, and very Three Latin deeds by Irish Kings :-*
many for the same manor in the 15th century.

44 Hen. III. —- Canorut (?), M. Offen, Rex Cicle
12 & 13 Hen. VI. Computus for the possessions of (Corcorie, i.e. Cork), apud Canoriam prometto et obligo
John Bardol, lately acquired by Ralph, Lord Cromwell. me quod varentabo Hugoni Byscet coram domino

38–9 Hen. VI. Computus by George Fishale, steward Burgo com. Ultonie de vaccis hominum meorum be-
of Lord Cromwell, for properties in various counties. taxorum domini comitis quas idem Hugo Byscet mihi

Temp. Hen. VIII. Many Computi for Sir William · resstituit et in omnibus modis induxi Hugonem Byscet
Sydney in this and other reigns.

ad cariandum omnes vaccas quas eachmarchach m'c
Household Books for 24 Hen. VIII. (2), 2 Edw. VI., m'ederg . .,. contra pacem meam et contra
and Mary.

pacem domini comitis adduxit secum de terra. (Seal
Account books of Westell for the years 35 Hen. VIII. gone.)
and 36 Hen. VIII.

53 Hen. (III.), Oct. 2, Antrim. Odo Onel, Rex Kene-
1555. Folio. Book of Accounts of Sir Henry Sydney leañ, is bound to the nobleman his lord W. de Burgh,
The accounts are signed by him weekly.

Earl of Ulster and Lord of Connaught, in 3,500 cows, 1574-5. Penshurst. Account of John Pliswater, to be paid as follows, viz.:-1,000 at the Feast of All gent., Receiver of the Revenues and Steward of the Saints, 44 Hen. III., 1,000 at the Feast of the Nativity Household and Surveyor of the Works there ; and of of our Lord then next, and 1,500 at the Feast of the other receivers, for possessions in the counties of Lin- Invention of the Holy Cross in the same year. And he coln, Rutland, Southampton, &c.

is bound to deliver to the said Earl before the said Feast 1574. Folio, paper. "William Chelsame's Book of of All Saints, four hostages, namely, “ Conleht, my son, Accounts for Lady Sydney. (9 leaves.)

if by any means I can get him, and his son Ogel1570. Account of John Thomas, Esq., Treasurer of " muhtry, begotten on his lawful spouse, and his son, the Household of Sir Henry Sydney (for three years " or brother, M‘Kanewel, also the son of O’Karry (my ending Michaelmas, 1570).

" adopted child), begotten on his lawful spouse, or the 1573-6 and other years. An immense number of “ son of his brother." If he can not do this, then he is Bills and Receipts of Sir Henry Sydney, including bound to return and revert to the said Earl and subject tailors' bills and stable bills. (Sir Henry seems to have himself in all things to his person and will. And he been his own auditor: his signature was the warrant has promised to bind himself under pain of excommunifor payment of a bill.)

cation to keep Aleanor, his wife, cousin of the said 1570. Two bills to Lady Mary Sydney. The last day Earl, honourably and faithfully, furnishing her with of December 1570. Sold to her honore a jewell with necessaries : and all her rights, as well in lands as the storie of time set with diamonds and rubies, 101. goods, which are considered to belong to her according Same day—A ringe set with a rose. (These were most to the use and custom of bis country, he will cause to likely for New Year's gifts.)

be rendered to her. To keep this agreement he has
1574. Bill for armour and bows, &c.--22 armurs, 221. sworn on the Gospels (sacrosancta) to the Earl. If he
the score. 200 calivers, 141. the score. 200 murrions, break the agreement, the Earl may drive him from his
38. 6d. the piece. 100 pikes, 28. 6d. the piece. 34 hal regality, which he is bound to hold of him (ab eo tenere
berds, 81. the score. 31 bows, 28. 10d. each. 21 sheafs debeo), and to give or sell it to any one else. (Seal
of arrows, 22d. the sheaf.

1623. Folio. Charges of a week, beginning Sunday, 6 Edw. (I.), Dec. 1. Dermicius Ocaan, Rex Fernecrene,
8th June 1623. Lord Leycester.-The names of the surrenders to Richard Earl of Ulster and Lord of Con-
household at table are given.

naught all the land of Glen Oconcahil, which het held
1625. Folio, two thin volumes. Philip Marett's of the Earl immediately, to hold to the Earl in fee.
accounts. "Diets, &c. of Lord Leycester and his at Dated apud Novam villam de Blawyc. Witnesses, W. de

Mandeville, then Steward of Ulster, Thomas de Mande

ville, Hugh Byset, William de Athy, and Walter de

Say, Knights, Roger de Sancto Bosco, Matthew de
Large folio. Inventory of Furniture, &c. at Kenil. Hanewode, and others. (Seal gone.)
worth and other places, of Robert Dudley, Earl of There are other royal Charters among the Roberts.
Leicester, 1585. It contains lists of tapestry, arms, bridge deeds.
plate, pewter, &c.

