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evening we have no record: the next day, however, while the poet was busily employed at his studies, the door of his apartment, up two pair of stairs,' suddenly opened, and the Lord Treasurer, Lord Danby, made his appearance. Marvell was much surprised at the unexpected visit, and expressed his opinion that the Lord Treasurer must have mistaken his way. No,' said the other, 'not now that I have found Mr. Marvell.' He then endeavoured, by offering him a lucrative place under the government, and by every argument and persuasion, to entice the patriot over to the court; but Marvell, proud in his poverty and integrity, turned a deaf ear to his solicitations. My Lord,' he said I cannot in honour accept your offer; if I did I must either be ungrateful to the King by subsequently voting against him, or else false to my country in succumbing to the measures of the court. The sole favour which I have to ask of his Majesty is, that he will believe me as dutiful a subject as any which he has, and that I am acting far more advantageously for his true interests by rejecting his offers than I should do by accepting them.' Finding him inflexible, Lord Danby delicately alluded to his necessities, and pressed him to receive a thousand pounds as a free gift from his sovereign, and as a personal compliment to his talents. This was under the rule of the Stuarts, when our monarchs were in the habit of appreciating and associating with genius. James the First had patronized every man of learning; Charles the First was the friend of all the poets; and Charles the Second, among many other acts of generosity which proved his appreciation of genius, is known to have presented Dryden with a sum of money, and to have sent Wycherley five hundred pounds to enable him to recover his health in the south of France."

After such a proof that Charles could upon occasion both think and act nobly, we will pass over the murders committed by him under the name of law, upon the gallant and patriotic spirits, who indeed brought his father to the block, but who had done to the king only as he himself would have done to them had his cause triumphed. But besides there are graver and yet more important considerations that may bend us to a right judgment. The king of England is the head of the English Church, and what says religion both in letter and in spirit? that we judge not lest we should be judged-that we let not the sun go down upon our wrath-that we forgive our brother though he offend us ninety and nine times. "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord"-But Charles dug up the bones of Cromwell, and wreaked his vengeance upon the dead.

We have already noticed the want of order and connection in these volumes. They do not present a well digested and continued narrative, but a fragmentary set of sketches, utterly independent of all date and relation to each other. The name of a street or house suggests an anecdote of some distinguished character, and thus the same individual may be mentioned over and over again, and often in juxtaposition with persons, who lived long before he was born, or long after he was buried. With all these defects however, and some others perhaps on the score of accuracy, the work is well calculated to satisfy the present appetite for lighter publications that amuse without fatiguing, and which do not call for any particular exercise of the reflective faculties on the part of the reader.




Ackers, Mrs. George Holland, of a dau., at Hyde Chalmers, Mrs. John J of a son, at Keithockpark-terrace, 2nd August. house, co. Forfar, 7th August. Chapman, Mrs. W. R., of a dau., 29th July. Clarke, Mrs. L., of a son, at Blackheath-park, 25th

Andreae, Mrs. J. Charles, of a son, at Claphamcommon, 23rd July.


Appleton, Mrs. John, of a son and heir, at Norton,
Stockton upon Tees, 12th July.

Askew, Mrs. H. W., of a son, at Edinburgh, 23rd

Babington, Mrs. Benjamin, of a dau., at George
street, Hanover-square, 5th August.
Baines, Mrs. William, of a son, at Croydon, 15th

[blocks in formation]

Cole, Mrs. W. R., of a son, at Granville-square, 2nd

Colyer, Mrs. Charles, of a son, 18th August.
Collette, Mrs. C. H., of a son, at Porchester-terrace,
1st August.

Coote, Mrs., wife of Charles Purdon Coote, Esq;
late of the 3rd Dragoon Guards, of a son and
heir, 8th August.

