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Sheppard, Mrs. Philip, of a son, at Hampton Ma- Teignmouth, Lady, of a son, at Clifton, 29th Aug,
nor House, 11th Sept.
Thomas, Mrs. Arthur T., of a dau., at Kensington,
Sibeth. Mrs. Edmund, of a son, at Herne Hall, 7th Sept.
9th Sept.
Thompson, Mrs. Samuel, of a son, at Douglas,
Isle of Man, 12th Sept.

Smith, Mrs., wife of Dr. Tyler Smith, of a son, at
Bolton-street, 27th August.

Tindal, Mrs. R. H., of a dau., at Scarborough,
28th Aug.

Smith, Mrs. W. Castle, of a dau., at Cambridge-
place, Regent's-park, 27th Aug.

Smith, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Benjamin Frederick
Smith, of a dau., 20th Sept.

Twigg, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Robert Twigg, Vicar
of Tilmanstone, of a dau., 16th Sept.
Tyerman, Mrs. C. R., of a son, at Gresham-street,
14th Sept.

Smythe, Mrs., wife of Lieut. Frederick Smythe,
Staff Officer of Pensioners, of a son, at Oxford,
30th Aug.
Snow, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Henry Snow, of a
dau., 6th Sept.

Spring, Mrs. Herbert, of a dau., at Higher Brough-
ton, near Manchester, 28th Aug.
Squire, Mrs. W. T., of a son, at Barton-place,
Suffolk, 10th Sept.
Stanbrough, Mrs. James Wm., of a son, at Sutton
House, 28th Aug.
Stephenson, Mrs. Captain, of a son, at Saunders-
foot, co. Pembroke, 14th Sept.
Stokes, Mrs. Henry Graham, of a dau., at Green-
wich, 23rd Aug.

Stone, Mrs. Coutts, of a son, at Great Marlborough-
street, 3rd Sept.
Strachan, Mrs. James, of a son, at Teddington,
Middlesex, 20th Aug.
Strangways, the Hon. Mrs. John Fox, of a son,
13th Sept.
Struvé, Mrs. Wm. Price, of a son, at Swansea, 18th
Tahourdin, Mrs. Charles, of a son, at Brompton,
10th Aug.
Tanqueray, Mrs. George, of a dau., at Hendon,
18th Sept.
Taylor, Mrs. Herbert, of a dau., at Lowndes-sq.,
12th Sept.

Vansittart, Mrs., wife of Lieut.-Col. Vansittart,
Coldstream Guards, of a dau., 16th Sept.
Walker, Lady, wife of Sir Edward Walker, of a
dau., 23rd Aug.

Adams, William, Esq. surgeon, 'of 39, Finsbury-
square, to Mary Ann, daughter of John Mills,
Esq. of Canton -place, Poplar, 21st Aug.
Adams, William Pitt, Esq., Her Majesty's Charge"
d'Affaires to the Republic of Peru, to Georgiana
Emily, third daughter of the late Robert Lukin,
Esq., 16th Sept.
Addison, Thomas, Esq. M.D., to Elizabeth Cathe-
rine, widow of the late W. W. Hanxwell, Esq.
nephew and protege of the late Admiral Selby, of
Grangemouth, 14th Sept.
Allnutt, George S., of the Middle Temple, Esq.,
Barrister-at-law, to Mary Lea, eldest surviving
daughter of Henry Allnutt, Esq. of Maidstone, 25th
Anderson, the Rev. James Richard, to Elizabeth
Julia, eldest daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Ed-
ward Pellew, 19th Aug.
Baker, the Rev. Stephen Catteley, vicar of Sken-
frith, Monmouthshire, to Mary Dorothea, dau.
of H. Graham, Esq. and grand-daughter of the
late Rev. J. Graham, rector of St. Saviour's,
York, 2nd Sept.
Banister, Edward, thrd son of the Rev. John Ban-
ister, rector of Kelvedon Hatch, to Eliza-Ann,
only daughter of Lichfield Tabrum, Esq. of Bois-
hall, Essex, 2nd Sept.

Bates, Thomas Charles, eldest son of Robert Makin
Bates, Esq., to Christiana Frances, younger dau.
of the late Arthur Francis Stone, Esq. of Bromp-
ton, 9th Sept.
'Baxter, Mr. Henry Phelps, of Southall, Middlesex,
to Julia Malvina, only child of Joshua Smith,
Esq. Hill-house, Southall, 22nd April.
Belfour, Edmund, only son of Edmund Belfour, of

Wallace, Mrs., wife of the Rev. George Wallace,
of a dau., at Canterbury, 26th Aug.
Watkins, Mrs., wife of the Rev. H. G. Watkins,
jun., of a dau.. 7th Sept.

Welch, Mrs. Montague Stuart, of a son, at Chis-
wick, 13th Sept.

Williams, Mrs. Philip P., of a son, at Stoake
House, Salop, 28th August.

Wilmott, Mrs. Edward, of a son, at Albion-street-
Lewes, 12th Sept.

