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char'i ty “That plain, good man, who, with mal'ice

life's parting tone truth'ful Breathed charity for all, and malice sin cere'

toward none, in'ju ry So kind, so truthful, modest, sincere, sneer

Prompt to forgive the injury and fra'cas

sneer.” com mandler "In the fracas, our commander had dam'age his good eye damaged.” dam'aged “Remove the cause, and the effect will ef fect' cease.”

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an, ian, ier, ist = one who, belonging to, relating to;

ar, ard, yer, ster, er = one who, that which. lilar

saw'yer payler song'ster or'gan ist beg'gar heat'er young'ster prom'is er preach'er pi an'ist cash ier! mu si'cian drunk'ard Eu ro pelan Bra zil'ian

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quar tet' psalm tempt pul'let chick'en pounce

The quartet will chant the psalms.

Evil tempts us all, both the bad and the good.

Should the hawk see the pullet, the great bird will pounce upon the defenceless chicken.

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fash'ion “Strong will is always in fashion.” ser'mon “Good example is half a sermon.” dis patch' “ Dispatch is the soul of business.” mor'tal “ All men are mortal.” rulin

6 Where tongues wag, ruin never lags.” cred'it

Credit is a bribe to extravagance. ex tray'a gance

93 com'fort “He who plants a tree creat'ure Plants a joy; cloy

Plants a comfort that will never cloy. re al'i ty Every day a fresh reality, blithe

Beautiful and strong, couldst To whose shelter throng bliss

Creatures blithe in song. in hab'it If thou couldst but know, thou happy pa'tri ot ism tree, ref'uge Of the bliss that shall inhabit thee.” scoun'drel The witty Johnson said, “ Patriotism

is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

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The postal service in this country is 80 complete that it insures prompt delivery of the mail in all sections. At the present time, the people in the rural districts have their mail left at their doors.

When the horse returns home, the hostler will take care of him.

“Conceit may puff a man up, but can never prop him up.”

Emulate the good in those whom you meet.

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WORD BUILDING (Suffixes) ant, ent, or=one who does; ee = one to whom ; ed=did; ing=continuing to; ess, ine, ix=feminine. draw ee' ap proved' ap prov'ing prom is ee' singed singeling pay ee' gilant ess di rect'or her'o ine in clud'ed di rect'rix res'i dent in clud'ing as sist'ant in struct'or

96 thor'ough The party was caught in a shower drench'ing and received a thorough drenching. show'er Had the derailing switch been in de rail'ing operation, the serious accident at the switch railroad crossing probably would not se'ri ous have happened.

97 ad ver tise 66 Wanted — A boy who obeys his ad ver tised' mother'; so advertised one employer. em ploy'er Thousands of such boys are wanted.” rash'ness “ Rashness is not valor.” val'or

The men will curb the street. curb

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WORD BUILDING (Suffixes) en = made of, to make; ate, dom, head, hood, rick,

ry, ship = condition or office of. free' dom gold'en sad' den slav'er y cheap'en duke' dom boy'hood pas'tor ate king'dom min'is try bright'en bish'op ric clerk’ship priest'hood friend'ship wom'an hood.

99 rus'set

The pears are russet brown. grief

“ The only cure for grief is action.” an noyling When one is busy, it is annoying for in trude another to intrude upon one's time. dis ease' “ Disease is a tax on ill pleasure.” an'nu al The annual report shows forty-five reg'is ter pupils on register in 5 B grade. rip'ple

“Rippling waters make a pleasant rip'pling moan." con sole' “God has commanded time to un hap'py console the unhappy.”

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WORD BUILDING (Suffixes) cule, en, et, ette, ie, kin, let, ling, ock, ule, y= little,

young; ish, like, ly = like, in a manner; less = without; ness = having the quality of; ful, ous, some, lent, ly, y=full of; ward = in the direction of; ment = act or result of.

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