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The Housr, in committee of the whole, took under consideration a bill, entitled "An act to amend an act, incor. porating the Cominercial Bank of Apalachicola.” After some time spent therein, the committee rose, and Mr. Dúvat reported saiil bill to the House amended, as had been proposed by the Governor ; and said bill was read the second and bird time by the title, (the rule being waived on motion of Mr Wood) and passed. Ordered hat the title be as above set forth.

The House then took a recess until four o'clock, when the members again met.

Mr. Berthelot presented the petition of Richard Haywood, praying reliet--which was lead, and with the accompinying documents, reserred to the committee on

Mr. Wood offered Resolutions in relation to an adjournment ofihe House--which were read, and laid on the table.

Mr. Duval offered a Resolution in relation to fines collected of Free Negroes--which was read and laid on the table.

Mr. Hawkins from the committee on Eurollments-Reported as correctly Enrolled, “: An act to arnend an aci, entitled an act 10 organise and regulate the Militia of the Territory of Floridir, and lo repea' an art passed Ist day of February, 1832, and for other purposes."

Which was signed by the President, and countersigned by the Clerk of this House, and ordered to be transmitted to the Governor for bis approval.

Mr. Duval, from the committee on the Militia, to whom said bill had been referred--Reported as instructed by said committee, i bill entilled - An act to anthorize the Governor of ihe Territory of Floridi to raise Volunteers for the desence of the South-East Frontier, without amend. ment-himself and Mr. Hawkius pot coucurring in the report.

Als, from same committee, as instructed!, a vill antitled “ Air it to raise a Reriment of Volunteers in this Teritory”— himself and Nr I iwkins not concurring: Mr. Dival moved, that sau! bill., just reported by the commitee on th". Bilitis, nec id sains for the first day of Juniy nox1. required on said noticon loy Mests it codiri Morton, were yeas Mi. Presirieni, slessia. Brassen ol Jarksiin, Dennis, Dovil, skins and lovel, 6. Nays, lights. Berilirlos. Plinut. lliulubot hant, Hunteri Johnson, Ma{on, Vict':lltis, lh trill, irtoit, Ramsay, Tabr and Waikei', 12.

"ids kust; and said bills Write 31 yies de distinge Ove" of the day for llonday next

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Mr. Wood, without previous notice, asked and obtained leave to introduce a bill, entitled " An act to organize a Regiment in Franklin county, to be called the 11tb Regiment"-(which on his motion the rule being waived for that purpose) was read the first, second, and third time, and passed. Ordered that the title be as before stated.

His Excellency the Governor transmitted to the House the following Executive message :


January 15th, 1836,
To the Legislative Council :-

Agreeably to the provisions of the Militia law recently passed by the Legislative Couacil; and to carry the same into effect, I nominate to the Council,

For the County of Escambia,
George E. Chase, to be Colonel ;
Celastona Gonzales, Lieutenant-Colonel ;
Benjamin F. Kennedy, Major.

For Walton and Washington:
Masters Rust, Colonel ;
John L. McKinnon, Lieutenant-Colonel ;
Enos Evans, Major.

For Franklin County :
H. R. Wood, Colonel ;
H. Hawley, Lieutenant-Colonel;
E. W. Doubleday, Major.

For Monroe County :
Jno. P. Baldwin, Colonel;
Wm. F. English, Lieutenant-Colonel ;
Wm. R. Hackley, Major.

For the county of Jackson :
Henry N. Nowland, Colonel ;
Levin Brown, Lieutenant-Colonel ;

Jesse Lott, Major.
These being the only Counties al present known to
me, where elections have not been held for Militia Off-
cers; or ii held, the law has not been complied with. I
make the nominations to the Legislative Council agreea-
bly to the provisions of an Act passed this day.

JOHN H. EATON. Whereon, the House went into secret Session thereon, and consented to, and advised the nominations therein made, when the door was again opened.

Mr. Duval moved that the House now stand adjourned until the first Monday it April next.


nays being required on said motion by Messrs. Morton and Blount, were yeas Mr. President, Messrs. Brown of Jackson, Duval, Hawkins and Wood, 5. Nays, Messrs. Berthelot, Blount, Dennis, Higginbotham, Hunter, John

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yeas and

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son. Macon, McCants, McNeill, Morton, Ramsay, Tabor and Walker, 13. So said motion is lost.

Mr. McCarts moved that the House now adjourn until Monday the 18th, at 12 o'clock. The yeas and nays being required by Messrs. Duval and Blount, were yeas Messrs. Berthelot, Brown of Jackson, Duval, Hawkins, Hunter, Johnson, Macon, McCants, Morton, Tabor and Wood, 11. Nays, Mr. President, Messrs. Blount, Dennis, Higginbotham, McNeill, Ramsay and Walker. 7. So said motion prevailed; and the House stands adjourned until Monday next at 12 o'clock.

Monday, January 18. The House met pursuant to adjournn.ent, a quorum being present, the Journal of proceedings of Friday last was read.

Mr. Francis Miles, a member elect from Hillsborough county appeared, was duly qualified, and admitted to take his seal.

Mr. S. L. Burritt, a member elect from Duval county, appeared, was d:ely qualified, and admitted to take his seat.

The President laid before the House, the Report of the Auditor and Treasurer which was read, and with the accompanying Account Current, was referred to the Finance committee.