Cowburn, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Allan Cowburn, of
a dau., at Humber Rectory, 25th July.
Crofts, Mrs., wife of the Rev. C. D. Crofts, of a
dau., at Caythorpe Rectory, 24th July.
Crofts, Mrs., of a dau., at Twickenham, 26th July.
Crozier, Mrs., wife of F. H. Crozier, Esq. Madras
Civil Service, of a dau., at the Isle of Wight, 29th
Cruttwell, Mrs., wife of C. I. Cruttwell, Esq. of
the Inner Temple, of a son, 30th July.
Dalison, Mrs. Maximilian, jun. of a dau, at
Stamptons, near Tonbridge, 30th July.
Dalrymple, Mrs. George T., of a dau., at Woolwich,
11th August.

Davis, Mrs. Hewitt, of a son, at Spring Park, Ad-
dington, 17th August.

Burke, Mrs. James St. George, of a dau., at Wool-
mer Lodge, Hants, 12th August.
Butler, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Daniel Butler, of a
dau., of St. John's Wood, 6th August.
Burr, Mrs. Charles, of a son, at Luton, Beds, 14th

Buxton, Lady Edward North, of a son, at Leyton-
stone, 5th August.
Caldecot, Mrs. Charles M., of Holebrook Grange,

co. Warwick, of a son, 29th July.
Camden, The Marchioness, of a son, 31st July.
Cappel, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Dr. Louis Cappel,

of a dau., 24th July.
Carpenter, Mrs. Charles, of a son, at Brighton,
2nd August.

Carter, Mrs., wife of the Rev. W. A. Carter, of a
son, at Eton, 14th August.
Cartwright, Mrs. Henry, of a dau., at Forde-house,
Devon, 13th August.

[blocks in formation]

Gilioli, Mrs. Joseph, of a son, at Albion Street,
Hyde Park, 25th July.

Gillam, Mrs., wife of the Rev. T. H. Gillam, of a
dau., still born, 3rd August.

Grant, Mrs. Wm. Charles, of a dau., at Collumpton,
Devon, 10th August.

Greenhill, Mrs., wife of Dr. Greenhill, of a dau., at
Oxford, 24th July.

Hambrough, Mrs. Albert, of a dau., at Ventnor,
16th August.
Hamilton, Mrs. Alfred, of Gidea Hall, Essex, of a
dau., 23rd July.

Harryman, Mrs. Tuomas, of a son, at Mereworth, 10th August.

Hartopp, Mrs. E. B., of a dau., at Dalby Hall, 31st July.

Hemery, Mrs., wife of The Very Rev. James Hemery, Dean of Jersey, of a son, 12th August. Hemery, Mrs. Peter, of a son, at Jersey, 10th Aug. Henshaw, Mrs. Charles, of a son, 4th August. Hildyard, Mrs. E., of Wimstead Hall, of a son, 1st August.

Hill, Mrs. Henry, of a dau., at Norfolk House, St. John's Wood, 30th July.

oare, Mrs. Thomas Roils, of a son, 15th August. ockley, Mrs., wife of Lieut. Adjutant Hockley, of a son, at Dinapore, East Indies, 12th May. Hooper, Mrs. John James, of St. John Street, of a son, 5th August.

How, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Augustus G. How, of a son, at Bromley, St. Leonards, 27th July. Howell, Mrs. John, of a dau., at Clapham, 19th August.

Howlett, Mrs. Henry, of a son, at Cambridge Ter-
race, 24th July.
Humby, Mrs. Edwin, of a dau., at Maida Hill, 18th

Jackson, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Thomas Jackson,
of a dau., at Battersea, 30th July.
Johnson, Mrs. W. C., of a son, at Holloway, 5th
Jones, Mrs. W. H., of a son, at Liverpool, 10th
Judd, Mrs. J. P., of a dau., at Oxford Square, 9th

Kay, Mrs., wife of William Kay, Esq. M. D., of a
son, at Clifton, 24th July.
Kingsford, Mis. James, of a son, at Sydenham,
17th August.

Lang, Mrs., of a son, at St. John's Wood, 16th August.

Leech, Mrs. John, of Brook Green, Hammersmith, of a dau., 2nd August.

