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von On motion of Mr. Starr, ..Ordered, That the Rules of the Senate of the last session be adopted as the rules of the present session, until it shall be otherwise ordered.

On the nomination of the President, the following Senatars were appointed the Committee, on the part of the Senate, to canvass the votes for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Treasurer of the State, for the ensuing year, namely: Messrs. Sheldon, Field, Townsley, Briggs, French, Hatch, Butler, Camp, Sowles, Bingham, Bartlett, Hubbell, Starr, Dilling


Mr. Bartlett introduced the following resolution:

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives, That both Houses meet, in Joint Assembly, this afternoon at three o'clock, to hear the report of the Canvassing Committee.

Which was read and passed.
Mr. Sheldon introduced the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Secretary be directed to furnish to the President of the Senate, the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary, and each Senator, during the session, with one daily, and one weekly newspaper, printed in this village, such as each may designate, at the expense of the State. Which was read and passed.

On inotion of Mr. Hubbell, it was Ordered, That a message be sent to the House of Representatives, in- . forming them that a quorum of the Senate have assembled and organized, and are ready to proceed to business.

Mr. Briggs introduced the following resolution:

Resolved, That the President appoint a committee of two Senators, to wait on his Excellency the Governor, and inform him that the Senate have organized, and are ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make.

Which was read and passed; and the President appointed Mr. Briggs and Mr. Dillingham, as such committee.

The President announced to the Senate, his approval of the nomination by the Sergeant-at-Arms, of Zebina C. Camp for Door Keeper, and Sam

uel L. Billings for Assistant Door-Keeper of the Senate, and they were, in severally, duly sworn.

Mr. Barrett introduced the following resolution :

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives, That the Secreta- ry of the Senate and the Clerk of the House, procure to be published in

pamphlet form, for the use of the members, copies of the Legislative

Directory, with the Joint Rules of both Houses.
. Which was read, and on motion of Mr. Camp, the blank was filled by

inserting four hundred, and the resolution was amended by striking out
the words “ with the Joint Rules of both Houses," and inserting the words
in lieu thereof, “ embracing the usual matter, with the exception of the
Joint Rules, and the Rules of the two Houses.”'
"And the resolution, as amended, was passed.

Mr. Briggs, from the special committee, appointed to wait on his Excellency the Governor, reported that the committee had performed the service assigned to them.

On motion of Mr. Butler, Ordered, That when the Senate adjourn, it adjourn to meet at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

On' motion of Mr. Butler,
Ordered, That the Senate do now proceed to ballot for a Secretary of
the Senate, and an Assistant Secretary, for the year ensuing.

The ballots having been taken and examined,

DE WITT C. CLARKE, was found to be elected Secretary, and

: EDWARD A. STANSBURY, Assistant Secretary; and they were thereupon duly sworn, and entered upon the duties of their office.

On motion of Mr. Camp, Ordered, That the rules be so far suspended as to permit the appointment of the Committee on Rules by the Chair; and that the Chair now appoint that committee.

Whereupon the Chairman appointed Mr. Camp, Mr. Briggs, and Mr. Bartlett, as such commtttee.

(S. 1.) Mr. Camp introduced a bill entitled "an act dividing the State into Districts, and prescribing the mode of electing members of Congress." Which was read the first, and second times, and Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. The Senate adjourned.



A message from the House of Representatives, by Mr. Merrill, their Clerk:

MR. PRESIDENT,_-The House of Representatives have organized by the election of the Honorable ANDREW TRACY, Speaker, for the year ensuing, and of a Clerk, pro tem. They have, on their part, appointed a committee to canvass the votes for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Treas-> urer, for the year ensuing, and they concur with the Senate in passing a resolution, providing for a Joint Assemby to hear the report of the canyassing committee.

The Senate having joined the House of Representatives in joint Assembly, pursuant to the concurrent resolution of the two Houses, and received the report of the committee appointed to canvass the votes for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Treasurer of the State, and returned to the Senate Chamber, the President signified his acceptance of the office of Lieutenant Governor, and the oath of office was administered to him by. the Secretary.

On motion of Mr. Briges, .. The Senate adjourned.

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Friday, Oct. 14, 1842. The journal was read.

On motion of Mr. Munsiil, Ordered, That the Senate proceed to elect a Chaplain for the year en

The ballots having been taken and counted, Rev. GEO. B. MANSER was found to be elected.

On motion of Mr. Sheldon, Ordered, That the Senate proceed to the olection of the Standing Committees; and the ballots having been taken and counted, the following gentlemen were respectively elected:

On Finance.---Mr. Camp, Chairman, Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Munsill.
On Judiciary.Mr. Briggs, Chairman, Mr. Dillingham and Mr. French.
On Claims.—Mr. Cutts, Chairman, Mr. Hubbell and Mr. Plumb.
On Education.—Mr. Eaton, Chairman, Mr. Sheldon and Mr. Dutton.
On Agriculture.--Mr. Sowles, Chairman, Mr. Blodgett and Mr. E. Allen.
On Manufactures.-Mr. Porter, Chairman, Mr. Aiken and Mr. Plumb.
On Elections.--Mr. Townsley, Chairman, Mr. Butler and Mi. French.

On Military Affairs.-Mr. Alanson Allen, Chairman, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Townsley. On Roads and Canals.-Mr. Field, Chairman, Mr. Smalley and Mr. Porter.

On Banks.-Mr. Starr, Chairman, Mr. Hatch and Mr. Sowles.
On Land Taxes.—Mr. Barrett, Chairman, Mr. Sprague and Mr. Eaton.

The following communication was received from the Speaker of the House of Representatives :


Oct. 14, 1842. S Sir: -I have the honor to inform the Senate that the House of Representatives have elected Ferrand F. Merrill, their Clerk, and Joseph Poland, Assistant Clerk, for the year ensuing.