Household books for 24 Hen. VII., 2 Edw. VI., Mary.
Inventory of Merchandize on board the “Flying

* Copies of the 2nd and 3rd of these (but not of the 1st) are in the
Harte" of Antwerp, made by order of Sir Henry Sidney. Library of Lincoln's Inn (Vol. xii. (xi.)]; they were communicated to
Among it are Ginger, Molasses, Shewmac, Orchall,

Selden by Robert Sidney, Earl of Leicester. He also gave a copy of

another by Turchelagh O'Connor, King of Connaught, dated 18 Edw. II. Bayberries, Dragons blood, and the furniture of the

This last I did not see. ship. The value was 1,2211. 198. 11d.

+ He uses the plural, nos.

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Shortly after the dissolution of the monasteries the site of this Abbey was granted to Sir Wm. Sydney and his wife, and at the same time they doubtless received the title deeds and rolls relating to the abbatial possessions now found at Penshurst. These Robertsbridge documents are noticed and extracts from some are given in the 8th volume of the Sussex Archæological Collections (1856). In number the documents are between 300 and 400.

Henry Earl of Eu,* to all his men, French and English. He grants Fodilandet to the Abbey. One of the witnesses is Alured de St. Martin (the founder).

Ralph de Hyssondun, I Earl of Eu, to all his men, French and English. He grants to the Abbey all lands, men, and rent, which Alured de St. Martin, founder of the Abbey, gave them in his fee. The words hirs testibus are there, but the names of witnesses are not added. It has a large seal, barry a label of 5 points; and the legend Sigillum Radulfi de Issoldun. (In another seal the label has 8 points).

37 Hon. III. Royal Charter confirming certain grants by Cecily de Avranches, the Abbat of Tréport (Ultriport), and other persons.

13th century. "Letter by Arthur, Abbat of Tréport, and the Convent of the same place, to all men of the Rape of Hastings, great and small, ordering them to do

ring them to do all their services to the Abbat and Convent of Robertsbridge, because the writers had granted to them all services. Large oval seal of the Chapter

Two deeds between the Abbats of Tréport and Hastings. To one the Abbat of Bexley places his seal, which is large and fine.

6 Edw. I. By patent of this date it appears that the Abbats of Robertsbridge were Canons in the Chapel of Hastings, and had a stall in the Choir and a place in the Chapter.

13th century. Grant by William de Hastings to the Abbey. Large seal, a fess between 3 fusils.

Rainald de Meniers, and Matilda, his wife, by the advice of Ingelram de Gressenville, grant land in Bisopslade, &c., part of tenement which they held in the rape of Hastings of the Earl of Owe. Three large seals.

Daniel de Crevecuer to Alfred de St. Martin. Grant of land which Emma Spicefield held of him in the rape of Hastings. Large seal.

Certified copies, under the seal of Ralph, Bishop of Chichester, of Bulls of Popes Honorius, 1218 Lucius 1184, and Honorius (4th year) to the Abbey of Robertsbridge; and a similar certificate of a Bull of Pope Innocent.

1276. Anno Incarnationis, at Neddresfield. Robert de Mundefeld grants to the Convent the site of Poke. leserse. One of the many witnesses is Alured de St. Martin.

21 Edw. I., June 10, Westminster.—The King releases to Thomas, Abbat of Robertsbridge, the manor of Lambrehurst.

1225. Alice, Countess of Eu (de Augi), daughter and heir of Henry, Earl of Eu, in a grant to the Convent, seals with her arms, barry, a label of eight points. There is another grant by her in 1241 with the same seal. On the reverse is a female with hawk on wrist..

2 Edw. II., May 20, Westminster.-Letters patent by the King. Reciting that the Abbat and Convent did sustain great loss by inundations in the marshes of Winchilsea, Rye, and Promhull ; and reciting license to them to acquire 100 librates of land, he licenses Wm. de Echingham to alienate, &c., the yearly value being 50 marks.

17 Edw. 111., Nov. 1, Ditton.-Reciting that (by the patent above) Edw. II. had licensed Wm. de Echingham to alien the adyowsons of Salhurst, Odigmere, and Mundifeld, co. Sussex, to the Abbat and Convent of Roberts, bridge; the King confirms the alienation.

6 Edw. III., Jan. 20, York. - Royal confirmation of the grant of an acre of land which Wm. de Echingham had given to the Convent.

5 Hen. V. Bursars Computus; 4 paper rolls.

49 Hen. VI. Rental of the Abbey. (See vol. 8 of Sussex Archäological Collections.)

Ed. VI. Computus.

13th century. Two rolls of vellum, rentals of the Abbey of Robertsbridge.

