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2. Copy of preceding.
3. Copy of the Admiralty warrant referred to in

the petitions, 20th June 1615. 1624, April 16. — Petition of Francis Carew, Esq., Prothonotary of His Majesty's Court of Chancery, “ both in his own and the behalf of diverse clerks in “ his office." The only benefit of his place, and the means of livelihood of his clerk, was “the writing unto “ the Great Seal of process and supersedeas for the “ peace and good behaviour,” which by a Bill before Parliament is absolutely taken away. Prays relief.

1624, April 16.-Petition of the heir and executors of Sir James Cuningham, of 'the realm of Ireland, lately deceased, that the money due to him from the Muscovy Company may be paid to the Clerk of the House, and remain in his custody until petitioners have made out their claim to it.

1624, April 17.-Draft of " An Act to restrain the “ worsted weavers within the county of Norfolk and “ city of Norwich from buying or using any other yarn, " to be employed in the manufacture of worsteds, other " than such as been of wools of Norfolk growth and " wrought within the said county of Norfolk and city "s of Norwich.” Read 1a. C. J., I. 769. Rejected, 23 April. C. J., I. 773.

1624, April 17.-Draft of " An Act for the naturalizing " of Jaques De Beste." Read 19. L. J., III. 312. No further proceeding.

1624, April 19.- Draft of “ An Act to restrain butchers “ from grazing of cattle." No butcher to keep any cattle or sheep on grass for more than 30 days after buying the same before killing. Read 14. C. J., I. 770. No further proceeding.

1624, April 23.-Petition of " distressed prisoners in “ the common gaol in general, and living only upon the “ charity thereof,” detailing the hardships they have endured during the past winter, and praying for a more equal distribution of the charities contributed towards their support. Noted, “This petition is to be considered “ of when the money in the box is to be divided.”

1624, April 23.-Petition of Richard Lewis, merchant. Complains of a judgment given against him by the Company of Eastland Merchants, touching a ship. The company are empowered by their charter to judge certain causes. Prays for a commission of enquiry. Noted, “ Rejected."

1624, April 23.--Petition of John Sharpe, one of the Yeomen Ūshers of His Majesty's chamber, that a debt due to him from Sir James Cuningham may be paid out of the monies due to Cuningham from the merchants of London.

1624, April 23.--Petition of Thomas Northen that the Muscovy Company may be ordered to pay petitioner 101. 108. for casks seized by them out of a ship employed by Sir James Cuningham's Company.

1624, April 23.-Petition of Benjamin Crokey that his Bill for the restoration of the Free Grammar School at Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, may be received and read without any further payment of fees.

1624, April 24.–Petition of George White, of the city of Exon, gent. Was plaintiff in the High Court of Star Chamber in a suit against John Norcote, justice of the peace, and Thomas Pearce, a constable, “ for “ smothering a murder committed by the said con“ stable's son.” Damages and costs were given against petitioner, for the non-payment of which he was committed to the Fleet. Prays for a hearing.

1624, April 26.--Draft of “An Act for the better ex“ planation of a Statute made in the 7th year of King “ Edward IV., intituled An Act for the election, oath, “ authority, searching, and sealing of the Wardens of " Worsted weavers in Norwich and Norfolk, and for " some further addition to avoid divers abuses in the " said trade, and for the better ordering thereof." Read 18. C. J., I. 775. No further proceeding.

1624, April 27.-Draft of " An Act against the expor. “ tation of wool, wool fells, mortlings, shortlings, yarn “ made of wool, wool flocks, fullers earth, and fulling " clay." Great mischief being caused to the country by the exportation of native commodities, the Bill enacts that the exportation, or assisting in the exportation of any of the above articles shall be felony. L. J., III. 322. Annexed, 1. List of Committee in H. C. 6 March 1624. C.J.,

I. 730. Committed, 24 May 1624. L. J., III.

403. No further proceeding. 1624, April 27.-Draft of “ An Act to enlarge and “ make perpetual the Act made for ease in pleading " against troublesome and contentious suits prosecuted against justices of the peace, mayors, conştables, and “ certain others His Majesty's officers for the lawful

" execution of their office, made in the 7th year of His HOUSE OF

LORDS. “ Majesty's most happy reign." Read 1". L. J., III. 322. 21 Jac. I. c. 12.

1624, April 29.-Petition of Mary Overton. Petitioner advanced 1,3001. to the Muscovy Company, of which they have only repaid 5001. The company have since obtained a protection, and she cannot therefore proceed against them in any legal course. Prays for relief.

1624, April 30.- Petition of Susan Dansye, widow, for relief against Anthony Blewett, by whom she has been unjustly ousted from the possession of the manor house and certain lands at Somerby, in the county of Leicester.