Wood, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Peter A. L. Wood,
of a son, at Littleton Rectory, 26th Aug.
Woodhouse, Mrs. Coventry M., of a son, at Doughty-
street, 4th Sept.

Woodward, Mrs. Henry Wm., of a son, at Notting
Hill, 29th Aug.
Wynell-Mayow, Mrs., wife of the Rev. Philip
Wynell-Mayow, of a dau., 26th Aug.

Yeoman, Mrs. James, of a son, at Tubbendens,
15th Sept.

Yolland, Mrs. Captain W., of a dau., at Southampton, 3rd Sept.

Young, Mrs. Heathfield, of a dau., at Dorking, 22nd Aug.


Lincoln's-inn-fields, Esq., to Maria Godfrey' only daug ter of the late Edward Turner, of Woburn-square, and of the Hon. East India Company's Service, Esq. 11th Sept. Benson, George, Esq. of Armagh, to Clara Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the late Thomas Miller, Esq. of Peckam rye, Surrey, 26th Aug.

Blake, V. W., Esq. surgeon, late of Ditchling, to Sarah Maria, eldest daughter of George Farncombe, Esq. of Bishopstone, Sussex, 8th Sept. Bouverie, Philip Pleydell, only son of the Hon. Philip Pleydell Bouverie, to Jane, eldest daughter of Henry Seymour, Esq. of Knoyle-house, Wilts, 21st Aug.

Boys, the Rev. M., M.A., to Henrietta, youngest
daughter of the late Major-General Trewman, of
the Madras Army, 16th Sept.

Britten, Thomas, Esq. of Grove-end-road. St.John's
Wood, to Jessie Jane, youngest daughter of
Charles Pearse, Esq. of Carlton Colville, Suffolk,
3rd Sept.

Bruce, Captain, Grenadier Guards, to Anna Maria
Frances Suart, daughter of the late James Stuart,
Esq., Member for Huntingdon, 15th Sept.
Buckle, Captain Claude Henry M., R.N., son of
Vice-Admiral Buckle, to Harriet Margaret, eldest
daughter of Thomas Deane Shute, Esq. of Bram-
shaw-hill, New Forest, Hants, 24th Aug.
Buckley, the Rev. George, to Marianne, only dau.
of Mr. D. Fraser, of Islington, 21st Aug.
Burleigh, Sampson, youngest son of the late Robert
Burleigh, Esq. of Sible-Hedingham, Essex, to
Charlotte Arabella, eldest daughter of the late
James Simmons, Esq. of Canterbury, 2nd Sept.
Carter, Matthew, Esq. M.D., eldest son of Matthew

Clarke, second dau, of John Richardson, Esq. of Swansea, 2nd Sept.

Edwards, William, second son of J. S. Edwards, Esq., Stanton Lacey, Shropshire, to Emily, dau. of the late M. Joshua Jowett, of Chelsea, 26th Aug.

England, Daniel, fourth son of Thomas England, Esq. of Surrey-square, to Phoebe, second dau. of Edward Moxhay, Esq. of Stamford hill, 11th Sept.

Evans, the Rev. William Sloane, Fellow Commoner, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, assistant-curate of St. David's, and grand chaplain of the Temple, London, second son of the late Colonel William Evans, of Her Majesty's 41st Regt., nephew of his Excellency Lieut.-General Thomas, Governor of Tynemouth Castle and Cliff Fort, to Selina, second daughter of William Branscombe, Esq., 21st Aug.

Evans, the Rev. James Joyce, M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, curate of Wareham, Dorset, eldest son of the Rev. James Harrington Evans, to Caroline Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Joseph Freeland, Esq. of Chichester, 16th Sept. Feltoe, Francis Frederick, eldest son of Francis Feltoe, Esq. of Newington-place, Kennington, to Sarah Anne, daughter of Thomas Deeble Dutton, Esq. of Althorp-lodge, Garratt, Wandsworth, 7th Sept.

Fenwick, N. A., Esq. late stipendiary magistrate at Geelong, Port Philip, to Julia, fourth daughter of his Excellency the late Lieutenant-General de Flindt, in his Danish Majesty's service, at Copenhagen.

