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With flow'ry blossoms fair, a tulip-grove
Spread its kind branches, and invited Love ;
When nearer Suns emblaz'd the noontide air,
The bow unstrung, unbarb’d the idle spear,
Where ampler shades diffus'd a milder day,
Moluck the hunter and the warrior lay;
And there, while stretch'd, supine, his length along,
In these wild notes he pour’d the plaintive song,

“ O thou! whose love, with generous vow
“ Of mutual flame, my love repaid;
To whom the genial Gods allow,
“ The charms that grace the fairest maid,
“ thou! my Abra, ever dear,
“That own'st the gentle soul sincere,
“ With ev'ry purer passion fed ;
“ Still may'st thou joy with me to rovę
“ The Fairy fields of happiest Love,
“ By kindly pow'rs of Nature led.
“ But now what sad unkind delay,
*** Can bear thy timorous feet away,
“ And force thee from this sheltering glade?
66 Where

now, while sultrier hours invade,
“ For thee I cull each sweeter flow'r,
" For thee I weave the shadiest bow'r;
" Where might we pass each moment free,
“ Bestow'd by Love, and due to me.
“ Then hither turn thy gentle way,
“ The bow'r laments thy long delay!
“ And what shall keep thy ravish’d sight?
“What pleasure new, what fond delight
“ Shall stay thee from this conscious grove,
“ Where first thou own'st thy meeting Love?
“ Or do some rude and savage arms

Seize, ruthless, on thy trembling charms,

6 Where rapes

« And drag thee to the destin'd cell

and horrid murders dwell? “Rise then, my spear of bloody pow'r, “ To thee belongs the vengeful hour! “ And thou shalt give the wretch to know “ The fatal fury of thy blow.

“ But ah, how vain the fancied fear! “ No monster wild, no savage near “ Could force her from the seats of Love : “ Around the sons of Oglu move, “ And every scream, and every cry “Would pierce the verge of yonder sky; " And Love himself would wider bear “ The sound, on Echo's airy car. “ But yet, tho' brutal force should fail “ To move her from the gentle vale ;

Say, O my soul, with sorrow say, “ Might not the Maid delight to stray, “ Where, (O curse the treacherous tongue “ With cunning sounds of Flatt'ry hung!) “ Some happier and some dearer youth, “ In borrow'd words of seeming truth, “ With all the wily tricks of Art “ Has stol’n upon


heart? “ And shall a rival's wanton arms, “ Hang, raptur'd, on her faithless charms;

And, unreveng'd, the sweets enjoy “That all my fond desires employ? “ No, by the lightning of my spear, “ By all my hopes of future fame,


father's shadows drear, “ And holy Rutren's pow'rful name;

By all

« No, never shall my eye-lids sleep, " But a long weary Vigil kcep, “ Till Vengeance, with her sword of fire, “ Shall bid the caitiff wretch expire, “ That dar'd with flame unholy move “ And win a warrior's destin'd Love.

“ And she, the perjur'd Nymph, shalt fcel, “ Howe'er she force the tear to flow, “ Howe'cr in artful guise she veil “ Her alter'd faith and broken vow, 66 That stubborn Justice holds secure “ The heart from Beauty's witching lure, “ And arms the hand in awful state, “ Th' avenging Minister of Fate. .“ And hear, ye Matron-Spirits, hear! “ O by your chastest Loves I swear, “ That she shall mount the lustral Hame, “ Dishonour to her mother's name.

« But-can that Maid of artless mien, “ Of open front, and soul serene, “ So mild, so gentle, and so young, “ Can she deceive, whose raptur'd ear “ So joy'd my simple tale to hear, “ Then bless'd the magic of my tongue? “ But Love was all the magic there, “ In thoughtless words of passion drest

My tale could please the peerless fair, “ And win admission to her breast. “ Can she, whose heart alone could beat • To Pleasure pure, and genuine Love,

By studied arts of forc'd Deceit “ Inconstant, faithless, perjur'd prove?

« No, never shall the thought unkind
“ Again distract my lab'ring mind.
* In all the pride and bloom of youth,

My Abra swore, in solemn truth,
By every stream, by every grove,

And all the guardian pow'rs of Love,
" That she would bless but me alone,
" While Life and while the Gods allow
“ But me her answering heart would own,
“ Love heard, and seal'd the generous vow.
“ Avaunt, ye meaner thoughts, that move
“ The breast, unhumaniz'd by Love!
For never shall my soul again,

Impatient of her long delay,
s6 Of broken vows unkind complain,
“ But bless the Maid where'er she stray.
And sure the gentle Muse may

66 To breathe for her the warmest prayer,
“ May fondly wish, in glad return,

By laughing hours and pleasures borne,
“ That now the Nymph would haste to wear
“Of coral pure and How'rets fair,
" (It was her Moluck's hand that wove)

“ The simple wreath of truest Love."
More had he sung, but from the neighb'ring glade,
In genuine smiles and native charms array'd,
A Virgin form soft won her easy way,
Fair without pride, and without folly gay;
To grace the brow, or please the taste, she bore
The choicest fruits, and every sweetest flow'r:

The Warrior rose, and seiz'd her to his breast, And every laughing Love proclaim'd the lovers blest.


When shall

break, ye

Sons of Warg
The long sleep of the battle-bow?

When shall your jav’lins give to flow
The hated blood of Hindvar's offspring slain,

(Tho'round in armed state,

Their Guardian * Genii wait)
Curst, and unburnt upon their native plain ?

If now your sluggard hands abhor
The sword of Fury, and if now
Tremble your coward feet to tread,
Wherever Rutren loves to lead,

While lusty youth and life allow,
The walks of War, and fiery fields of Fale.

Now by the plumed head 110 more
Let foul Reproach, and skulking Shame,

And coward Fear, a foreign rame,
Scowl with their baleful pinions on our shore,
As when, of old, the sons of Hindvar came
And swept their hostile banners, blood-bedew'd,
Nurst in gaunt Terrors, and upborne by Fame,
While on cach helmet glory sate and smild:
Thro' every parting rank destruction wild,
With pow'r remorseless, in her bloody car,
Rode fierce upon the lurid air,

And from her vengeful bow,

With many a fatal blow, Flung swift th' envenom'd shait where Oglu's cham

pions stood. * The Indians, in a manner similar to the Romans, believe in good and evil Gerii.They have their Angels to protect, and their Dæmons and Giants to molest them. But they are all in subjection to their three superior Deities.

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