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and description of that citie, written in the year 1598 [sic.]; ed. by H: Morley. N. Y., G: Routledge & Sons, 1890. 5-446 p. O. (The Carisbrooke lib., no. 8.) cl., $1. Written by a patriotic Londoner, who lived throughout the whole reign of Elizabeth, and into the reign of James the First.

Stuart, T. McK., D.D. Errors of Campbellism: being a review of all the fundamental errors of the system of faith and church polity of the denomination founded by Alexander Campbell. Cin., O., Cranston & Stowe, 1890. C. 292 p. D. cl., $1.25.

*Summers, Ja. C., ["Blue Peter," pseud.,] comp. Who won? the official pocket yacht record and register for 1890. N. Y., Ja. C. Summers, 120 Nassau St., 1890. 12°, bds., $1. Swan, Annie S. Dorothea Kirke; or, free to serve. Cin., O., Cranston & Stowe, [1890.] 5+166 p. por. il. S. cl., 60 c.

A simple story of married life.
Swan, Annie S. Robert Martin's lesson.


O., Cranston & Stowe, 1890. 2-156 p. por., il. S. cl., 60 c.

Robert Martin is a rich young minister. His spiritual nature is only developed through suffering. The story tells of his ministry and married life.

Swan, H. Travellers' colloquial French: a handbook for English-speaking travellers and students; idiomatic French phrases with the exact pronunciation; represented on a new system based upon a scientific analysis of French sounds; with other general information useful to travellers in France. N. Y., Brentano's, [1890.] c. 112 p. S. (Phonetic ser.) cl., 50 c. *Tait, C. W. A. Analysis of English history, based on Green's "Short history of the English people." N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1890. 14+ 324 p. 12°, cl., $1.10.

*Taylor, Irwin. Taylor's new digest of Kansas reports from v. 33 to 43 incl., embracing the decision of July, 1890. Topeka, The Hall & O'Donald Lith. Co., 1890. c. 506 p. O. shp., $4.14.

Thatcher, G: Talks by George Thatcher, the celebrated minstrel: containing his monologues, parodies, songs, sketches, poems, jokes, etc. Phil.. The Penn Pub. Co., 1890. c. 4-168 p. por. D. pap., 25 c.

Thomas, Annie, [now Mrs. Pender Cudlip.] The Sloane square scandal, and other stories. N.Y., United States Book Co., [1890.] c. 2+337 P. D. (Lovell's international ser., no. 117.) cl., $1; pap., 50 c.

*Thornton, J. Primer of book-keeping. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1890. 11+140 p. 16°, cl.,

35 C.

Tolstoï, Count Lyof N. Count Tolstoi's gospel stories; from the Russian, by Nathan Haskell Dole. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1890.] c. 4+243 p. D. cl., $1.25.

Sixteen short sketches of Russian life. Simply written and inspired generally by some pregnant text of Scripture. The translator says in his brief preface: "Nowhere has Count Tolstol's genius as a writer been more wonderfully displayed than in his tracts for the people. Written in an artless style, they are vivid, dramatic, touching. Their very simplicity adds to their charm." Among them is that exquisite little legend, "Where love, is, there God is also," which in booklet form has had such a wide circulation.

Tolstoi, Count Lyof N. Labor: the divine command; made known, augmented and ed. by Count Tolstoi; tr. by Mary Cruger. Chic., Laird & Lee, 1890. 2-160 p. por. D. (Pastime ser., no. 44.) pap., 25 c.

"Labor" is the work of Count Lyof Tolstol and of speaking, a collaboration. The book is composed of two the peasant Timothy Bondareff. But it is not, properly different studies, one by Tolstol entitled "The work and theory of Bondareff," which serves as introduction to the other, which is by Bondareff, and is entitled "Labor, by the peasant Bondareff." Whether Bondareff is a real or mythical figure is difficult to decide. Tolstoi introduces him as a peasant who at the age of sixty-five composed an essay based on his reading of the Bible, in which he sought to prove that salvation after death could only be his book was suppressed by the Russian Government. found through manual labor in this world. It is said Tovey, Duncan C., ed. Gray and his friends: letters and relics, in great part hitherto unpub. lished. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1890. 16+ 312 p. 12°, cl., $2.

Twilight stories in large type for little readers. N. Y., G: Routledge & Sons, [1890.] no paging, il. O. bds., 75 c.