1624, April 30.—Petition of Thomas Hackwell and
others, twelve very poor men employed by the merchants
and company trading to the East Indies : were surprised
by the Dutch, imprisoned in loathsome vaults, and ex-
posed to such horrors that many of the prisoners died;
and the petitioners at length freed had lost to the value
of 3,6301. 10s. In 1620 their case was heard by the
Committee of the House, and the East India Company
then promised them satisfaction whenever the Dutch
should make restitution. The Privy Council also ordered
them satisfaction and directed the Trinity House to ex-
amine the matter, but the East India Company having
got the matter referred instead to the Admiralty Court,
the petitioners could get nothing but their wages.
Pray for relief.
1. Copy of order of Privy Council above referred

to. 1622, Jan. 7.
2. Petition of Thomas Harkwell and eleven other
mariners [to the Prince His Highness], that he
would commend their petition for relief against
the East India merchants to the Lords Committees
• for grievances, according to his promise made

on his voyage from Spain. 1624, May 14.
3. Brief of the mariners' grievances.
4. Another brief of the grievances.

5. The names of the twelve mariners.
1624, May 1.-Draft of "An Act for the restitution in .
o blood of Carew Raleigh, son of Sir Walter Raleigh,
“ Knight, late attainted of high treason.” Brought
from H. C. L. J., III. 335. Passed through all stages
in both Houses, but did not receive the royal assent.
1. List of Committee in H. C. April 8. C. J.,

1.758. 1624, May 1.-Draft of "An Act for the naturalizing " of Peter Verbeake.” Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 335. No further proceeding.

[1624], May 3.-Petition of Captain John Freeman. Sir Edward Burton, of Eastbourne, in the county of Sussex, outlawed upon actions brought by petitioner in the Court of Common Pleas, has, with others, been guilty of fraud and violence towards petitioner. Prays that they may have no benefit of a pardon deceitfully obtained from the King.

A slip of paper attached is thus noted, “The Lords “ think the petition full of ill language, and that if the “ suggestions therein be true, the petitioner may have or remedy elsewhere, and leave him to be advised by « his counsel."

1624, May 4.-Draft of “An Act for the further « description of a bankrupt, and relief of creditors “ against such as shall become bankrupts, and for “ inflicting corporal punishment upon the bankrupts in some special cases.” Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 340. 21 Jac. I. c. 19.

1624, May 4.-Draft of “An Act for enabling of the " sale of the manor of Rampton, in the county of Cam“bridge, and of divers lands and tenements in Ramp"6 ton, Wivellingham, and Cottenham in the same " county, now or late the freehold or inheritance of “ Edward Alcocke, Esquire.” Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 340. 21 Jac. I. c. 31. in list of Private Acts, Svo edition.

1624, May 4.-Petition of the poor oppressed inha-
bitants of Great Tewe, Oxon. In March last they pre-
sented a petition against Sir Lawrence Tanfield, Lord
Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, to the House of
Commons ; but on enquiring the issue, Mr. Wrighte, the
clerk of that House, told them that one of the House, he
knew not who, had taken it out of the House, and they
must present another if they wanted any relief. Pray
for consideration of their grievances.
1. Grievances of inhabitants of (Great or) Michael

Tewe. Have time out of mind enjoyed right of
pasture over Cowhill pasture, containing about
300 acres; but Sir Lawrence Tanfield having
bought the manor of Michael Tue about 10 years



ago, has thrust out the inhabitants from the prisoner in the Fleet. His misfortunes are the conse.
enjoyment of the said pasture, claiming it as his quence of his loyal services in helping to arrest Sir
" waste.” That not daring to contend with him Everard Digby and others concerned in the Gunpowder
they submitted to his mercy, but soon tasted the plot. Prays for relief. Noted, “Rejected.”
misery thereof, getting little or no compensation 1624, May 8.-Draft of “ An Act for relief of creditors
for their rights. Sir Lawrence has enclosed " against such persons as die in execution.” Brought
seven parcels, the best feeding on their known from H. C. L. J., III. 362. 21 Jac. I. c. 24.
common, and impounds any cattle straying Annexed,
therein. He has digged up their “mearstones 1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. C. J.,
" and marks," which must breed dispute and

I. 769.
enable him to get possession by little and little 1624, May 8.--Draft of “An Act to prevent the de-
of lands on which some of the petitioners ances. “stroying and murdering of bastard children." Brought
tors have lived for 400 years. That under their from É. C. L. J., III. 362. 21 Jac. I. c. 27.
leases the tenants are granted great timber for 1624, May 8.-Draft of " An Act for explanation of
repairs, but now are denied the timber, and yet “the Statutes made in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years of
fined for not repairing. That Sir Lawrence “ King Edward the Sixth, concerning the traders of
threatens to root them out if they will not do his " butter and cheese." Brought from H.C. L. J., III.
pleasure. That he refuses to pay any duties to the 362. 21 Jac. I. c. 22.
church “ for 36 yard lands of his own demesnes." Annexed,
“ That the lady, his wife, saith that the inhabi. 1. Fair copy of Act.
tants of Tu are more worthy to be ground to 2. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. April 3,
" powder than to have any favour shewed them,

