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Jews ; lately discovered in the ruins of Herculaneum. Translated

into English. Constantinople, 5707. ! 573 3 Diana's shrines turned into ready money, by priestly magic; or vir

tue given up. Being remarks on the northern priest's pamphlet, en

titled, “A -a known to the A-ts. New York, 1773. 4 The first book of the American chronicles of the times. Philadel

phia. 1 586 4 The rise and continuance of the substitutes in the continental army ;

with the opinion of several eminent lawyers. Philadelphia, 1777. 11 A plan for conducting the inspector-general's department of the Unit

ed States. Philadelphia, 1780. 12 A plan for conducting the quarter-master-general's department of the

United States. Pbiladelphia, 1780. 14 The scheme of the United States lottery; with a list of the fortunate

numbers in the first class of the said lottery. Yorktown, 1778. 1588 11 An address to the several persons claiming under the Indian purchas

es, called the Mountain, Horsneck and Van Gieson. By David Og

den. 1767. 12 An account of the college of New Jersey. Woodbridge, 1764. 14 An address to the inhabitants of Jamaica, and other West India islands,

in behalf of the college of New Jersey. Philadelphia, 1772. 1589 3 A treatise on the better employment, and more comfortable support

of the the poor in work-houses; with some observations on the growth and culture of fax; and divers new inventions for the improvement of the linen manufacture ; with plates. By William

Bailey. London, 1758. 1632 2 The charter, laws, and catalogue of books of the union library compa

pany of Harborough ; with a short account of the first establishment
thereof. Plailadelphia, 1788.
The original steam-boat supported; or a reply to James Rumsey's
pamphlet; shewing the true priority of John Fitch, and the false

datings, &c. of James Rumsey. Philadelphia, 1788.
4 A short treatise on the application of steam, whereby is clearly shewn

from actual experiments, that steam may be applied to propel boats or vessels. By James Rumsey. Philadelphia, 1788. This, and the

two preceding pamphlets, the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 2 Reflections upon what the world commonly call good-luck and ill-luck,

with regard to lotteries ; and of the use which may be made of them. Translated into English from the French of Mons. Le Clerc. Lon.

don, 1758. 1758 4 Remarks on John Fitch's reply to James Rumsey's pamphlet. Ву

Joseph Barnes. Philadelphia, 1788. Gift of Zachariah Poui.

80n, jun, 1773 1 America dissected; being a true and full account of all the American

colonies ; shewing the intemperance of the climates; badness of money; danger from enemies; and the danger to the souls of the poor people that remove thither, from the heresies that prevail there. By

a divine of the church of England. Dublin, 1753. 4 An address to Admiral Augustus Keppel ; containing candid remarks

on his defence; with observations on such passages as relate to the conduct of Vice-admiral Sir Hugh Palliser. By a seaman. London,

1779. Gift of Doctor Thomas Parke. 1980 8 Letters on interesting subjects. Philadelphia, 1776.


1982 4 Milton's treatise of civil power in ecclesiastical causes. Lond. 1790. 1983 11 Die regeln der Teutschen gesellschaft in Philadelphia. German

town, 1766. 2104 10 Nature of patronage and the duty of patrons. London, 1735. 2234 6 M‘Bride's general instructions for the choice of wines and spirituous

liquors. London, 1793. 2265 4 M-Ray's synopsis; or a comprehensive view of philosophical, politi

cal and theological systems, from the creation to the present time.

1792. Gift of the author. 2267 1 Hardie's Philadelphia directory and register, for the year 1793. Phi

ladelphia, 1793. Gift of the author, 2 Hardie's account of the city of Philadelphia, and of the different chari.

table institutions therein. Philadelphia, 1794. Gift of the author. 3 Hogan's prospect of Philadelphia, and check on the next directory;

in two parts. Philadelphia, 1795 and 1796. Gift of the author. 2269 7 Rumsey's treatise on the application of steam to propel boats, &c.

Philadelphia, 1778. Gift of Josiah Hewes. 2342 i Dresses of the representatives of the people of France, and of the ex.

ecutive directory, &c. from the original drawings; with an historical description, translated from the French, London, 1796. (A speci

men of Republican simplicity.) 2507 1 Rules and orders of the house of representatives of the United States.

Philadelphia, 1797. Gift of John Holt Oswald. 2593 Cowes' religious and philanthropic tracts : On the principles, the

temper and duties of Christians On the state of the poor, and on the means of improving it by friendly societies, &c.—Rules for form. ing and managing friendly societies, with a view to facilitate their ge

neral establishment. London, 1797. 2594 2 Copies of original letters recently written by persons in Paris to Dr.

Priestley in America. Taken on board of a neutral vessel. 3d edit.