Carter, Esq. late Her Majesty's Consul for Carthagena, in Spain, to Cornelia, youngest daughter of Francis Woodforde, Esq., 2nd Sept. Clarke, the Rev. Walter T., vicar of Swinderby, Lincolnshire, third surviving son of General Tredway Clarke, of the Madras Artillery, to Maria Frances, youngest daughter of the Rev. Joseph Mayor, rector of South Callingham, 17th Sept. Clay, the Rev. Edmund, B.A., incumbent of Skerton, Lancaster, to Sarah Howes Lucas, youngest daughter of John Phipps, Esq. of Little Shelford Park, Cambridgeshire, 26th Aug. Clode, Charles Matthew, Esq. of Staple-inn, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of John Richards, Esq. of Devonshire-square, 25th Aug. Cochrane, William, Esq. of Grantham, Lincolnshire, to Catherine Elvira, younger daughter of W. K. Jenkins, Esq. of Avenue-road, Regent's Park, 16th Sept. Colman, Charles Frederick, Esq. of Swansea, in the county of Glamorgan, to Mary Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late James Mill, Esq. 23rd Aug. Colman, William Gooding, Esq., architect (late of 2, New-inn, Strand, London), eldest son of the late William Colman, Esq. of Shirley, to Eleanora Harriett, second daughter of the late John William Pfeil, Esq., 21st Aug. Cornish, John Robert, Esq. Barrister-at-law, of the Inner Temple, and student of Christ Church, Oxford, to Elizabeth Gray, only child of the late George Isaac Mowbray, Esq. of the county of Durham, and grand-daughter of Robert Gray, D.D., late Lord Bishop of Bristol, 19th Aug. Cowley, Frederick Thomas, second son of William Kearse Cowley, Esq., R.N., to Louisa Emily, second daughter of Thomas Boddy, Esq., 25th Aug. Cox, Wiltshire, Esq. of Henley-grove, Westburyupon-Trym, Gloucestershire, to Lydia Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Clement Oliver, of Devonshireplace, Brighton, 21st Aug. Cracknall, Stephen, of St. John's-road, Nottinghill, Esq. and Queen's College, Cambridge, B.A. to Ann, only daughter of Borthwick Wight, Esq. of Loraine place, Holloway, 26th Aug. Crake, John, eldest son of William Crake, Esq., of 10, Stanhope-street, Hyde-park-gardens, to Mary Anne, younger daughter of the late Robert Todd, Esq. of St. John's-wood, and of Datchet, 8th Sept. Cramer, William, eldest son of François Cramer. Esq. Bayswater, to Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Jennings, of New Windsor, Berks, 31st Aug. Croker, Robert Nettles, M.D., to Mrs. Anne Lloyd Bowser, 6th Sept.

Crosley, Mr. William, C. E., of Edinburgh, to Rosa Ann, second daughter of John Gandell, Esq.,| Mecklenburgh-street, Mecklenburgh-square, 16th

Sept. Daniels, Nathaniel, of London, to Harriette, dau. of the late N. Benjamin, of Paris, 26th Aug. Darby, Walter, Esq. of Fortess terrace, Kentishtown, to Elizabeth Julia, only daughter of the Rev. Samuel Crooke, of Bromley, Kent, 8th Sept. Davies, James Phillips, Esq. to Mary, only dau. of the late William Whitelaw, Esq., 8th Sept. Dent, John C., Esq., Barrister-at-law, of Sudley Castle, Gloucestershire, to Emma, eldest dau. of John Brocklehurst, Esq., M.P. of Hurdsfieldhouse, Cheshire, 16th Sept. Drogheda, Henry Francis Seymour, Marquis of, to the Hon. Mary Caroline, eldest daughter of Lord Wharncliffe, 25th Aug. Drummond, George, Esq. of Regency-square, Brighton, to Mary, second daughter of the late Edward Berney, Esq. of Cleves, 7th Sept. Eastcourt, Charles Wyatt, Esq. of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, to Frances Emma Coker, only daughter of Charles Holcombe Dare, Esq. of North Curry, in the county of Somerset, 14th Sept. Edmond, William, Esq. of Swansea, to Elizabeth

Firman, George Jordan, son of George Firman, Esq. of Great Alie-street, (formerly of Colchester) to Anna Louisa, dau. of Robert Penny, Esq. of Birchin-lane, niece of Lieut.-Colonel N. Penny, C.B., and of the late, Major General G. R. Penny, both of the Hon. East India Company's service. Foley, John Henry, Esq. of Edward street and Osnaburgh-street, Regent's park, sculptor, to Mary Ann Gray, second daughter of Samuel Gray, Esq. of Brecknock-cresent, Camden New-town, 21st Aug.

Fugion, Edward, Esq. Paymaster of Depôts, Isle of

Wight, to Margarette, fourth daughter of J. Thomas, Esq. of Brecknock, 9th Sept. Fyler, the Rev. James Fyler, eldest son of James C. Fyler, Esq. of Woodlands, Surrey, and Heffleton, Dorset, to Rosalind Charity, eldest daughter of Dr. Chambers, of Brook-street, London, and Hordle Cliff, Hants, 7th Sept. Godfrey, Mr. John, of St. Helier's, Jersey, to Frances Anne, third daughter of the late Mr. William Bowes Dadley, 18th Sept.

