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"Christmas Voice," by the same compiler, giving a Christmas programme of great variety and attractiveness, with rich possibilities for spectacular and orchestral accompaniments. Special attention is called to "The People's Hymnal," also prepared by Rev. E. S. Lorenz, intended for church worship, college chapel exercises, prayer and revival services and Sunday-schools, containing standard hymns and the tunes most generally sung with them; also, later hymns often used in revival and prayer meetings, of which there will be a special edition with responsive readings from the Psalms and Gospels, and including the Ancient Litany and the Apostles' Creed. This Hymnal" will be issued in half leather with lithograph sides and also in plain cloth. There will be new editions of Baltzell's successful "Gospel Tidings," issued last season, and also of his "Messiah's Star" of two years ago. "The Young Scholars Calendar for 1891" will make a most suitable gift for public or Sunday-schools, arranged for each page to cover one month and to give Bible texts on conduct, studies, history and other work of scholars.


THE UNITED STATES BOOK Co. (John W. Lovell Co.) announce the second volume of the

"Prose Dramas of Herrick Ibsen," which will contain "The Lady of the Sea," "An Enemy of Society," "The Wild Duck" and "The Young Men's League;" "Paracelsus" and "Jacob Boehme," by Franz Hartmann; and editions of A. P. Sinnett's "The Occult World" and "Esoteric Buddhism." They will also have a long list of English novels, of which full titles appear in the classified list preceding this department under the heading of Fiction. Works by Ouida," W. E. Morris, Rhoda Broughton, Annie Thomas, W. Clark Russell, Frank Barrett, Adeline Sargeant, etc., are in active preparation. D. VAN NOSTRAND make several announcements of importance, of which full titles will be found under the heading of Arts and Sciences,

in the classified list in this issue.

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MARCUS WARD'S illustrated books and booklets for Christmas, New Year, birthday and general greeting, in colors and monotint, will be up to


ing, and which was one of the most successful holiday gifts last season. Their preparations this season are almost exclusively for young people, and for full titles of the long array of toy-books and story-books we refer to the classified list preceding this department, under the heading of Juvenile Literature. Among the very pretty and attractive novelties we mention "Fancies Prophetical, Poetical, Nonsensical!" a new birthday-book called "Fortune's Mirror Set in Gems," by M. Halford, with twelve original illustrations depicting the months, designed by Kate Crawford, artistically printed in tints by Edmund Evans; a new edition of "The Boy's Modern Playmate :" by Rev. J. G. Wood, revised to date, with over six hundred illustrations; Heart of Gold," by L. T. Meade, a story for girls from thirteen to fifteen; and "Little Sir Nicholas," by C. A. Jones, with illustrations by C. Patterson. “Old, Old Fairy Tales," compiled from Charles Perrault, Mme. d'Aulnoy, the Princesse de Beaumont, etc., with sixteen colored plates and one hundred illustrations, will form the third book on Fairy Lore in the Presentation Series, and "Texts for Illuminating will be the fourth of the Painting Books for Children. Harry Parks, the clever designer of "The Man Who Would Like to Marry," will have a new volume of his sketches illustrating nonsensical rhymes, which will be called "Random Rhymes."

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THOMAS WHITTAKER'S announcements for the fall season are many and interesting. He will publish immediately "The Makers of Modern English a handbook to the greatest poets of the century," by W. J. Dawson; "History of the American Episcopal Church from the Planting of the Colonies to the End of the Civil War," by Rev. Dr. S. D. McConnell, who is in the forefront of prominent men in that church; Bishop Hugh Miller Thompson's "The World Baldwin Lectures" for and the Man," being the The Voices this year delivered at Ann Arbor; of the Psalms," by the Rt. Rev. W. Pakenham Walsh, author of " Heroes of the Mission Field;" "God Incarnate," etc., being "The Bishop Paddock Lectures" for 1890, by the Right Rev. Dr. Kingdon, of Fredericton; “ Veni Creator," by Rev. H. C. C. Moule; and " O Christ in the New Testament," by Rev. Dr. Thomas A. Tidball, with an introduction by Rev. Dr. S. D. McConnell. In fiction and kindred classes of literature, the same publisher has just ready a number of leading books, the titles of which will be found under the heading of Fiction and Juvenile Literature in the classified list elsewhere in this issue. Mr. Whittaker also issues a second series of select books, in twenty volumes, and a new wall roll, "Stepping-Stones," being selections on various topics from general literature instead of the Bible.

