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With strength and honour she herself arrays,

And joy will bless her in the latter days.
Wise are her words, her sense divinely strong; LET not one pang thy breast annoy,
For kindness is the tenor of her tongue.



alas! are doom'd to part; Fair rule and order in her mansion dwell: Let nothing damp thy former joy, She eats with temp'rance what she earns so Or with such terrors tright ihy heart weil

Absence can only for a while Rich in good works, her children call her

Compel the anxious breast to sigh; bless'd;

Its tears will soon become a smile, And thus her husband speaks his inmost And every scene of sorrow fly.

breast : • To Eve's fair daughters various virtues fall,

What though o'er bursting waves I roll, • But thou, lov'd charmer, hast excell'd them

And tempt the horrors of the main;

The Power that can those waves contro! all." Smiles oft are fraudful, beauty soon decays,

will give me to thy arms agiin.
But the good woman shall inherit praise. Then banish, Anna, all thy fears,
To her, o grateful, sweet requital give Nor thus this parting scene deplore;
Her name, her honour, shall for ever live. Soon, soon again I'll dry thy tears,

F. F. And never, never leave thee more.
Nov. 3, 1800.



MUSE'S MITE OF GRATITUDE. MY Cooté's with nice discernment blest,

With eloquence and ease; And if by him my song's carest,

It must its thousands please. A tiny modicum of praise,

Sincerely shed by you,
Is balmy life to dying lays

An all-reviving dew.
Then pr'ychee render not the lino

‘That's fawning, to decoy;
For all Olympian deem'd are thine,

And thou the Muses' boy.
Spalding, Sopt. 13, 1806. STELLA.

Song by BRAHAM ( accompanying himself on

the piano-forte) in tbe nerv opera of FALSE
ALARMS, ar My Cousin.

SAID a Smile to a Tear,

On the cheek of my dear,
And beam'd like the sun in spring weather;

In sooth, lovely Tear,

It strange must appear,
That we should be both here together.

I came from the heart,

A soft balm to impart
To yonder sad daughter of grief.

And I, said the Smile,

l'hat heart now beguile, Since you gave the poor mourner relief.

Oh! then, said the Tear,

Sweet Smile, it is clear
We are twins, and soft Piry our mother;

And how lovely that face

Which together we grace,
For the woe and the bliss of another!

Or, a Visit to tbe House of Mourning:
THIS poor man, lifting up his death-dimm'd

Of those he lau'd to take a farewel view,
And giving them, by faith, to God on high,

Finds in his soul more satisfaction true

Than if he saw with every wind that blew, Wafted for them, the wealth of Asia's shores;

Than he left them crowns, or rich Peru
Were opening vast her subterranean doors,
For them th' astonish'd world to heap with all

her stores.
Yet still, no stoic he, with cold neglect

To treat his own, despising nature's tie;
Nor raving, rapt, enthusiast t'expect

A miracle from Heaven for their supply
No, no; a dew that moistens either eye,
The heavy sigh he labours to suppress,
While stretching forth his feeble hand to

The stream of grief that flow's on every face,
Compassion, Jove sincere, and deep regret,

confess. • My lovely stock! he cries, 'for whom e'en Was sweet at morn, at noon, or twilight

grey, If still I found you, with complacent smile

Around me gather'd at the close of day;

Oft, while the silent hours have wingid Each shedding sort on you irs soothing power,

Watchful have I renain'd behind to pray, Thar Heaven mighe long defer this trying

hour, And kind, upon your beads its choicest blesk

ing potr.'


their way,

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Milan, Duc. 1.

receive in return a country much more HAVING been apprised of the importo important, and which she has seen for ant resolution of his mjesty the emperor upwards of sixty years in the hands of Napoleon to declare the British islands another power, and that with particular in a state of blockade, we have already regret. The cession of Salzburg and raken our measures relative to bills of the Innviertal to Bavaria is no longer exchange, &c. Of course the sending insisted upon. In the mean while it is of unwrought silk from Lombardy to clear, that the negociations carrying on England is stopped for the present. at Vienna are of the highest importance. We are, however, much afraid thatCouriers are continually arriving; and bills of exchange for this article will not MM. Andreossy and Durand have be accepted.

