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From the Philadelphia United States Gazelte. We stated in our last the situation in which the county returns were left on Friday afternoon. We learn that those judges who were willing that the people should be heard, made out correct returns of the county on return-day, (Friday,) and handed them to the sheriff, who, in fulfilment of his duties, forwarded them to Harrisburg.

On Saturday those return-judges who had been unfortunately induced to hesitate between duty and party fealty carried to the sheriff another set of returns. These, of course, could not be sent to Harrisburg, inasmuch as one set of returns

ns had already been forwarded. This state of affairs, so disastrous to the Van Buren men, was brought about by the greediness of Mr. Charles J. Ingersoll to have himself returned as member elect to Congress from the third district; and though his wicked plans were, it would seem, adopted by the judges, yet,

sno sooner is it proved that he has overreached them, than those who would have rejoiced with him in success turn and curse him as the author of their misfortunes. The commonwealth has certainly much occasion to blush for the disgraceful plot which has exploded.


one Noire

the Philadelphia Courier and Inquirer of Monday we copy the following on the same subject :

One of the largest public meetings that was ever convened on any public occasion will be held in the Northern Liberties this evening. The object is to consider the daring and atrocious fraud by which the Locofoco return-judges of the county have attempted to deprive more than five thousand freemen of the right of suffrage. In our paper of Saturday we gave a brief outline of the facts of the case as far as they had transpired. We will only repeat now, that, in consequence of some alleged informality in the returns of the Seventh Ward, Northern Liberties, a Locofoco ward by the way, the Locofoco judges determined to throw out every vote given by the citizens of the Northern Liberties in all the seven wards. A more monstrous decision-a more ruthless violation of right, justice, common sense, and the laws-scould scarcely be conceived. It was everywhere received with a burst of indignation, while hundreds of the respectable and reasonable members of the Van Buren party spoke of it, and continue to speak, in the strongest terms of reprobation. volan

In order to understand the case fully, and to appreciate the real objects and motives of those engaged in this black transaction, it is necessary to inform our readers that the Northern Liberties gave Mr. Naylor a majority of upwards of thirteen hundred votes, and secured his triumphant re-election by the majority of seven hundred and seventy-five votes. Mr. Ingersoll and his friends were aware of this, and hence, in order to give that gentleman any prospect whatever, it was necessary to resort to the high-handed measure alluded to. A more daring or profligate instance of political fraud or madness cannot be found on record. It is everywhere repudiated as the desperate device of a desperate man, while all who participated in it will justly be held accountable to an incensed and outraged community. It cannot, in the slightest degree, affect the election of Mr. Naylor.

ELECTIONEERING THREATS. To the Commissioners of the Incorporated District of the Northern

Liberties. The Petition of the undersigned citizens of the district of the Northern

Liberties RESPECTFULLY represents, that they have seen with pain and alarm incendiary publications circulating within the district, by which the people are encouraged to set aside all law at the coming election, take the matter of the election into their hands, seize the voters and commit violence upon their persons, overawe the judges and officers of the election, and, in fact, break into the house and seize and punish all those officers who may incur their displeasure, and for the day and time give up the people to violence, and their sacred rights and suffrage to the decision of blood.

Your petitioners further represent that they are peace-loving people, and that it is the duty of your board to protect the peace of your district and the persons of your citizens from violence and invasion, and they therefore respectfully request that you may take such measures as will secure the peace of the district and the rights of the citizens at the coming election.


Extract of a letter, dated New Orleans, July 4, 1838. Our city is all commotion in consequence of the election. Never before was there so much excitement. Almost every man goes to the polls armed, and already there are fifteen or twenty duels on the tapis, to come off immediately after the election. Last week we had one between two Philadelphians–Barclay and McLaughlin : the latter was shot through the heart the second fire. There have been eight fought within the last two days.


Dear Sir,--You will perceive by the papers that the Whigs have again triumphed: the cause of the people has been nobly sustained; but I regret to inform you that a riot of a very serious character took place, and

I fear loss of life has been the consequence. I was on duty as a volunteer from eleven o'clock till a quarter past four this morning, with a musket on my shoulder. We mustered about three hundred determined men, and were under strict martial law. Notwithstanding the Locofocos did all in their power to intimidate us by Lynch-law, we maintained our ground. I must close, as the cars are about starting. The result is a glorious one.

AN ELECTION PLACARD. Working Men and Democrats, to the Rescue!!!--Third District

Meeting. The old-fashioned Democrats of the Third District, opposed to the Sub-Treasury, and in favour of Old Joe, the Farmer, CHARLEY, the

Combmaker and Draynan, and honest OLD DAN, the Butcher, will meet to-right (6th instant), at seven o'clock, at the spacious yard of Joseph R. Delph, sign of the Black Bear, Third-street, above Callowhill, and in a voice of thunder proclaim against Van Burenism, Sub-Treasuryism, Lynch-lawism, Agrarianism, Locofocoism, Mob-lawism, Tory Ingersollism, and all species of Despotism.

N.B.- The meeting will be addressed by a number of gentlemen not in the pay of the General Government.

BALLOT. The following extract shows--as indeed do most of the preceding the total inefficiency of the ballot, as a remedy for preventing any one of the evils of popular elections:The late Electionsthe Frauds and false Returns of the Locofocos.

“The late governor's election has been conducted by the friends of Porter with a bitterness and recklessness unparalleled even in the warfare of those unprincipled politicians. Not only have they dealt in the most unblushing falsehoods and shameless calumnies, but at the polls, and in the counting off of the tickets and making out of the returns, frauds are believed, by judicious and inquiring men, to have been committed to an amount exceeding 10,000 votes! This may seem incredible to those of our readers who have not been informed of the villanous mode pursued by the Locofoco party heretofore in the county of Philadelphia, and this year extended into every county where they had large majorities.