their well-known standard. All the old favorites will be on hand, and many new designs will make it hard to select from such embarassment of riches. "The Courtship and Marriage of Cock Robin and Jennie Wren;" "Young Maids and Old China;" "Thistle down," a book of poems by Sarah Doudney; Keble's "Star of the East;' "The Messiah;" "Light on the Way," and many others, will be notable examples of illumination and fine printing. The young folks will delight in Piggy Wiggy's Picture Book;" "Monsieur Pouf,' the story of a jolly poodle dog; "A Fairy Ship," and other volumes made up of separate booklets published in former years; and will also be attracted by the shaped booklets, of which the most charming are "This Little Pig," "The Old Woman and Her Pig," "This is the House that Jack Built" and "The Frog He Would a-Wooing Go." The publications of this house are known throughout the trade. Names and designs vary from year to year, but the workmanship remains the same, and "novelties" bearing the imprint of this house are always in nal water-colors of Madeleine Lemaire, the cele- large demand and should be ordered well ahead. brated illustrator of "L'Abbé Constantin." It FREDERICK WARNE & Co. call special attention will have nineteen head and tail pieces in colors, to their Bedford Handy-Volume Shakespeare, and eighteen full-page illustrations, and will be on which they issue in eight distinct styles of bind-hand in portfolio or in handsome cloth. This firm

JOHN WILEY & SONS have in preparation several valuable works in their special line of books on applied science, full titles of which will be found in the preceding classified list under heading of Arts and Sciences.

THE WORTHINGTON Co. will bring out an έdition de luxe of Paul Hervieu's "The Flirt," with thirty-seven photogravure plates after the origi

tion. The shape-books include " Busybodies," 'Milestones," "The Twigs," etc., also many calendars, among which are specially attractive "The Star Calendar," "The Palette Calendar," "The Komical Kalendar," etc. These publishers are the American agents for the English Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, which this year also has made extensive preparations for young and old readers.

THE YOUNG CHURCHMAN Co.'s announcements for the coming season will be found under the heading of Religion and Philosophy, in the classified list in this issue.



THOMAS H. PEASE, the well-known bookseller and newsdealer, died at his residence, at New

have become possessors of many plates of standard books and will this season issue with their imprint Wharton's " Wits and Beaux of Society" and "The Queens of Society." each in two volumes, with introduction by Justin McCarthy; Wilson's "Noctes Ambrosianæ," 39 66 Memoirs of Napoleon," by Las Cases; " Napoleon in Exile," by Barry E. O'Meara; Napier's "Peninsular War," and the Works of Thomas Gray," with introduction by Edmund Gosse. "Picturesque Ireland" will be a descriptive and historical work by Markfield Addey, in two volumes, with fifty full-page engravings on steel, from drawings by G. H. Bartlett; "The Birds of North America," by Theodore Jasper, will have 119 full-page colored plates; and the "Cyclopedia of the Arts and Sciences" will be a useful compilation of information, with over 3000 wood-engravings. Books for the young always occupy a great share of the attention of this house. The great book of the year will be "Wee Tots," a new colored juvenile by Ida Waugh, a collection of poems with fortyeight original designs; and the same artist has prepared Mamma's Baby," "The Butterfly," and "Bless It." "Worthington's Annual for 1891" will also be out shortly, and many more pretty rivals for the fickle affections of children, of which full titles appear in the classified list under heading of Juvenile Literature. The firm century. He was born in Canaan, Conn., in 1815, also have in preparation, in their International of old Puritan stock. His father, Salmon Pease, Library, Children of the World," by Paul Heyse, was a prosperous farmer. His inclinations and a refined novel, dealing with artist life in Mutastes ran to bookselling, in which he was internich and Berlin; " A Sister's Love," by W. Heim-ested in New York City before he went to burg, translated by Margaret Waterman and fully illustrated with photogravures; and a new edition of "Mosquito Shore," by E. G. Squier, a book on Central America, with many illustrations. In the Rose Library there will be published "Asbein," by Ossip Schubin, a musical novel said to represent the life of the great Russian pianist Rubinstein; and a "A Russian Country House," by Carl Detleff, describing the strange customs of Russian society, and drawing men and women boldly.

