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jouira de cette faveur, gratuitement, fi la concession est gratuite, ou en accordant la même compensation fi la concession est conditionelle.

ARTICLE XXVII. Sa Majesté le Roi de Prusse et les Etats Unis de l'Amerique font convenus que le présent traitě aura son plein effet pendant l'espace de dix ans à compter du jour de l'échange des ratifications, et que si l'expiration de ce terme arrivoit dans le cours d'une guerre entre eux, les articles ci-dessus stipulés pour régler leur conduite en temps de guerre, conserveront toute leur force, jusqu'à la conclusion du traité qui retablira la paix. Le présent traité sera ratifié de part et d'autre, et les ratifications seront échangées, dans l'espace d'une année, à compter du jour de la signature. En foi de quoi les Plenipotentiaires sus nommés

ont signé le présent traité et y ont apposé le
cachet de leurs armes, aux lieux de leur do-
micile respectif, ainsi qu'il sera exprimé ci-

A la Haye le 10 Septembre, 1785.

(l. s.)
London, August 5, 1785.

(1. s.) Pasly, July 9, 1785. TH. JEFFERSON,

(L. s.) Paris, July 28, 1785.

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Articles of a Treaty






Concluded at Hopewell, on the Keowee, between

Benjamin Hawkins, Andrew Pickens, Jo-
feph Martin, and Lachlan MʻIntosh, Com-
missioners Plenipotentiary of the United States
of America, of the one Part, and the Head-
Men and Warriors of all the Cherokees of
the other.
"HE Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the

United States, in Congress assembled, give peace to all the Cherokees, and receive them into the favour and protection of the United States of America, on the following conditions :

ARTICLE I. The Head-Men and Warriors of all the Cherokees shall restore all the prisoners, citizens Indians te of the United States, or subjects of their al- prisoners lies, to their entire liberty: They shall also restore all the Negroes, and all other property taken during the late war from the citizens, to such person, and at such time and place, as the Commissioners fhall appoint.

Teltore all

ARTICLE II. The Commissioners of the United States in United · Congress assembled, shall restore all the pri. States to

all soners taken from the Indians, during the late prisoners. war, to the Head-Men and Warriors of the Cherokees, as early as is practicable.

ARTICLE III. Cherokees

The said Indians for themselves and their acknow- respective tribes and towns do acknowledge all tection of

the Cherokees to be under the protection of U.S. the United States of America, and of no other sovereign whosoever.

The boundary allotted to the Cherokees

for their hunting grounds, between the said Boundaries.

** Indians and the citizens of the United States,

within the limits of the United States of America, is, and shall be the following, viz. Beginning at the mouth of Duck river, on the Te. nefsee; thence running north-east to the ridge dividing the waters running into Cumberland from those running into the Tenefsee; thence eastwardly along the said ridge to a northeast line to be run, which shall strike the ri. ver Cumberland forty miles above Nashville ; thence along the said line to the river; thence up the said river to the ford where the Kentucky road crosses the river ; thence to Camp. bell's line, near Cumberland gap; thence to the mouth of Claud's creek on Holstein ; thence to the Chimney-top mountain; thence to Camp-creek, near the mouth of Big Lime. stone, on Nolichuckey; thence a southerly course fix miles to a mountain ; thence south to the North-Carolina line; thence to the South-Carolina Indian boundary, and along the same fouth-west over the top of the Oconee mountain all it all strike Tugalo river ;

dian lands,

thence a direct line to the top of the Currohee mountain; thence to the head of the south fork of Oconee river.

ARTICLE V. If any citizen of the United States, or other no citizen person not being an Indian, shall attempt to of U. S. ta

fetule on Insettle on any of the lands westward or south- dian ward of the said boundary which are hereby allotted to the Indians for their hunting grounds, or having already settled and will not remove from the same within six months after the ratification of this treaty, such person shall forfeit the protection of the United States, and the Indians may punish him or not as they please : Provided nevertheless, That this article shall not extend to the people settled between the fork of French Broad and Holstein rivers, whose particular situation shall be tranfmitted to the United States in Congress assembled for their decision thereon, which the Indians agree to abide by.

ARTICLE VI. If any Indian or Indians, or person residing Indians among them, or who shall take refuge in their deliver up nation, shall commit a robbery, or murder, or other capital crime, on any citizen of the United States, or person under their protection, the nation, or the tribe to which such offender or offenders may belong, shall be bound to deliver him or them up to be punished according to the ordinances of the United States : Provided, that the punishment shall not be greater than if the robbery or murder, or other capital crime had been committed by a citizen on a citizen.

If any citizen of the United States, or per-
sonunder their protection, shall commit a roba

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