Leith, Mrs., wife of Captain Leith, R.N. of a son, at Minnie House, co. Aberdeen, 5th August, Leonino, Mrs., of a son, at Westbourne Terrace, 24th July.

Neeld, Mrs., wife of John Neeld, Esq. M. P. of a son, 16th August.

Littleton, Lady Margaret, of a son, at Hatherton, 10th August.

Nevinson, Mrs. Edward, of a dau., at Hampstead, 19th August.

Norton, Mrs. Robert, of a dau., at Monmouth Road, Bayswater, 3rd August.

Noyes, Mrs. S. F., of a son, at Chester Square, 27th July.

Nugent, Mrs., wife of Dr. Nugent, of a dau., at Brighton, 12th August.

Okeden, Mrs. W. Parry, of a dau., at Turnworth, 29th July.

Oliver, Mrs., of Half Moon Street, of a son, 12th August.

Onslow, Mrs., wife of the Rev. A. A. Onslow, of a son, at Claverdon, co. Warwick, 6th August. Owen, Mrs. Herbert, of a son, at Budleigh Salterton, Devon, 24th July.

Owen, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Octavius Freire Owen,
M.A., of a dau., at Newark, 24th July.
Parr, Mrs. T. C., of a son, at Rockheare House,
Exeter, 24th July.

Pead, Mrs. Leonard, of a dau., at Brighton, 4th

Pollock, Mrs. R., of a son, at Manchester Street, 22nd July.

Powell, Mrs. Arthur, of a son, at Clapton House, Middlesex, 3rd August.

Power, Mrs. Louis Thomas, of a son, at Gibraltar, 25th July.

Powys, Mrs., wife of the Hon. and Rev. Horace Powys, of a dau., 25th July.

Price, The Hon. Mrs., wife of George Price, Esq. of

a dau., at Jamaica, 29th June. Prichard, Mrs. Richard Preston, of a son, at Milland House, Sussex, 14th August. Randall, Mrs. J., of a dau., at Portman Street, 4th August.

Ravenhill, Mrs., wife of the Rev. E. H. Ravenhill,
of Leominster, of a son, 5th August.
Rippon, Mrs. Abraham Crofton, of a dau., at
Charter House Square, 31st July.

Robbins, Mrs. Richard, of a dau., at Tavistock,
Devon, 18th August.

Scannell, Mrs., wife of D. Scannell, Surgeon, of a dau., 7th August.

Seaton, Mrs. E. C., of Sloane Street, of a son, 3rd August.

Senior, Mrs. Charles, of Liverpool, of a dau., 8th August.

Sewell, Mrs, wife of Dr. C. Brodie Sewell, of Walbrook, of a dan., 16th August.

Lower, Mrs. E. W., of Pimlico, of a son, 31st July.
Luxmore, Mrs. Coryndon H., of a son, at Keppel
Street, 6th August.

Mackean, Mrs., wife of T. W. L. Mackean, Esq. of
a dau., at Hong Kong, 27th April.
Maclean, Mrs. John George, of Wimpole Street,
of a son, 1st August.
McNeile, Mrs. William, of a dau., at Dinapore,
East Indies, 24th May.
Maitland, Mrs. D. J., of a dau, at Gloucester
Terrace, Hyde Park, 15th August.
Martyr, Mrs. J. S., of a son, at Savoy, India, 3rd

Maund, Mrs. William Herbert, of the Hill, Laver-
stock, Wilts, of a dau., 16th August.
Mayow, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Mayow Wynel
Mayow, of a dau., at Market Lavington, 9th Aug.
Millburn, Mrs. Christopher, of a dau., at Myddie-
ton Square, 4th August.
Mills, Mrs. Henry, of a son, at Gloucester Terrace,
18th August.