1195. Agreement between the Church of St. Mary, at LORD DE Hastings, and the Abbey of St. Mary of Robertsbridge. L'Isle as Large oval seal of red wax; a man seated, with a banner in his right hand and a branch in his left.

1313. Large notarial instrument regarding the Abbey
of Robertsbridge. Four large seals are pendent of John,
Bishop of Chichester, John, Abbat of Robertsbridge,
Henry de Garland, Chancellor of Chichester, and Robert
de Leycester, Archdeacon of Chichester.
Besides the above-mentioned royal charters there are-

2 Edw. II., May : . ., Westminster.
2 Edw. II., March 2, Westminster.
6 Edw. III., Nov. 26, Knaresborough.
7 Edw. III., Nov. 6, Chilterne.
9 Edw. III., May 1, Clipstone.
14 Edw. 111. (and 1st of France), April 20. (There

is a very fine seal to this, not engraved in

Sandford). 17 Edw. III., Dec. 1, Westminster. 22 Edw. III., Nov. 5, Sandwich. 15 Hen. IV., July 7. The above are notes which I made from the original documents.

There is a manuscript list of the Robertsbridge charters, but I doubt if it is complete. (A Calendar of them by a private hand will bemade for Lord De Lişle.) The charters by Edward I., Edward II., and Edward III., are on vellum (and not on paper, as supposed by the writer of the notice on the Sussex Archæological Collections).

TATTESHALE, Co. LINCOLN. 1440. 18 Hen. VI. A process from the Bishop of Lincoln for the erection and making the parish church of Tatteshal a College. Ralph Lord Oromwell tho founder.

19 Hen. VI. Foundation deed. It has the seal of Cardinal Beaufort.

35 & 36 Hen. VI. Paper book of the expenses of the College of Tatteshal (Expensa Collegii). Payments for labourers, carpenters, bricklayers, &c.

2 Hen. VII. To a deed of this date is the seal of the College of the Holy Trinity of Tatteshall.

1510. Account of tithes and payments to the rectory of Tatteshall. Lacticinia vaccarum, una cum coragio, denariis Sancti Petri, decimis ortularum, &c.

i Eliz. Rental of the possessions of the late College of Tatteshall.

MISCELLANEA. Vellum roll, about 30 feet long, 15th century. From Adam to Henry VI., 1452. Begins, “ Considerans croni. “ corum prolixitatem.” The writer abuses Harold and King John; the latter he states was poisoned. He gives short notices of the Kings and the events of their reigns. The names are in circles crowned.

Long paper pedigree, with coloured arms, commencing with Paen de Gamedge, A.D. 1066, and others, in three lines down to 1608, when Robert Sydney, Viscount Lisle, married Barbara Gamadge, Compiled by Thomas Jounes, of Fountain Gate, co. Cardigan, West Wales.

1 Henry V. Court Rolls for Penshurst and other places in this and other years.

Extent of the possessions of Henry Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, when he died, in the counties of Lincoln, Nottingham, York, Rutland, Northampton, Warwick, and Kent. (He died in 1551.)

8 Hen. VI. Large roll of the possessions of Ralph Lord Cromwell, as well in right of his wife Margaret. sister of Lord Deincourt, as of the minor heirs.

Original roll of association by the Gentlemen of Cardigan to support the Prince of Orange. (Hundreds of signatures.)

Long vellum roll of names of all mariners and seafaring men in the west part of Sussex (temp. William and Mary), stating whether at sea or at home.

1298. Quarto, paper, 16th century. Copy of the perambulation of the Leucate of Tunbridge, made by royal authority. The liberties of the Lowy.

Meath, in Ireland. Miden. Dioc. Nomina eorum in diocesi predicto qui, contra Regia et Canonica instituta, beneficia et promociones ecclesiasticas possident. (1 leaf only.)

1603. Petition to King James by Sir John Poyntz for a lease of Exmoor Forest; and a reference thereupon by Sir Julius Cæsar to the Lord Treasurer.

Temp. Hen. VIII. Roll of Swan marks.

Sir John Dyer's opinion that the statute of 35 Hen. VIII. does not comprehend the County or City of Chester.

* Son of Alicia, Countess of Eu, whose 2nd husband was Alured do St. Martin.

+ There are many rolls for this manor.
i Husbaud of Alice, daughter of Earl Henry.
& There is a rental, temp. Hen. VIII.


12th century. Grant by William de Romara to God In the third volume occur the following supplemen- BISHOP OF and the Church of St. Lawrence of Revesbi. tary papers :

SOUTII13 Edw. (III.), Aug. 15. Andewarp.-After reciting 1. "The humble petition of the lay Catholics, recu

WARK. that he had granted to Richard de la Pole and William, “sants of England." his brother, lands in Myton-upon-Hull at a rent of 2. Letters from Bishop Ellis to Father Sherburne. 101. 38., the King releases the rent.

