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Bonnington Place, to Isabella, daughMarch 23. 1818. In Albemarle Street, ter of the late John Yule, Esq. BlackLondon, the Countess of Waldegrave, dykes. a daughter.

11. At London, Lieutenant-Calo. 27. Lady Eleanor Lowther, lady of nel Dick, C. B., K. M. T., St. Wr. of the Honourable Lieutenant Colonel the 42d or Royal Highlanders, to Eliza Lowther, a son and heir.

Ann, daughter of J. Macnabb, Esq. of April 3. At Exeter, the lady of Sir Arthurstone, Perthshire. Charles Dalrymple, a son.

14. James Lang, Esq. W. S. to E4. In Upper Brook Street, London, liza, daughter of John Dickson of Kil. Viscountess Ebrington, a son.

bucho, Esq. advocate. 6. At Gartcraig, Mrs Miller of At Mains of Aberdalgie, Mr Frankfield, a daughter.

George L. Cornfute, merchant, Glas. At the Briars, Mrs Archibald gow, to Cecilia, only daughter of Adam Douglas, a daughter.

Pringle, Esq. 8. At Ochtertyre, Lady Mary 17. Adam Pringle, Esq. to Miss Murray, a son.

Jervie, only daughter of the late Rev. 12. At Yester House, the Mar, Mr Jervie, Perth. chioness of Tweeddale, a daughter. 20. At Old Kilpatrick, Mr William

18. The lady of John Douglas, Esq. Jaffray, merchant, Glasgow, to Mary, of Lockerby, a son.

only surviving daughter of the late 19. In North Frederick Street, James Walker, Esq. Mount Pleasant. Edinburgh, Mrs Col. D. Rattray, a 21. At Fraserburgh, Dr Charles daughter.

Leslie, physician, Fraserburgh, to EliAt George Street, Edinburgh, zabeth, only daughter of the late Wil. Mrs Major Bogle, 94th regiment, a son. liam Fraser, Esq. of Memsie.

At Lochmalong, the lady of At Edinburgh, Mr H. Pillans, Major Horsburgh, a son.

to Jessie, only daughter of the late 24. In Wimpole Street, London, William Handyside, Esq. St Patrick's Mrs George Arbuthnot, a son.

Square. 26. The Viscountess Folkestone, a 27. At St Rollocks, James Dun.

lop, jun. Esq. to Margaret, eldest 28. At Ham Common, near Lon- daughter of Charles Tennant, Esq. don, the lady of George Sinclair, Esq. 28. At Hayfield, Mr Campbell younger of Ulbster, a son.

Naismith, manufacturer in Glasgow, to 29. At Merchistoun Castle, the lady Margaret, daughter of Patrick Ewing, of the Hon. Captain Napier, R. N. a Esq. Glasgow. daughter.

30. At Edinburgh, Mr James Har. May 4. Mrs Campbell of Dalserf, a per, merchant, Leith, to Miss Jane

Macleod. 5. At No. 28, Broughton Place, Edinburgh, Lady Campbell of Aberu

DEATHS. chill, a son.

Jan. 29. At his house, James Ait. ken, Esq. of Springfield, St Ann's,

Jamaica. April 7. At Cheltenham, Captain 31. At Demerara, aged 20, Mr Honeyman, grenadier guards, second Coutts Trotter, third son of Alexander son of Sir William Honeyman, to Eli. Dalzell, Esq. zabeth Essex, youngest daughter of Feb. At New York, in the 40th Admiral Bowen.

year of his age, Archibald Bruce, M. D. 8. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant-Co- Professor of Mineralogy in the Medical lonel Robert Swinton, to Anne, daugh. Institution of that city. ter of the late Alexander Elphinston, 24. At Newfoundland, Admiral PickEsq.

: more, Commander in Chief on that sta9. At London, the Hon. William tion. Fraser, only brother of Lord Saltoun, March 1. At the island of Gozo, to Elizabeth Graham, second daughter Malta, in the 78th year of his age, Arof David Macdowall Grant, Esq. of chibald Dalyell, Esq. Collector of his Arndilly, in the county of Banff.