1624. C. J., I. 753.
" and that she will play the devil amongst 1624, May 8.--Draft of "An Act that the county
“ them.” That Sir Lawrence and his lady said " palatine of Durham shall have knights, citizens, and
they should never improve their revenue till they “ burgesses to serve in the Commons House of Parlia-
had “sunk" John Niron, one of their tenants. “ment.” The county of Durham to return two knights
That they brought an action against him in the to Parliament, the city two citizens, and the county or
King's Bench for petitioning the Prince against borough of Barnardcastle two burgesses. 'Brought from
them, and got a verdict by default, Hiron being H. C. L. J., III. 362. Passed through all stages, but
unable to retain counsel. That Sir Lawrence did not receive the royal assent.
obtained an injunction from the Lord Keeper Annexed,
that he might enjoy the manor without disturb- 1. Two lists of the Committee on the Bill in H. C.
ance of the inhabitants. That Sir Lawrence has

C. J., I. 749. March 25.
inclosed many pieces of Hiron's known lands, 1624, May 8.--Petition of “Theophilus, the poor
and thereby stopped his right of way to other of “ Bishop of miserably spoiled Llandaif," touching the
his lands, forcing him to go a mile round to lordship of Llandaff and other lands claimed by Wm.
them, and has impounded his cattle without and George Mathewe. L. J., III. 363.
cause, while Sir Lawrence's cattle and swine are 1624, May 8.--Petition of John Andrews for relief
constantly straying. When Sir Lawrence bought against Sir Lawrence Tanfield, Lord Chief Baron, who
the manor there were 26 plough teams, but now forced a sale of foreclosure of the rectory of Astall and
the inhabitants are so impoverished by his op- Fulbrook, Oxon, mortgaged by the petitioner, though
pression that there are but 12. That he has the mortgagees had promised him further time for pay-
taken the lead from the chancel of the church to ment. Bought the same himself, and has never paid a
make pipes and gutters for his own house, has large part of the purchase money.
pulled down the churchyard wall, and thrown Annexed,
part of the churchyard into a pasture of his own. 1. Answer of Sir Lawrence Tanfield. That the
That he will not give the allowance of straw

purchase was made at the importunity of the
which the inhabitants have had for many years

parties; that the property was heavily charged, from the parsonage barn for them to kneel upon

and the full value paid for it; that Andrews in church. At his courts leet Sir Lawrence puts

violently seized the tithes on one occasion, which his servants and unfit persons on juries, and has

Sir Lawrence has been unable to recover ; that further oppressed the inhabitants by seizure of

the other statements are untrue. 1624, May 20. crops and horses under colour of legal pro 1624, May 8.-Petition of Sir Anthony Maine for ceedings.

relief against his near kinsman, Sir Lawrence Tan-
2. Draft order of Lords Committees for petitions, field, Lord Chief Baron. Being engaged in a lawsuit,

for Sir Lawrence Tanfield to take copies of the pe. he had consulted Sir Lawrence respecting the same,
titions of Warmstrey and the inhabitants of Great who under colour of assisting him had got possession

Tewe, and return answer thereto. May 4, 1624. of the property in dispute.
3. Answer of Sir Lawrence Tanfield to the petition Annexed,

exhibited in the name of the inhabitants of Great 1. Auswer of Sir Lawrence Tanfield. That he had
Tue. That no petition was presented by the said

done much for Sir Anthony Maine to the neglect
inhabitants to the House of Commons, but only

of his own business. He details the circumone of John Hyorne [?Hiron), who has alone got

stances of the cause, and declares that anything up the present petition, but not dared himself to

he had received had been forced upon him by sign it. Prays that some petitioner may be called

Sir Anthony in gratitude for the pains he had
upon to avow the petition, the truth of which he

taken. 1624, May 20.
denies, and annexes a short answer to the mate 2. Replication of Sir Anthony Maine to the answer
rial parts.

of Sir Lawrence Tanfield. Denies the state-
Answer annexed,

ments contained in the answer. Sir Lawrence John Hyorne [Hiron] is a man very malicious, “ of

was no counsel when the suit began. No account a violent spirit, and extremely audacious,

of monies received could be obtained from him.. “ daring to affirm things untrue for truth, with

Sir Anthony's father at length proceeded against “ out fear of God.” Has been justly punished

Sir Lawrence at law. Was put to great expense in law for his violent conduct and false accusa

by the delays procured by Sir Lawrence, and tion of Sir Lawrence. There have been disputes

died before the conclusion of the suit. Sir between the lord and the tenants, but they have

Anthony prays that Sir Lawrence may be called all been settled either by course of law or by

upon to give a direct answer to the charges.
arbitrament of friends, two for the lord and two 1624, May il. - Petition of Edward Malton: for
for the tenants. He conceives that such matters relief against Sir Thomas Mewtys, Knight, his debtor
are not parliamentary business.

for 401., protected, as pctitioner fears, by privilege of
1624, May 4.-Petition of Wm. Warmstrey. Holds Parliament against the ordinary course of law. Noted,
one third of the parsonage of Bleddington, Oxon, for a “This petition is not thought worthy to be retained in
term of years not yet expired. He sublet the same at “ Parliament."
451. per annum for four years, some 12 years ago, to 1624, May 11.-Petition of William Latham and
Thomas and John Mackerill, who again sublet the last James Provand. Sir James Keningham, deceased,
two years of their tenancy to certain persons for the promised to pay a debt due to them from him when he
benefit of Sir Lawrence Tanfield and his wife, who should receive money due to him from the Muscovy
having got possession refuse to quit, or to pay any Company. Pray for payment from the funds of the
rent. Prays for relief. Endorsed, “Agreed on by said company.
consent of parties."