E. & J. B. YOUNG & Co. announce several important works in theology and general literature, a long line of juveniles and innumerable little calendars and booklets. Among the most important

works of the first class will be a "Monumental His

in South Africa ;"

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tory of the Early British Church," by Romilly Allen;" Home Work for Willing Hearts," by Mrs. Brightman; "Church Catechism with Notes," by Rev. E. McClure; "Diary of a Workingman Scandinavian Britain," by E. York Powell, the new volume in the Early Britain Series; new edition of George Herbert's Poems;" "The Evidential Value of the Holy Eucharist," by George F. Maclear; and Islam as a Missionary Religion," by the Rev. S. Beal, the new volume of the Non-Christian Religious Systems. The new volumes of Romance of Science will be " Soap Bubbles," by C. V. Boz; "The Birth and Growth of Worlds," by Prof. Green; Coal," by Prof. Mendola; and "Color," by Captain Abney. "A Sketch of the History of Europe," by Rev. A. R. Ropes, will cover from the beginning of the Roman Empire to the present day, and be of international interest chiefly. The books for the young range from 10 cents to $1.50 in price and cover every known subject and place in matter. For titles see classified list under the heading of Juvenile Literature. The illustrated books in chromo-lithography, monochrome and engraving are ingenious in plan and execu


Haven, Conn., September 15, aged about seventy-
five years.
His health had been impaired for
several years, and during the summer he was
critically ill, but rallied and was considerably
better. The difficulty, heart trouble, returned,
however, and he gradually failed until the end.
Mr. Pease had been prominent in New Haven

as a bookseller and newsdealer for about half a


Mr. Pease settled in New Haven early in 1842, and entered into the book business in the old Miles tavern, about where Ballerstein's store now is. He remained at this stand for thirty-seven years. When the old building in which the store was, was torn down twelve years ago, he removed to Church Street, where the Pease store now is, conducted by his son, Salmon G. Pease.

Mr. Pease's store long had a local importance, especially in the war times and succeeding years, as a centre for local news and the cursory discussion of events and battles of the war in a quiet way by leading scholars and professional men of the city. It was a recognized centre for the Republican element in particular, although Mr. Pease numbered among his patrons a large number of prominent and influential men irrespective of party affiliations. Mr. Pease's personality pervaded the place, and his store was ever congenial to men of quiet tastes and literary pro

clivities. Mr. Pease had the taste of the

antiquarian and was well up in all matters of
local history, even far back in colonial days.
He also wrote interesting contributions frequently
for the local press, on matters of local or his-
torical interest. For several years past his health
did not permit him to engage actively or contin-
Latterly he contributed
uously in business.
occasional articles to. the New York Evening
Post. He was an estimable gentleman, whose
death will cause regret in the community at
large. His wife died a year ago, and four
children survive, two sons and two daughters.


A LARGE number of the trade will be pained to learn of the death of Mr. Arthur P. Jeannerett, which occurred Tuesday, Aug. 26, at his home in Mt. Vernon, N. Y. After a brief illness, and at a time when he was supposed to be convalescent, a complication arose, proving fatal. To

current books and such as may be easily had from the
publishers, and repeated matter, as well as all advertise-
of 10 cents per line.
ments from non-subscribers, must be paid for at the rate

those who knew Mr. Jeannerett personally, and TERMS OF ADVERTISING. valued his friendship, his death will be doubly sad. Occupying for many years a responsible only are entitled to a free insertion of five lines Under the heading "Books Wanted," subscribers position in the retail department of the publish- for books out of print, exclusive of address (in ing house of Anson D. F. Randolph & Co., any issue except special numbers), to an extent those who came in contact with him-and his five lines are sent, the excess is at 10 cents per not exceeding 100 lines a year. If more than circle of friends and acquaintances was large-line, and amount should be enclosed. Bids for will always remember him by his courteous and gentle manners, his quiet and unobtrusive ways. Faithful in all that he undertook, earnest in his work, and loyal to those with whose interests he was confided, he will ever be remembered with esteem and regard. His death will, outside of his business career, be especially marked in the place in which he lived, for he had identified himself with many public enterprises, and was largely connected with church and charitable work. The funeral took place on Thursday, Aug. 28, at his home, and was largely attended by friends and acquaintances from the city and elsewhere.

