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No. 9. " A bill to divide the town of Elk Horn and to organize the town of White Water."

The said bills were then considered in the committee of the whole. Mr. Conroe in the chair;

And after a short time were reported to the House without amendment, and were severally ordered to be engrossed for a third reading

The undermentioned bills were severally ordered to lie on the table until Monday next, viz:

No. 4. “A bill relative to the Bank of Mineral Point ;” and

No. 5. " A bill to attach the county of Portage to the county of Dane."

The undermentioned bill and resolution from the Council were read the first and second time, viz:

No. 4. " A bill to establish a territorial road from Madison to Frankfort, in Dodge courty;" No. 1. “ Resolution relative to adjournment.”

On motion of Mr. Sholes, The House resolved itself into the cominittee of the whole on said bill and resolution, Mr. Sutherland in the chair;

And after a short time the said committee reported the same to the House without amendment.

Bill No. 4 was ordered to the third reading.

Mr. Shew moved that resolution. No. I be laid on the table for the present ;

And the ayes and noes being called for, by Mr. McGregor, were as follows, viz:

Ayes--Messrs. Beardsley, Billings, Bracken, Brunson, Cruson, Hoyt, Longstreet, Newman, Shew, Street, Wells and Whiton-12,

Noes--Messrs. Conroe, Craig, McGregor, Sholes, Stevens, Sutherland and Dewey, speaker--7.

So the resolution was laid on the table.

Mr. Sholes, from the joint committee on enrolment, reported the following bill to be correctly enrolled; which was signed by the Speaker and ordered to be presented to the President of the Council for his signature, viz:

* An act to apportion the members of the House of Representatives to the several counties of the Territory."

Mr. Sholes moved that bill No. 10, entitled “ A bill to amend an act concerning judgments and executions,” be referred to the judiciary committee;

And the ayes and noes being called on said motion, were as follows:

Ayes--Messrs. Beardsley, Billings, Bracken, Conroe, Cruson, Hoyt, McGregor, Newman, Shew, Sholes, Sutherland, Wells and Whiton--13.

Noes--Messrs. Brunson, Craig, Longstreet, Stevens, Street and Dewey, speaker--6.

Mr. Street moved that the committee be instructed to report on Monday morning next.

Mr. Sholes moved that the motion be amended so that the com. mittee shall report on Tuesday next ; which amendment to the motion was disagreed to.

The motion of Mr. Street was then agreed to.

The undermentioned bills from the Council were read the first and second time, entitled as follows :

No. 5. “A bill to amend an act entitled an act to provide for the support of common schools and for other purposes.'

No. 6. “A bill to change the time of holding courts in the second judicial district ;' and

No. 7. “ A bill to authorize the commissioners of Milwaukee county to raise money to repair certain roads therein named.”

Mr. Conroe, from the committee on engrossed bills, reported bill No. 8 to be correctly engrossed, entitled

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“ A bill relatiog to the dutics of the register of doeds of the county of Dane."

On motion of Mr. Sholes, The said bill was read the third time, passed, and the title thereof agreed to, by the special order of the House, the rule prohibiting the same from being so read, having been suspended for that

purpose. Ordered, That the Council be requested to concur in the said bill.

On motion of Mr. Street, Ordered, That the vote taken on bill No. 5, entitled " A bill to attach the county of Portage to the county of Dane," be re. considered. On motion of Mr. Childs,

-Crit The said bill was then considered in committee of the whole, Mr. Billings in the chair;

And after a short time was reported to the House with an amendment.

On motion of Mr. Sholes, The report of the committee was amended by striking out section No. 3, in the bill, and was then agreed to.

Ordered, That the said bill be engrossed for the third reading.

Mr. Sholes reported that the undermentioned bills had been presented to the Governor on to-day for his approval, viz:

“ An act concerning the Supreme and District Courts ;” and

“ An act to apportion the members of the House of Repre. sentatives to the several counties of the Territory."

The following message was received from the Council by their Secretary :

"Mr. Speaker - The Governor has notified the Council that he did on this day approve of the following, viz :

“ An act concerning the Supreme and District Courts ;" and

“ An act to apportion the members of the House of Represen. tatives to the several counties of the Territory.

Mr. Cruson gave notice that he would, on Monday nex!, ask leave to introduce a bill repeal an act entitled "An act for the relief of insolvent debtors,"

On motion of Mr. Street, The House adjourned.

Monday, August 10, 1840.

Mr. Conroe presented a petition of the inhabitants of the county of Calumet, praying that the law organizing said county may be repealed.

Mr. Childs presented a remonstrance from citizens of the same county, against the prayer contained in said petition.

Read and referred to the select committlee to which the petition of inhabitants of Washington county was referred, viz:

Messrs. Wells, Shew and Conroe.

Mr. Whiton presented a petition of inhabitants of Rock county, praying that R. M. Gray, David Humes and S. F. Phænix may be appointed commissioners to lay out a territorial road, leading from Mineral Point to Lake Michigan, via. Jones' and Phelps' settlements, Humes' Ferry and the town of Delevan..

Read and laid on the table.

The Speaker laid before the House the following communication from Samuel B. Knapp, Esq. Fiscal Agent, in answer to a resolu.

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Which was read and laid on the table.

MINERAL POINT, August 7, 1840. To the Hon. Nelson Dewey,

Speaker of the House of Representatives : Sir: I have had the honor to receive th's morning a copy of the following resolution, passed by the House of Representatives :

Resolved, That Samuel B. Knapp, Esq. who was appointed Fiscal Agent of the Territory of Wisconsin, at the late session of the Legislative Assembly, be required to report forthwith to this House whether he has, as such agent, borrowed any money, and if so, of whom, and how much, and what kind of funds; and also, how much money he has paid to claimants."

The Fiscal A gent has altogether failed to borrow money abroad' on the faith of the Territory. The difficulties in money affairs has utterly debarred a loan at a reasonable rate of interest. The agent has disbursed seventeen thousand six hundred and ninetynine 20.100 dollars; the principal proportion in the notes of specie paying banks. The funds disbursed have been advanced to the agent by the Bank of Mineral Point. The failure to obtain money in amount sufficient to satisfy all the claims upon the Ter. ritory, I am compelled in justice to myself to state, is not to be attributed, in any degree, to a want of proper effort, or an earnest desire on the part of the agent to obtain it. With the same mo. tive I may also state, that the fiscal agency was undertaken by me with the sole view to promote the convenience of the Legisla. tive Assembly, regardless of the inconsiderable emoluments of the office. To illustrate at once both this fact and the difficulty of obtaining any thing in the semblance of money, I may state that I have offered for the notes of suspended banks a lien upon the appropriations, with seven per centum interest, and whatever

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