1624. May 14.-Petition of Philip Smith, prisoner in
1624, May 5.--Petition of Humphrey Low, seven years the Fleet, against Sir Lawrence Tanfield. That in a

House of cause in which petitioner was plaintiff before him, Lady
LORDS. • Tanfield received 201. from petitioner, and a promise of

201. more if Sir Lawrence would do justice; but Sir
Lawrence having received a piece of plate from the
defendant, gave the cause against the plaintiff. That
in another man's cause Lady Tanfield received 501. in
a purse worth 31., before the plaintiff could get a heàr-
ing ; and in a cause in which petitioner is now engaged,
he has been unjustly committed for contempt of court
by Sir Lawrence. Noted, “ 24 May 1624. Ordered by
" the Lords Committees for Petitions, that this scan.
dalous petition shall be rejected.”
1. The answer of Sir Lawrence Tanfield. That

Smith bad petitioned the House of Commons on
the same subject, but that his petition had been
rejected ; that the suits in question were many
years ago, and that whatever was done in them
was done justly; that the statements respecting
presents to Lady Tanfield are utterly untrue.
He details the circumstances of Smith's present
cause, shewing that Smith was justly punished

for contempt. 2. Order of the Grand Committee for Courts of

Justice in H. C. for rejection of Smith's petition

Signed Jo. Wrighte. 1624, May 14.--Petition of William Weare, for relief against the unjust proceedings of one Mitchell touching certain lands in Wiltshire mortgaged to him.

1624, May 14.-Petition of Katheren Holcombe, widow, for relief touching a sale by her trustees with. out her privity of certain lands held in trust for her.

1624, May 14.-Petition of Thomas Smethwick, that the judges may be directed to hear his suit in Chancery, which they have omitted to do for fear of the Lord Keeper. Noted, “This petition to (be) shewed to my “ Lord Keeper.” “The like to the Lower House, and " rejected.”

1624, May 14.-Petition of Isott Bidwell, widow of Nicholas Bidwell, for relief against the Mayor and Commonalty of Exeter, touching divers leases, goods, and chattels seized by them after the decease of petitioner's husband. Has failed to obtain relief in the courts of law, owing to unfair practices and the injustice of Sir Edward Powell, Master of the Court of Requests. Noted, “ The Lords Committees think fit " this petition be shewed to Sir Edward Powell, and " that he make his answer thereunto with all convenient • speed. Dated the 18th of May.” Endorsed, “ May it " please your Lordships, I have seen this petition, and “ do in all humility for answer thereunto refer myself “ to the decree of dismission annexed, having never “ had anything to do in this cause but in open Court, “ when the Right Hon. Edward, Earl of Worcester, " Lord Privy Seal, hath been present, and others the " judges of the Court. Edw. Powell, 28 Maij 1624."

2. Bidwell v. the Mayor, &c. of Exeter. Office copy

of an Order of the King in Council confirming a decree of the 18th of May last past, by which the

cause was dismissed. June 1, 1622. 1624, May 14.-Petition of Thomas Bartram, for relief against Sir John Windham, touching certain lands in Norfolk mortgaged to petitioner's father. Noted, “Not to be retained."

1624, May 14.-Petition of bailiffs and burgesses of Chepstow. Sir Walter Montague left by will his house and grounds in Chepstow towards the lodging of a preacher and 10 or 12 poor people, and for their maintenance one pasture field in Hanging-Houton, Northamptonshire. The Lord Montague his heir is attempting to set aside the said devise. Pray that he may be informed of the contents of this petition, and persuaded not to hinder the devise, or otherwise that he may be called upon to answer the premises. Noted, “ Rejected and left to the ordinary course of, &c.” 1624, May 14.--Petition of Nicholas Botiller.

Ticholas Botiller. That

That one Crewe and John and Robert Bridges may be required to account for certain moneys and certain lands in Gloucestershire.

1. Another petition of same. Complained in a

former petition of the fraudulent practices of one John Bridges. Now complains of his

executors. 2. Brief of the case in which, under colour of

procuring and lending the petitioner money, the defendants had used his lands to serve their own

turn. 1624, May 14.-Petition of John Martin, a poor, distressed sailor. In his absence in the late Queen's service has been fraudulently excluded from certain lands at Tengmouth, in the county of Devon, which should

by deed as by law have descended to him. Prays for House of relief.

LORDS. 1624, May 14.-Petition of John Chapman of Whaplod, in the county of Lincoln. Anthony Irby has got possession of certain lands which should have descended to petitioner, together with the deeds relating to the same. Is unable to wage law with so powerful an adversary; that is potent both in purse and friends. Noted, “The petitioner may take his course as others “ of the King's subjects do in other courts of equity, “ this being not a fit business for the Parliament."