NEWTON CASE, President of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company, at Hartford, Conn., died September 14, in the eighty-fifth year of his age. Mr. Case started in the printing business in 1836. His firm for many years printed the "Cottage" Bible, and prior to the war were the publishers of Webster's Dictionary. He was a man of large wealth, and had given much to the Hartford Theological Seminary. He was a Director of many prosperous local concerns.

JAMES MONTEITH, the well-known geographer, died at his residence in New York City, September II. He was born in Ireland in 1831 and came to this country when four years old, settling in New York. After passing through the public

school he became a teacher in Public School No. 13, of which he in time became principal. About 1861 Mr. Monteith offered his first work to the publishers, A. S. Barnes & Co., who carefully looked through the book and considered it worthy of production. Since that time Mr. Monteith pursued an exhaustive study on geographical lines that led him to produce a number of important geographical works that are to be found throughout the country. He was the author of a history of the United States, several series of school geographies and several treatises on map drawing, has presented the study of geography through pictorial charts, and has given exceeding ly truthful maps of the Biblical cities of Palestine

and Canaan. He was first married to Miss Emma Palmer, of Philadelphia, who died several years ago, and two years ago he married a Boston lady, who, with their baby daughter, survives him.


[We shall be pleased to insert under this heading, without charge, advance notices of auction sales to be held anywhere in the United States. Word must reach us before Wednesday evening, to be in time for issue of same week.] OCTOBER 6.-Library of James Stephenson, of Montreal, A large and well-selected collection of books in general literature, comprising local and general history, and, in particular, many publications relating to the settlement, growth and condition of the Dominion of Canada.Bangs.

OCTOBER 13.-The third and last part of the library of the
late Henry B. Dawson, LL.D., comprising a large and
interesting collection of books and pamphlets relating
to the general history of this country.-Bangs
OCTOBER 28.-Fall Parcel Sale.-Bangs.
OCTOBER 2, 3 P.M.-Miscellaneous books.-Bangs.
OCTOBER 3, 3 P.M.-Law-books, including the library of
the late Judge Charles J. Nehrbas.-Bangs.

Under the heading "Books for Sale," the charge to subscribers and non-subscribers is 10 cents per line for each insertion. No deduction for repeated matter.

Under the heading "Situations Wanted," subscribers are entitled to one free insertion of five lines. For repeated matter and advertisements of non-subscribers the charge is 10 cents per line.

All other small advertisements will be charged at the uniform rate of 10 cents per line. Eight words may be

reckoned to the line.

Parties with whom we have no accounts must pay in advance, otherwise no notice will be taken of their com munications.

Parties desiring to receive answers to their advertisements through this office must either call for them or enclose postage stamps with their orders for the insertion of such advertisements. In all cases we must have the full address of advertisers as a guarantee of good faith.

Houses that are willing to deal only on a cash-on-delivery basis, will find it to their advantage to put after their firm name the word [Cash.]


In answering, please state edition, condition, and price, including postage or express charges.

A. G., P. O. Box 943, N. Y.
History of Kennebunk Port from Its First Discovery to
1837, by Charles Bradbury. Kennebunk, Me., James
K. Remich, 1837.

Evening Post, Nov. 18, Dec. 2, Dec. 16, Dec. 23, Dec. 30,

1874: Jan. 13, Jan. 20, Jan. 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 17, Feb. 24,
March 3, March 10, March 24, March 31, April 7, April
21, April 28, May 26, June 2, June 16, June 23, July 15,
July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11, Sept. 8, 1875.

Pitman and Howard, Shorthand Dict.

Emerson's 3d Class Reader.
Appletons' Cyclopedia of Drawing.
Getchell's Obstetrics in Parts.
Grauvogel, System of Homoeopathy.
Ashurst's Surgery, 4 v.
Strauss' Life of Jesus.


Holmes, Mrs. E. E., Scenes in Our Parish.
Irving, W., Crayon Misc., no. 3, Legend of the Conquest
Kip, Æone.

of Spain. 1835.