Majesty's Revenues and Chief Magi. 10. At Edinburgh, John Boyd, Esq. strate there, many years Governor in




Chief of Cape Coast Castle, and the tored under the classic Ruddiman o British settlements on the Gold Coast Edinburgh, he acquired an early taste of Africa.

for composition, and, through the pa15. At Madeira, the Hon. John tronage of the late Mr Strahan, was Perceval, eldest son of Lord Arden. introduced to many of the eminent au

20. At Airdrie House, in the 88th thors who flourished in his day. His year of her age, Miss Aitchison of Roch- critical skill as a corrector of the press solloch and Airdrie.

led literary men to submit to the corAt Bristol, Lieutenant-Colonel rection of style ; and such was the Henry Balfour, of the East India Com- success of Mr Preston in the conpany's service, Bengal establishment. struction of language, that the most 21.

At Glasgow, Dame Frances distinguished among them honoured Shaw Stewart, widow of the late Sir him with their friendship, as presentaJohn Shaw Stewart, Bart. of Greenock tion copies, now in his library, of Roand Blackhall.

bertson, Hume, Gibbon, Johnson, and 22. At Anstruther, in the 81st year Blair, will bear testimony. The leisure of his age, after 13 years illness, Mr hours of this gentleman were devoted Daniel Conolly, late 'l'reasurer of Crail, to the study of freemasonry as a sciand formerly a serjeant in the 28th re ence; and his “ Illustrations,a' work giment of foot. He was born at Old- well known to the fraternity, will transcastle, in Ireland, on the 17th March mit his name with honour to posteri1738 ; entered into the army at an early ty. age, and was at the taking of Louis At Aberdeen, the Rev. Adam bourg in the year 1758, at the siege of Annand, Episcopal clergyman, St John's Quebec in 1759, and on the field when Chapel, in the 30th year of his age. the gallant General Wolfe fell. He April 2. At Glasgow, Claud Flamil. was also at the taking of Martinico and ton, Esq. Collector of his Majesty's the Havannah in 1762. In his charac- Customs. ter were united the several qualities of At Aberdeen, William Knowles, a good soldier, an honest man, and a of Easter Skene, in the 81st year of his pious Christian.

age. 23. At Greenock, John Kippen, 3. At Delines, near Nairn, in the Esq. in the

76th year of his age. 104th year of his age, John Reid, sup

At Forfar, Bailie David Adam, posed to be the oldest soldier in his merchant, aged 86 years.

Majesty's dominions, having entered 25. At Edinburgh, Mr David Low, the service in the 21 battalion of the late of Dundee, aged 95. His wife Royal Scots, 88 years ago. His first died two years ago, aged 84, after bav. encounter with the enemy was in 1743 ing lived together 65 years.

at Dettingen, where the British, under 26. In Lincolnshire, Sir Thomas the command of the Earl of Stair, deMoncrieffe of Moncrieffe, Bart. feated the French with immense slaugh

At Edinburgh, Mr George Ward. ter. In 1745, he fought at Fontenoy. law, surgeon, Royal Navy, in the 32d In 1746 he fought with his regiment at age.

Culloden. In 1749, he was one of the 27. At Stirling, Dr Thomas Rind, storming party at the murderous en

counter at Waal in Holland, where his At St Andrew's, in the 41st regiment was nearly annihilated. His year of his age, Mr Thomas Paton, last appearance in the field of honour pastor of the congregational church was in 1759, on the heights of Abram, there.,

where the immortal Wolfe breathed his At Aberdeen, Mrs Clementina mighty soul in the arms of victory. Gordon, in the 89th year of her age. His strength was such, considering his

At Edinburgh, Captain Alexan- great age, that he scarcely passed a day der Grant Clugston, of the royal na- without walking three or four miles ;

and, to the day of his death, was able, 28. Mrs Euphemia Young, wife of without the aid of glasses, to read his John Young, Esq. younger of Bellwood, Bible, which afforded him exquisite deand daughter of the late Neil Macvicar, light through a long course of years. Esq.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Tod, widow April 1. At London, William Pres. of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Tod of ton, Esq in the 77th year of his age, - Dryburgh. a gentleman who may properly be de Lieutenant-Colonel Colville, in signated a pioneer in literature, having the 71st year of his age, Commandant conducted, through the press of the of the Royal Hibernian Military School, house of Messrs Strahan, the most ce. Phænix Park, Dublin. lebrated works of the last century. Tu. 4. At London, Mrs Robert M-Brair,

year of his

aged 56.

of his age.

second daughter of the Rev. Dr John 25. At Edinburgh, Mr Andrey ston, North Leith.