Rome, 1 March 1695.
7 Richard II., March 1. Hull.-Foundation deed by 3. On the foundation at Hoogstraet, 18 Aug. 1678.
Sir Michael de la Pole, Lord of Wingfield, of the Maison 4. Letter (autograph) from King Charles II. to Car-
Dieu, Kingston-upon-Hull, co. York.

dinal Azzolino, dated London, 13 May 1661.
45 (Hen. VI.) Part of an admission (on vellum) of 5. Letters from “William Howard” to his daughter
Katherine Howard to the benefits of the Order of Friars Ursula, one dated from the Tower, July 44 1679.
Hermits of the order of St. Augustine. Given at the 6. Speech of William Viscount Stafford, from drafts,
Convent of Clare.

altered and corrected.

7. Letters from Richard Langhorn to Father Corker. SEALs.

8. “The case of Oliver Plunket, a condemned pri13th century. Simon de Sidnei and Beatrix his wife "soner in Newgate.” engage to repay to the Abbot and Convent of Lewes two 9. Speech of Lawrence Hill at Tyburn, 21 Feb. 1679 marks of silver. They seal the deed with the seal of (Incorrectly named Robert in Dodd, iii. 361). their brother, Lord William Delamare, because they

10. Thomas Thwing's Letter to Mrs. Sheldon, Aug. 14 have not their own with them.

(See Dodd, iii., 372). 1256. To a deed of this date is the fine seal of the

11. Extract from the MS. Memoirs of the Life of

King James II. in the possession of Bishop Cameron. Abbey of Beggeham (Bayham). Under a canopy are two figures, one with a bough in hand, a vase with a 12. Memoirs and pedigree of the family of Huddleston. flower in it between them; a small head on right and Another copy of Dodd's History, 3 vols., folio, uncut, left of the pair of figures : a legend round the seal. formerly belonging to “ John Gage of Lincoln's Inn,"

18 Edw. III. To a deed of this date is a fine seal of who has added a note to the effect that “ The notes the Wardens of the Chapel in the Castle of Hastings; a written on the printed pages of these volumes were seated figure with model of a church in one hand.

from the hand of Timothy Le Neve.” A few larger Temp. Hen. VIII. Seal of the Mayor and Port of notes are inserted. Rye. "Temp. Edw. I. Seal of Peter de Ros: an eagle

A volume in 4to, consisting of two parts, pp. 156 and

13 devouring a rabbit.

Controversial Notes written by Father John Con-
13th century. Seal of the Prior of Ledes, co. Kent.
19 Edw. Is. Seal of William de Echyngham. On

stable in the course of his reading several works here

specified, e.g., Fuller's Church History, Knight's Life one side a horseman with trappings, and a shield of

of Colet, Sarpi on the Rights of Sovereigns, Bingham's arms, fretty; on the other side four shields meeting at

Works, Atterbury's Sermons, &c. In the author's their bases. (See engraving in vol. 8 of Sussex Archæo

autograph. logical Collections.)

13th century. Seal of Nicolas de Pontune. Chequy A volume in 4to, containing-
on a chief a lion (or dog) courant: above the shield is a “ Constable's Reply to Dodd's Apology for the Church

“ History of England. Copied from the original MS. mullet.

13th century. Seal of Laurence de Hunote. 2 bendlets, " belonging to Stonyhurst College." and 2 chiefs dancetty.

A volume in 4to, pp. 366, containing: “Joannis 1 Hen. IV. Seal of Hugh de Goudeby. Sable, a “ Gerardi Narratio de rebus a se in Anglia gestis." chevron between three men's heads. Crest, a tree.

A modern transcript from the original MS. at Stony. 11 Hen. IV. Seal of Alice Boteler, Lady of Swydle. hurst. Per pale; dexter side, quarterly lst and 4th a fess

A volume in 4to, containing, chequy between 6 cross crosslets; 2nd and 3rd, two

“The History of the Gunpowder Plot, by Father bendlets : sinister side, a fess vert between six birds.

“ John Gerard, from a copy made by the Rev. G. The above are a few out of many early heraldic seals

“ Oliver, from the original MS. now at Stonyhurst, in the collection.

" 1841." With the exception of the volumes of letters and other volumes noticed above, the manuscripts are at present A volume in folio, consisting of 136 pp., containing anarranged, so that reference to any particnlar item is Father Greenway's translation into Italian of Father difficult.

John Gerard's History of the Gunpowder Plot. At the

beginning is this note by Rev. Mr. Tierney :While expressing the pleasure derived from my visit

• Dr. Gradwell obtained and sent this MS. to Lin. to Penshurst, I can not forget how much it was enhanced

“ gard. Writing to him afterwards, he says, “Father by the kind hospitality of Lord De Lisle.