· I am, very respectfully,

Your obedient servant,


Speaker of the House of Representatives. * To his Honor, WaitstilL R. RANNEY,

President of the Senate. A message from the House of Representatives, by Mr. Merrill, their Clerk: * MR. PRESIDENT,--The House of Representatives have passed a resolution providing for the holding of County Conventions, and a Joint Assembly to confirm county nominations; in which they request the concurrence of the Senate. * The said resolution is as follows:

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives, That the members of both Houses meet in County Conventions on Monday next, at three o'clock, P. M. to nominate county officers, and that both Houses meet in Joint Assembly on Tuesday next, at ten o'clock, A. M. to make the County appointments.

And the same was read and passed in concurrence.
Mr. Aiken introduced the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Committee on Elections be instructed to inquire and report as soon as may be, whether any persons holding seats in this Senate are also holding any offices of profit or trust under the authority of Congress.

Which resolution was read and passed. Mr. Camp, from the Committee on Rules, reported the entire rules of the last session without amendment; which report was accepted, and the said rules were adopted, and are as follows:

RULES. 1. The credentials of Senators shall be presented to the Secretary or Assistant Secretary, previous to nine o'clock in the morning of the second Thursday of October, at which time the Senate shall be called to order. l'he names of the Senators shall be called over, and when a quorum shall have taken their seats, they shall, having first taken the necessary oaths, on nomination of the President, appoint a canvassing committee, consisting of one Senator from each county, to join such committee as the House of Representatives may appoint, whose duty shall be to receive, sort, and count, the votes for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Tresaurer, and make report thereof to the joint assembly of both houses.

2. The Senate shall meet every day (Sundays excepted) at nine o'clock in the morning, and two o'clock in the afternoon, unless otherwise specially ordered.

3. The President having taken the chair, and a quorum being present, "he journal of the preceding day shall be read, and all errors therein corrected,

4. In case no quorum shall assemble, within fifteen minutes after the time to which the Senate was adjourned, those present shall have power to send the Sergeant-at-Arms, or other officer, after the absentees, and compel their attendance.

5. Whenever the Senate shall assemble, according to adjournment, or at the commencement of a session, and the President shall be absent, it shall be the duty of the Secretary, if present, if not, of a Senator, to call to order; and the Senators present, if a quorum, shall, by ballot, elect a President pro tempore.

6. No Senator shall be absent without leave, unless he is sick, or other. wise necessarily detained.

7. No Senator shall audibly speak to another, or otherwise interrupt the business of the Senate, while the journals or other publio papers are being 'ead, or while a Senator is orderly speaking in debate.

8. Every Senator, when he speaks, shall, standing in his place, address the President, and when he has finished, shall sit down.

9. No member shall speak more than twice on the same question, without leave of the Senate; and Senators who have once spoken, shall not again be entitled to the floor, (except for the purpose of explanation,) to he exclusion of another who has not spoken.

10. In all cases, the Senator first arising and addressing the President

-". (subject to the restriction of rule 9,) shall be entitled to the floor, and when

two or more arise at the same time, the President shall name the one who is * to speak.

11. When a Senator shall be called to order, he shall sit down, and every question of order shall be decided by the President without debate, subject to an appeal to the Senate.

12. If a Senator be called to order for the words spoken, the exceptionable words shall be immediately taken down in writing by the Senator calling to order, that the President may be better enabled to judge of the matter.

13. The first hour of each morning's sitting may be devoted to the reception and disposal of petitions, memorials, remonstrances, motions, resol:1tions, and the introduction of bills; after which, the orders of the day, or other proper business, shall be announced, always commencing with the unfinished business of the last sitting. The first hour of the afternoon's sitting may be occupied in the receiving and disposing of reports of com. mittees, and in completing the business of the morning hour; at the expiration of which, the Senate will again take up the orders of the day.

14. Reports of committees may be signed by any member in behalf of the committee, and shall be by him presented to the Senate, when a call for reports is made. The signer of each report shall be held responsible for the accuracy of its statements and the propriety of its language, and when the same shall be under consideration, he sluil be further liable to give additional statements of facts, or other explanations, in answer to the call of any Senator.

15. The proceedings of the Senate, except when acting as in Committee of the Whole, embracing the titles of bills, and such parts thereof as may be affected by proposed amendments, and also the names of Senators, and the votes which they give on every question decided by yeas and nays, shall be by the Secretary accurately and concisely inserted in the journals.

16. The Senate, shall, annually, within the first four days of actual sitting, elect by ballot, (and a majority of all present shall be necessary to a choice,) a Secretary, and an Assistant Secretary, who shall be ex officio Engrossing Clerk, who shall be severally sworn to the faithful discharge of their duties, and shall hold said offices until superseded by a new election. The Senate shall also, within the same time, elect the following Standing Committees, to consist of three members each, to wit: On Finance,-on the Judiciary,-on Claims,-on Education, on Agriculture, on Manufactures,-on Elections,—on Rules,,-on Military Affairs, on Roads and Canals,-on Banks, and on Land Taxes.

17. In the appointment of Standing committees, (except the one mentioned in rule 1,) the Senate will proceed by ballot, severally to appoint the chairman of each, and then, by one ballot, the other members necessary to complete the saine. In the election of a chairman, a majority of the votes given shall be necessary, but for the others a plurality shall be sufficient. All select committees shall be appointed by the President, unless otherwise ordered by the Senate.

18. All bills, after the second reading, and all petitions, memorials, re. monstrances, resolutions, and other papers calling for legislative action, (except such as have been reported by a committee,) no objection being made, shall be referred by the President to appropriate committees.

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