Bell, late farmer at Hillhead, county 5. At the manse of Alves, the Rey. of Edinburgh, aged 78. This gentle. William Macbean, minister of Alves. man was one of the few survivors who

6. At Glasgow, John Robertson, Esq. fought under the banners of the 25th, long a distinguished member of the or Edinburgh regiment of foot, at the Society of Friends.

battle of Minden, where six battalions 9. "At London, James Lawson, Esq. of British troops, and two of Hanoye. F. R. S. Director of the Machinery of rians, beat 15,000 French. his Majesty's Mint.

In London, Lieutenant-General Of typhus fever, aged 19, Pa- Sir Albert Gledstanes. trick, youngest son of Lieutenant-Gene. 30. At Edinburgh, Captain Henry ral Sinclair of Lybster.

Bevan, retired Adjutant of the Duni10. At Bonnington Park, James fries-shire militia, aged 52. Paterson, jun. Esq. merchant, Leith.

At Burntsfield Links, Edin- At Glasgow, Mrs Elizabeth Gil- burgh, Mrs Margaret Findlay, widow mour, widow of the late Hugh Morton, of the late James Bell, Esq. Finglen, Esq. of Greenbank.

Campsie. Aged 90, Henry Duncombie, May 2. At his house in the Admi. Esq. of Copgrove, near Knaresborough, ralty, London, Rear-Admiral Sir George many years representative of the county Hope, K.C. B., and late one of the of York.

Lords of the Admiralty, in which he The Rev. James Oliphant, mi. was succeeded by Sir George Cocknister of Dumbarton, in the 84th year burn. Sir George Hope was a very

distinguished officer, and had been ac. 11. "At Edinburgh, Miss Catharine tively employed for many years.--He Wardrobe, daughter of the late Da- successively commanded the Thetis and vid Wardrobe, Esq. surgeon in Edip. Leda frigates, Theseus and Defence burgh.

74's, and in the latter ship he was at At the manse of Wemyss, the the close of the action off Trafalgar. He Rev. George Gib, minister of that pa- also served as captain of the fleet under rish, in the 68th year of his age, and Sir James Saumarez in the action; and, 34th of his ministry.

during the illness of that officer, had At Morton Bank, John Thom. the chief command. Sir George Hope son, Esq. aged 77.

was made a Post-Captain in Septen12. Al Ratho House, Mrs Christ. ber 1793, and a Rear-Admiral in Auian Crawford of Cairsburn.

gust 1811. Just before he relinquished At Gask House, Miss Tarleton, his seat at the Board of Admiralty, he daughter of General Sir Banastre Tarle. was made Major-General of the Maton, Bart.

rines. He was 53 years of age. 13. At Edinburgh, Andrew Bell Lately. At Dublin, Sir Richard Bonar, second son of the late Thomson Musgrave, Bart. Collector of Excise in Bonar, Esq. merchant in Edinburgh. the port of Dublin, author of the His.

14. At Aberdeen, Dr James Allan, tory of the Irish Rebellion, &c. physician to the Aberdeen Dispensary, In Charterhouse Square, London, and a member of the Royal College of Mrs Tait, wife of Mr William Tait, of Surgeons, London.

St Paul's Church-yard, and daughter 15. Al Edinburgh, Miss Eliza- of Dr John Hunter, Professor of Hubeth M. Ross, daughter of the late manity in the University of St AnLord Ankerville.

drews. 20. In Kent, Captain Peter Rol. At Limehouse, John Macgeorge, land, of the East India Company's ser. Esq. captain in the Royal Navy. vice.

At Gibraltar, Joseph Larcom, At Edinburgh, at an advanced Esq. late a Captain in his Majesty's age, Mrs Penelope Watt, relict of Mr navy, and Naval Commissioner of the Duncan Campbell, surgeon in Fort- island of Malta. William.