Bemond made the additions to Father Gerard's
ALFRED J. HORWOOD. "• History of the Gunpowder Conspiracy and trans-

" lated it into Italian. What you have is in F.
" • Bemond's handwriting. There are a few words
" here and there, in the margin, in a different hand,
Hoa wretched scrawl. These latter are in the hand-

" ' writing of Fa. Persons. I have learned these par.
THE MANUSCRIPTS IN THE CUSTODY OF THE RIGHT s ticulars from a paper in the handwriting of another

" person, which was once attached to the MS. history In addition to a large collection of Diocesan Papers,

"'in your hands. Nov. 18, 1822. Bemond is Beau

“ mont, one of Greenway's names," which do not fall within the scope of the present Com

The narrative ends at the conclusion of Cap. 12, with mission, the Bishop of Southwark has the custody of a remarkable series of letters and papers illustrative of the words, "e successe doppo la morte di questi the history of the Catholic Religion in England from " signiori.” an early period in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Many A volume in 4to, containing copies of letters and of these documents were brought together by the late papers concerning the Gunpowder Plot, copied from M. A. Tierney, F.S.A., editor of the new edition of the originals in the State Paper Office. Dodd's Church History of England, the issue of which,

A volume in 4to, containingbegun A.D. 1839, was unfortunately left incomplete

1. “An admonition to the nobility and people of at Canon Tierney's death. He left his papers to the or England and Ireland

“ England and Ireland concerning the present warres

Noor care of the late Dr. Grant, Bishop of Southwark, as his o moda

" made for the execution of his Holiness' sentence, literary executor, and on the death of that respected by the highe and mightie King Catholicke of Spaine, Prelate these documents, along with many others, passed

“ by the Cardinal of Englande, anno mpixxxviij.” into the hands of the present Lord Bishop of Southwark.

At the end, “ From my lodging in the palace of S. The more important of these Manuscripts are the “ Peter in Rome, this 28th of Aprill 1588. The Carfollowing :

“ dinall.” A copy of the old edition of Dodd's History, consist A modern transcript. ing of the latter portion of vol. ii. and the whole of 2. A plain and succinct narrative of facts concerning vol. iii. (being the parts which were left incomplete the expulsion of the English Jesuits from their College by Mr. Tierney at his death), corrected and annotated at S. Omer's; with original documents. By the Rey. throughout, with additional papers inserted.

Joseph Reeve.

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A volume in 4to, consisting of pp. 266

“An account of the travels, dangers, and wonderful “ deliverances of the English Nuns of the famous " monastery of Sion, from their first leaving England " to their settlement at Lisbon.”

From a copy made from the MS. formerly belonging to the Earl of Shrewsbury at Alton Towers.

A volume in 4to, consisting of pp. 322. It contains

“A letter to the Author of the Secret Policy of the English Jesuits, by Thomas Hunter, S. J.”

A volume in 4to, consisting of 564 pp., containing

Collections of Dom. Ralph Weldon, O.S.B. Paris, “ 1707,” being the History of the Benedictine Order in England from the death of King Henry VIII.

The second volume of the above work, consisting of 453 pp.

The third volume, unbound, and (apparently) incomplete.

A volume in 4to, consisting of 313 pp.

“Chronological Notes collected by Ralph (alias Ben“ net) Weldon, a Benedictine monk of Paris.” From a copy transcribed A.D. 1713. A series of papers connected with the ecclesiastical

1 History of England, bound in four volumes, in folio.

Vol. I. “Extracts from the MS. Life of Pope Urban “ VIII, (A.D. 1623-1644) drawn up by order of Car“ dinal Francisco Barbarini, in Italian, by Abbate “ Andrea Nicoletti, canonico di S. Lorenzo in Damaso. " It is preserved in the Barbarini Library. It consists “ of eight large MS. volumes in folio, besides two “ others of documents. The correspondence of all “ the nuncios, and every paper suited to the plan, were furnished to Canonico Nicoletti by Cardinal “ Barberini, some of them in his Eminence's hand“ writing, and others with his marginal notes. The “ narrative is almost entirely a mere abridgement of “ these authentic papers. This and the two following " extracts from the Life of Pope Urban contain almost “ everything that relates to England.”

This note is signed “Robert Gradwell.”

This first volume relates chiefly to the affairs connected with the marriage of King Charles I., p. 1.

The state of the Catholic Religion in England, p. 237.
The Mission of Gregorio Panzani, p. 287.
The Mission of George Conn, p. 431.
This first volume consists of 607 pp.