1624, May 14.--Petition of Philip Page. Vouches for the truth of his former statements, and prays for a hearing that he may prove the same. See Petition, April 7, 1624.

1624, May 14.-Petition of Peter Watson, grocer of London, for redress of grievances set forth in annexed paper. Annexed, 1. Statement of grievances touching the forcible

ejectment of petitioner from certain premises

leased by him.
1624, May 14.--Petition of Ann Pike. Complains
of injuries at the hands of Frances, Countess Dowager
of Exeter, as set forth in paper attached. Prays for a
hearing. Noted, “Rejected."
1. Statement of grievances. Petitioner had been

induced to carry letters for the Countess of Exeter
to Sir Thos. Hughes, and to lend the Countess
money. A discharged servant of the Countess
having made known her intercourse with Sir
Thomas Hughes, she wished that the petitioner,
if called upon, should deny it, which she refusing
to do, had suffered cruel persecution and unjust
imprisonment, had not been repaid the money she
had lent the Countess, and had been forced by

threats to sign the renunciation annexed.
2. Renunciation of all charges against the Countess

of Exeter.
1624, May 14.--Petition of Benjamin Deicrowe, agent
for the Muscovia Company. Has paid his share of the
debts of the company, but is still persecuted with suits
by some of the creditors. Prays for consideration of
his case.

1624, May 14.--Petition of Robert Salkeld, for relief against John Hutton, touching certain lands in the parish of Kirkswold, Cumberland : first claimed by Hutton's father, when petitioner was employed in the late Queen's service on the coast of Spain.

1624, May 14.-Petition of Henry Doddington, for relief against the unjust and oppressive conduct of Sir Thomas Mansell, touching certain tithes and lands, parcel of the lands of the suppressed monastery of Morgan, in the county of Glamorgan.

1624, May 14.- Answer of Sir Robert Mansell (endorsed Mansfield), Knight, Vice-Admiral of England, to the petition of Ann Toy, daughter of Rice Phillips, touching her right to the castle of Laugharne, &c. Noted, “ The Petition rejected of Anne Toy.”

1624, May 19.-"My Lord of Canterbury's notes of “ the complaint of the Commons against the Lord Bishop of Norwich in Parliament." See L. J., III. 388.

1624, May 20.- Draft of " An Act to avoid the extor. “tions and exactions of customers, controllers, sur“ veyors, collectors, searchers, waiters, clerks, and “ other officers or persons employed in or about the “ customs and subsidies of our sovereign Lord the King." Extends to all customs officers of whatever degree the provisions of the Act of the eleventh year of Edw. VI., which enacts that customers and controllers should not charge any fee for furnishing warrants, certificates, &c. when the custom dues have been paid. Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 393. Read 1", 408, May 26. No further proceeding. Annexed, 1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. C. J.,

I. 747. March 24. 1624, May 20.—Draft of " An Act for the relief of the " master, wardens, and commonalty of the art or “ mystery of Feltmakers in London against a decree made in the High Court of Chancery at the suit " of Christopher Warwick, gent." Recites at great length the proceedings in the suit, and proposes to set aside the order of the Court. Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 393. Reported, 418, May 28. No further proceeding. Annexed, I. List and proceedings of Committee in H. C.

C.J., I. 780. April 30.




1624. May 20.-Draft of “An Act for the reversing 16 of a decree made in the Court of Whitehall, com“ monly called the Court of Requests, between John " Edwards the elder, Esquire, complainant, and John “ Edwards the younger, son and heir apparent of the 66 said John Edwards the elder, and Richard Sherborne, " defendants, bearing date the 2d day of July now last 66 past, and for the making void of certain provisoes “ comprised in an indenture tripartite made for the “ settling of the lands of the said John Edwards the

elder.” Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 393. Annexed, 1. List of Committee in H. C. C. J., I. 768.

April 16. 2. Report of Committee in H. L. L. J., III. 414.

May 28. No further proceeding in this session. 1624, May 20.-Petition of Sir Edward Waterhouse, Knight, for relief against Sir Arthur Ingram in matters arising out of the sale of the manor of Armine, in the county of York, and other lands in the county of Surrey. See L. J., III. 532. March 17, 1625-6.

1624, May 20.—Petition of Alice Fowler, of Denham in the county of Buckingham, touching certain lands at Missenden fraudulently kept from her by Andrew Umberville and Edward Maine, “ adversaries too potent in purse and friends for her to wage law with."

1624, May 20.-Petition of Matthew Heade, prisoner in the King's Bench, for relief against one Catchmay, who has obtained fraudulent possession of a farm leased by petitioner.

1624, May 22.-Notes for preparation of entry in the Journals of judgment and proceedings in the case of the Lord High Treasurer, Middlesex. See L. J., III. 382.

1624. May 24 to June 5.-Register of petitions, with the orders thereon. Francis Fairfax and others. See L. J., III. 415, &c. Annexed, 1. Another register of petitions, beginning March 3,

1623–4, but with only one order recorded. 2. Memoranda of orders made on divers petitions.