Marsh-Caldwell, A., Tales of the Woods and Fields.
Martin, H., Helen of Gleuross. 1802.


Martineau, H., Deerbrook. 1839.

N. J. BARTLETT & Co., 28 CORNHILL, BOSTON, Mass. Figuier's Primitive Man,

W. E. BENJAMIN, 6 ASTOR PL., N. Y. (Cash.) Darley's Cooper, Townsend imprint: Afloat and Ashore, Miles Wallingford, Precaution, Heidenmauer, Jack Tier, Ways of the Hour.

Gilchrist's Life of Blake, 2 V. 1863.

Encyclopædia Britannica, set of the Philadelphia ed.
Holland's Memorials of C. J. Fox.

Memoirs of the Cromwell Family, Mark Noble.
Historic Doubts, Horace Walpole.
Comic Blackstone, first ed.

Cist, Catalogue of Autographs, pt. 3. 1887.
Shakespeare, il. by Darley.

Boccaccio, Decameron, Bohn's extra v.

Book of Nature. N. Y., 1874.

Fuller's Holy War. Pickering, 1840.

Cassin's Illustrations of Birds, pt. 8. Philadelphia, 1854 or 1855.

Cervantes' Exemplary Novels. Bohn, 1855.

History of the Jews, 3 v., 18°. John Murray, London, 1829.

BOOKS WANTED.—Continued.

5 copies Timothy Peacock.


Edwin Drood, with continuation.

Bryce's Am. Commonwealth, 2 v. Life of Ole Bull.

Black's Providence Stage.

Williams' Boston Stage.

Ency. Brit., Allen's 30-v. ed.

Orfile," On Poisons.

Raunet's Costumes.

The Yankee, a Boston magazine, complete or otherwise.

[blocks in formation]

Danites of the Sierras.

A book on window-dressing.

BRENTANO'S, 204 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. Single copies of Puck, from v. 1 to date.

BRENTANO'S, 1015 PA. AVE., WASHINGTON, D. C. Trescott's Diplomacy of Revolution.

Dip. Hist. Adm's of Washington and Adams. Lyman's Diplomacy of U. S.

Vincent's Two Months in Burmah.
Jessamine, green cl. G. W. Carleton & Co.


Angel of Iceberg, by Dr. John Todd.
Daughter at School, by Dr. John Todd.
Bible Readings, by Dr. John Todd.

Set Mountain Rills, 4 v., by Dr. John Todd.

THE BURROWS BROS. CO., Cleveland, O. Bundle of Letters, by Henry James. The Burrows Brothers Company.

WILLIAM J. CAMPBELL, PHILA., PA. Martin's N. C. Reports, original ed. A liberal price will be given.

Kitto's London Pictorial Bible.

Burder's Complete History of the Bible. Phila., 1808. Jones' Forms of Conveyancing, second-hand. Bancroft's U. S., v. 9.

Ripley's Mexico, 2 v.

Dickens' American Notes; Pictures from Italy, 2 v.;
Christmas Stories, 3 v.; Master Humphrey's Clock;
Mystery of Edw. Drood; Our Mutual Friend, 4 v.;
Uncommercial Traveller. Household ed., green cl.
Dr. Chase, Recipe-Book, Detroit ed.
Meister Karl Sketch-Book, Leland.

Frank Leslie's Il. Newspaper, all Jan. nos.,
March 10, 1888; Aug. 1o, '89.

Napoleon's Life of Cæsar, v. 2.

Carpentry and Building, 1881. Williams, N. Y.

Feb. 4,

Grosvenor, American Securities, 1872 to '85. N. Y., '85.
Huxley and Martin, Biology, 2d ed.

Fremont, Expedition to Oregon and California.
Bowen, Is., Metaphysical and Ethical Science.


Stoddard's South Sea Idyls. Osgood.
The Maurice Mystery, cl D. A. & Co.
Fathers and Sons.

[blocks in formation]


The New Shakespeare, by Funny Man of Oil City Derrick.


Prime's Pottery and Porcelain.

Rawlinson's Historical Evidences.

History of Plymouth Co., Mass.


Tomlinson's Kansas in 1858.