Every other page a picture; printed in type threeeighths of an inch high.

Van Dyke, H: J., D.D. The church: her ministry and sacraments: lectures delivered on the L. P. Stone foundation at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1890. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co., [1890.] C. 8+265 p. O. cl., $1.50.

The subjects are: The holy Catholic Church; The kingdom of Christ; The unity of the visible church; The church membership of infants; Ordination of the ministry: The Lord's supper; The administration of the sac


The wonderVer-Planck, Mrs. J. Campbell. light, and other tales: true philosophy for children. N. Y., The Path, 132 Nassau St., 1890. 4+81 p. D. cl.. 50 c.


Tales for children, in which an attempt is made to set forth the doctrines and teachings of theosophy. Vincent, Marvin R., D.D. Word studies in the New Testament. V. 3, The epistles of Paul: Romans, Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1890. C. 40+564 p. O. cl., $4.

The author's plan of explaining for the benefit of English readers the meaning of all the significant Greek words, and of tracing their history, is continued. An introduction gives an account of the several epistles treated in the present volume. A list of authors and editions is given, in addition to those cited in vols. 1 and 2. Warren, D: M. Warren's new physical geography; by W: H. Brewer. Phil., Cowperthwait & Co., [1890.] c. 144 p. il. and map, F. cl., $1.50. Essentially a new book prepared by Prof. W: H. Brewer, of Yale Univ., in which the facts and phenomena of the physical world are presented in the light of recent scientific investigations. The same methods of treatment are employed as have for more than thirty years maintained the popularity of the original treatise. Webster, Noah. Webster's international dictionary of the English language: being the authentic edition of Webster's unabridged dictionary, comprising the issues of 1864, 1879 and 1884; thoroughly rev. and enl. under the supervision of Noah Porter, D.D.; with a voluminous appendix. Springfield. Mass., G. & C. Merriam & Co., 1890. c. '64, '90. 98 + 2011+3 p. il. F. shp., $10; hf. tky. or hf. rus., $12.50; full rus., $15; 2 v., shp., $12; 3 v., cl., $10.

For ten years a large corps of scholars have been at work at the Unabridged," re-editing it line by line, enriching it by new matter, eliminating old material and correcting errors; the technical subjects have been trusted to eminent specialists, who have brought them in line with the more recent discoveries. The number of illustrations has been increased to nearly 4000, and about two thirds of them are entirely new. To allow for the new material the page has been slightly enlarged and more pages added. The vocabularies, tables, etc., in the appendix of the former editions have been perfected and and in its ground-plan of construction, the present edibrought fully up to date. In its general aim and scope, tion does not greatly vary from its predecessors. A val

uable new article has been added on "Indo-Germanic *Wood's (W: & Co.) medical and surgical monoroots in English," by August Fick. "The guide to pronunciation " shows in its synopsis of words differently pronounced by different orthoëpists, the substitution of the more recent authorities for the old ones, proving that the present pronunciation is a digest of the researches of the philologists of the world.

*Weidner, Revere Franklin. Studies in the book: second series; cont. studies on I. Thes., II. Thes., Gal., I. Cor., II. Cor. and Romans. N. Y. and Chic., Fleming H. Revell, 1890. 12°, cl., $1.

Wesselhoeft, Lily F. The winds, the woods and the wanderer: a fable for children. Bost.,

Roberts Bros., 1890. c. 2-298 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.

The author has aimed to depict an artistic temperament that is misunderstood by the practical natures by which it is surrounded. Edmund Merton's troubles all come from his love of drawing pictures. To make him practical his uncle sends him to work on a farm. Edmund runs away from the farmer, ships on a sailing vessel, is almost lost at sea, but finally comes to land. In the course of his wanderings he meets an Indian boy with the same artistic temperament as himself, and a strong sympathy grows up between them. The forest trees talk together, as did the birds and animals in the author's other books.

Whitney, Mrs. A. D. T. Ascutney street: a neighborhood story. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1890. c. 2+259 p. D. cl.. $1.50.

The lesson Mrs. Whitney teaches in this bright story is "that reality, sincerity, unselfishness and noble aspíration make life not only worth living, but infinitely more sane and beautiful than low aims and pretence can make it." A pretentious little street in a New England town is the scene. The dwellers in the pretentious little houses in Ascutney Street are the characters. The bright dialogue, the author's keen wit and insight are the chief attractions in a delightful story.

