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m te run thxt Race thai is set before us with Patience, tbatrve

may finish our Course with Joy.

By that fervent Recommendation of 'thy Holy Soul into the Hands qf thy heavenly Father; faying, Father, into thy Han3s I commend my.Spirit,' have Mercy upon us, miserable Sinners, receive our Souls in the Hour of Death, and save them from the Powers of Darkness. ' ' '.•» ,.v v

By thy loud crying upon the Cross, shave Mercy upon us, miser able Sinners, and save us from everlasting Pains, and everlasting Cryings. ' • •". < • j

By all thy unknown Sorrows and Sufferings, have Mtrcfupon us j miserable Sinners, and save m from the Wrath to come.

And^ow, .0 merciful' God^ who. art the righteous Judge of all the World, harue Mercy upon us, miserable Sinners, have Mercy us on us, miserable Sinners ', and remember not against us our Sins, but remember upon Christ* s Sufferings, and that Satisfaction which he hath .made to thy Justice for all our Transgressions. . 5' •

By that ardent and immense Love wherewith thou loved thy .dear Son from all Eternity, have Mercy, miserable Sinners.

By all that.per feel Obedience which he yielded to all thy Commands^ both living and dying, have Mercy upon us, miserable Sinners. '.JO merciful God j by the Memory of this Day, and by the Merits ef all that our blessed Saviour said and suffered from the Day of his Incarnation until this Dap.of his .Pd-ffion, have Mercy on us, miserable Sinners. ( *. .. ..v,; 'v/.

By his bloody Death upon the Cross, and his Burial in the Grave., by his Resurrection and Ascension, and continual' Appearance for us in Heaven, be reconciled unto us, 'miserable Sinners,: and receive us again into Grace and Favour, through our" Lord Jesus Christy.blessed for ever. Amen. Our Father, > Easter• Day. . c\j

If in this Life only we have Hop in Christ*, we are of all Men most miserable.

But nor* is Christ risen from the Dead, and become the .First

fruits of them that, step, i Cor. 19, 20.

THIS Festival must needs be an high Festival in the' Catholick Church: Whence all the Christian Sabbaths in the Year have their Rise and" Veneration; even the Lord's Day, and the Day which the Lord hath made and marked with a special Honour above all other Days, as it is' written j This is the Day which the Lord hath made; we mil rejoice and he glad init. Why? This is the Day of Christ's Resurrection, and his Resurrection ils an Earnest and Assurance of our Resurrection. If we conclude according to the Analogy of Faith betwixt these first-fruits which are risen already on this Day, aiid these After<4ruits that shall follow in their due Order betwixt Christ the Head, and us the Members of his mystical Body the Church, which upon this Day celebrates the Faith ot the one, and the Hope of the other*

With these two Arguments of Consolation in the Text, the Apostle comforts us against all the Miseries of this Life. Where-, fare let us first consider the Certainty of Christ's Resurrection/ from thence we may comfort our selves with the Hope . . • of £ *8 ]

of our own Resurrection, when we have served our Generation according to the Will of God, and flept a Rom. while in the Grave with our Fathers: For if we have 6. 5, 8, been planted together in the Likeness df his Death* 24. having the old Man, even the Body of Sin crucified Pfa. 16. with .him .by Baptism, a* in a Figure, we shall also be Hos. 6. planted together in the Likeness of his Resurrection, as 2. Branches grafted into the Tree of Lise. And again, Jer. 15; If the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the Dead 27. dwell in us, he that raised Christ up from the Dead, t shall also cjuicken our mortal Bodies by his Spirit which" 1 Cor. dwells in us; and so it is written, The fir It Adam was 15. 45. made a living Soul, the lajl Adam was made 4 .[uukmng Spirit. , . .\

Now that Christ rose from the dead, as it was foretold by the Prophets and himself; so it was confirmed : afterwards" by the Apostles and others that were Eye Witnesses beyond Exception, Men of Upright Lives, found Judgments, and intimately acquainted with their blessed Lord; not two or three, but hundreds of these, many conversing several Days with "him 'after his . Resurrection in the most familiar and.conspicuous Acts of Lise, in eating and4rinking, and discoursing together, allowing those that doubtS'd to touch his blessed Body, and* to thrust their Hands into his Wounds: All which r convincing Circumstances, clear as the Light, and £b 'evident to their Senses, obliged therruto preach this Joh.12. Truth boldly, exposing themselves to the Reproaches 20, 27. and Persecutions of wicked Men; and in fine, to seal their Testimony with their Blood, God also beari them Witness both with Signs and Wonders, and \v. divers Miracles and Gifts of the Holy Ghost, according ) his own Will: Which had not been consisting with ";racity of God (whose infinite Goodness and can neither deceive, nor be deceived ) if so



