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§ 14.

requisite qnalifications, shall select by lot the number of pupils to which said district is entitled. The board of trustees shall have discretionary power, if any candidate does not sign and file with the secretary of the board a declaration that he or she will teach in the public schools within the state not less than three years, in case that engagements can be secured by reasonable efforts, to require candidate to provide for the payment of such fees for tuition as the board

inay prescribe. Appropriatlon

To enable the board of trustees to erect the buildings and make the improvements preparatory to the reception of pupils in said institution, and to supply the necessary furniture for the same, the sum of seventy-tive thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of the state treasury, payable on the orders of said board, as required for use, in sums not exceeding ten thousand dollars per month. The first payment to be made on the first day of June next, and subsequent payments monthly thereafter, but each successive order for subsequent payments shall be accompanied by an account sustained by vonchers, showing, to the satisfaction

of the auditor, the expenditure of the previous payment. Certain char- § 15. The expense of building, improving, repairing,

and supplying fuel and furniture, and the salaries or compensation of the trustees, superintendent, assistants, agents and employees, shall be a charge upon the state treasury; all other expenses shall be chargeable against pupils, and

the trustees shall regulate the charges accordingly. Expenses, how

$ 16. If the buildings and improvements herein propaid.

vided for shall be ready for the reception of pupils before the next regular session of the general assembly, the gov. ernor is authorized to make orders on the auditor, directing him to issue warrants at the end of each quarter of the fiscal year for amounts sufficient to pay the expenses chargeable against the state, and the auditor shall issue warrants

accordingly, which shall be paid by the treasurer. Expenses

The trustees of this institution shall receive their personal and traveling expenses, and the auditor is hereby anthorized to issue his warrants quarterly, upon taking the affidavit of the trustees as to the actual time employed, and their personal and traveling expenses.

$ 18. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED March 9, 1869.

ges upon state treasury.

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$ 17.


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AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act to establish a Home for the In force March Children of deceased Soldiers," approved March 5th, 1867, and to make

1, 1869, appropriations for the said home.



Fix their com

Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the trustees of the said home are hereby authorized to fix the

pointed. compensation of all the officers and employees necessary in said institution, and which they are required to employ by the 2d section of the act to which this is an amendment, said compensation not to exceed what is paid to simi

pensation. lar officers and employees in the other charitable institutions in this state; and that the said trustees, acting as board, or by their executive committee, may remove any officer or employee, if the interests of the institution require said removal. $ 2. The board of trustees shall, by virtue of their „To be tho le

gal gurdians. office as trustees, be the legal guardians of all the children who are now, or may become hereafter, inmates of the said home, in all cases where such children have not a legal guardian, and shall exercise all the powers and authorities incident to the office of guardianship in this state; and after the expiration of the time for which children are allowed to remain in the home, the said trustees may bind out any discharged child, under the laws of this state, for such term and such purposes as said trustees shall deem proper, and for the interest of each child respectively: Provided, that in case such child shall have a parent living, the consent of such parent shall be first obtained. $ 3. In special cases of peculiar inability of a pupil to Specialt cases

of . support himself, or herself, the said board of trustees or its executive committee may retain such pupil, although above the age of fourteen (14) years, and until said pupil has reached the age of sixteen (16), and said trustees or their executive committee may discharge, at any time, any child for persistent violation of the rules of said home, or when in their judgment it is necessary for the best interest and good government of the same.

§ 4. The powers and authority heretofore granted to said „Reception of trustees, concerning the reception of donations, gifts and grants in and by the name and style of said institution, are hereby declared to embrace, and were intended to embrace any grant or demise of real estate and any donation or bequest of money or other personal property, to be applied to the use of said institution.

§ 5. That out of any money in the treasury not other. Appropriation wise appropriated, the sum of twenty five thousand dollars of building. ($25,000) is hereby appropriated for the completion of the building of the said home at Normal; the sum of six thousand five hundred dollars ($6,500) for heating and ventilation




of the building; the sum of three thousand dollars ($3,000) for stables, out buildings, walks, grading and sewer; the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for furnishing the various departments, including cooking ranges, bakery, kitchen furniture, furnishing school rooms and gas appa

ratus; the sun of five hundred dollars ($500) per annum, For insurance. for insurance; the sum of forty-five thousand dollars ($45,

000) per annum, for the education, nurture, clothing and

other necessaries for said pupils, the salaries of officers, and Incidental ex- all other contingent and incidental expenses connected with

the support and maintenance of said institution. Said sums, or so much thereof as shall from time to time become necessary to use, shall be drawn by the auditor of public accounts out of the treasury, upon the request of the treasurer of said institution.

§ 7. That the reports of the trustees provided for in the made biennially act of February 16th, 1865, establishing the Soldiers' Or

phans' Home, be made biennially to the governor of this

state. Acts repealed.