The second volume, consisting of 492 pp., contains “ Extracts from the correspondence between Cardinal " Barberini and the Rev. George Conn, his agent in “ London, in 1636 and 1637, forming two large volumes in folio, unpaged, bound in parchment, and tied with “ thongs. They are in the Secret Archivium of the " Vatican. They have this title on the back : 6 Ing“ hilterra. Sig. Georgio Conio, 1636, 1637. D. 2436. “ Shown by the Archivist, Mgr. Marini, to Robert “ Gradwell, 25 January 1827.”

The third volume, consisting of 600 pp., contains
The Mission of Carlo Rosetti, p. 1.
The Mission of the Abbate Agretti, p. 315.

Extracts from a MS. in the Barberini Library, entitled “Scritture diverse concernanti la rilazione dell' " Inghilterra dal 1688 fino al 1699," p. 377. .“ Relazione della morte di Giacomo II. mandata da Monsigr. Gualtieri, Arcievescovo di Atene, per Papa Clemente XI.," p. 499.

Papers on the affairs of England, from the Convent of S. Isidore at Rome, p. 527.

Notes from “Ricci's Historia sui temporis,” pp. 523, 599.

The fourth volume consists of 343 pp. It contains

“Acta Sacræ visitationis Apostolicæ Ecclesiæ S. “ Thomæ et Collegii Anglorum in Urbe a Sanctissimo “ Papa Clemente XII., A.D. 1737.

A volume in 4to, consisting of 129 pp., very confusedly written. It contains

The memoranda of Anthony Champneys. The principal articles are the following:

1. The Supplication of J. V. and P. S. to J. S. V. A., p. 1.

2. Memoranda of money lent, books borrowed, &c., from 1628, p. 19.

3. A note of things left at Bruxelles, 1623, p. 21.

4. “In my Oratory cubbord at Bruxelles are these " things following,” p. 21.

5. A note of all paper books and papers carried to Douay, A.D. 1623, p. 22.

6. Domestical occurrences and observations, from A.D. 1612 to 1630, p. 25.

7. Part of Mr. "Southcote's Will, 23 Junii 1625,

. 8. “Notes of direction for sending letters at home BISHOP OF “ and abroad,” p. 28.

9. “An inventory of all my household stuff,” 1628, p. 29.

10. “A note of all my books in England," p. 31.

11. Dead friends and acquaintance, with the date and place of their death, from 1623.

12. “A note of all my paper books and papers in “ England,” p. 35.

13. “A note of all that hath been written in the way “ of controversy of approbation, pro and contra," p. 43.

14. A proposition made by Mr. Ployden, 1629, p. 47. 15. Historical notes from 1578, began in 1628, p. 61.

16. Notice of the Bishop of London [King], his legacy, printed, A.D. 1622, p. 65.

17. Lists of English Seminaries and Nunneries abroad, p. 77.

18. Classified lists of the more eminent English Catholics at home and abroad, p. 79.

19. Memoranda respecting the chief events of political interest from 1623 to 1637, both included, p. 81.

20. The Unitarian's Reasons unreasonable. (Written on the reverse of the leaves.)

A volume in 4to, containingExtracts and notes from MS. copies, in Italian, of various State Papers, Discourses, and Dissertations, written towards the close of the 15th and beginning of the 16th centuries, belonging to Henry Howard, of Graystock, comprised in 8 vols., 4to.

The more important of these are the following:

1. Extracts from Daniel Barbaro's Report to the Senate of Venice on his return from England in 1551.

2. Extracts from Michiel's Report on England, 10 May 1557.

3. Extracts from Giovanni Molino's Report, 1607.

4. Report advising King Philip II. of Spain to undertake a war against England rather than Flanders.

5. Extract from the Report of Michel Soriano, written on the accession of Elizabeth, and before the change in religion.

6. Account and extracts of letters preserved at Holme Hall, addressed to Sir Marmaduke Langdale when in exile, from 1649 to 1659.

A large collection of original Letters and Papers connected with the history of the Catholic Religion in England from about 1575 to 1688. There are a few which refer to a later period.

Very many of the Letters are either without signature, or are signed only with initials or a monogram. The following names, however, occur as the writers of letters:

Balmer, ...; Barlowe, Edward; Bennet, Edw. (1615); Bennet, John (1625); Birkhead, .... (1624); Blunstone, Richard; Blacklowe, Thomas (1621, 1632); Britton, Matthew ; Broughton, ...; Browne, Thomas (1625).

Clifford, Henry (1625); Cape, Francis (1628); Champneys, Richard (1625); Clampett, Philip (1653); Clerk, .... (1632, 1633); Colleton, ....

Ducketh, John (1625).
Eaton, alias Bennet (1624); East, .... (1632)..
Farrer, W. (1625); Fitton, Peter (1625).

Gage, . . . : (1640, 1659); Goodman, John (1640);
Green, L. (1718).

Hare, William (1618); Harris, J. (1625); Harrison,
William (1617): Harrington, Mark; Hughes. Hugh
(1625); Hyde, William (1634).