London, 1798. 2618 9 Catalogue of books in the Massachusetts historical library. Boston,

1796. Gift of a member of the said institution, 10 Essay on hereditary titles, and university degrees, particularly doc

torates in divinity. Boston, 1798. Goff of the author. 2707 4 Zimmerman's reffections on the perfectibility of man; the sovereign

ty of the people; indefinite liberty ; perfect equality ; and on the principles of Mr. Necker. Translated from the German. Lon

don, 1799. 2852 1 Burdon's thoughts on politics, morality, and literature. Newcastle

upon Tyne, 1800. 2863 i Case of Robert Walpole. London, 1712.

2 Dr. Robinson's account of Sueden; with an extract of the history of

that kingdom. 2d edit. London, 1711. 3 Benson's letter concerning the late Minehead doctrine which was es,

tablished by a certain free parliament of Sweden, to the utter en

slaving of that kingdom. Toth edit. London, 1711. 4 Letter from a tory freeholder to his representative in parliament.

London, 1712. 5 Historical account of the fair and friendly dealings of the French to

wards the English for these six hundred years past; with seasonable reflections. London, 1712.

2863 6 The Dutch better friends than the French, to the monarchy, church,

and trade of England. 3d edit. London, 1713, 7 Barrier-treaty vindicated. 2d edit. London, 1712. 8 Answer to the cavils against the barrier treaty of 1709 ; with the arti

cles of the new treaty that relate to the Hanover succession. Lon

don, 1713. 9 Groans of Europe at the prospect of the present posture of affairs.

Translated from the French. 1713. 10 Protest of the lords, upon addressing her Majesty for her speech.

1712. 11 New proofs by which it appears that the pretender is truly James the

third. 3d edit. London, 1713. 12 Thomas Burnett's certain information of a certain discourse that hap

pened at a certain house, in a certain county. 4th edil. Lond. 1713. 13 John Bull's last will and testament, as it was drawn by a welch attor

ney. London, 1715. 14 Observations upon the state of the nation in January, 1712-3. 2d edit.

London, 1713. 15 Account of the case of John Sayer, Esq. from the time of his unhap

py marriage, to his death, and the prosecution against Noble, as appeared at the coroner's inquest and at Kingston assizes. Sd edit.

London, 1713. 16 Account of a strange and wonderful apparition or ghost, that did ap

pear unto Mistress Brown. London, 171). 17 Highland visions; or the Scots new prophecy, declaring, in twelve

visions; what strange things shall come to pass in the year 1712.

London. This volume the gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 2864 1 Two lists of the members of the first parliament of king George I.

London, 1722. 2 History of the late septennial parliament. 4th edit. London, 1722. 3 Character of the parliament, commonly called “The rump," &c. begun

November 3d, in the year 1640; with an account of some of their

proceedings. 7th edit. London, 1723. 4 Right of sovereigns, with the popular argument of kings de facto,

and kings de jure, set at full light. London. 5 Remarks on a paper, entitled,“ A letter to protestant dissenters, con

cerning their conduct in the ensuing elections. London, 1722. 6 History of the inhumane slaughters committed by papists upon pro

testants; with an account of the massacres of Ireland and Paris, and of the bloody inquisition; intended as a caveat against the pretender.

London, 1723. 7 Wake's appeal to all the true members of the church of England, in

behalf of the king's ecclesiastical supremacy. London, 1698. 8 Letters from the earl of Shaftesbury to Robert Molesworth, Esq. with

two letters written by the late Sir John Cropley. London, 1621. 9 Memoirs of the life of Scriblerus. London, 1723. 10 Apology for Father Dominick, chaplain to Prince Prettyman, the ca

tholick. London, 1723. This volume the gift of Zachariah Poul.

8on, jun. 2865 1 Speeches of Samuel Chew, Esq. delivered to the grand jury of the

county of New-castle, November 21, 1741, and August 26, 1742. Philadelphia.

2 Plain truth; or considerations on the present state of Philadelphia.

1747. 3 The same pamphlet in German. 4 Necessary truth; or seasonable considerations for the inhabitants of

Philadelphia, in relation to the pamphlet, called, “ Plain truth, &c.”

Philadelphia, 1748. 5 Gilbert Tennent's sermon on the lawfulness of a defensive war,

preached at Philadelphia, December 24, 1747. 6 Tennent's sermon, on the consistency of defensive war, with true

Christianity, preached at Philadelphia, January 24, 1747–8. 7 Plain truth, or serious considerations of the present state of the city of

Philadelphia and the province of Pennsylvania. In German. By a tradesman in Philadelplią. Printed and sold by Gotthan Arm

bruster. 8 Sundry Christian truths, and short views of a pamphlet lately publish

ed, entitled, “ Plain truth.” In German. By a tradesman of Ger

mantown. Germantown, printed by C. Sower, 1748. 9 Treatise shewing the need we have to rely upon God as sole protector

of this province. Philadelphia, 1748. 10 Clear and certain truths, relating to the present crisis, as well the truly

pious Christians as others. By a simple tradesman. Germantown,

printed by C. Sower, 1747. 11 A short apology for plain truth, in a letter from a third tradesman in