§ 8. All acts or parts of acts heretofore enacted, inconsistent with the provisions of the present act, are hereby repealed.

$ 9. This act to be a public act, and to be enforced from and after its passage.

APPROVED March 1, 1869.


Reporte trustces to

AN ACT in aid of the Illinois Soldiers' College.

In force March

10, 1869.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That a sum $20.000 appro- not exceeding twenty thousand dollars is hereby appropriapriated annual- ted annually, for two years, to the “Illinois Soldiers’ Col

lege," at Fulton, Whiteside county, Illinois. How applied.

S 3. This appropriation shall be applied only to the maintenance and education of disabled soldiers and sailors who have been regularly discharged from the service of the United States, and also to the support and education of indigent orphans or half-orphans of deceased soldiers and sailors in said service, above the age of twelve years, at the rate of one hundred and twenty-five dollars per annun, for each student. The state auditor and treasurer are here by appointed a board of auditors, who shall meet quarterly on the first Wednesday in June, November, February and April, in each year, and before whom the board of trustees of said college shall appear and establish, by satisfactory evidence, the number of students entitled to the benefits of the above appropriation; and upon their certificate


that any number of such students not exceeding one hundred and sixty (who] have been in regular attendance or partial attendance during the collegiate year. The auditor of state shall draw his warrant on the treasurer of the state for such sum or sums as may be necessary to pay such college for the board and tuition of each student, at the rate of one hundred and twenty-five dollars for the collegiate year: Provided, that the certiticate of the executive committee of said college, verified by the affidavit of the president thereof, that the student was admitted and taught in said college in pursuance of an appointment inade by the proper authorities, as prescribed by law, shall be sufficient prima facie evidence for said board of auditors: Provided, that no student shall receive the berrefit of this fund whose service, or that of his father, was not credited to the state of Illinois.

$ 3. Accounts may be rendered, certified to and orders Accounts. drawn on the treasurer as above provided, quarter-yearly.

$ 4. It shall be the duty of the board of trustees of Circular. said college, prior to the opening of each session, to issue a circular specifying the time of opening said college de. partments of instruction and courses of study, and transmit one such circular to the clerk of each of the counties of the state, and one to the president of each county board of supervisors.

$ 5. Each county board of supervisors or county court et selection of this state, may select four from among those eligible to attendance as students, upon whom may be conferred the privileges of the institution; and in making such selection they shali designate who is their first, second and third choice to have the privileges of said fund.

6. The college shall always give precedence to appli. Precedence, cants from the several counties selected by the board of 81pervisors or the county court; but if they are not thus selected and furnished the trustees of the college may fill the vacancies with eligible persons: Provided, that the several counties shall, before the commencement of any college year, select their attendance and choice; and the county clerks shall notify the trustees of the college, in writing, thirty days before the commencement of such collegiate course or year, and the board of trustees may only fill va. cancies in cases where counties fail to provide, or when the persons selected by the counties shall fail to attend or shall leave the college before the close of the collegiate year; and the trustees shall make a list of such selection and choice, and classity then in the following manner: First Class.-All those who have lost a leg or arm or

Disabled staany part thereof.

Second Class.-'Those otherwise disabled so as to unfit them to follow their former occupations.




Indigent phans.

Third Class. The indigent orphans or half-orphans of deceased soldiers and sailors.

And the trustees shall make up the number of students before provided by selecting from the first class, then the second; and should the necessary number not be obtained from these classes, then they shall be taken from the remaining class-always respecting the choice of the county au

— When college thority. For the purposes of this bill the college year shall

commence the fourth Monday in March, in each year.

8 7. This act shall be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED March 10, 1869.


year to in ence.

In force March AN ACT appointing a State Agent to collect war ciaims against the 10, 1869.

United States.

War agency.

Shall report to governor.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the claim governor is hereby authorized to appoint a state agent for

the state of Illinois, for the purpose of superintending the making up and collecting all claims of the state of Illinois against the United States, for expenses incurred in organizing, equipping, clothing, subsisting and transporting troops for the United States service, and also any additional expense

; incurred by the state on account of the late war for the suppression of the rebellion. It shall further be the duty of said agent to superintend the making of all explanations called for by the United States on settlements made on previous installments.

$ 2. The state agent shall, from time to time, report to the governor of the state the amount of all money collected and the condition of all business committed to his care, and so soon as any collections shall be made on account of said claims the amount shall be transmitted by United States treasury drafts, drawn payable to the order of the governor of the state of Illinois, to be paid into the state treasury and placed to the credit of the ordinary revenue fund

of the state. Compensation. $ 3. The said state agent shall receive, as compensation

for his services and expenses, such amount as the governor may approve out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated : Provided, that such compensation shall in no case exceed four thousand dollars per annum.

§ 4. It is hereby made the duty of the various officers of the state of Illinois, under the direction of the governor, to assist the said agent in preparing any new installments or

State officers to assist agents.

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