Mr. Moiton gave notice, that he will on some future day, introduce a bill, to be entitled "An act to amend an act, declaring Juniper Creek, in the county of Escambia, a navigable stream, passed Feb. 1st, 1834.”

Mr. McCants gave notice, that on some future day, he will introduce a bill, to be entitled: " An act to amend the several acts concerning Free Negroes and Mulattoes! As also a bill, to be entitled “ An act to amend the several acts concerning the Revenue of the Territory of Florida.”

Mr. Dennis, pursuant to notice heretofore given, asked and obtained leave to introduce a bill, entitled “ An act to amend an act, to incorporate the Central Bank of Florida” -which was read by the title, and referred to the committee on Banks.

Mr. Morton, without previous notice, the rule for that purpose being waived, asked and obtained leave to introduce a bill, entitled “ An act respecting the hostile Nogroes and Mulattoes in the Seminole Nation, and for other purposes”-which was read, and on his motion, referred to the committee on the State of the Territory."

Mr. Duval presented the petition of sundry inhabitants of Monroe county, praying the establishment of a new County to be called Pinkney"--which was read and re

ferred on his motion to the committee on the State of the Territory

Also, a petition from sundry inhabitants, to incorporate the City of Key West-which was read, and on bis motion, referred to a select coministee- Messrs. Duval, Bloun', and Burriti, were appointed thereon.

Mr. Blount offered the followiny Resolutions, viz:

WHEREAS, On the 28th of December, 1835, Major Dade, Captains Frazier and Gardner, Lieutenants Mudge, Henderson, Bassinger and Keias, and Assistant Surgeon Gatlin, of the United States's Ariny: and about one bundred and twelve non-commissioned Officers and Soldiers of said Army, were attacked and cruelly murdered by the Indians and Indian Negroes of the Se'ninole tribe, while on their march from Tampa Bay to Fort King, for the protection of the citizens of Florida : And whereas, during the present insurrectionary war made by said Indians and Negroes, several other Officers and Soldiers of 'he U. States' Army, and several citizens of Florida have been killed by them, and a large amont of valuable property destroved. And whereas, it is becoming that this LegisJative Council should not only express their leelings, with r ference to those whose lives have been thus sacriticed, but also to adopt measures for the remuneration of those whose property has been destroyed. Be it iberefore

Resolved, unanimously, by the Governor and Legisla. tive Council of the Territory of Florida, That they have the most sincere and heart-lelt sympathy for the females and friends of the brave, but unfortunate Officers and Soldiers who have fallen in defence of their county, and entertain the deepest gratitude for their services and respect for their memories ; and that, as a slight testimovial of their 'feelings, the desk of the President of this House shall be shrouded in black, and the nembers and officers thereof wear crape on their litt arm during the Session.

Be it further Resolved, unanimously, That the Governor of this. Territory be requested to assertain the names, residence, and nearest relations of those Officers, Soldiers, and Citizens, who hive been slain by the In. dians and Negroes ; and in behalf of this House, address a letter of condolence, and enclose a copy of these Resolutions to such relatives; and also make a Report of said names to the next Legislative Council ofibis Territory.

Be it lurther Resolved, unanimously, That the Delegato in Congress from Florida be request :d to use his best exertions, to procure from ('ongress, at this session, in law making liberal provision for the widows and ophans of those who have been, or may be slain during the present war; and for those who have been, or may be wounded therein: and also, for the remuneration of those of our citizens whose property has been destroyed, or who have been compelled to abandon their homes by the Indians.

And be it further Resolved, unanimously, That 500 copies of these Resolutions he printed for the use of the Executive-ten of which to be transmitted to the Delegate in Congress.

Wnich were read, and on his motion, (the rule being waived) were put on their passage, and passed.

Mr. Berbelot, liom the committee on EnrollmentsReported as correctly Enrolled, "An act to declare the Feneholaway river, in Madison County, a navigable stream.”—“An act declaring the Econfeene river a navigable stream.”—" An act to establish an Academy on the lands of John A. Willey, of Leon county.”--An act to legitimate and change the names of Estner, George W. and Riley Crews": And • An ait to establish two Terms of the Superior Court in Columbia county." Which were signed by the President, and courtersigned by the Clerk of inis House, and ordered to be transmitted to the Governor for his approval.

Mr. Tabor, on a former day, offered the Preamble and Resolutions following, viz:

Whereas, The County of Washington has not received the advantage of a pre-emption to a quarter section of land, as given to other counties in this Territory for the County Seat, and to build Court Houses and Jails : And whereas, the principal good lands in said County are now entered or otherwise appropriated: And whereas, thrre is now by law, a Superior Court held in said County, and owing 10 the sparse population thercof, that it will be too burihensome for the citizens therein to build a suitable Court. House and Jail for the accoinmodation of said Superior and County Courts, by way of taxation

Be it therefore Resolved by the Legislative Council of the Territory o: Florida, That our Delegate in Congress be requested to endeavor to obtain from Congress, a donation of a section of land, to be located by the county au. thorities, upon any public lands in said couniy not otherwise appropriated, io aid them in building a Court-house and Jail is said county.

Be it further Resolved, That a copy of the forgoing Preamble and Resolution be signed by ibe President and certified by the chief clerk of this House, and forth with transmitted to the Hou. Joseph M. White.

Which were again read and adopted.

Mr. Duval from the select committee, to whom the same had been referred, and who reported on a former day, in the words following, viz.

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