Philadelphia, to bis friend in the country. Printed in 1748. 12 Sermon preached in Radnor church, on the 7th of January, 1747, the

day appointed as a general fast. Philadelphia, 1748. 13 Tennent's sermon on fasting and prayer, at Philadelphia, January 7,

1747-8. Philadelphia, 1748. 14 The doctrine of Christianity, as held by the people called quakers,

vindicated ; in answer to Gilbert Tennent's sermon. 2d edit. Phi

ladelphia, 1748. This volume the gift of Z. Poulson, jun. 2866 New England judged by the spirit of the Lord; containing a brief rela

tion of the sufferings of the people called quakers in New England, from the time of their first arrival there, in the year 1656, to the year

1665. London, 1703. This volume the gift of Z. Poulson, jun. 3059 8 Proceedings of the general society of the Cincinnati ; with the origi

nal introduction of the order, &c. Philadelphia, 1801. 3119 1 A fragment out of the sixth book of Polybius. Translated from the

Greek, with notes, by a gentleman, London, 1743.-P. 2 and 3 Aristotle's poetics, or discourses concerning tragic and epic

imitation. Translated from the Greek into English. Lond. 1775. 4 Henry Fielding's Plutus, the God of riches, a comedy. Translated

from the original Greek of Aristophanes. London, 1742.-P. 5 Thomas Comber's treatise of laws, from the Greek of Sybburgius's

edition of Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus; his Therapeutica. Cam

bridge, 1776.-P. i Charles Crawford dissertation on the phædon of Plato, or a dialogue of

the immortality of the soul. London, 1773.-P. 2 G, J. Huntingford's part the first and second of an introduction to

the writing of Greek, after the manner of Clarke's introduction to Latin. 3d edit. Oxford, 1782.-P.

3125 1 M. Clery's journal of occurrences at the temple, during the confine

ment of Louis XVI. king of France ; translated from the original
manuscript, by R. C. Dallas, Esq. London, 1798.-P.
Henry Hunter's sermon, preached February 3, 1793, at the Scots
church, London-Wall, on occasion of the trial and execution of Lou-

is XVI. king of France. London, 1793.-P.
3 Robert Fleming's republication of a discourse on the rise and fall of

the papacy, originally publised in the first year of the present century.

London, 1793.-P. 3126 1 Proceedings of the association for promoting the discovery of the inte

rior parts of Africa. London, 1791.-P. 2 John Matthew's voyage to the river Sierre Leone, on the coast of Af

rica ; containing an account of the trade and productions of the country, and of the civil and religious customs and manners of the people; in a series of letters to a friend in England, in the years 1785,

1786 and 1787. London, 1788–P. 3131 i Rev. William Beloe's poems and translations. London, 1788.-P.

2 Alciphron's epistles; in which are described, the domestic manners,

the courtezans and parasites of Greece, now first translated from

the Greek. London, 1791-P. 3132 | The history of the life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham. London,

1783.-P. 2 Arthur Young's example of France a warning to Great Britain. Lon

don, 1794.-P. 3133 i Thoma Burnetio de fide et officüs Christianorum liber posthumus.

Londini, 1727.-P. 2 Thomas Sheridan's satires of Perseus. Translated into English, with

explanatory notes. 2d edit. London, 1739.-P. 3134 1 Uvedale Price's account of the statues, pictures and temples in Greece.

Translated from the Greek of Pausanius, London, 1780.-P. 2 Ceorge Adams's essay on vision ; briefly explaining the fabric of the

eye, and the nature of vision ; intended for the service of those

whose eyes are weak. London, 1789.-P. 3 Francis Grose's rules for drawing carricaturas ; with an essay on co

mic painting, and plates. 2d edit. London, 1791.-P. 3202 | William Falconer's account of the efficacy of the aqua mephitica alka

lina ; or fixed alkaline salt, saturated with fixable air, in calculous disorders, and other complaints of the urinary passages. 4th edit.

London, 1780.-P. 2 A new treatise on the art of grafting and inoculation, by an experienc

ed practitioner. 2d edit. London, 1780.-P. 3 Abbé de Commesell's account of the culture and use of the mangel

wurtzel, or root of scarcity ; translated from the French. 2d edit.

London, 1787.-P. 4 Sir William Fordyce on the proper method and great importance of

cultivating and using rheubarb in Britain, for medicinal uses ; with an

appendix. London, 1792.-P. 5 An account of the tænia, and method of treating it. 2d edit. Lon

don, 1788.-P. 3232 i Reflections on the natural foundation of the high antiquity of govern-

ment, arts and sciences, in Egypt. Oxford, 1743--P.

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