" For the last ten years, in the county of Philadelphia, the votes returned have borne no resemblance to the votes actually polled. The inspectors and judges being secured, the tickets are polled before the day of election, and, when they count off, the spurious box is substituted for the genuine one. Tickets, with names to correspond, are added far beyond those actually polled. Such this year is known to have been the case in the county of Philadelphia, especially in Kensington, making a difference against Mr. Ritner of about 2000 votes.

“That corrupt system, long practised in Philadelphia county, has this

year been put in successful operation in Berks, and almost all their strong counties. In many of them, where the instruments were bunglers, they have not been able to add through the whole ticket, but have added only the governor's tickets. In several counties the votes returned for governor are from 300 to 500 more than for the other

parts of the ticket. This is conclusive evidence of fraud. In other counties more votes have been returned than there are taxables ! A thing impossible to be honestly done, except where public works are in progress. The votes actually polled heretofore have usually been about two-thirds as many as the taxables in the state. It is believed that 30,000 more votes over 1835 are this year returned than the true increase of voters.

" In the county of Philadelphia the Porter return-judges excluded the whole of the North Liberties, which gave Mr. Ritner about 2500 votes. In Huntingdon county they struck out Morris township, which gave him about 600 majority. In Lycoming county they rejected Youngwomanstown district, which gave him about 550 majority. More than 1500


fraudulent votes can be proved in Berks, and in other counties, enough to reduce Mr. Porter into the minority

, and conclusively show that the justice to the people to declare it void. The elective franchise is a mockery, if such things are permitted to pass unexamined. Honest men had better stay away from the polls, and let the gamblers have it all their own way, unless such villany be prosecuted and corrected.

“ In returning the senators elect, the Porter judges in Philadelphia county refused to count the votes of the Northern Liberties, so as to return Ingersoll to Congress and their county ticket. In the Huntingdon, Union, Juniata, Mifflin, and Perry district, they threw away Huntingdon county altogether, because it gave 900 majority for the Ritner ticket, and they returned the Porter senators.

“ It would be too tedious to enumerate all similar cases of fraud. Enough has been stated to give our readers some idea of the villany of the late election."

Due to istiqéo H } i'uelli rallob breeuors


We subjoin from the Harrisburg Keystone an account of an infamous outrage on the part of the myrmidons of Joseph Ritner in Dauphin county. What say the freemen of Pennsylvania to such proceedings as these ?

In Halifax, the officers upon the Wisconisco Feeder, with about one hundred and fifty imported labourers, marched up to the polls, broke into the room occupied by the election-board, threw the constable, clerks, and judges out of doors, broke open the ballot-boxes, and scattered the votes in the street, and proceeded to hold an illegal election! The Democrats all withdrew. To-day a number of the rioters were taken into custody. The superintendent, supervisor, engineer, several contractors and hands, were bound over to answer at the quarter-sessions for their criminal conduct. This outrageous invasion of the ballot-box has never been equalled since the reign of terror under old John Adams in 1798.

Let the people remember that these hired retainers of Thaddeus Stevens are but obeying the orders of their master, and that it is by such nefarious means that they hope to re-elect Governor Ritner.





The Will of the late Stephen Girard, Esq. I, STEPHEN GIRARD, of the city of Philadelphia, in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, mariner and merchant, being of sound mind, memory, and understanding, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament, in manner following : that is to say

I. I give and bequeath unto “ The Contributors to the Pennsylvania Hospital,” of which corporation I am a member, the sum of thirty thousand dollars, upon the following conditions, namely, that the said sum shall be added to their capital, and shall remain a part thereof for ever, to be placed at interest, and the interest thereof to be applied in the first place, to pay to my black woman, Hannah, (to whom I hereby give her freedom,) the sum of two hundred dollars per year, in quarterly payments of fifty dollars each in advance, during all the term of her life; and, in the second place, the said interest to be applied to the use and accommodation of the sick in the said hospital, and for providing and at all times having competent matrons, and a sufficient number of nurses and assistant nurses, in order not only to promote the purposes of the said hospital, but to increase this last class of useful persons much wanted in our city,

IL. I give and bequeath to "The Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb the sum of twenty thousand dollars, for the use of that Institution.

III. I give and bequeath to "The Orphan Asylum of Philadelphia” the sum of ten thousand dollars, for the use of that Institution.

IV. I give and bequeath to “the Comptrollers of the Public Schools for the city and county of Philadelphia” the sum of ten thousand dollars, for the use of the schools upon the Lancaster system in the first section of the first school district of Pennsylvania.

V. I give and bequeath to “The Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of Philadelphia," the sum of ten thousand dollars, in trust safely to invest the same in some productive fund, and with the interest and dividends arising therefrom to purchase fuel between the months of March and August in every year for ever, and in the month of January in every year for ever distribute the same among poor white house-keepers and room-keepers, of good character, residing in the city of Philadelphia.

VI. I give and bequeath to the Society for the Relief of poor and distressed masters of ships, their widows and children, (of which society I am a member,) the sum of ten thousand dollars, to be added to their capital stock, for the uses and purposes of said society.

VII. I give and bequeath to the gentlemen who shall be trustees of the Masonic Loan at the time of my decease the 'sum of twenty thousand dollars, including therein ten thousand and nine hundred dollars due to me, part of the Masonic Loan, and any interest that may be due

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