very frequent conferences with count St. Petersburgb, Dec. 2. On the 28th Stadion. of November field marshal count Ka. Frontiers of Saxony, Dec. 9. In the menskoy set out for the army from this fortress of Glogau, which surrendered city.

after a bombardment of a few hours to There is a stagnation in trade, on the Wurtemburgh troops, under general two accounts, the interruption of the Vandamme, the French found 200 pieces Davigation, and the present state of po. of cannon; the garrison, consisting of litical affairs. An Ukase of the 11th 4000 men, are prisoners of war, and of November has been signed by his will be sent to France. imperial majesty, which orders a levy The emperor Napoleon has reviewed of four recruits out of every five hun. the corps of marshal Soult before Posen. dred souls all through the empire. Se. The other corps of the French army veral conditions are annexed to this are expected before that town, on theic order, to render the service as easy as way to Warsaw, where the grand duke possible.

of Berg already is, with his van-guard, Berlin, Dec. 6. The head quarters having entered it on the retreat of the of his majesty the emperor and king are Russians. The emperor intends to go at present at Posen, and the Prussians, to Warsaw as soon as the troops have who appeared in small numbers at War- taken the positions assigned to them. saw, must have repassed the Vistula. The army supports itself on the ViseuThe news which have been circulated la, and the confederate Pulonese are enthat the French had experienced defeats camped at Czeskok, so as to make part are false and unfounded.

of the right wing of the army. MarFrom the Danube, Dec. 8. It is said shal Soult, with his corps, forms the left that a person of high rank, who enjoys wing at Bionick and Naidarzin. The the full confidence of his majesty the Russians at the date of the last accounts, emperor of Austria, will shortly set out were on the other side of the Vistula, for the French head-quarters,

and had their head quarters at KamaThe report is current, that in case of niec; so that the French army was oblithe restoration of the kingdom of Po. sed to pass the river, in order to attack land, Gallicia will be added to it. Peo. it. We wait with impatience for fresh ple insist that Austria will, ia that case, intelligence. It is computed that, bcVol. XXXVIII.




Sides the 80,000 French troops that ports to hinder the free trade of the have gone to Poland, 50,coo more are Baltic, to secure which, and maintain on their march thither.

the pass of the Sound, are the objects of Berlin, Dec. ii. The last news from the above-mentioned armaments, Poland states, that the French have Accounts from Berlin of 16th Dec. occupied Praga and Thorn, and that sav : the hospitals of this place are full the Russians are retiring, by forced of sick and wounded French, who arrive marches, in order to avoid an here nigh:ly, by wazgons full, as also at gagement.

Magdeburg; the doors of the hospitals Warsaw, Duc. 21. It is known for are closely shut, and no one allowed to certain that marshal Augereau has passed enter or come out. Contagious fevers the river Uratta. Marshal Soult passed and the whi:e flux prevail to that degree the Vistula near Wysogrod.

among the French in Germany and General La Piesse has entered Plonsk, Poland, that thousands of them have and driven away all the enemy's parti: already fillen via ims, and thousands

more will probably share the same fate. Marshal Bessieres's cavalry arrived at Their troops in Mecklenburgh, Saxo. Kikol on the 18th. The advanced guard ny, and other parts, are also affected of this corps is at Sierpe. A good with similar diseases; from Hamburgh, number of Prussian hussars are taken, Franconia, &c. a number of physicians and the right side of the Vistula is en were in requisition, in order to be sent tirely clcared of the enemy.

to Poland, to attempt to stop the proMarshal Ney entered Rypin on the gres of those diseases which continue 18th; he supports marshal Bessieres, to make the most dreadful ravages. and is himself supported by the corps From Russia, we learn that field marunder the prince of Punto Corvɔ. shal count Kamenskoy had been investo