Gonne, Charles, Esq. of Abington-hall, Cambridge-
shire, to Charlotte Maria, third daughter of John
Cotton, Esq. of Upper Harley-street, 9th Sept.
Graham, the Rev. Henry Elliot, rector of Ludg-
van, and one of Her Majesty's justices of the
peace, for the county of Cornwall, to Louisa,
third daughter of Burrage Davenport, Esq. of
Russell place, Fitzroy-square, 26th Aug.
Griffith, Arthur C. A., Esq., to Charlotte, youngest
daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Delamain,
of the Bengal Army, 25th Aug.
Guthrie, Alex., Esq. to Bridget Isabella Jane,
widow of the late Assistant surgeon William
Purnell, of the Bombay Establishment, 14th

Hamilton, Francis Alexander, of Liverpool, to Eliza
Pennell, eldest daughter of Samuel Johnston,
Esq. Olinda-cottage, Liscard, Cheshire, 7th Sept.
Hamilton, J. P., Esq. Barrister-at-law, Dublin, to
Martha, second daughter of Anthony Brownless,
Esq. of Richmond- terrace, 7th Sept.
Hamley, Captain William George, of the Royal
Engineers, to Olivia Arbuthnot, second daughter
of Captain T. Gallwey, Royal Navy, 8th Sept.
Harper, Joseph W., eldest son of Fletcher Harper,
Esq. of New York, to Ellen Urling, younger dau.
of Mr. Jeremiah Smith, Sturt place, Hoxton,
21st Aug.

Havergal, Rev. A. E., vicar of Cople, near Bedford, |
to Frances Mary, eldest daughter of George J.
A. Walker, Esq. of Norton, in the county of
Worcester, 16th Sept.
Hawley, Frederick, Esq. of Islington, to Emma
Cox, only child of the late Thomas Euens, Esq.
of North Shields, 6th Sept.
Hayes, Joseph, Esq. of Her Majesty's St. Helena
Regiment, to Harriett, youngest daughter of the
late John Martin, Esq., of the 3rd Dragoon
Guards. 7th Sept.

Hayes, Fletcher, Esq., 62nd Regiment Bengal
Army, only son of the late Commodore Sir John
Hayes, to Frances Henrietta, only daughter of
the late Robert Torrens, C.B., Adjutant-General |
Her Majesty's Forces in India 15th Sept.
Heigham, John Henry, Esq. of Hunston hall, to
Lydia, second daughter of the Rev. H. W. Rous
Birch, vicar of Reydon and Southwold, in the
county of Suffolk, 2nd Sept.
Heintz, Robert, second son of Robert Heintz, Esq.
of Canonbury-lane, to Isabella, younger dau. of
William Young, Esq. of Highbury-grange, 21st
Heywood, Oliver, Esq. second son of Sir Benjamin
Heywood, Bart., of Claremont, to Eleanor, only
daughter of R. W. Barton, Esq. of Springwood,
7th Sept.

Hilton, James, Esq. of Lincoln's-inn fields, to Ma-
ria Bernard, second dau. of James Bleazby, Esq.
of Stonehouse, 11th Sept.
Hincks, the Rev. Thomas, M.A. rector of Culfeig-
trin, county of Antrim, to Mary Annie, daughter
of the late George Lewis, Esq. of Tottenham,
Middlesex, 25th Aug.
Holmes, Joseph Foster, eldest son of Charles
Holmes, Esq. of Gorton, Lancashire, to Elizabeth,
youngest daughter of the late William Johnson,
Esq., land-surveyor, of Manchester, 21st Aug.
Hope, James Robert, Esq. Barrister-at law, son of
the late General the Hon. Sir Alexander Hope,
G.C.B., to Charlotte Harriett Jane, daughter of
J. G. Lockhart, Esq., 19th Aug.
Hunter, John, Esq. of Islington, to Elizabeth, only
daughter of the late John Cheap, Esq. of Tyndale-
place, 7th Sept,

Hyde, Henry, Esq. of Mecklenburgh-square, to
Julia, youngest daughter of Charles Cox, Esq. of
Cedar lodge, Stockwell park, 19th Aug.
Izard, Rev. W. C., A.B., of Hoxton-square, Lon-
don, to Jane, third daughter of W. J. Tilley,
Esq., of Woodhatch, near Reigate, 9th Sept.
Jameson, Mark, Esq., of Gray's-inn, to Elizabeth,
only child of George Jackson, Esq., of High
Wickham, 2nd Sept.
Jennyns, Clayton, Esq., of the 15th, or King's
Hussars, only son of the late Clayton Jennyns,
Esq., formerly Governor of Demerara, to Eliza-
beth, only child of Capt. Willes Johnson, Royal
Navy, 30th Aug.
Jones, J., Esq., of Love-lane, Aldermanbury,
London, to Sarah, second daughter of the late
Thomas Bowen, Esq., of Welshpool, Mont-
gomeryshire, 13th Sept.

Jopling, C. M., Esq, of Urswick, to Emily
Sophia, youngest daughter of James Blacket,
Esq., of Brixton, 26th Aug.

King, Paul John, second son of Captain J. D.
King, of Kingville, county of Waterford, to
Anna Maria, second daughter of William Man,
Esq., of Bromley, 2nd Sept.
Knight, Henry jun., Esq., of Terrace-lodge, Ax-
minster, Devon, to Mary, second daughter of A.
Barns, Esq., of Broome, Swindon, Wilts, and of
Hawkchurch, Dorset, 7th Sept.
Kuper, Wm., Esq., to Mary, eldest daughter of
W. H. Driffill, Esq., of Thealby, Lincolnshire,
20th Aug.