Wide-awake stories for the young. N. Y., G: Routledge & Sons, [1890.] no paging, il. O.

bds.. 75 C.

Simple verses and stories in large type; every other page a full-p. picture.

*Wiggin, Kate Douglas. A summer in a cañon. New cheaper ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin &

Co., 1890. il. 16°, $1.25. Williams, Mrs. M. C. Won on the homestretch: a novel. N. Y., Street & Smith, [1890.] c. 2-236 p. D. (Select ser., no. 60.) pap., 25 c. *Williams, Montagu. Leaves of a life: reminiscences. 16th thousand. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1890. 374 p. 12°, pap., 75 c. Woodberry, G: E: Studies in letters and life. Bost.. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1890. c. 4+ 296 p. D. cl., $1.25.

Essays reprinted from the Atlantic Monthly and The Nation Their subjects are: Landor; Crabbe; On the promise of Keats; Illustrations of idealism; Remarks on Shelley; Some_actors' criticisms on Othello, Iago and Shylock Sir George Beaumont, Coleridge and Wordsworth: Three men of piety-Bunyan, Cowper, Channing; Darwin's life; Byron's Centenary; Browning's death."

graphs consisting of original treatises and reproductions in English of books and monographs selected from the latest literature of foreign countries. V. 7, no. 3. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1890. C. 493-799+10 p. il. O. pap., subs., $1.

Contents: Insomnia and its therapeutics, by A. W. Macfarlane, M D.; Index to v. 7.

Woolfall, F. Hartley, ed. The international reciter: cont. over 140 poetical selections from the English poets, for the home, platform and school with biog. sketches of the authors. N. Y., Woolfall, Clark & Zugalla, 1890. Pt. 1, 144 p. 4°, cl., 50 c.; pap., 25 c.

Wolff, Julius. The robber count: a story of the
Hartz country; from the 23d German ed., by
W. H: Winslow and Elizabeth R. Winslow.
N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., 1890. c. tr.
326 p. D. cl., $1.50.


The scene is in that beautiful and picturesque region of the Hartz Mountains dominated by the Brocken. The time is during the imprisonment of Pope John XXII. at Avignon, and the motive lies in the great struggle between the gallant and noble Albrecht von Regenstein, known by his enemies as "the Robber Count," and the ambitious Bishop of Halberstadt for supremacy in the Hartz country. It is a story full of poetry, charm and adventure.

Young, Rev. L. F. Studies in Bible and church history and doctrines: prepared for the use of Epworth leagues; with an introd., by J. F. Marlay, D.D. Cin., O., Printed for the author, Western Methodist Book Concern, 1890. c. 96 p. por. S. cl., 40 c.

In the form of a catechism this little book gives instruction in Bible study, and in the history of Methodism, defining the doctrines of the Methodist Church and avoid

ing speculative questions entirely. The book is the outgrowth of successful work among young people. It is recommended as a manual worthy to take its place in the Epworth League reading course. *Zickel's illustrirter deutsch-amerikanischer Familien Kalender, 1891. N. Y., S. Zickel, 129 Duane St., 1890. 64 p. 4°, pap., 25 c. Zoe, by the author of Miss Toosey's mission." Bost., Roberts Bros., 1890. 2-181 p. D. cl., 60 c.

The story opens in Dawnside church, at a baptism; the clergyman's request for the infant's name leads to confusion, and forecast's a mystery in the young heroine's life. The interest of the story is centred in the discovering of Zoe's identity, although the romantic incident which led to her odd naming has a special charm and romance, and the reconciliation of Mr. Robins and his daughter supplies a pathetic element that is present in all the previous books by this author.

Zola, Emile. Renée, (La curée); from the French by J: Stirling. [New cheaper ed.] Phil., T. B. Peterson & Bros., [1890.] c. '87. 23-298 p. S. pap., 25 c.

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ing, N. Y.


EGBERT, FIDLAR & CHAMBERS, prs., Davenport, Ia. Stoddart, Chuck Purdy...........

Hirschl, Legal hygiene......



Baker, Manual of American water-works,

Robinson. On the law of patents, 3 v. .net, 19.50
Rubenstein, Autobiography.