Milner, Mrs. John Crosland, of twin daus., at
Thurleston, co, York, 2nd August.
Minster, Mrs. John, Moolenberg, of a son, 16th
Moore, Lady Harriet, of a son, at Frittenden, 30th
Morgan, Mrs. Thomas, jun. of Savage Gardens, of
a son, 1st August.
Moxon, Mrs. John, of a son, at Souldern, Oxon,
12th August.
Muirhead, Mrs. J. Patrick, of a son, at Leaming-
ton, 25th July.

Mulgrave, The Countess of, of a son, 13th August.
Mullens, Mrs. Richard, of a son, at Myddleton
Square, 2nd August.


Shaw, Mrs. William Dalrymple, of a dau., at Notting Hill, 15th August.

Shepherd, Mrs. John, of a dau., at Wandsworth Road, 4th August.

Silvester, Mrs. H. E., of a son, at Beverley, 11th August.

Skipworth, Mrs. Randolph, of a son, at Wasperton, co. Warwick, 4th August.

Smith, Mrs. Charles Augustus, of a dau., at Greenwich. 15th August.

Somner, Mrs. C. N., of a son, at Altona, 20th July.
Stephens, Mrs. Arthur, of a son, at Whitewall
Hall, co. York, 31st July.
Stopford, Viscountess, of a dau., 23rd July.
Street, Mrs. E. M., of a son, at Ashling, Chichester.
26th July.

Sturdee, Mrs. Henry Parker, of a dau., at New
Brunswick, 26th July.

Sugden, Mrs. Henry, of a son, at Stillorgan, Dublin, 12th August.

Sumner, Mrs. Charles, of a dau., at Farnham Castle, 2nd August.

Tapson, Mrs., wife of Alfred J. Tapson, Esq. of a dau., at Edgeware Road, 15th August.

Tegg, Mrs. W., of a son, Trinity Square, 27th July.
Tennant, Mrs. William, of a dau., at Dean's Yard,
Westminster, 23rd July.

Todd, Mrs. Colonel, of a dau., at Dresden, 11th
Tolderoy, Mrs. J. B., of a dau., at New Brunswick,
20th July.


[blocks in formation]

Weber, Mrs. wife of Frederick Weber, Esq. M.D. of
Norfolk Street, of twin sons, one of whom only
survived, at Reigate, 22nd July.
Westmacott, Mrs. Horatio, of a dau., at Chastle-
ton Rectory, 22nd July.
Wodsworth, Mrs. W. D., of a dau., at Dublin, 30th


Atkins, Samuel Elliott, Esq., of Artillery-place West, Finsbury, to Charlotte Ann, only dau. of the late T. E. White, Esq., of St. John-streetroad, 24th July.

Wood, Mrs., wife of Captain Mark Wood, Cold-
stream Guards, of a son and heir, 17th August.
Woodd, Mrs. Basil T., of a son, at Aldboro
Lodge, co. York, 9th August.

Woodward, Mrs., wife of the Rev. J. H. Wood-
ward, of a dau., at Bristol, 26th July.
Worthington, Mrs. E. G., of a dau., at Wands-
worth Road, 3rd August.