Ireland, R. (1625).
Jones, Robert.
Kellison, Matthew (1625).
Laborne, ....; Laud, William.
Missenden, D. (1625); More, Thomas (1624); Mount-
ague, Anthony (1608); Muskett, J. (1625).

Nelson, John (1625); Newman, William (1625).
Overton, Paul (1625).

Palmer, J. (1632); Pett, Henry; Prideaux, John (1600).

Rawson, Matthew; Rodman, John (1610); Rogers, Stephen; Roper, Thomas (1624); Rous, R.

S. Facundo, Bonifacius de (1625); S. Martino, Leander de (1625); Sacheyrell, William (1625); Sarra, Richard (1625); Skelton, Simon [?] (1634); Smith, Richard, Bishop of Chalcedon (1625, &c.); Swinburn, Thomas (1634).

Wariner, Richard (1625); Wenman, Thomas (1625); Windsor, Thomas (1625); Worthington, M. (1718); Wylmor, Thomas.

Many of these Letters are addressed to Rant, More, and other Agents for the English Catholics at Rome.

p. 27.



Interspersed with this Correspondence are various Documents connected with English affairs, of which the more important are the following:

Quædam pernitiosæ dispositiones in clero et populo Anglicano, ante subversionem , religionis tempore “ Henrici Octavi.” Endorsed “ Cardinal Pole." 10 pp. folio. .

Of exemptions before the fall of religion. 4 pp. folio.

De ordinatione ministrorum ecclesiæ Anglicanæ. 22 pp. 4to.

Gratie et Indulgentie concesse da N. S. Gregorio XIII alli Crocifissi del Illmo. Sre. Thomasso Stuchley, cavalier Inglese, 13 Giugno 1575.

- alle Corone et Grani Benedetti del medesimo, 13 Giugno 1575. Endorsed, “Cardinal Allan." 4 pp. folio.

A.D. 1594. The names of certayne schollers in Cambridge that were entised by Hector Spagnio“ maldij, an Italian, to passe over the seas." * About 28 in number. 1 p. folio.

Articles agreed upon before the Pope's Holiness at Rome, 17 Sept. 1595, by M. Verona, the Ambassador, and M. Susart, Secretary to the King, for the King of Navarre to observe.

A paper endorsed

66 26 Nov. 1595. A new common order for the Castle “ at Wisbeach, whereunto Dr. Bagshaw and the eleven of his side did subscribe ; but the rest refused for " the reason expressed in the postscript.” 2 pp. folio.

Notes for an intended answer to certain portions of Cecil's Apology, and portions of the writings of Bishop Bilson against Catholic Priests coming into England. 5 pp. folio.

The concluding portion (pp. 3 and 4) of Parsons' answer to Southworth's Challenge. 2 pp. folio.

Notes upon the “New Year's Gift" of R. Parsons, in the handwriting of Dr. Smith, Bishop of Calcedon. 17 pp. quarto.

• The opinion and judgemente of C. A. [Cardinal “ Allan] before his deatbe concerninge the late printed “ booke of the Succession, and certeyne poyntes there" unto aperteininge." Signed R. P.

Appended is

“A Memoriall of certaine notes which seeme might “ be proposed in the firste Parlamente and nationall' Consell of Inglande after God of His mercie shall restore the same to the Catholique faith, for the " better establishment and preformation [sic] of the “ sayde religion.” [The table of Contents and Preface only.] 7 pp. folio.

Another copy of the above. 9 pp. quarto..

“De rebus gestis in Anglia contra reginam Eliza“ betham ; ex libro de vita Pii Quinti Italice scripto et “ dedicato Sexto quinto.” 10 pp. folio.

"Ragioni che possono indurre il re a contentarsi che " sia vico è piu vescovi Catolici."

Appended to which is a paper, with the title, Jurisdictio danda episcopis Catholicis in Anglia. 2 pp. folio.

An Apology addressed to the people of England in favour of Catholic Priests, “supposed to be Blackwell's, " the priest's.” 2 pp. folio.

Forma juramenti Fidelitatis legis regia in Anglia stabiliti. 3 pp. folio.

Mr. W. concerning the oath. 1 p. quarto.

A document in Latin, endorsed - Consilium Cleri Anglicani episcopos petentis ipsi politico statui salu“ tare esse." 2 pp. folio.

Information given by a spy respecting Wm. Taylor, late of Magdalen College, Brian Holland, and ..... Fitzjames, dated 14 April 1605. 1 p. folio.

Nomina sacerdotum a reverendissimo domino episcopo Calcedonensi ad approbandum regulares per uni. versum Angliæ regnum. 2 pp. folio.

Rules to be observed by the Fathers of the Order of S. Bennet and the Fathers of the Company of Jesus, for the preservation of concord, which ought to be amongst religious persons, to the service of God and propagation of Catholic religion in the realm of England, ordained by Pope Pius V., 10 Dec. 1608. 2 pp. folio.

