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United States, and to notify him, that, unless he may have further communications to make, the two Houses of Congress, having completed the business before them, are ready to close the present session by an adjournment; and have appointed a committee on their part. And then he withdrew.

Mr. Dwight, from the said joint committee, reported that the committee had, according to order, waited on the President, and made the communication to him; and that the President answered that he had no further communications to make to either House of Congress.

It was then

Ordered, That a message be sent to the Senate, to notify that body that this House, having completed the business before it, is now ready to close the present session by an adjournment; and that the Clerk do go with said message.

The Clerk having delivered said message, and being returned,

A message was received from the Senate, by Mr. Lowrie, their Secretary, notifying the House that the Senate, having completed the legislative business before it, is now ready to close the present session of Congress by an adjournment.

And thereupon,
The Speaker rose from his chair, and addressed the House as follows:

GENTLEMEN: I receive, with sentiments of profound respect and grateful feeling, the renewed expression of your approbation and confidence in my administration of the arduous duties of this high office. The character and power of this House, the rank which it holds in the eyes of the world; the deep and abiding confidence of the nation in the intelligence, virtue, and patriotism of its Representatives, must ever render the approbation or censure of this House a matter of no ordinary importance to those who fill high places of public trust and confidence. This station, justly esteemed among the first in distinction and hong, has always been regarded, not only as one of elevated character, but of severe responsibió. ty and labor, and of extreme delicacy. In discharging its arduous and multifarious duties, no man can hope to free himself from error, or to give unqualified or universal satisfaction. In times even of profound tranquiHity and repose, to please every one cannot, and ought not to be expected. Amid the storms of political and party excitements, it would be idle and vain to expect it. My path here, for the last four years, has not been strewed with roses. I have had, as you well know, my full share of responsibility, embarrassment, and toil. I can say, however, with truth, that I have endeavored to meet your expectations by a zealous devotion of my time, and even of my health, to your service; and by a faithful and independ. ent discharge of my public duty. This, gentlemen, was all that I promised when I receive ed this bigh appointment at your hands; and in laying it down, I feel a proud consciousness that I have redeemed my pledge; and if the trust has not been ably, it has, at least, been bo nestly discharged. During the entire period of my service, and under all the agitations of the times, it has been my peculiar good fortune and pleasure to receive, in an almost unesampled manner, the kindness and support of the members of this House; and in proof of it, I may be permitted to remark, I hope without vanity, that in all the numerous and important decisions which I have been called upon to pronounce from this chair, but one has ever been reversed by the judgment of the House, and that under circumstances which can cause me no regret. Can I, then, feel otherwise than gratified and flattered, cheered and consol ed, by this renewed and distinguished evidence of your confidence and favor! I receive it, gentlemen, in the spirit in wbich it has been offered. I cherish it in my heart. It is the

highest and the only reward that I either sought or expected; and I shall cherish it through life with feelings of the deepest respect and the most affectionate gratitude. God grant that you may long live to serve and benefit your country, and enjoy its undiminished confi. dence; and, in bidding you an affectionate, and perhaps last farewell, accept, I pray you, my cordial and best wishes for your individual health, prosperity, and happiness.

And thereupon,
The House adjourned sine die.



Page Absence, leave of, granted Mr Martin,

919 Academy, Military, inquiry into propriety of reducing number of cadets to be educated at,

168, 172, 226 cadets to be between 17 and 21 years when

admitted; when not needed for the ar-
my to be discharged, and number to be
reduced, (see bills House Representa-
tives, No. 599,)

197, 199, 261 Accountability Statement called for of improper allowances to public officers, &c.,

285 Achafalia river, improve navigation of,

86 Acken, William D. (See bills Senate, No. 118.) Adjourned, 12 o'clock fixed as the hour to which the House shall stand,

8 11 o'clock fixed during trial of Peck's impeachment, , 97 11 o'clock fixed,

310 Adamson, John, his patent renewed. (See bills Senate, No. 128.) Alabama, members from appear, viz: R. E. B. Baylor, Clement C. Clay, Dixon H. Lewis,

7 change time of holding northern district court, (see bills House Representatives, No. 514,)

76, 105 report on claims of citizens on account of Indian depredations,

boundary of. (See Boundaries.)
paid 3 per cent. of proceeds of sales of lands. (See

bills Senate, No. 51.)
abolish district court at Blakeley. (See bills Senate,

No. 138.)
Aliens, proposition to extend patent laws to those who have
applied, &c.

258 Alleghany river, improve navigation of,

236 Annapolis, survey bar at entrance of harbor of. (See bills H.

R. No. 614.)
Appalachicola river, remove obstructions in. (See bills H. R.
No. 566.)

413 Appeals from Speaker's decision, Appraisers, instructions to,


87 Appropriations, estimates for 1831 laid before the House,

for support of Government for 1831, (see bills
H. R. No. 528,)

for the naval service for 1831, (see bills H. R.
No. 531,)

129 for payment of pensions in 1831, (see bills H.

R. No. 538,)


Appropriations, for military service for 1831, (see bills H. R.
No. 539,) -

1 50
for fortifications in 1831, (see bills H. R. Nos.
545 and 649,)

1 56
for Engineer, Ordnance, and Quartermaster's
Departments, (see bills H. R. No. 559,)

for the Indian Department in 1831, (see bills
H. R. No. 560,)

for harbors and rivers in 1831, (see bills H. R.
No. 566,) -

for light-houses, beacons, buoys, &c. (See bills

H. R. No. 609.)
for improvement of harbors and for surveys.

(See bills H. R. No. 614.)
for internal improvements. (See bills H, R.

No 584.)
for carrying into effect Indian treaties. (See

bills Senate, Nos. 24, 145.)
for arrearages in Indian Department. (See bills

H. R. No. 480.)
for Penitentiary in District of Columbia. (See

bills H. R. No. 343.)
for public buildings in District of Columbia.

(See bills H. R. No. 407.)
Arkansas Territory, A. H. Sevier appears as delegate from

continue act respecting settlement of land

claims in, (see bills H. R. No. 513,) 78, 83, 104
establish military post at mouth of Little

land granted for seat of Government of.

(See bills Senate, No. 125.)
Arkansas river, improve navigation of, (see bills H. R. No. 614,)

Armstrong, Thomas W. (See bills Senate, No. 50.)
Armories, expenditures and work at, in 1830, -

Armory on western waters. (See bills H. R. No. 63.)
Army Register furnished meinbers of the House,

Army, contingent expenses of, in 1830,
dismiss brevet second lieutenants,

197, 199, 261
appointments may be made from the non-commissioned
officers, (see bills H. R. No. 599,)

197, 199, 261
report of officers on duty with companies and regiments,
and in the staff, and those on furlough,

200, 281
report on reducing the number of officers of the, 200, 225, 315
extra pay to officers in 1829,

provision for mounting a portion of the, (see bills Senate,

appropriations and expenditures under each head in 1830, 430
inquiry respecting roads constructed by the,

58, 64, 180
Ashtabula creek, Ohio, remove obstructions at mouth of. (See

bills H. R. No. 566.)
Assays of foreign coins in 1830,



No. 4,)

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