Avery, the Rev. John Gould, of Llanelly, to Jemi-
ma, only daughter of Charles Barron Norton,
Esq., of Green-hill, Carmarthen, 20th July.
Baber, the Rev. Harry, Chaplain of Whitelands,
Chelsea, to Sarah Frances, eldest daughter of J.
Rodwell, Esq., of Alderton, 10th Aug.
Baddeley, Lieut. J. F., Royal Artillery, youngest
son of the late Major Baddeley, Superintendent-
General of the Barrack Department in Ireland,
to Emma, only daughter of Mrs. Curtis, of Ded
ham, in the county of Essex, and of the late
William Curtis, Esq., 5th Aug.
Barrett, Samuel, Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-
at-law, to Eliza Jane, only child of the late
Henry Turner, Esq., of Twickenham, 3rd Aug.
Bassett, John Dollin, of Leighton Buzzard, banker,
to Hannah Maria Satterthwaite, of Leamington
Priors, widow of the late Edward Satterthwaite,
of Manchester, 19th Aug.
Bayly, Thomas Heathcote, Esq., of the Middle
Temple, barrister-at-law, to Helen Kay, dau. of
Stuart Donaldson, Esq., of Upper Hyde Park
street, 27th July.
Bedder, Joseph, Esq.. of Camden-cottage, Camden
New-town, to Juliet, second daughter of Mrs.
Charlotte E. I. and the late Peter Lovekin, Esq.,
of Bushey, Herts, 10th Aug.
Bede, the Rev. J. E., M.A., Student of Christ
Church, rector of Westwell, Oxon, to Hester
Charlotte, daughter of the late John Lodge, Esq.
22nd July.
Beil, Horace James, second son of J. B. Bell, Esq.,
to Harriett Andrews, eldest daughter of the late
Captain James Dowling, Barrack-master of St.
James's, 14th Aug.
Bennett, Barwell Ewins, Esq., of Marston-house,
in the county of Northampton, to Lydia, the
widow of Charles Butlin, Esq., of Rugby, in the
county of Warwick, 5th Aug.
Bennett, John Nicholas, Esq., of Plymouth, to
Emily, only daughter of William Prance, Esq.,
of the same place, 12th Aug.
Bland, Horatio, Esq., of Culverlands, in the parish
of Burghfields, Berks, to Emily Alicia, eldest
daughter of the Rev. Henry Curtis Cherry, M.A.,
rector of Burghfield, 3rd Aug.
Borton, Edward, Esq. of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-


at-law, to Margaret, second dau. of Geo. Hutton Wilkinson, Esq., of Harperley-park, Durham, Recorder of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and Judge of the County Courts for Northamptou, 10th Aug. Butt, Wm., Esq., C.E., of Bicester, Oxfordshire, second son of the Rev. J. W. Butt, vicar of King's Langley, Hertfordshire, to Mary Elizabeth, only child of H. Shearburn, Esq., for Morningtonplace, Regent's-park.

Cardwell, William, Esq., of Whalley-range, near
Manchester, to Ann Doncaster, daughter of John
Isaac Marfleet, Esq., of Winthorpe grove, Not-
tinghamshire, 5th Aug.

Caston, Howard, Esq., Hammersmith, to Mary
Jane, eldest daughter of John Nelson, Esq.,
Abbey House, Enniscorthy, Ireland, 19th Aug.
Cator, John Farnaby, Esq., Captain R.A., to
Laura, youngest daughter of the late Edward
Golding, Esq., of Maiden Erlegh, in the county
of Berks, 19th Aug.
Chamberlain, J. R. Esq., to Erie, eldest dau. of the
late William Jepson Pardey, M.D., 8th July.
Clarke, Major Guy, 77th Regiment, son of the late
Major General Sir William Clarke, Bart., to
Sophia, relict of Captain William Walker, 26th
Regiment, and daughter of the late John Tyr-
whitt, Esq., of Pentre Parr, Carmarthenshire,
24th July.

Clarke, the Rev. Thomas, British Consular Chap-
lain at Calais, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of
Thomas Osborne, Esq., Deputy Commissary-
General to the Forces, 5th Aug.

Collins, Thomas, Esq., of Lorn-road, to Ann, relict
of the late Rev. John Parson, rector of West
Lynn, St. Peter's, Norfolk, 3rd Aug.
Colvile, the Rev. Frederick Leigh, vicar of Leek
Wooton, Warwickshire, to Caroline Mary, second
daughter of the late Rev. William John Mansel,
eldest son of the late Sir Wm. Mansel, Bart., of
Ischoed, Carmarthenshire, 28th July.
Constance, Mr. Edward, of Hanover place, Regent's
park, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late
John Ellwood, Esq., Peckham-rye, 12th Aug.
Cooper, William, only surviving son of John
Cooper, Esq., of Shacklewell-green, to Elizabeth,
only daughter of Henry Weir, Esq., of the
London and County Bank, Gravesend, 10th Aug.
Cornish, John Robert, Esq., barrister-at-law, of
the Inner Temple, and student of Christ Church,
Oxford, to Elizabeth Gray, only child of the late
George Isaac Mowbray, Esq., of the county of
Durham, and granddaughter of Robert Gray,
D.D., late Lord Bishop of Bristol, 19th Aug.
Crawley, Mr. J., of Chelsea, to Elizabeth, dau, of
Thomas Spence, of Stratford, and eldest grand-
daughter of the late Sawyer Spence, Esq., of
Upton, Essex, 23rd July.