The Rev. James Macauley, 21. At Richmond, Surry, Captain minister of the Seceding Congregation Edward Cumming, formerly of the Ho- of Castleblaney, aged 80. He had been nourable the East India Company's ser the minister of that congregation 53 vice, and brother to the late Sir A. P. years. Cumming Gordon of Altyre, Bart.

At Seaforth House, near Ar24. At Westfield, near Cupar, Hen. broath, James Arrott, Esq. of Edinry Walker of Pittencrieff, Esq. burgh, surgeon, R. N. aged 76 years.


Reorge Ramgay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.






The Scots Magazine,

JUNE 1818.

Account of the Report made to Par Dr Bright's Travels from Vienna

liament by the General Assembly
respecting the management of the Principal Robertson's Sermon on the
Poor in Scotland

-503 Situation of the World at the time of Notices in Natural History. No. IV. 507 Christ's Appearance

-.552 Voyages undertaken for the discovery The Fudge Family in Paris. By

of a Northern Passage, with Observa Thomas Brown the Younger,553 tions on the Prospects of Success for Memoirs of the late Mrs Elizabeth

the Present Expeditions.coronarononcon508 Hamilton. By Miss Benger com..558 Female Authors of Scotland. No. I.

Joanna Baillie conosconocomm.517 SURVEY OF FRENCH LITERATURE Geological Notices ...

-520 For April 1818: On Public GamingCommentators of the Twenty-second

Houses;- The Atheist, a Tragedy; Century

-522 -Theatrical Survey, &c. &c. now.561 Adventures of Parson Schmolké and the

Schoolmaster Bakel: (From the Ger.

The Thorn of Preston.-Song.--Legend man)


of the Rose.Soonets from Petrarch. On the Incubation of Birds rocanacore...526

-To Octavia, &c.

incomana. 565 Original Letter and Poem by Burns ....527 Additional Particulars regarding John

PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. Spence, Linlithgow, with Notice of a Royal Society. Geological Society.. Letter from Dr Spurzheim on the

Linnæan Society.

.568 Developement of his Organs ..........528 LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INRemarks on Stodart's Picture of the

Canterbury Pilgrims corr.....531

Dr Burney's Library.--Pseudo Volcano The Revenge of Tirinie: a Highland

in Staffordshire. --French and GerLegend

-532 Defence of Racine's Phedre


man translations of Shakespear, &c. 569

Works Preparing for Publication ........572 Armorial Bearings in the Cathedral Church of St Giles, Edinburgh.538 Monthly List of New Publications

...573 Report of an Unknown Animal of vast

MONTHLY REGISTER. size among the Rocky Mountains of Foreign Intelligence...orooroorsaam 1577 North America mo....539 British Chronicle

2579 Journal of a Visit to Holland in July British Legislation

.586 and August 1817. Letter II..........540 New Patents

nib. Remarks on the Tumult at Edinburgh, Appointments and Promotions ,587 commonly called the Porteous Mob; Meteorological Report

-590 and on the Political State of Scotland Agricultural Report....

-591 in 1737 acerocomac...543 Commercial Report

593 The Cabinet. No. I. w..corronorerem... 5471 Births, Marriages,

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We have just received our learned Correspondent J. P.'s interesting communication: The extracte from " Travels in England in 1641" will appear in our next.

“ Remarks on Sismondi's Italian Republics,” and Dr Fleming's Ornithological article, have been received, and will meet with our earliest attention.

Mr M.'s paper on the extent of Parental Authority is under consideration. “On Poets and Poetry” probably in our next.

The “ Remarkable Occurrence,* communicated to us by O. is a very good story, but it is not a true one, and, therefore, cannot be inserted in our Miscellany in its present shape. We are far from da nouncing all fictitious narratives; but we will never, for the sake of effect, so far break faith with the public as to lend to fiction the sanction of real history. Our Correspondent, however, can be at so

We will correspond privately with J. 1.-W. P.-J. M.-E. J. & P. respecting the several commenications with which they have favoured us.

The Parliamentary Intelligence is unavoidably delayed till next Number.

The Correspondents of the EDINBURGH MAGAZINE AND LITERARY Miscellany are respectfully requested to transmit their Communications for the Editors to ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE and Company, Edinburgh, or LongMan and Company, London, to whom also orders for the Work should be particularly addressed.

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