Emma, youngest daughter of the late John
Edward Longley, Esq., 9th Sept.

Lamb, Christopher, Esq., of Camberwell-grove, to
Elizabeth, second daughter of Wm. Francis,
Esq., 75, Minories, 14th Sept.

Landon, Francis Newcombe, Esq., Solicitor, Brent-
wood, Essex, to Margaret Lætitia, fourth dau. of
Wm. Brown, Esq., of St. Nicholas, Ipswich,
25th Aug.


Lumley, W. B., Esq., second son of the late
Major-General Sir James Lumley, E.IC.'s
Elizabeth, daughter of Thos. Haines, Esq., late
Royal Navy, in July.

, to

Lynn, the Rev. Geo. Goodenough, M.A., of Hamp
ton-wick, Middlesex, to Henrietta, youngest
daughter of Ralph Naters, Esq., of Sandyford,
Newcastle-on-Tyne, 28th Aug.
MacOubrey, John, Esq., of the Middle Temple,
and Northern Circuit, barrister-at-law, to Clara,
second daughter of Thomas Carlisle, Esq., of
Hyde park-place West, London, 16th Sept.
Main, Robert, Esq., of Ravensbourne-park, Lewis-
ham, to Christiana, eldest daughter of W. J.
Bicknell, Esq., of Sloane-terrace. 11th Sept.
Maplestone, Henry, Esq., to Emily May-rose, third
daughter of the late T. F. Hunt, Esq.,17th Aug.
Marshall, Brevet Major Hubert, of the 33rd Regi-
ment Madras Infantry, to Jessie, youngest dau.
of the late Mr. John Brooke, of Dunbar, 24th

Martin, J. D., Esq., of Trieste, to Georgina Wil-
liamson, youngest daughter of G. Lovell, Esq.,
of Ely-place, her Majesty's Inspector of Small
Arms, 4th Sept.
MacAurthur, William, Esq. of Glasgow, to Margaret,
youngest daughter of James Williamson, Esq.,
Carmyle, 26th Aug.

MacCallum, Charles Campbell, Esq., of the 7th
Regiment Madras Native Infantry, to Maria
Louisa, eldest daughter of Richard Kirkman
Lane, Esq., of Argyll-street, Regent-street, 20th
MacLaren, Wm. C., Esq.. merchant, Leith, to
Maria Amelia, daughter of the late George Wil-
son, Esq., Bengal, 9th Sept.
Milbourne, Joseph Henry, Esq., youngest son of
Perceval William Milbourne, Esq., of Bruns-
wick-place, Islington, to Miss Sabina Allsup, the
youngest daughter of John Alisup. Esq., of 16,
St. Paul's Church-yard, and Glocester-villa,
Hornsey-road, 11th Sept.

Lambe, Frederick, Esq., of Ceylon, to Cathorine
Ann Mary, eldest daughter of James Goddard,
Esq., 7th Sept.
Lambert, Edward John, Esq., eldest son of the
late John Edward Lambert, Esq., Solicitor, to

Laycock, Henry Stamton, Esq., M.A., of the Inner Temple, to Henrietta Carolina, elder daughter of W. R. Jenkins, Esq.,, of Avenueroad, Regent's Park, 16th Sept.

Lee, Mr. Wm. Allen, of Chapel-street, Belgrave-
square, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Allen Bilzard,
Esq., of Half Moon-street, Piccadilly, 21st Sept.
Levick, Joseph, Esq., of Sharrow, Sheffield, to
Mary Ann, daughter of the late John Hovil, Esq.,
of Thornton heath, Croydon, 3rd Sept.
Livois, Dr. Eugene, to Elizabeth Susanna, second
daughter of the late Arthur Wm. Morris, Esq., at
Paris, 14th Sept.

Lloyd, E. A., Esq., of Bedford-row, to Marie
Caroline Stephanie Garnier, eldest daughter of
M. P. Garnier, of Paris, 19th Aug.
Loraine, Edward, Esq., of Wallington, Surrey,
to Henrietta Maria, only daughter of Edward
Filder, Esq., of Southwick-place, Hyde-park-
square, London, 14th Sept.

Lowther, Robert, Esq., of the H.E.I.C.C.S., to
Laura, third daughter of B. Martindale, Esq.,
Victoria-square, Grosvenor-place, London, 10th

Moore, Richard, Esq., eldest son of the Right
Hon. Richard Moore, Attorney-General for
Ireland, to Emma Frances, eldest daughter of
Richard Sharp, Esq, of Apps-court, in the
county of Surrey, 9th Sept.
Morris, William, Esq., of Carmarthen, to Magde-
lene Mary Anna, only daughter of Sackville F.
Gwynne, Esq., 31st Aug.

