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The hope of that glory impart,

The sense of thy favour inspire; That we, though constrained to part,

May meet in the heavenly choir.

When earth's inmost bowels are torn,

And quake with a perishing world; When all things consumable burn,

And fiendś to destruction are hurled; When Jesus in glory descends,

And angels attend in the air ; May we, and our sorrowful friends,

Undaunted before him appear.

While sinners, confounded will call,

(As dreading his fury to bear ;) On rocks and on mountains to fall,

And hide them, when Jesus draws near; May we with a rapturous song,

Approach to the triumph above; And join the angelical throng,

Who sing of his justice and love.

Lest one of our number be left,

With devils to tarry behind; Of final salvation bereft;

And driven as chaff by the wind : 'Till Jesus appear in the skies,

Oh! let us with vigour contend, And run for the heavenly prize,

And gladly endure to the end.

Another Another.

M OURNING friends, adieu, adieu,

1 Cease your sighs, refrain your tears; God, the gracious God and true,

In his glory soon appears; Jesus shall to judgment come

With his bright angelic-guard, Take his longing exiles home,

Take us to our full reward.

Lately we to sin enslaved,

Bowed beneath the oppressor's yoke; Now from Egypt's bondage saved,

(Jesus all our bonds hath broke,) We have in the watery deep,

Fierce temptations passéd between, While the floods a standing heap

We on either hand have seen.

In this howling wilderness,

Jesus hath his followers led, Filled us with his richest grace,

With his heavenly manna fed: We the vital stream have seen,

Gushing from the rock divine, Drank the crimson flood, and been

Cheered as with refreshing wine.

What though Jordan's narrow flood,

May awhile our souls divide; Through the mercy of our God, We with all the sanctifiéd;

Soon Soon shall meet on Canaan's fhore,

Mingle with the heavenly hoft,
Never part, but still adore,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

SHORT HYMNS. Ezekiel xvi. 62, 63. I will establish my covenant with thee,

and thou shalt know that I am the Lord: that thou mayest remember, and be confounded, and never open thy mouth any more, because of thy shame, when I am pacified toward thee, for all that thou hast done, faith the Lord God.

God most merciful and true,

Thy nature to my soul impart,
'Stablish with me the covenant new,

And write perfection on my heart;
To real holiness restored,

Oh! let me gain my Saviour's mind,
And in the knowledge of my Lord,

Fulness of life eternal find.

Remember, Lord, my sins no more,

That them I may no more forget,
But sunk in guiltless shame adore,

In speechless wonder at thy feet:
O’erwhelmed with thy ftupendous grace,

I shall not in thy presence move,
But breathe unutterable praise,

And rapturous awe, and silent love.


Then every murmuring thought and vain

Expires, in sweet confufion loft,
I cannot of my cross complain,

I cannot of my goodness boast;

Pardonéd Pardoned for all that I have done,.

My mouth as in the dust I hide,
And glory give to God alone,

My God for ever pacified.

Daniel xii. 13. Go thy way till the end be: for thou shalt

rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

ISMISS’D, I calmly go my way

Which leads me to the tomb,
And rest in hope of that great day

When my Desire shall come:
Happy, with those that first arise,

Might I my lot obtain,
When Christ descending from the skies,

Begins his glorious reign.
An end of all these earthly things

Shall I not wake to see?
And wilt not thou, Oh King of kings,

Appoint a throne for ine?
I lay me down at thy command,

But soon to life restored,
I trust on the new earth to stand

Before my heavenly Lord.

Prov. xi. 22. As a jewel of gold in a fuine's fnout, jois

fair ioman, which is without difcretion.

F beauty vain, of wisdom void,

What art thou in the fight of God?
A lave to every base desire,
A creature wallowing in the mire!
Go, gaudy pageant of a day,
Thy folly, with thy face display,
Put all thy charms and graces out,
And shew the jewel-in thy snout!



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FATÉ and DESTINÝ, inconsistent with CHRISTIANITY; in eight Conferences, between Epenetus and Eutychus; extracted from Mr. Edward Bird;

By J. W È S L Ý, M. Ai "

[Continued from page 304.]

Eutychus. .

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| Find that you are still upon your topics of conditional

Election, and general Redemption. Epenetu s. I am so; for nothing seems more plain to me, than that God doth not punish man because he hath no talent, but because he squandereth it away. As to general Redemption, one would have thought enough had been said already to satisfy any reasonable man; but I will proceed a little further. You know it is said by St. Paul, 1 Tim. iv. 10, That Christ is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe. And as if the Apostle had foreseen an obječtion, that VOL. III.



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