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ry of Christ's Khgdorn in this World 5 and that, both in the First and Second Branch of it. The First having respect unto the wonderful Pouring down of the mighty Spirit. Then it it that the Moon shall be for Brightness like the glorious Surt \ bur Light in this Gospel Day, being but as the Light of the Moon, in comparison of that Light which is yet to break forth upon the Church, in her Spiritual Glory. But oh how glorious will the Saints appear to be, when her Spiritual Glory shall yet so wonderfully increase, as to have her Snn sevenfold, like the Light of Seven Bays-, which can mean no other than a perfect State, when the Saints shall reign with Christ, in the Latter Part or Branch of his Personal Reign or Kingdom.

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The Beginning of this Time will be a Time of Trouble to the Jew S.

I. The Day os the Lord will be great First, TnrespeS of the Greatness of the Trouble upon the Peofle of God: Secondly, In refpeB os their Deliverance out of those Troubles. i. Christ is the Antitype of David, who is to reign among the Saints. 3. Though the Jews, with the People of God among the Gentiles, have been carried away Captive, yet they fl)all return again to their own Land. 4. By the dry Bones, is meant the whole , House of Israel, who will arise by the Spirit of Life entrivg into them. 5s. Then there will be a Re-union of all the Tribes, as one People and Nation, together with the Gentiles.

s A GAIN, the Prophecy of Jeremiah is full in |\ many Places, as to this promised Glory. I mail take Notice but of one Chapter for the present, and that is the 30th •, there are several Verses in it I shall give a short Paraphrase upon. In

rerq.ycn read thus •, Alas, for that Day is freat! (it has a Respect to this Time we are now treating of •, great it will be in Regard of the Troubles that will be upon Nations and Churches, with the people of the Jews, in the Beginning of that Lay * Great it will be in respect of the Greatnesses their Deliverance out of those Troubles, at this time, as follows; It is eieit the Time of Jacrb'j Irouble, but he stall be Javed out of it. I shall observe that the Time when, and the Means by which God will deliver his People; will at the first look so dark and dismal unto them, as that it will be called a limfi of Jacob'* Trouble. Secondly, Hew dark and dirmai soever the Providence of God may look at the first, yet the Lord will work the compkat Deliverance of his People thereby; but he stall be saved out oj it. The Proof of this appears in the Eleventh Verse -, For J am with thee, faith the Lord, to lave thee; though I make a full end of all Nations whither I have scattered thee, &c. In the Ninth Verse we have a Promise that they (that is those which are saved) stall serve the Lord their God, (tvd Lavid their King, whom I will raise up unto them. This David, that is here promised, who shall reign over them, and whom they shall serve, is not literal David, who was dead many Years before this Promise was extant ; neither can it be apply'd to any other Person that is a mere Creature; because it is said they stall serve the Lord their God, and David their King. This Serving I look upon to be a spiritual Worship which is due to God only. And therefore by havii the Lord Jesus Christ must be meant, who is often called by that Name •, of whom David was but a Type: It is Christ who is the true and spiritual

David, that is said to be the Root (in respect of his Divine) and the Offspring of David (in respect of his Human Nature.) This is the Person that the Father hath raised up to he the King os Sion. Ihavs set my King upon my holy Hill of Sion, Psal.2. and shortly will appear to be King os Nations too.

Then it follows in the 17th and 18th Verses, For J will restore Health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy Wounds, faith the Lord (which shews the Cretainty of the Mercy promised) because they called thee an Outcast; saytng, This is Zion, whom no Man seeketb aster. The Church of God hath sometimes, in her own Apprehension, and in the Esteem of others, been like one cast out, and not regarded: Therefore the Lord layeth this Argument down as a Reason why he will restore Health unto her, and heal her os all her Wounds: All Diseases, Wounds, and Maladies among the Saints, shall be perfectly healed, in the Time of Christ's Kingdom.

Thus faith the Lord, Behold (take notice of it) I will bring again the Captivity of Jacob'* Tevts (tho* carry'd never so far away as Captives •, yet the Lord wiU bring them back again to himself, and to their Land) and have mercy en his Dwelling Places (which {hews the Mercy, Care and Providence of God, not only over them, but all that appertains to them.) And the City stall be Itiilded upon her own Heap j and the Palace stall remain after the manner thereof. The Letter of the Words have a peculiar relation to the Return of the Jews, at the time of their Conversion: Wherefore this is an undoubted Proof that the Glory prophesy'dof, and in these Words, promised to the sews, upon their Return, will have its Fulfilment in the Land of

Caraan, Canaan, when the City Jerusalem pall be builded again, and beautify'd upon her own Heap: There where she hath along time lain in her Ruins, there shall she be adorned with splendid Majesty, and remain in that beautiful Glory, after the manner thereof, even in Jerusalem. However this may be expounded by some, as if it look'd no further than the Return of the Jews out of Babylon's Captivity. It appears evident to me, that the whole of all those Blessings here promised, had not its Accomplishment at that time. Besides, in the latter End of this Chapter we read how the fierce Anger if the Lord Jl)all come as a Whirlwind, upon the Head of the Wicked, in the Latter Days; ye stall consider it: Which must have a refpeB to the Last Day, spoke of in the New Testament: And therefore the Glory here prophetically treated of, must be understood of the Kingdom of Christ.

The 57th of Lzeliel is very full to the fame Import; where we have the Resurrection of the dry Bones set forth unto -us •, by which the whole House of Israel js meant, how low soever they were •, and ready to say, Our Hopes are cut off for our Parts; tho' they lay in the Graves, or like dry Bones in the Valley, as indeed they have done for many Hundreds of Tears, yet they shall rise again by the Spirit of Lifeentring into them, which will have its Accomplishment in the glorious Conversion of that People unto Jesus Christ.

Then we read of the Reunion of all the Tribes •, yea, the tenTribes, which rent themselves off from Judab in the Time of Jeroboam, who was King of Israels and afterwards were carry'd away captive by Piglathpileser, King of Assyria, 2 Kings, xv. 29. long

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