Marshal Kamenskoy, who is 75 years ed with the chief command of the Rusof age, commands the Russians. It is sian army; for which purpose he has probably' owing to the experience of received the most extensive poivers : this general that the Russian army has the Russian armics on the frontiers of not yet committed itself by aný rash un. Puland amount to ncar 350,000 men, dertaking

which number wili be considerably en. General Michelson, it is said, entered. larged by the month of January. Jassy on the 29th inst. Bender, it is Sterlin, Dec. 22. According to the said, was taken by scorm, and every soul latest intelligence from Koningsverg, the put to the sword.

king continued to retire towards the Denmark, Dec. 21. The negociations norih; it is certain that his equipages opened between our court and the em have set out for Memel, peror Napoleon have assumed a serious Brandenb'rgb, Dec. 23. A traveller complexion ; considerable preparations of distinction, who has just arrived from are making in the duchies of Sleswick the head quarters of the emperor Naand Holstein, as well as in the kingdom poleon, brings the news that a decisive of Deamark. All the Danish regiments battle was to reke piace to-day or tohave received orders to hold tiemselves

between the Russians and in readiness to march at a moment's no French: every thing was ready for this tice, and cannon has been movated on

purpose; the Russians have occupied a the sea batteries at Copenhagen and the very string position. The emperor set fortress of Cronenburg; at the former out with the urnost expedition for place thę number of guards has been . Thorn, where almost all the French doubled, and six or seven sail of the army was collected since the 14th. It line will, it is said, be fitted out for is not however thought that the battle sea; in the mean while, our court em can be so near at hand. ploys every exertion to mainiain its Slestvick, Dec. 30.

We learn that neutrality, although it is known that Napoleon arrived at Warsaw on the the French are fitting out every mer 19:h inst. where prince Murat was con. chantman they find in the Prussian fued to his bed with a cold and fever.


The French have rebuilt the bridge constant fall of rain, as not to be capaover the Vistula, and established ieles ble of undertaking any offensive opera. di ponts on the Bog, the Narew, and at tions with safety. Thorn, which laiter place surrendered Altona, Jan. 2. We are without any on the 7th inst. Skirmisties daily take certain intelligence from Poland, and place between the Russian and French all the news which reaches us is founded our posts on the Narew, in which the on reports; the la:est accounts from success is alternate : the Cossacks are Warsaw as ert that nearly one-fifth of said to have a decided superiority over the French ariny is infected by contathe French horse.

gious disorders; they had crossed the Five hospitals have been established small rivers berween the Vistula and at Warsaw, where Kosciusko, who left the Bug, and taken a new position. Paris on the 13th was expected by the The Russian army increases daily and is beginning of January, to put himself at already immense, some statements carry the head of the Pouh confedera'ion.. it as high as 500,000 men in Po'and

General Benningsen, with 73,000 and on the way to join them. inen, recreating before the French to Field-mar h | Kamenskoy is said to the Narew, distroys all the provisions, have given orders if any attack is made and takes with him all those Poles who on Russian Poland not to give any are able to serve in the army; so that quarter. The greater part of the the whole country between Praya and French troops in Silesia have been rePurusk, on the Narew, is made a deso. called, in order to strengthen their army late waste; in the hospitals at Warsaw, in Poland. great numbers of soldiers and officers The accounts which have reached us are dying da:!y of the Rux and other from the Turkish Provinces in Europe, diseases, one of which is accompanied state that the Russians have occupied with a general ieprosy and feuid efluvia not only Choczim and Jassy, but also from all parts of the body, and incura. Bender, Bucharest, and Widden, and ble.

are approaching the frontiers of DalTonningen, Dec. 30. All private maria. letters from the neighbourhood of the

The last letters from Vienna an. French armies agree in representing the nounce the arrival of an adjutant of Nilo scarcity and sickness which prevail pleon, who has, it is said, demanded of amongst them to be extreme. The the emperor of Austria an explanation empress Josephine and the queen of of his views, and insisted on his declarHolland have fled from the contagion. ing either for France or for Russia and

General Benningsen, with 80,000 her ally, as in no case will he allow men, is near Warsaw, harassing the Austria to remain neutral. General St. French, whose misery and di'eress give Vincent has been dispatched to the them no stomach for tighting. In truth, French head-quarters with the deterwe are assured from all quarters that the mination of the emperor. affairs of Napoleon are desperate.