Recusants in the diocese of Durham in 1611, arranged under the heads of Knights and their wives, Knights wives, Esquires and their wives, Esquires' wives, Gen. tlemen and their wives, Gentlemens' wives, Gentlemen, Gentlewomen, and Vulgar. Broadside.

“ Informations” respecting Recusants in Yorkshire and the Bishoprick of Durham, in the time of James I. 2 pp. folio.

"The present corrupt state of Religion in five hundreths of six in the Countye of Lancaster.” Written in the reign of James I. 2 pp. folio.

A list of the Catholic Clergy, secular and regular, in the counties of Lancaster, Durham, Northumberland, Westmoreland, and Cumberland. 2 pp. 8vo.

Brevis narratio martyrii ven. sacerdotis Tho. Max. feldii, qui passus est Londini in Anglia xj. die Julii anni præsentis 1616. 3 pp. folio.

A relation of the second Conference with D. White, " at which was present His Majesty,” by Father Fisher, alias Piercy. 9 pp. folio.

The examination of John Tromble, a Scotsman by birth, borne in Tivedale in Scotland, but known by the name of James Fareman, taken this 29 August 1626. 3 pp. folio.

Heads of the answers given during his Examination, by John Tromble, an Englishman and a Priest. 1 p. folio.

The answer of the Lower House of Parliament to the King's Speech, 1628, Feb. 2. 2 pp. folio.

The King's reply to the said answer, made 3 Feb. 1628. 1 p. folio.

Narratio eorum quæ acciderunt in partu serenissima regina Magnæ Britanniæ, die Martis 22 Maii, stilo novo, 1629. 10 pp. folio.

A list of the English Nobility drawn up in 1630, with a note of the religion to which each belongs. It consists of 155 names, and has been drawn up by, or for the use of, the Bishop of Chalcedon. 7 pp. folio.

A note of how many missionaries, and of what order they are, in England, dated 1631. 2 pp. quarto.

Littera constitutiva Vicarii Generalis per totam Angliam, A.D. 1644. 1 p. folio.

The Negotiation of the Hon. Sir Kenelm Digbey, resident for the late Queen at Rome, as it was by himself presented by way of address to Pope Innocent X. Faithfully translated out of the Italian MS. 17 pp. folio.

Strange and remarkable prophecies and predictions of the holy, learned, and excellent James Usher, late Archbishop of Armagh. 1 p. quarto.

Mrs. Behn on Mr. Dryden, renegate. 33 lines of English poetry. 1 p. quarto.

Vindication of himself and his writings, apparently by John Sergeant. In Latin. 15 pp. quarto.

The last dying words of the late King James to his son, and daughter, and the French King. 2 pp. folio.

" To the right Hon. the Lords of His Majesty's most “ honorable Privy Council . ... the complaint and “ humble petition of Bernard Howard of Norfolk.” 8 pp. quarto. Modern transcript.

Ex quodam libro manuscripto super nullitate matrimonii ser. Principis, Fratris Regis, qui tribuitur Patri Rabardeau, Soc. Jesu Gallo. 9 pp. folio.

A volume in folio, consisting of 200 pp. It contains copies of letters and other papers written by the following individualls :-

Cardinal Allan, pp. 1-60.
Dr. Owen Lewis, p. 61.
Mr. George Birkett, pp. 61-64.
F. Parsons, pp. 64, 65.
Mr. Coverte, pp. 65-68.
Mr. Udall, pp. 69, 70.
F. Parsons, pp. 70-77.
Dr. Barrett, pp. 81-102.
Dr. Stapleton, pp. 105-108.
Dr. Worthington, pp. 109-114.
Dr. Wm. Giffard, pp. 121-149.
Sir F. Englefield, pp. 151–163.
F. Parsons, pp. 165-172.
F. Cresswell, pp. 173–176.
F. Agazario, pp. 181-187..
F. Oliver Manart, p. 189.

F. Parsons, p. 200. A volume in folio, consisting of 662 pp. It contains : The Journal and proceedings of Laurence Majes, agent for the Bishops and secular clergy in England, together with copies of such letters, memorials, notes, and reflections relative to the affairs that passed through his hands from the time of his departure from Douay, Aug. 12, 1706. It extends to 1712.

The second volume of the above collection, from A.D. 1712 to 1720. It is unpaged.

The third volume of the above collection, from A.D. 1720 to 1734. It consists of 387 pp.

Several original documents are bound up in these three volumes.

Three thick volumes in folio, consisting respectively of pp. 1100, 1033, and 1301, collected by the Rev. J. Kirk, of Lichfield. They consist of printed papers, interspersed with many MS. documents, illustrative of the history of the Catholic religion in England from

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