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3692 4 Haygarth on the imagination, as a cause, and as a cure, of disorders of

the body; exemplified by fictitious tractors, and epidemical convul

sions. Bath, 1800. 2804 1 Occasional essays on the yellow fever. By a Philadelphian. Phila

delphia, 1800. 2 Agnew's inaugural dissertation on perspiration. Philadelphia, 1800. 3 Trent's inquiry into the effects of light in respiration. Philad. 1800. 4 Rousseau's inaugural dissertation, on absorption. Philadelphia, 1800. $ Edward Dearrell Smith's inaugural dissertation, to prove that certain

substances are conveyed, unchanged, into the circulation; or, if changed, that they are re-composed, and regain their active proper.

ties. Philadelphia, 1800. 6 Glover's attempt to prove that digestion, in man, depends on the unit

ed causes of solution and fermentation. Philadelphia, 1800. in Moore's inaugural dissertation on digitalis purpurea, or fox-glove;

and its use in some diseases. Philadelphia, 1800. 8 Gough's essay on cantharides ; comprising a brief account of their

natural history, with an inquiry into their mode of operation, and their

üse in diseases. Philadelphia, 1800. 9 May's inaugural dissertation on the unity of disease as opposed to no

sology. Philadelphia, 1800. 10 Scip's inaugural dissertation on cataract. Philadelphia, 1800. 11 Berkeley's inquiry into the modus operandi, of that class of medicines

called sedatives.' Philadelphia, 1800. This and the nine preceding

pamphlets, the gift of Dr. TVoodhouse. 2913

1 and 3059 5 Mease's inaugural dissertation on the disease produced

by the bite of a mad dog, or other rabid animal. Philadelphia, 1792.

Gift of the author. 2 Mcase's observations on the arguments of Professor Rush, in favour of

the infammatory nature of the disease produced by the bite of a mad

dog. Philadelphia, 1801. Gift of the author. 2997 1 Ryding's veterinary pathology; or a treatise on the cause and pro

gress of the diseases of the horse ; with the most approved methods

of prevention and cure. York, 1801. 3058 2 Tongue's inaugural dissertation on the lues venercà. Philadelphia.

1801. Gift of the author. 3 Hutchinson's experimental essay on the conversion of chyle into blood.

Philadelphia, 1803. Gift of the author. 4 Letters on the kine-pox, and other medical subjects, written by Dr. B.

L. Oliver, of Salem, and Dr. William Currie, of Philadelphia. 1802.

Gift of Dr. Currie. 5 Rogers's investigation of the properties of the liriodendron tulipifera

or poplar-tree. Philadelphia, 1802. Gift of the author. 6 Duval's experimental botanico-medical essay on the melia azedarach

of Linnæus. Philadelphia, 1802. Gift of the author. Ý Wilson's inaugural dissertation on the morbid effects of opium upon

the human body. Philadelphia, 1803. Gift of the author. 3059 2 Bernard's account of the institution for the cure and prevention of

contagious fevers in the metropolis. London, 1801. 4 Mease's observations on the arguments of Professor Rush, in favour

of the inflammatory nature of the disease produced by the bite of a mad dog. Philadelphia, 1801. Gift of the author.

3670 10 Oliver's and Currie's letters on the kine-pox, and on other medical

subjects. Philadelphia, 1802. 11 Stubbins Ffirth's treatise on malignant fever; with an attempt to proye

its non-contagious nature. Philadelphia, 1804. Gift of the author. 3711 i Statement of evidence of vaccine inoculation. By the physicians of

the vaccine-pock institution in London. London, 1804. 2 Goldson's cases of small-pox, subsequent to vaccination. Portsea,

1804. 3 Ring's answer to Mr. Goldson ; proving that vaccination is a perma

nent security against the small-pox. 1.ondon, 1804. 3734 | Mathew Carey's account of the malignant yellow fever lately prevalent

in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1793. 2 John Deveze's inquiry into, and observations upon the epidemic dis

ease which raged in Philadelphia in 1793. Philadelphia, 1794. 3 History of the yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1797. Philad. 1797. 4 The same. .2d edit. Philadelphia, 1798. 5 Dr. Wm. Currie's memoirs of the yellow fever which prevailed in