In Humburgh, the members of the Dennuk, Dec. 30. Since yesterday British factory are now without a guard; and to day various reports have been in the British property registered in the circulation of an action having been protocol of the French minister is con: fought between the Russian and French fiscared, and will be sent off to Mentz armies in Poland, in which some siale to-morrow. the loss of the French at nearly thirey On the 28th inst. a violent hurricane thousand men,, while others estimate came on at Cronenburg, near Elsineur, that of the Russians at nearly fifty accompanied by a very high flood, thousand; but the larese accounts (rom which ensirely destroyed the batteries, Berlin, which came down to ine 28th bastions, and ramparis of that fortress, inst. do not confirın any intelligence of The damage is estimated at three mile this kind; on the contrary, the French lions of marks currency, and it will re. arıny in Puland is represented as having quire three years before the works can suffered so much from epidemic and be replaced. contagious disorders, aggravated by the

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Dec. 27.

Dublin, Dec. 24.

The Revenge left the rest of the squa. AN Athlone correspondent informs, dron on Tuesday last. Admiral Mure thar a notice was posted on Sunday last ray put back to St. Helen's this after. upon Dysart church, ordering that the noon; several of the ships are disabled. tithes should not be raised, and that Deal, Dec. 30. The Spitfire sloop of any person doing so shuuld be thrashed. war has sent into the Downs a retaken

Some time ago, a party of thrashers brig, and a French lugger privateer. called at the house of a gentleman in An abstract from the Hurton's (of the neighbourhond of Edgeworthstown, Lynn) logbook, William Garland, who, on being summoned, went out to master, from Lynn, bound to Ports. them : they were very numerous, part. mouth, lying in the Downs : ly mounted, and accoinpanied by a pia

At five a. m. saw a brig per. The gentleman was requested to of war in the east of us; fore-sail up, ask for a cune, which he wished to de- and main-topsail to the mast, having eline, but they insisted he should: he a large sloop brought to under his stern. told them the rune he would ask for be We were at this time going about five was afraid would not please them, and knots through the water, wiod about called for God Save the King,' which w. by N. the North Foreland-light was very cheerfully given. They then W.S.W. of us. At half past six a. m. said he s'ould have their tune, and they saw two sail in the S.E. which I did immed ately struck up · Sa Vourneen not like, of course kept the ship to the Deelish' When it was finished they N.W. At this time the North Fore. tendered him the oach, which he having land-light bore of me W.N.W. about declined taking, he was then solicited four or five leagues, wind about S.W. to promise that he vould not pay rithes: by W. As soon as the sails were this be al o declined, and they suffered trimmed, I made out very plain the one bim to expostulate with them for some to be a lugger boarding a brig; I imme. time; and on parting he was cold they diately began firing guns, and making 'would give him a week to consider of the signal common for an enemy being

it. He was then desired to ask for an. near.. When it was good day-light we other cune, when he repeated his demand might be about two miles from him; he for God Save the King,' which was was then very busy in capturing and pla ed as before : they then wished him sending off the sternmost and seeward. a gyd night.

most ships, and continued this as long Portsmouth, Dec. 29. Arrived the Re as I could see him, which was till nine Venge, of 74 gu's, sir John Gore, from o'clock, a. m. he was then boarding a conmodore Keat's quadron, off Roche- brig, and going off, the rest steering for fort. The squadron was greatly in. a port in France. It is my firm opininn jured in the late, dreadful gales; ihe that he took as many as he could man; Dragon was nearly lust; a providential for after I had been under the North current of wind cauglit her courses Foreland some time, two brigs came up when she was within five minutes sail within huil, 'hey informed me that they of he rocks; and the Foudroyant had were close by him when he went off all her 'head knees loosened; the Kent with the last vessel; myself and others also suffered the severity of the gale. kept our signals for an enemy, top

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