•<>e he had not rjahed ^Christ, from the, dead, ,wj many evident and undeniia^le^cQpf-S •

As every Article of our Greed isa^rong^gumetit to support oat 'Faith: •So.this. ofrChrfst's, Resurrection, Acts , whereby be hath declared .himself' to hi the :S6p bf 13. 3$. . God with' Power, ...according tpthe spirit ^fHoJ^efs, iswritten, XkoJ*i*rt Jfj thU'hay^vilbig^tten Rom. tthee: Namely this Day of the Resurrection, .haveI 12. . declared thee to §on by a new^irth, as it were, and Regeneration, from the Grave. .Thisjlaid the Father of our Lord Jesus:Ghrist the God of^iof.y, concerning our blessed Saviour, when, according to the working . -of his mighty Power he raised him from the dead, and sjiereby gave Witness unto the ,Wx?rld, that he was nil only begotten Son, even the First-begotten,of the!4ea{f, and the Prince of the,Kings of tne Earth, for though he was crucified through Weakness, yet he llyeth„byv.t|ie -Power.of .God. . . -•»..• ;•..',] •"'..!".'

"We read of some that raised others from the dead, yet.never of any that raised themselves from the ".dead; yea and those very Persons, that were raisedv•from*jie dead, were again to return to Corruption j but Christ 1 "being raised from the dead, dieth no more, Death hath more Dominion over htm: Therefore faid , Ije, Rom. J have Power to layr doPpn ,my <Lifef: and I kave Pjom&Jfiv 6. 9. \ \it*ke itUgaut. And. elsewhepe^speaking to the Jews, John Destroy thtPT}emple,(namely the.Temple of his Body) 10. jS. and in three Days I will build it agajn^ Now Christ .is '.', risen from the dead, even now as upon, this Day, the J^jfirst Day of the Week, very early in the Morning; hfts^-.' *^ cj<^&,the Work short in Righteousness and hasted .to f V finifli the Work of our Redemption, having loosed, the ^ '•iPains of Death, was not possible ho should 1 holden of it, as it is written, My Heart is glad, . and

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"f&d/z nv'// not leave my Soul in HeS, neither wilt thou suffer thine holy One to see Corrupt idn; thou wilt shew me the path of. Life: in thy Presence is fulness of Joy, and at thy right \' "I \ .j Hand are Pleasures for evermore. '.. .'. 'c 1 ''., 'Besides, it was expedient he should rise the third Day, from the Dead, not only for his own fake, that his blessed Body, which had this special Dispenfation and Privilege, not to suffer Corruption, as was foretold by tile Psalmist, but likewise for our fakes, both to comfort his Disciples, and to convince his Enemies of the time, as ; well as the truth of his Resurrection': He would rest no longer in the Grave, lest his Friends should be swallowed tip in Sorrow, nor would he rise sooner, lest his Ene* mies should have doubted of his Death: . But now, on ; the third Day, he Springs from. the Grave, as the Sun ; from the East, glorious in his.Apparel, travelling in the 'greatness of his Strength* Behold, faid he, I do Cares to Day, and to Morrow, and the third Day I shall b* par-fitted. . • • . /

Now is the Day that Death lost'its Sting, and/the V Grave it's Victory, arid Mortality was swallowed up of Immortality: Now is the Day, that the Son of Righteousness breakthrough the Clouds, and" sprang from tlie 'Grave, having the Keys of Death, and Hell, besides an .'; innumerable Company of Saints, for his Attendants," which rose with him, as it is Written, Thr.Breaker it Mic. come up before them \ they have broken up and have passed 2. 13. through the Gate; and are gone out by it, and their Kjng shall pass before them, and the Lord on the Head of them.t Next, let us see how.Christ's Resurrection insers our v [ Resurrection, which appears very convincingly from this Example, which the Apostle uses in the Text, faying, Christ is become the First-fruits of them that slept. As un-... Lev.2<f der the Law the First-fruits of the Harvest were waved before the Lord, the Morrow after the Sab"

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