Mostyn, Llewellyn William. Esq., fifth son of the late Sir Edward Mostyn, Bart., to Caroline, only daughter of the late Henry Mostyn, of Usk, in the county of Monmouth, Esq., 7th Sept. Nalder, Fielding, Esq., barrister-at-law, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Thos. Bellas, vicar of St. Michaell's, Appleby, 26th Aug. Openshaw, Henry, Esq., of Prestwich, to Ellen, eldest daughter of William Durham, Esq., of Manchester, 3rd Sept.

Palmer, Edward, Esq., to Caroline Amelia, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Wm. Gunthorpe, of the island of Antigua, 24th Aug. Parsons Mr. Wm Billington, of Berkhamsted, to Ann Susanna, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry Lane, 18th Sept.

Patmore, Coventry K., Esq., to Emily, daughter of the late Rev. Edward Andrews, L.LD., 11th Sept.

Payne, G. A., Esq., M.A., Barrister-at-law, of Lincoln's-inn, to Amelia, youngest daughter of the late John Carter, Esq., of Kelmscott, Oxon, 16th Sept. Pedder, Henry Newsham, third son of the late James Pedder, Esq., of Ashton-lodge, Lancashire, to Emma, only daughter of the late Alexander Simpson, Esq., 19th Aug. Perry, John George, Esq., of Westbourne-street, Hyde-park-gardens, to Elizabeth Anne, second daughter of the late Samuel Chappell, Esq., of George-street, Hanover-square, 25th Aug. Perigal, Arthur, jun., Esq., A.R.S.A., Edinburgh, to Hannah, the eldest daughter of James Stevenson, Esq., Procurator-Fiscal for Roxburghshire, 1st Sept.

Peters, Thomas, Esq., of Knighton, Radnorshire, to Elizabeth Whitfield, eldest daughter of Thomas Du Gard, Esq., M.D., late of Shrewsbury, 26th Aug.

Peters, Mr. J. C., of Cambridge, to Catherine Beaumont, youngest daughter of the late Thos. Patmore, Esq., of Bishop's Stortford, 28th Aug.

Phene John S., Esq., of London, 'to Margaretta, eldest daughter of Thomas Forsyth, Esq., of South Shields, 7th Sept.

Philby, Henry Adams, son of Joseph Philby, Esq., of Goldings, Loughton, Essex, to Mary, second daughter of James Weddell Bridger, Esq., of Belmont, Chigwell, 9th Sept. Pickering, R.H., Esq., of Earl Soham, in the county of Suffolk, to Anne Hester, second dau. of the late Major General Reeves, C.B., K.H., Lieutenant-Governor of Placentia, 1st Sept. Pocklington, Joseph Pain, of York-place,

road, to Jane Finch, of Priory-villas, Canonbury, Islington, 20th August. Portarlington, Henry John Reuben Earl of, to the Lady Alexandrina Octavia Vane, second dau. of the Marquis and Marchioness of Londonderry, 2nd Sept.'

Portlock, Samuel, Esq., of Brighton, to Miss
Paddison, sister of the late Henry Paddison,|
Esq., of Ingleby, near Lincoln, 31st Aug.
Price Wm., Esq. of Craven-street, Strand, to Emily
Mary, youngest daughter of General Sir Colin
Halkett, K.C.B., G.C.H., Colonel of the 45th
Regiment, 7th Sept.

Purdon, W.A., Esq., to Elizabeth C., only dau. of Joseph Atwell, Esq., of Wilmington square. 18th Sept.

Pyne, George, Esq., R.N., to Mary Eliza, daughter of Edward Dixon, Esq., of Dudley, 16th Aug. Randolph, Rev. William Cater, M.A. of Trinity College, Oxford, eldest son of the Rev. Henry Randolph, of Yate house, Gloncestershire, and of Forest farm, Berkshire, and vicar of Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, to Grace, fourth daughter of the late Rev. Herbert Randolph, rector of Letcombe Bassett, Berks, and vicar of Chute, Wilts, 24th August. Rashleigh, the Rev. Henry Burvill, eldest son of the Rev. George Rashleigh, to Sarah Maria,

eldest daughter of the Rev. James King, 14th Sept. Rathbone, William, jun. Esq. to Lucretia Wain wright, eldest daughter of the late S. S. Gair, Es 1. 6th Sept. Redpath, Henry Syme, Esq of St. Swithin's lane London, younger son of James Redpath, Esq. of Shooter's hill, Kent, to Harriett, eldest daughter of the late Charles Adeney, Esq. of Gibson square, Islington, 9th Sept.

Reid, Edward, eldest son of W. K. Reid, Esq. of Claremont square, to Anna, eldest daughter of John Barnard, Esq. of Cross street, Islington, 26th Aug.

Schwarzschild, A. Esq. of Lombard street, London, eldest son of the late J. A. Schwarzschild, Esq. of Frankfort on the Maine, to Abigail, third daughter of John N. Messena, Esq. surgeon, of Poplar, 8th Sept.