Richard Head and others. 1624, May 26.-A catalogue of petitions. Isott Bid. well and others. Annexed, 1. “A catalogue of divers petitions, some not read

“ at all, some not considered of at all." 2. “A catalogue of petitions answered." 3. Draft orders on divers petitions. Edmond Fel

ton and others. 1624, May 27.-"A note of what the Lords Committees “ think fit to propose to the House for the relief of the “ captives in Algiers and other places.” L.J., III. 413. In extenso. Annexed, 1. Report of Committee upon the petition of the

captives. See L. J., III. 411. 1624, May 27.-Draft of order made on the petition of Mary Brocas for a debt due to her from the Muscovy Company. L. J., III. 412. In extenso. Annexed,

1. Fair copy of preceding.
2. Another draft of same.
3. Draft of same, without the recitals.
4. Petition of Mary Brocas. Lent 1,0001. to the
Muscovy Company in 1617 secured by bond; for
some years past the company have paid neither
principal nor interest; the company pretended
to have a protection from the Council, dated
19th Oct. 1621, to prevent her proceeding against
them at law ; on 7th June 1622 the Council
declared her at līberty to proceed, but petitioner
is now too poor to do so, and prays the considera-

tion of the House. 14 May (1624]. 51624, May 277.-"A catalogue of all petitions touch “ ing the Muscovy, Levant, East India, and East Land Companies," with draft of order in the case of Mary Brocas. L. J., III. 412. Annexed,

1. Another list of same petitions. 1624, May 28.—Writ of Error. Record, &c. in the case MacDonnogh v. Stafford. L. J., III. 414.

1624, May 28.-Draft of order made on petition of Grizell Rogers against Sir Arthur Ingram. L. J., III. 415. In extenso. See Petition, April 14, 1624. Annexed,

1. Another draft of same.
2. Terms of agreement between Sir Arthur Ingram

and Grizell Rogers. 1624, May 28.-Petition of the gold wire drawers of London, for delivery to them of the bonds entered into

by them before the late commissioners for gold and HOUSE OF silver thread, which bonds remain in the hands of the bo Clerk of the Parliament. Noted, with the order of the House for compliance with the prayer of the petition. A list of the bonds returned is appended. L. J., III. 415.

1624, May 28.--Draft order on the petition of Richard
Wrighte, steward of the Inner Temple, defendant in
Chancery at the suit of Walter Archbold complainant,
concerning the lease of a wharf and tenements in Mil-
ford Lane, for relief against a decree of the said court.
L. J., III. 416. In extenso.

1. Petition referred to in preceding order.
2. Petition of Richard Wrighte to the Bp. of Lin.

coln, Lord Keeper, for hearing of petitioner's
cause against Archbold, and for production of
documents. Noted, with order for Mr. Henn to
see the petition and put in his answer. 29th June

3. Answer of Hugh Henn and Walter Archbold.

9th March 1626.
1624, May 28.–Petition of Edmond Underwood and
Robert Underwood, for relief against Mr. Pennyman,
touching the manor of Moreton, Yorkshire. L. J.,
III. 416.

1624, May 28.--Petition of Erasmus Record and Millicent Vaughan. Pray to be relieved upon a recognizance of 3,0001., which they have against one moiety of the manor of Castle Camps, in the county of Cambridge, purchased by Mr. Thomas Sutton, and being part of the lands given by him to King James' hospital. See L. J., III. 416.

1624, May 28.-Report from Committee for Petitions,
upon the petition of Timothy Pinckney, on behalf of
himself and others, creditors of Sir John Kennedy.
L. J., III. 416. In extenso.
1. Petition of Timothy Pinckney, referred to in

preceding. 14th May 1624.
2. Petition of Timothy Pinckney to the King, that
until the case be decided Sir John may be stayed
from taking any more of the profits of the estate.
Endorsed with order of the King, at Theobalds,
for the quiet possession of the petitioner, till the
cause be decided. 17th Sept. 1620.
3. Report of Lords Sheffield and Russell on the

case. 8th Feb. 1623.
4. Petition of Lady Barbara Ruthven, administra-

trix of Sir Jobn Kennedy, Knight, deceased, on
behalf of Dorothy Kennedy, his executrix, for the
appointment of a commission to hear and deter-

mine all matters in dispute in the cause.
1624, May 28.-Order made on the petition of Wm.
Mathewe, for reversal of a decree of the Court of Chan-
cery, and confirmation of an order of the Privy Council,
touching the sale of certain lands in the county of
Glamorgan. L. J., III. 417 and 421. In extenso.

1. Draft of preceding. 2. Petition referred to in order 3 March 1622-3. 1624, May 28.-Petition of Thomas Morley for remission of his fine and imprisonment. L. J., III. 417, &c.

1624, May 28.-Draft order touching privileges of Lords' servants and followers. Noted, “Lecta, 14 Dec. “ 1621. Lecta, 28 Maij, 1624, entered in the roll of “ orders.” L. J., III. 194 and 417. In extenso.

1624, May 28.-Draft order touching proceedings in matters of judicature. L.J., III. 418. In extenso.