V. 1, no. 2 Quarterly Jl. of Economics.


Trimble's Treatise on Insect Enemies of Fruits and
Fruit Trees. Wm. Wood & Co., N. Y.
Babyland for Dec., 1886.

Donahue's Mag. for March, 1889.
Leslie's Ill. Newspaper, March 2, 1889.

Heartsease and Rue, by J. R. Lowell, 1st ed., pap. title.


End of the World, by Eggleston.

5 copies Legends of Laconia.



The Christian Library, John Wesley, editor, pub. by Farley, 1749-51, V. 3, 37, 50.

The Roman Question, About, tr. by H. C. Coope, 12°. N. Y., 1859.

Ihne Rome, 8°, 5 v. Lond., 1871-82.


Calderwood, The Infinite.

The Danders.

Allen's Commercial Analysis, 3 v.


Witch Winnie Gems, Champney. White & Allen.
Children's Year, by Mary Howitt.

Life of St. Bernard, by Cotter Morrison.
""Anselm, by Church.

England Under Gladstone, by McCarthy.
Misadventure, by Norris, cl.

Wars of Succession of Portugal and Spain, by Wm. Bollaert, 2 v. London, 1870.

The Preacher and the King, by L. L. T. Bungener.

E. DARROW & Co., ROCHEster, N. Y.

Dr. Fitch, On Consumption Cure.


Certainties of Christian Religion.

God Revealed in Natural Law, by Jos. Cook.
Pap. preferred.

DE WOLFE, FISKE & Co., BOSTON, MASS. Decreta Sacrosantæ Tridentes Synodi Lepsiæ. Tauchnitz, 1852.

Binnie, On the Psalms, pub. Hodder & Stoughton. Second-hand preferred.

M. H. DICKINSON & CO., KANSAS CITY, Mo. Riley's Old-Fashioned Roses.

DODD, MEAD & Co., 753 B'WAY, N. Y.
Life and Character of John the Baptist, by Duncan.

Physician's Problems, by Elam. Osgood.
Geoffrey Hamlin, by Kingsley, Tauchnitz ed.

Correspondence of Mme. Guyon and Fenelon.

CHAS. H. DRESSEL, 5591⁄2 BROAD ST., NEWARK, N. J. (Cash.)

Magazine of American History, Feb., 1883.

G. DUNN & Co., 24 W. 6тH St., St. Paul, MINN.
Laddie, by author of Tipcat. Roberts Bros.
Tattler, roth to 12th ed., second-hand.
Macaronic Poetry, by Jas. Appleton Morgan.
The Clockmaker.

Peru, by E. G. Squier, 600 pages. Harper & Bros., 1877.

Mrs. Sigourney's Poems, complete.

Speeches of Henry Clay, Colton ed.

Speeches of Grattan, containing speech of vindication of himself.

E. P. DUTTON & Co., 31 W. 23D ST., N. Y.

Tucker's Life of Jefferson.

Eight Years in Congress, S. S. Cox.

Baby Days. Century.

Free Land and Free Trade, S. S. Cox.

Baby's Kingdom, cl.

Petit. Lippincott.

Amer. Humor, v. 1. Hurst & Blackett.

Edgeworth's Works, v. 6. Simpkin, Marshall & Co.
Kendrick's Life of Mrs. Emily C. Judson.

WM. ERVING, 13 E. 17TH ST., N. Y.

The Liberty Bell for 1839, 1841, 1842, 1844.
Hemmenway's Memoir of Wm. Ladd.

Sheldon &

ESTES & LAURIAT, BOSTON, MASS. Jarvis, Scenes and Scenery of Sandwich Islands. Bryce, Amer. Commonwealth, first ed.

Dickens' Sketches, New Household ed., v. 1 or set 2 v. Hurd & Houghton, 1873.


Story of a House, by Viollet Le Duc.

A. F. FARNELL, 42 Court ST., BROOKLYN, N. Y. Burton's Life of Hume.

Odd Fellow's Offering. 1845.

Brooklyn Corporation Manual. 1861-62.

S. B. FISHER, 687 STATE ST., SPRINGFIELD, Mass. Harper's Weekly, 1859; Jan., Feb., March and April, 1875; Jan. to July, 1876.