Philadelphia, and other parts of the United States in 1798. Phila

delphia, 1798. 6 Proofs of the origin of the yellow fever in Philadelphia, and Kensing

ton in 1797, from domestic exhalation. By the academy of medi

cine of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1798.. 7 Proceedings of the college of physicians of Philadelphia, relative to

the prevention of the introduction and spreading of contagious dis

eases. Philadelphia, 1798. 8 Dr. B. Rush's observations upon the origin of the malignant bilious or

yellow fever in Philadelphia, and upon the means of preventing it.

Philadelphia, 1799. 9 Dr. Isaac Cathrall's memoir on the analysis of the black vomit ejected

in the last stage of the yellow fever. Philadelphia, 1800. 10 Dr. William Currie's sketch of the rise and progress of the yellow

fever in 1799. Philadelphia, 1800.





| Van Swieten's account of the diseases incident to armies ; with the

method of cure. Translated into English. 2d edit. London, 1767. 1 Mynor's practical thoughts on amputations. Birmingham, 1783. 2 Percival's observations and experiments on the poison of lead. Lon

don, 1774. I Boylston's account of the small pox inoculated in New England. 1721. 2 Every man his own doctor ; or the poor planter's physician. 4th

edit. Philadelphia, 1736. 3 A physical dissertation on drowning. Dublin, 1747. 4. Hill's old man's guide to health and longer life ; with rules for diet,

exercise and physic. Philadelphia, 1775. 5 Pharmacopæia simpliciorum et efficaciorum in usum nosocomii mili

taris ad exercitum Americæ civitatum pertinentis. Philad. 1778.



8 Brantewein und verderben. A treatise in German on the fiernicious

effects of drinking spirituous liquora. 2 Account of the rise, progress and termination of the malignant fever

lately prevalent in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1793. | Aikin's concise view of all the most important facts which have hith

erto appeared concerning the cow pox. 2d edit. London, 1801.


Agriculture and Gardening.


104 1

ILLER'S method of cultivating madder ; with the manner of


of the buildings and kilns erected for that purpose. London, 1758. 239 1 Randall's construction and use of a new invented universal seed-fur.

row plough; the draining plough; with a potatoe-drill machine, and an essay on the theory of the common plough. With plates. Lon

don, 1764. 3 Directions to the husbandman for the true ordering, manuring and

enriching of the weild of Kent. London, 1625. 713

1 Report of the committee of the board of agriculturc, appointed to ob

tain information concerning the culture and use of potatoes. Lon

don, 1795. 2 The earl of Dundonald's treatise, shewing the intimate connection that

subsists between agriculture and chemistry. London, 1795. 836 2 Account of the experiments tried by the board of agriculture, in the

composition of various sorts of bread, anno 1795. London, 1795.


1015 1 Pullein's essay towards a mcthod of preserving the seeds of plans,

during a long voyage. London, 1759. 3 Barnes's method of propagating fruit-trees, and flowering-shrubs. 3d

edit. London, 1762. 3 Hill's origin and production of proliferous flowers; with figures. Lon

don, 1759. 4 A method of producing double flowers from single ones. 2d edit,

London, 1759. 1016 1 Billing's account of the culture of carrots, and their use in feeding cat

tle. London, 1765.

Agriculture and Gardening. Duodecimo.


1016 2 Turbilly's discourse on the cultivation of waste and Larren lands.

London, 1762. 3 Hitt's treatise of husbandry on the improvement of dry and barren

lands. London, 1762. 1772 2 Rural economy; or essays on the practical parts of husbandry. To

which is added, the rural Socrates; being memoirs of a country philosopher. By the author of the farmer's letter. 2d edit. Philadel

phia, 1775. 1884 | Report of the committee of the Highland society of Scotland, on the

subject of Shetland wool ; with an appendix by Sir John Sinclair and

Dr. Anderson, in reference to the said report. Edinburgh, 1790. 1977 3 Letter on the management of sheep. 1789. 2269. 6 An essay on the manner of improving the breed of horses in America.