1624, May 28.-Petition of George Mathew, that a decree of the Court of Chancery in his favour may not be reversed. L. J., III. 420. In extenso.

1624, May 28.-Draft report of Committee for Peti-
tions, on the matters in dispute between Bernard Dakins
and Sir John Bingley; if Dakins be not satisfied with
either of the plans for a settlement proposed by Sir John,
then he is left to his course by law.
1. Petition of Bernard Dakins detailing the legal

proceedings between him and Sir John Bingley,
arising out of the sale of certain lands in St. Bo-
tolph's without Bishopsgate by petitioner's father.

April 16.
2. Answer of Sir John Bingley
3. Offer of Sir John Bingley of one of two plans

for a settlement of the dispute.
[1624, May 28].-Notes touching erroneous judgments
in Parliament. The Lords are judges, and if they add
to the accusation the judgment is erroneous; if the
crime be not capital, and the accused be deprived of his
liberty or denied counsel, the judgment is erroneous ;


HOUSE OF the Commons, as accusers, must demand judgment; Parliament to the 16th of February following. L. J..

a judgment was anciently reversed in Parliament by III. 426. In extenso. Seal wanting)
petition to the King, referred by him to Parliament, 1624, Nov. 19.-Warrant to pay Burlamachi 10.0001.
the Lords then appointed a committee to examine the for Count Mansfelt, for the monthly payment of his Ma-
errors and afterwards acquaint the Commons with their jesty's proportion of an army to be levied and led by
decision, as it is the judgment of the King and Lords, the Count."
with assent of the Commons.

1624, Nov. 23.-Barley v. Eyre. Answer of Rowland
1624, May 29,-Order of the House for review of the Eyre. See L. J., III. 415.
canse Mathewe against Mathewe. L. J., III. 421. In 1624, Nov. 24.---Warrant to pay Burlamachi 3,8001. for

Count Mansfelt.

1624, Nov. 24.-Warrant to pay Burlamachi 40,0001.
1. Draft of preceding.

for Count Mansfelt.
1624. May 29,-Report from the Lords Committees 1624, Dec. 1.- Warrant to pay George Hooker 6,6051.88.
for the Earl of Middlesex business respecting the debt for arming 2,250 footmen to be transported into Ireland.
due from Sir Thomas Sherley to the Lord Willoughby 1624, Dec. 1.-Warrant to pay Hooker 6,6661. 138. 4d.
of Eresby. L. J., III. 421. In extenso.

for 10,000 coats or cassocks of good strong broad cloth
1624. May 29.-List of Bills ready for the royal assent, for common soldiers serving with Count Mansfelt.
to which the King's answer was given on date. The 1624, Dec. 2.-Warrant to pay John Evelyn 1,7001.
list is noted in the margin with the answer to each Bill, for gunpowder.
to five the answer is given “Le Roy s'avisera." See 1624, Dec. 11.-Warrant to pay Sir Jasper Fowler
L. J., III. 425.

and the Mayor of Dover 1,0001. for the repair of Dover
1624, June 30.—Warrant to pay Philip Burlamachi Castle.
4.8001. for the levying, conducting, and transporting 1624, Dec. 11.-Warrant to pay Bernard Johnson
6,000 footmen for the assistance of the States of the 401, for surveying and directing the repairs at Dover
United Provinces.

1624. July 2.-Warrant to pay John Evelyn the 1624, Dec. 11.-Warrant to pay Sir William Russell
younger, of Godstone, 2,0001. for gunpowder.

9,7441. Os. 3d., to be paid by him to Browne for round
1624, July 6.-Warrant to pay Philip Burlamachi shot, &c.
17,2801. for the clothing and arming of 6,000 footmen 1624, Dec. 17.-Warrant to pay Lord Dockray anů
for the assistance of the United Provinces.

Harte 8,4591. 28. for three months' pay of 230 horsemen
1624. July 13.-Warrant to pay Burlamachi 25,9321 and 2,250 footmen for service in Ireland.
138. 6d. for the payment of the 6,000 footmen.

1624, Dec. 17.—Warrant to pay Sir W. Russell 6,0001.
1624. July 13. - Warrant to pay Captain Thomas Love for ship carriages for great ordnance.
1.0291. 28. 10d. for fitting of twenty ships (trading to 1624, Dec. 20.-Warrant to pay Captain John Higham
Newcastle for coals), and making them capable to take 3001. for the repair of the fortifications at Portsmouth.
in ordnance.

1624, Dec. 20.-Warrant to pay William Blake 1511. 58.
1624, July 13.-Warrant to pay John Evelyn 2,9801. for the press of 650 men and transporting them from
for gunpowder.