Crocker, Sydney, Esq., of 30, Acacia - road, to

Annie Frances, daughter of William James, Esq., of Norfolk road, St. John's Wood, 19th Aug. Currey, J. Edmond, Esq., of Pall mall, son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Currey, formerly of thei 54th Regiment, to Mary, relict of the late Capt. James Sims Unwin, Bombay Artillery, 12th Aug. Dalziel, Edward, Esq., of Albert street, Regent'spark, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. C. Gurden, of Camden street, Camden town, 31st July. Davidson, Hugh Murray, Esq., to Anna Maria Laura Beresford Darby, only child of the late William Darby, Esq., of the 13th (or Prince Albert's) Light Infantry, and eldest daughter of Mrs. Shaw, of Ellenborough Lodge, Agra, and Bathwick-hill, Bath, granddaughter of the late Colonel William Scott, and the late Kerny Darby, Esq., of Cara, county of Monaghan, 8th June. Dawson, Dr., of Finsbury-circus, London, to Annette Maria Francisca Celestina, eldest dau. of William Oldham, Esq., of Holbrook House, Richmond, and of Port St. Mary's, Spain, 14th Aug.

Dimsdale, Frederick, youngest son of the late Tho-
mas Dimsdale, Esq., of Grove House, Hadley,
Middlesex, to Mary, eldest daughter of William
Manning, Esq., of Worcester, 3rd Aug.
Douglas, Donald, Esq., youngest son of the late
Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth Douglas, Bart.,
of Glenbervie, to Emily Jane, fourth daughter of
Hugh Kennedy, Esq., Cultra, county of Down,
Ireland, 5th Aug.

Drake, Mr. Frederic, of Gresham, in the county of Norfolk, to Mary. fourth niece of Abraham Easley, Esq., of Hoxton, Middlesex, 28th July. Elsey, Major, of the E. I. Co's. Depot, at Worley, to Eliza Henrietta Wetherall, widow of the late Captain Wetherall, 41st Foot, 10th Aug. Erskine, the Hon. Edward Morris, to Caroline, widow of the late Andrew Voughnan, Esq., 24th July.

Fenwick, William John, eldest son of the late Ralph Fenwick, Esq., of Haling-park Surrey, to Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of the late General Wilson, 27th July. Ferrand, William Busfeild, Esq., of Harden Grange, in the county of York, to the Hon. Fanny Mary Stuart, second daughter of LieutGeneral the late Lord Blantyre, 10th Aug. Few, Mr., surgeon, of Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Levens, Esq., of Upwell, Norfolk, 31st July. Few, William Edward, second son of Charles Few, Esq., of Henrietta street, Covent garden, and Streatham hill, to Mary Helen Denis, only dau. of Mathew De Vitré, Esq., of Southwick-crescent, Hyde-park, 27th July. Fincham, George T., M.D.. Oxon, of Spring gardens, to Anna Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Heygate, Esq., of Southend, Essex, 31st July. Finnie, Archibald, Esq., of Springhill, to Margaret Monteath, eldest daughter of the late John Guthrie, Esq., 3rd Aug. Firmin, Philip Smith, Esq., to Eliza Wright, third daughter of John Hulme, Esq., of Wokingham, and granddaughter of the late LieutenantColonel Donaldson, Grenadier Guards, 12th Aug. Frank, Rodolphus Bacon, Esq., A.M., Catherine Hall, Cambridge, son of the late Rev. Edward Frank, of Campsall Hall, Yorkshire, to Susan, eldest daughter of Richard Anthony, Esq., Drumcondra, Dublin, 5th Aug. Fraser, Mr. Alexander, eldest son of Mr. Robert Fraser, of Pimlico, to Charlotte, only daughter of the Rev. John S. H. Welsh, curate of Lewisham, 19th Aug. Fraser, the Rev. Alexander C., private chapiam to Field Marshal the Marquis of Angiesea chaplain to the Royal Military Academy, Woo wich, to Caroline, youngest daughter of tri«? Rev. Christopher Atkinson, incumber land, Halifax, and of St. Paul's Leeu 1 Aug.