Selby, James, jun. Esq. surgeon, Greenwich, to Eliza, eldest dau. of the late Richard Thompson, Esq. of Stockwell common, 4th Sept. City-Seymour, William Digby, Esq. barrister at law, of the Middle Temple and Northern Circuit, third son of the late Rev. Charles Seymour, vicar of Kilronan, to Emily, second daughter of Joseph John Wright, Esq. of Bishopwearmouth, co. Durham, 1st Sept.

Reynardson, Henry, fourth son of the late General Birch Reynardson, of Holywell hall, Lincolnshire, to Eleanor Dorothea, youngest daughter of Henry Samuel Partridge, Esq. of Hockhamn hall, Norfolk, 9th Sept.

Rhys, Charles Horton, Esq only son of Major Rhys, of Portland place, Bath, and grandson of the late Sir Watts Horton, Bart. of Chadderton ball, Lancashire, to Agnes Cuthbert, eldest dan. of Colonel Cureton, C.B. Aide de Camp to the Queen, and Adjutant General in the East Indies, 16th Sept.

Rivolta, D. A. Esq. of No. 10, Hart street, Bloomsbury square, to Ann Maria Caroline, eldest dau. of the Rev. J. M. Knott, vicar of Hardwick Priors cam membris, 2nd Sept. Roberts, Richard J. Esq. of Worcester, son of the Rev. Richard, M.A. of Wallingford, and grandson of the late Rev. W. Hancock Roberts, D.D. and rector of Broadwas, to Rosa Edwina, widow of the late C. H. Bainbridge, Esq. of Bombay, third daughter of Captain J. L. White, of Theresa place, (late 68th Light Infantry) and granddau. of the late Major General John White, of Bengal, 9th Sept.

Rosseter, Robert Grafton, Esq. M.A. Christchurch, Oxford, only son of James M. Rossiter, Esq. of Kennington place, Surrey, to Elizabeth Mary Skelton, niece and heiress of the late Henry Hurley, Esq. 26th Aug.

Sargent, Mr. Edward, to Miss Rebecca Clark Smith, 18th Sept.

Sheringham, the Rev. J. W. eldest son of John Sheringham, Esq. of Kent lodge, Hanwell, to Caroline Harriet, second and youngest surviving daughter of the late Lieut. Col. Tryon, of the 38th Regiment, 19th Angust.

Smith, the Rev. Henry, vicar of Easton Maudit, Northamptonshire, son of the late Dean of Christchurch, to Frances Bell, eldest daughter of the Rev. William Macbean, rector of Peter Tavy, 2nd Sept.

Smith, John, Esq. of Grange road, Bermondsey, to Henrietta Anne, only daughter of the late George Humphreys, Esq. of Greenwich, 26th Aug. Smyth, Leigh Churchill, Esq. of Mornington road, Regent's park, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Robert Bliss, Esq. of Rose hill, near Oxford, 7th Sept. Smyth, the Rev. Hugh B. B.A. Incumbent of Thornes, Wakefield, son of Edward Smyth, Esq. of Norwich, to Jane Ewart, second daughter of William Gott, Esq. of Leeds, 2nd Sept. Snow, Walter Charles Edward, Esq. Her Majesty's 84th Regiment, to Harriett Eliza Maria Vaughan

third daughter of the Venerable Archdeacon Edward Vaughan, late of Madras, 25th August. Sothern, Edward Askew, Esq. of Liverpool, to Julia, youngest dau. of the late Andrew Pinson, Esq. of Dartmouth.

Standly, Henry John, Esq. eldest son of the Rev.
J. Standly, of Sonthoe, Hunts, to Agnes Georgina,
third daughter of the late Sir Edward Poore, Bart.
of Caffnails, Hants, 17th August.
Straus, A. J. Esq. to Bertha, eldest daughter of the
late F. E. Fuld, Esq. banker and general agent
of Frankfort on the Maine, and at 53, Cornhill,
London, 22nd Angust.
Street, the Rev. Benjamin, B.A. curate of South
Kelsey, Lincolnshire, to Mary, third daughter of
the late Captain J. Platt, R.N. of Hatfield, 24th

[blocks in formation]

Voysey, Henry Annesley, Esq. to Henrietta, dan.
of Captain Henry Curtis, Koyal Artillery, 9th

Waliers, Mr. Daniel, jun. of Upper Edmonton,
and Wilson street, Finsbury, to Lucy, youngest
danghter of William Howard, Esq. of Comer
hall, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, 14th Sept.
Waters, William, Esq. of Cholderton, Hants, to
Mary Anne, second daughter of Robert Hatfull,
Esq. of Deptford, Kent, 8th Sept.
Watherston, the Rev. J. D. M.A. Head Master of
Monmouth Grammar School, to Sophia, daughter
Joseph Price, Esq. of the same place, 16th Sept.
Weber, Victor, Esq. of Ramsgate, to Julia Lucas,
youngest daughter of Thomas Highamn, Esq. of
Margate, and of Charleston, South Carolina, 7th

Weddell, William Esq. of Stokes-bay cottage,
Alverstoke, to Mary, eldest daughter of Edward
White, Esq. of Great Marlborough street and
Cambridge square, 7th Sept.