Southampton to Dover to serve under Mansfelt.
1024,"July 20.—Warrant to pay John Evelyn 1,6201. 1624, Dec. 20.-Warrant to pay John Miller 602. for
for gunpowder..

the same purpose as the preceding.
1624, July 21.-Warrant to pay Sir Wm. Russell, 1624, Dec. 23.-Warrant to pay Sir Wm. Russell
Knight. Treasurer of his Majesty's Navy, 5,0001. for 9,9551. 58. 6d. for preparing for sea 12 of his Majesty's
provisions, wages, &c., for the navy.

ships of war.
1624, July 21.- Warrant to pay Sir Allen Apsley and 1624, Dec. 23.-Warrant to pay to Sir Gilbert Gerrard
Sir Sampson Darell, surveyors of all marine victuals, and Sir Henry Spilar 971. 108. for the press of 450 men
9,8001. for provisions and victuals for the navy.

and their conduct from Middlesex to Dover to serve
1624, July 21.-Warrant to pay John Browne, his Ma under Mansfelt.
jesty's founder of iron ordnance and shot, 1,4751. 98. 6d. 1624, Dec. 23.-Warrant to pay the Earl of Kent or
for iron round shot.

John Taylor 701., for the press of 200 men and their
1624, July 29.—Warrant to pay Sir Allen Apsley and conduct from Bedford to Dover to serve under Mansfelt.
Sir S. Darrell 1,0001, for provisions for the “Conver (1624).-Petition of William Lord Viscount Walling-
tine," to serve on the coast of Ireland.

ford touching certain moneys held by him as trustee
1624, August 19.—Warrant to pay Sir Peter Osborne, for Lady Hunt, and a decree of the Court of Chan-
Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of Guernsey, 3681. 88. 8d.

cery concerning the same, made (28 June, 21 Jac.) at
for new field carriages for the mounting of 47 pieces of the suit of Sir Francis Smith and John Peck.
great ordnance in Castle Cornett, within the said Isle.

1624, Sept. 16.—Warrant to pay John Evelyn 1,7001.

1. Reasons against the said decree. for powder.

[1624?].-Copy of petition of printers of linen cloth 1624, Sept. 24.—Warrant to pay John Browne 1,0001. [to . C.]. Their trade is interrupted by one George for iron round shot.

Wood, who has obtained a patent for the said printing 1624, Oct. 4.-Warrant to pay Burlamachi 1,2001. for by falsely stating himself to be the inventor thereof, arming Count Mansfelt's forces.

. or to have purchased the patent from the inventor. 1624. Oct. 9.-Warrant to pay Sir Wm. Russell 5,0001. Pray the Commons to consider the case and to move towards the making of an extraordinary proportion of

His Majesty and the Upper House for the relief of the cordage to be in readiness in store.

petitioners. Then follows a brief of grievances, stating, 1624, Oct. 9.-Warrant to pay Sir Wm. Russell 5,0001. amongst other things, that the petitioners had comfor the provision of hemp for cordage.

menced legal proceedings against Wood, but had been 1624, Oct. 9.-Warrant to pay Burlamachi 25,9321.

stopped by the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief

Justice, “now Ld. Treasurer." 138. 6d., three months' pay for the 6,000 footmen and

[1624 P]. - Petition of Jeane Barnes : having lent their officers, for the assistance of the States of the

307. to Sir Wm. Bronkard, she accepted in satisfaction United Provinces.

a bond of Sir James Cuningham and Josias Kriton.
1624, Oct. 12.-Warrant to pay Bernard Johnson, his Prays for payment out of money due to Sir James
Majesty's engineer, 401. for surveying the works in his

Cuningham by the Muscovy Co.
Majesty's garrison town of Portsmouth.

[1624?].— Petition of Šenry Bell, Esq. In Nov.
1624, Oct. 12.- Warrant to pay Henry Lord Dockray, 1619 received a patent from the King for surveying
Treasurer-at-War in his Majesty's kingdom of Ireland, and sealing of lead, but certain merchants having frau-
or Henry Harte, his assignee, 5,6661. 13s. 4d. for repair dulently procured the suspension of the said patent,
ing the old and erecting new castles, forts, and citadels petitioner having already expended large sums of money
in Ireland.

for its due execution, was seized by his creditors and
1624, Oct. 13.—Warrant to pay Lord Dockray and imprisoned for three years. Prays for relief.
Harte 4,6001. for raising and arming 330 horsemen for 1624–5, Jan. 4.-Warrant to pay Sir Richard Morison,
the better securing of the kingdom of Ireland.

Lieutenant of His Majesty's Ordnance, 5,9731. for the
1624, Oct. 20.-Warrant to pay John Fletcher, mer provision of sundry sorts of munitions of war.
chant, 7461. for divers pieces of cast iron ordnance, ship 1624-5, Jan. 4.--Warrant to pay to the same, 7601. for
carriages, &c.

same purpose.
162), Oct. 28.—Warrant to pay John Evelyn 1,7001. 1628–5, Jan. 7.—Warrant to pay John Evelyn 1,7001.
for gunpowder.

for gunpowder.
1624, Nov. 1.-Warrant to pay John Browne 5561. 98. 1624–5, Jan. 17.-Warrant to pay William Holbech
for round shot, &c.

1031, 10s. for the press of 200 footmen and their conduct
1624, Nov. 2.—Commission for the prorogation of from Warwick to Dover to serve under Mansfelt.

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