D. LOTHROP Co., Bost.


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LIST OF NEW ENGLISH BOOKS. Selected from the current [London] "Publishers' Cir


De Quincey's editorship of the "Westmorland Gazette." With selections from his work on that journal from July, 1818, to November, 1819. 8°. (Kendal, Atkinson & Co.) 80 p., is. 6d.... ........Simpkin

Gibbins, H. de B. The industrial history of England. With map. Cr. 8°. 240 p., 2s. 6d....... Methuen Hoskier, H. C. A full account and collation of the Greek cursive codex evangelium 604. With two facsimiles. Together with ten appendices. (Egerton 2610 in the British Museum.) Roy. 8°. 280 p., 21s. Nutt Mitchell, C. P. Philosophy of tumor diseases: a research for principles of its treatment. 8°. 168. Williams & N Nibelungen-Lied. The fall of the Nibelungers, otherwise the book of Krimhild. Translated by W. N. Lettsom. 3d edit. Cr. 8°. 7s. 6d..... Williams & N Pollard, A. W. English miracle plays, moralities and interludes: specimens of the pre-Elizabethan drama. Edited, with an introduction, notes and glossary. Post 8°. 298 p.. 7s. 6d....... Frowde

Thompson, E. S. Influenza, or epidemic catarrhal fever a historical survey of past epidemics in Great Britain from 1510 to 1890: being a new and revised edition of "Annals of influenza,", by Theophilus Perceval Thomson, D. C. The Barbizon school of painters.

Thompson. 8°. 480 p., 21s....

Rousseau, Diaz, Millet, Daubigny, Corot. With numerous illustrations. 4°. 84s.. Chapman


[We shall be pleased to insert under this heading, without charge, advance notices of auction sales to be held anywhere in the United States. Word must reach us before Wednesday evening, to be in time for issue of same week.] OCTOBER 13.-The third and last part of the library of the late Henry B. Dawson, LL.D., comprising a large and interesting collection of books and pamphlets relating to the general history of this country. (1382 lots.) -Bangs.

OCTOBER 15-16, 10 A. M. AND 2 P.M.-Standard Fine Art Historical and Scientific books.-C. F. Libbie & Co., Boston.

NOVEMBER 5.-Fall Parcel Sale. This sale will include a very complete line of remainders from John Grant, of Edinburgh, Scotland, consisting of desirable salable books in quantities from 50 to 500 copies, a certain number of each to sell at any price.-Bangs


ARKANSAS CITY, KAN.-J. E. Hawkins has gone out of the book business.

ATCHINSON, KAN.-Johnson Bros., booksellers, have dissolved partnership.

CHICAGO, ILL.-Webster's Dictionary Publishing Company has been incorporated at Chicago,



with a capital stock of $100,000, by R. S. Peale and others.

DARLINGTON, S. C.-R. L. Dargan & Co. have bought out the Darlington bookstore, and will put in a new and complete stock of goods in the stationery line.

EAST JORDAN, MICH.-A. Heston & Co., booksellers, have dissolved partnership.

GLENN'S FERRY, IDAHO.-It is reported that J. Fredricks intends to quit the book and stationery business.

MUSCATINE, IA.-Eyrich & Eagle, booksellers and stationers, have dissolved partnership.

SAULT STE. MARIE, MICH.-Grosse & Pink have opened a Catholic bookstore in the Wheeler block, on Portage Avenue, where they will carry a full stock of stationery, chromos, etc.

WELLINGTON, KAN.—Merrill & Campbell, proprietors of the City Bookstore, have purchased the Share Bookstore, and will consolidate it with their stock. By this consolidation one of the longest established stores passes out of existence, and with this addition to their stock Merrill &

Campbell have one of the best retail stores in the


WHITEHALL, MICH.-The book and stationery store belonging to H. B. Lauterburg was damaged by fire September 22.


JOSEPH HADLEY, formerly with Charles Scribner's Sons, has recently entered the employ of the Lovells.

A. D. HURD, formerly of Cupples & Hurd, is now connected with the manufacturing department of the United States Book Co.

JOHN HOVENDON, late with the Orange Judd Co., has associated himself with the Lovells, and is in charge of their branch in Lafayette Place.

DAVID S. KNOX has severed his connection with the book trade, and now represents the Equitable Life Assurance Society of 287 Broadway, New York City.

THE T. VOLUME." Does your cyclopedy tell anything about the toothache?" "I think so, mum; it touches on all useful information. We haven't published the T volume yet." "Well, you can put me down for a T volume, an' if it goes ahead of our almanick on toothache cures, I'll take the whole set."-Harper's Weekly.

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