Philadelphia, 1795. Gift of Moreau de Saint Méry. 2275. 4. Essai sur la manière d'améliorer l'éducation des chevaux en Ame

rique. A Philadelphie, 1795. Gift of Moreau de Saint Méry. 2492 5 2493 1 and 2495 i Sketches on rotations of crops, and other rural

matters; with intimations on manufactures, on the fruits of agriculture, and on new sources of trade. Philadelphia, 1796. Two copies

the gift of Charles Cist. 9492" 6 2493 3 and 2495 2 Richard Peters's agricultural inquiries ou

plaster of Paris; with facts, observations and conjectures on that substance, when applied as manure. Philadelphia, 1797. Two copies

the gift of Charles Cist. 3 George Logan's fourteen agricultural experiments, to ascertain the

best rotation of crops. Philadelphia, 1797. 2696 i Boswell's treatise on watering meadows; with plates. Lond. 1792.

Kirwan on the manures most advantageously applicable to the various sorts of soils, and the causes of their beneficial effect in each particu

lar instance. 4th edit. London, 1796. 37 10 | Lord Somerville's facts and observations relative to sheep, wool,

ploughs, and oxen ; with remarks on the use of salt. London, 1803. 2 Dalrymple on the culture of wheat ; with an account of the growth of

beans with wheat, and a plan of improved seed harrows. London, 1801.


794 2 Eliot's continuation of the essay upon field husbandry in New Eng

land. New York, 1754. 1452 : Essay on practical farming. Philadelphia, 1800..

Arts and Manufactures.



465 14 HE manufacture of pot-ash recommended. Boston, 1757. 644 3 Keith's tracts on weights, measures and coins. London, 1791. Gip

John Beale Bordley. 6.45 5 Johannis Van Zyl's theatrum machinarum universale ; of groot Al

gemen moolen-boek, &c. Te Amsterdam, 1734. Gift of John B.

Bordley. 134 3 Whitehurst's observations on the ventilation of rooms; on the con.

struction of chimneys; and on garden stoves. London, 1794.


2 The process for extracting and refining salt-petre. Published by or

der of the committee of safety. Philadelphia, 1776. 3 Experiments and observations on American pot-ashes; with an easy

method of determining their respective qualities. By W. Lewis.

London, 1767. 11494 Mitchell's treatise of artificial magnets, &c. with a plate. Camb. 1750. 1589 1 An account of Dr. Franklin's new-invented open-stoves; with plates.

Philadelphia, 1744. 4 Directions for making calcined or pearl-ashes, as practised in Hun

gary, &c. with a drawing of the furnace. Boston, 1766. 5 Dossie's observations on the pot-ash brought from America ; with the

process for making pot-ash and barilla. London, 1767. 7 Extracts from Pullien, on the culture of silk, &c, intended to render

the management of silk-worms more easy. Philadelphia, 1770. 8 Several methods of making salt-petre. Published by the representa

tives in congress. Philadelphia, 1775. 10 The art of making common salt ; with an extract from Doctor Brown

rigg's treatise on the art of making bay-salt. Philadelphia, 1776. 1772 I Premiums by the society, established at London, for the encourage

ment of arts, manufactures and commerce. London, 1758. 1906 | Speeches in the house of commons upon the equalization of the

weights and measures of Great Britain, with notes. Also, a general standard proposed for the weights and measures of Europe ; with abstracts of the acts of parliament, &c. for the equalization of weights

and measures. By John Riggs Miller. London, 1 790. 1977 2 Monies, coins, weights, and measures, proposed for the United States

of America. Philadelphia, 1789. 7 Coxe's address to an assembly of the friends of American manufac.

tures. Philadelphia, 1787. Gift of Joseph Parker Norris. 9 Directions for the management of silk-worms. Philadelphia, 1770.

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