Strong, Henry Linwood, Esq. barrister at law, to Fanny Louisa, daughter of the Hon, and Rev. H. D. Erskine and the late Lady Harriet Erskine, 16th Sept. Swann, Richard R. Esq. to Charlotte Mary, youngest daughter of the late William Barton, Esq. of Rotherhithe, 1st Sept. Swayne, the Rev. Robert George, to Catherine, fourth daughter of the late Rev. George Hulme, of Shinefield, Berks, 7th Sept. Tennant, William, Esq. Collector of Her Majesty's Customs, Rochester, to Miss Ramsay Tennant Whiteside, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Philip Whiteside, of Ayr, 16th Sept. Tennant, Charles, Esq. of Russell square, co. Mid-Weldon, Robert Henry, Esq. Norfolk road, Regent's dlesex, to Gertrude Barbara Rich Collier, eldest daughter of Captain Henry T. B. Collier, of the Royal Navy, 11th Sept. Tennant, William, Esq. of Thrapstone, Northamp tonshire, solicitor, to Mary Fanny, eldest daughter of John Miller, Esq. of Peterborough, 16th Sept. Thomasset, Theodore, Esq. Leytonstone, to Sarah Aun, eldest daughter of Mr. Frederick Bartleet, Wanstead, Essex, 7th Sept. Thompson, Mr. Henry Ayscough, of Upper Clapton, to Rebecca, youngest daughter of Thomas Dixon, Esq. of Tardebigg, near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, 17th Sept. Tollemache, the Hon. Frederick James, M.P. to Isabella Anne, eldest daughter of Gordon Forbes, Esq. 4 h Sept. Townsend, the Rev. William C., incumbent of Tur longh, to Emma Mary, second daughter of the late Colonel Edward Thomas Fitzgerald, of Turlough park, co. Mayo, 9th Sept. Udall, Mr. Robert, of Edmonton, Middlesex, to Marianne, eldest dan. of Mr. William Pocock, of Brighton, and of Hurst, co. Sussex, 9th Sept. Vaughan, the Rev. Walter Arnold, vicar of Chart Sutton, and domestic chaplain to Viscount Barrington, M.P. to Maria, daughter of the Rev.

Ashton, Joseph, Esq. Barrister-at-law, at
Woolton Hall, aged 27, 27th Aug.
Auriol, Edward James, only child of the
Rev. Edward Auriol, Rector of St.
Dunstan's in the West, London, drowned
at Geneva, aged 17, 19th Aug.
Baker, John Valentine, Esq. late Master
Attendant, E.I.C., 8th Sept.
Baker, John Rose, Esq. late of Chalk,
Kent, at Milton, aged 66, 20th Aug.
Barrett, Samuel Tufnall, Esq. formerly.

park, to Caroline Jane, only daughter of the late Gilbert George Mitchell, Esq. of Calentta, 14th Sept. Williams, Robert, Esq. of Bridehead, to Mary Anne, danghter of the Rev. John William Cunningham, vicar of Harrow, 7th Sept.

Wilson, Henry, youngest son of the late John
Wilson, Esq. of Wandle grove, Mitcham, to
Charlotte Ainer, third daughter of Ralph Good,
Esq. of Horsley, Winchester, 8th Sept.
Wolridge, James, Esq. son of Colonel Wolridge, of
Bath, to Charlotte Augusta Field, daughter of
the late Joseph Field, Esq. of Hatfield, Herts,
and of 9, Guildford street, Russell square, 2nd
Woodard, Mr. Edward, of Bellericay, Essex, soli-
citor, to Caroline, youngest daughter of the late
Thomas Bridge, Esq. of Ramseys Tyrrell, Butts-
bury, Essex, 18th Sept.

Woodroffe, John Edward, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn,
barrister at law, son of John Woodroffe, Esq.
M.D. of Dublin, to Maria, youngest daughter of
the late Broome Phillips Witts, Esq. of Brons-
wick square, and Surbiton Lawn, 11th Sept.
Yardley, William, Esq. Judge of the Supreme
Court at Bombay, to Amelia, third daughter of
John Wilkin, Esq. of Spring gardens, 4th Sept.

Annotated Obituary.

Captain 37th Regiment, at Connaught
Square, aged 87, 20th Aug.
Beard, Thomas, Esq. M.D., formerly of
the Royal Artillery, aged 61, 29th Aug.
Becher, Anne Catherine, only daughter of

the Rev. Michael H. Becher, of Clyda, near Mallow, co. Cork, 21st Aug. Beckwith, Lieut.-Col. Henry F., of the

Rifle Brigade, at Upper Canada, 31st July. Beetson, William, Esq. of Woburn Place, at Brighton, 11th Sept.

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