St. Nicholas Mag., 1879; March, 1874.
Scribner's Monthly, Sept., 1871.

[blocks in formation]

Alger, Mineralogy.

V. 4 Trans. Am. Philos. Soc.

Muehlenberg, Catalogus Plantarum.

Wilkes, U. S. Explor. Expedition.

Tuomey, Geol. Report on Alabama.
Rafinesque, Medical Flora.
Bentham, Flora Australensis.
Ringstead, The Farmer. 1800.

GAMMEL & CO., Austin, Tex.

Cousin's Psychology. Henry's trans.
Stevens' Colloquial History of the War.
Wallace's Outline of Hegel's Philosophy.

F. P. HARPER, 17 E. 16TH ST., N. Y.

V. 1 Thompson's History of Long Island. N. Y., 1843. Martin, History of North Carolina, 2 v.


2 copies Summer Gleanings, by Rose Porter, cl. Must be in good condition.


Life of Hugh O'Neil, Earl of Tyrone.

Harper's Magazine, Dec., 1876; June and July, '90.

Century, v. 28, nos. 1, 2, 4, 6; v. 29, nos. 1, 4, 5; V. 30, no. 3: v. 38, no. 6.

Milman's Gibbon's Rome, v. 1, 12°, black cl.
Bancroft's U. S., v. 9, 10.


Any book on mesmerism, by Cahagnet, Deleure or Puysegas.

Arndt's System of Medicine, v. 2.

Thackeray, English Humorists. Harper, 1853.

Four Georges. Harper, 1860.
Jeames' Diary. Appleton, 1853.

Howell's Life of Lincoln.


Annals of Army of the Cumberland, uncut. 1863.



Delphine, by Mme. de Staël.


Buddha Buddhism, by Arthur Lillie.
Forbes' Chinese Gordon.

Insurrection, by Van Hallery.

Interviews, by S. S. Cox.

A Year in Spain, McKenzie.

Spain Revisited, McKenzie.

V. 3 Johnson's Oriental Religions, green cl.
Wheatley's Pooms (give date).

Private Miles O'Reilly.

Among the Indians, H. A. Boller.

The Existence of the Living God. Phila., 1887.

The Accountant's Vade Mecum, by Marshall. Stephens' Hours in Library, good copy.

Any book on or relating to Michigan.

The Wind Harp and Other Poems, Ellen C. Haworth. The Essenes, Their History and Doctrine, by C. D. Gunsbury.

A. C. MCCLURG & Co., 117 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. Combe, Constitution of Man.

Ecce Femina. Carleton.

WM. MCCRACKEN, JR., 132 5TH AVE., PITTSburg, Pa. Life and Letters of John Brown, by F. B. Sanborn. MARCH BROS., LEBANON, O. (Cash.)

Treasury of Song, instrumental.

Buds and Blossoms, by T. S. Arthur. Cheap 12° ed.
Anderson's Constitution. 1723.

V. 23, 24 and 25 Scribner's Encyclopædia Britannica, shp.

Art Journal, v. for 1885, '86 and '87, in pts.
Gill's Myths and Songs of S. Pacific.

Cook's Chemical Problems.

Bossuet and His Contemporaries. N. Y., 1875.
HENRY MILLER, 65 Nassau ST., N. Y.
Maine Central R. R. Annual Reports, v. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9,

10, 11, 12, 14.

London Art Journal, 1861, 62, 63, 64, 65.

Puck, all nos. previous to 129 and nos. 135, 562, 600.
Prescott, Conquest of Mexico, v. 2. Lippincott's ed.
V. 10 Pacific R. R. Survey.

Outing, V. 1. 2, 3, complete.

Boston Herald, 1889 and 1890 to date.

V. 13, 14, 15, 16, Benton's Abridgment of Debates. Appletons Cyclopædia, 1st ed., v. 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.

JAMES O'NEIL, 521 7TH ST., N. W., WASHINGTON, D. C. Barry's Hist. of Mass, v. 2 (second period).

PRESBYTERIAN Bookstore, 706 PENN Av., Pittsburg, PA. Fairbairn's Pastoral Epistles.

Christmas Evans 'Sermons. Lacross ed.

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Lady or Tiger,

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[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

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