Fust, the Rev. Henry Lanceeie. dert

son of the Right Hon. bir merger Jen"

D.C.L., Judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Dean of the Arches, to Mary Isabel, eldest daughter of Captain William Finlaison, R.N., 11th Aug.

Gardoni, Signor Italo, of Her Majesty's Theatre, to Annetta, eldest daughter of Signor Tamburini, of the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden, 14th Aug.

Garth, Richard, eldest son of the Rev. Richard Garth, of Farnham, to Clara, second daughter of William Loftus Lowndes, Esq., Q.C., 27th July.

Giffard, Captain George, Royal Navy, son of the late Sir Hardinge Giffard, to Magdalene Christian youngest daughter of the late Robert Mushet, Esq, 5th Aug.

Gilbert, Edward John, Esq., of Kennington, to Charlotte, fourth daughter of the late John Stephen Geldard, Esq., of Kensington, 11th Aug.

Goddard, Ambrose Lethbridge, Esq., M.P., of the Lawn, Wiltshire, to Charlotte, the eldest dau. of Edward Arshford Sandford, Esq., of Nyneheadcourt, Somerset, 14th Aug. Grahame, Thomas, Esq., to Elizabeth, widow of the late Major-General Alexander Limond, 28th July.

Graves, James Percival, Esq., of Fitzwilliam square, Dublin, third son of the late John Crosbie Graves, Esq., barrister-at-law, to Georgina, youngest daughter of Thomas Orte Lees, Esq, of Bloomfield, in the county of Dublin, 12th Aug. Grazebrook, Henry, eldest son of Henry Grazebrook, Esq., Liverpool, to Harriette, daughter of Richard Wheeler Preston, Esq., Beech-hill, West Derby, 5th Aug.

Green, the Rev. J. H. B., M.A., youngest son of the late Valentine Green, Esq., of Normanton, Leicestershire, to Janetta, sixth daughter of the late William Watkins, Esq., of Badby House, in the county of Northampton 27th July. Haig, George D. H., Esq., of Dalgam, Carnarvonshire, to Mary, only daughter of Joseph Pike, Esq., of, Charles-street, St. James's-square, 29th July.

Harris, G. W., Esq., to Cecil, youngest daughter of Professor Bernays, Ph. Dr. of King's College, London, 14th Aug. Harwood, Edward Morcom, of Bristol, son of the late Mr. J. B. Harwood, to Maria, eldest dau. of Mr. William Stuchey, of Montpellier, in the same city, 13th Aug.

Hawkins, J. S. Esq., Captain, Royal Engineers, to Leonora Mary, eldest daughter of Denis H. Kelly, Esq., of Castle Kelly, county of Galway, 11th Aug.

Hay, John Charles Dalrymple, Esq., Commander, R.N., eldest son of Sir James Dalrymple Hav, Bart., of Park-place, and Dunraggit, to the Hon Eliza Napier, third daughter of the Right Hou William John Lord Napier, 18th Aug. Henry, James Grant, Esq., of Lawrance Pountnes hill, London, youngest son of Thom. Her Esq., of Bush-hill, Middlesex fo -lings, eldest daughter of Edwar Esq., R.N., of Groombridge 3rd Ai Hessey, the Rev. James Augustu master of Merchant Tay' Fellow of St. John's Cole, second daughter of p

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